Our First Valentine’s Day

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I met my first love when I was nineteen.

She’s always been one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen, but when I met her, she was an absolute babe. Six feet tall, tanned and toned, with dirty blonde hair that drove men crazy. The first time I met her, she barely even registered me, and almost nothing has driven me quite so crazy as this beautiful woman’s lack of attention. I was attractive in my youth—still am now—I had a nice body and no shortage of women at my disposal.

But it was that tanned, blonde goddess—Jessica Summers—that I couldn’t get off my mind. When I asked her out, she turned me down. And even though she had turned me down, she still insisted on throwing herself into my life. She started hanging out with my group of friends, and even joined a study group we had formed. At ever chance she seemed to be near me, sitting beside me when she could, going out when I went with a group of friends—but despite the way she seemed to enjoy being around me, she seemed to enjoy ignoring me even more. Whenever I asked her a question, she would respond in the most playfully dismissive way she could. Every time I asked her out, she would laugh and say no.

It drove me absolutely crazy.

There were so many times in those first few months I knew her where all I had wanted to do was fuck her. I had daydream upon daydream of her beautiful head bobbing up and down on my cock, or of her getting her down on all fours taking the whole of my cock from behind.

As time passed, she became more and more playful, which only made things worse. She would gently brush up against me, or pretend to drop something and pick it up in front of me. She would wear tighter clothing when she knew I was going to be around, and constantly flaunt her body. But she never flirted with anyone else.

By December, after having known her for four months, she had started to warm up to me a little more. She was less dismissive and more conversational. She would even come over to my place after classes and study with just me and her. But whenever it was just the two of us, the teasing became even worse. I went istanbul escort to college where I grew up, so I lived at home and sometimes, when my parents were around, she would brush up against me even more often, knowing how hard it made me. After a while, she even stopped trying to hide her sly smile when she saw I was trying to hide a hard-on from my parents.

But as bad as everything was, the final straw came when she forgot her textbook one time and said that she could just share with me. I spent two hours with her tight ass on my lap, while she made me read the entire chapter out loud to her. I could smell her perfume, and I know she could feel my hard cock against her ass. It took willpower beyond measure not to have my way with her. Whenever I started to get too focused on reading (which was the only thing that was holding me together, honestly) she would shift her weight on my lap, rubbing my hard cock with her ass. And then as soon as I finished the chapter she hopped up and left, as though nothing had just happened.

I knew I had to do something about it. It was simply not possible for me to continue like this anymore and with Valentine’s Day coming up I figured it was the perfect time to make a move. I spent a whole weekend searching for the perfect gift for her. I went through store after store and by the end of that weekend I was sure I would permanently reek of department store perfumes. But for all the walking and the searching, nothing I had seen had felt good enough for her.

I came home at last, defeated.

Though getting a gift for Jess had been a bust, I still was convinced that I had to make a move on Valentine’s. So I called her the day before and told her she should come hang out with me on Valentine’s Day, seeing as we’re both single.

“We could watch movies, and stuff,” I had offered.

“And stuff?” she’d laughed. To my surprise, though, she agreed almost immediately. I thought she would have required much more convincing, but I am not one to fight a good thing.

Valentine’s Day arrived avcılar escort and I was nervous. I had spent days planning and scheming what I should do, and how I should make a move on her. When I opened the door to greet her, she jumped me—literally jumped on to me, and kissed me. She ran her hands through my hair, and wrapped her legs around my body as I staggered back into the house.

I remember her moaning a lot.

I remember her undoing my belt in the doorway, and me unbuttoning her jeans. Her pants were so tight, I couldn’t get them off without her helping, but she had mine off right away. She broke our kiss and lowered herself onto her knees. Her deep blue eyes looked up at me as she stroked my cock, and kept looking up at me when she slid it between her lips. She never took her eyes off of me, and I couldn’t take mine off of her.

She made me cum right there in the doorway. She was still completely clothed, resting on her knees.

“I need you to cum in my mouth,” she had begged, and I remember that being so hot. “I need you to give me all of your cum, right now.”

I tried not to. I needed her so bad, but she sucked my dick with such desperation that I couldn’t resist losing it in her mouth. She took it all, sucking every last drop of fluid out of my cock and swallowed it.

It didn’t matter to her that I had just cum. She wasn’t done with me. She stood up, and took her shirt off, dropping it in the doorway. I stepped out of my pants and she took me by the hand and led me to my bed. She pushed me down on the edge, wearing only a bra and her skintight jeans. She turned so I could see her ass, and slid out of them.

My cock was already starting to get hard again.

She got on top of me. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against my cock as she kissed me. But it was taking too long for her to get hard again. She moved up my body until her pussy was on top of my face. I could feel her holding my hair tightly as my legs wrapped around her thighs and she lowered her smoldering cunt onto my face. I had to struggle to breathe as she sat şirinevler escort there on top of me, feeding me her delicious pussy. My tongue lapped at it feverishly, striking her clit over and over again, and twirling around it.

I wanted her to cum in the way she had made me cum, and I knew she was already on the edge. She tugged hard on my hair and pushed her clit harder onto my face. She moaned and screamed as my tongue ravaged her. She tried to climb off of my face when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, but I held her there with my arms, making sure she felt every last wave of pleasure run through her body.

Finally, I let her go, and she slid off of me onto the bed. She was gasping for air and moaning as her body tingled and rippled with orgasmic pleasure. I got behind her and pulled her up so that she was on her hands and knees. I took the tip of my cock and rubbed it along the length of her pussy.

She moaned as it touched her body.

“Yes!” she whimpered. I grabbed her firm ass in one hand and used the other hand to guide my hard cock into her sweet pussy. She was tighter than I could have imagined.

I grunted like an animal, and slapped her hard on her bare ass. I tugged on her hair when I could and dug my fingers deep into her hips. I pounded her relentlessly, my balls slapping against her slit as we fucked.

“You’ve been such a tease to me!” I growled at her through gritted teeth. “You like teasing me like a bitch?”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned. I grabbed her hair roughly and forced her face down and her ass up. I pummeled her harder than before. She loved it and that made me want to cum again.

“You think you can rub your ass all over my cock”—I slapped her ass hard—”and then just leave?”

“I’m such a bad girl,” she moaned. “I need you to make me pay!”

I pulled all of my cock from her pussy, and pushed her on her side. Stroking it with my own hand, I moved on top of her pinning her down underneath me. I kept stroking my cock, staring at her face; her lips still forming a silent “o” in pleasure. Her eyes were closed, and her breasts firmly demanded to be covered in my cum. I exploded across her body, coating her lips and her chin; down the side of her neck and the soft skin of her breasts.

When I finally stopped, she started to drag her fingers through the lines of goo, and sucked it off her fingertips.

And I knew from the moment on, I was in love.

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