Oral Presentations

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This story is true. All participants are over 18 years old and consenting adults.

This story, although written by me, was edited by “soppingwetpanties” and I am very much indebted to her for the assistance.


Last week my Firm had a two day “off-site” for Partners and Senior Managers at a posh conference centre about an hour north of the City. It is generally very intense during the day and through dinner, but afterwards a few of us go to the bar to catch whatever game is on the big screen. There are usually a few groups meeting at the same time and the facility is large enough to accommodate everyone. The other groups tend to stay together, but sometimes a few of them will be at the bar.

This year, there was one young lady sitting alone looking like she was waiting for a colleague to arrive. It is a “no jeans” kind of place and she was tastefully dressed in a pair of well cut pants and a loose sweater. My team was engrossed in the basketball game, but I glanced over to her a few times and she looked quite unhappy. And quite alone.

I surreptitiously asked the bartender to send a glass of white wine to her, but to refrain from identifying the benefactor. She at least needed a small amount of attention. There were a few others watching the game and I assumed that she’d have no idea of whom to suspect. The game was being played on the east coast so it was over relatively “early” at the conference centre. The final basket was scored at about 9 p.m. and she was still alone. I did notice that she’d asked for a second glass of wine perhaps hoping to stay and see what would happen.

All of the guys got up and left the bar once the post-game commentary came on the TV. I intentionally left my fountain pen on the table so I’d have to go back and retrieve it. As expected, when I returned to the bar, she was still there and still alone.

I picked up my pen and casually said, “You seem to be alone this evening. Looks like you got stood up? My name is Dave.”

She shrugged and replied, “Well Dave, you got that right. I’m Karen and my colleague was supposed to meet me for a drink so we could re-hash the meeting today and prepare a response for tomorrow. One of the VP’s said he wanted to chat with her after dinner and I’m afraid that she’s getting herself into trouble with him tonight. She’s not here so I think my fears are well founded and I’ll just have to win the presentation tomorrow.”

I could see that she was quite stressed and to take the edge off – I asked “Is it a written presentation or oral, I can help you with either but I am much better at oral…”

“Gee, I could really use some help Dave. If we go back to my room, I could jot down some bullet points and you could help me put them is a logical, coherent manner. And maybe we’ll see if you are actually good at oral presentations.”

Not waiting for an answer, see got up from the table, gave me a salacious wink and took my hand.

“Let’s get working on my presentation.” We walked to the elevator waited for the doors to open and when it came we got in and she pushed “9” for her floor. She kept holding my hand until the elevator stopped at “7”. Two young women got in pushed the “11” button and immediately noticed Karen and I were holding hands.

Karen decided to break the uncomfortable silence. She said “Hi Amber, Hi Rose. This is Dave. We met at the bar downstairs while I was waiting for Dianne to show up to work on the presentation for tomorrow. She never arrived, anadolu yakası escort but Dave here bought me a glass of wine and offered to help me with the oral presentation for tomorrow. He said he’s something of an expert with oral and I’m about to find out!” The expression on the faces of the two women was priceless.

We got out at “9” and the elevator doors closed behind us. Karen broke out into a long laugh and said

“Did you see their eyes? I thought they were going to explode!! You better get me ready for the presentation tomorrow. After that, anything else is bonus!”

We made it to her room 923 and she unlocked the door and turned on some lights. She sat down at the desk and pulled out her notebook computer and started making some notes.

“Here are the bullet points from today as best as I can remember. I’ll get 12 or so and you can help me organize my thoughts. I only need to talk for about 30 minutes. I am pretty good at ad-libbing to fill up whatever time is left over.”

It took her about 10 minutes to finish so I went to the washroom and returned with the small bottle of lotion in my pocket. I was able to help her organize her thoughts in another 15 minutes or so. She was seated at the desk and I was standing behind her so when it was almost done, I put my hands on her shoulders and began a slow massage. She saved the work and closed the computer. I could feel her relax as I worked my hands into her shoulders and neck. I reached down in front of her to pull her sweater off and she did not resist. She helped me get it over her head. I slipped her lacy bra straps off of her shoulders and poured some of the lotion onto my hands. I continued to massage her shoulders while she made little purring sounds.

After a few minutes, she stood up, turned around and said, “That feels nice, but it’s not oral. As I recall you promised oral and I intend to get it.”

In a flash, she stripped off all of her clothes and stood in front of me. He tits were luscious, about 36C and firm. Excellent pointy nipples with pink areolas. Slim waist and a beautiful shaved pussy.

“Here’s how it’s going to go tonight… Your clothes stay on and you get to use your mouth and tongue on me. If you don’t want to leave right now, I am going to tie your wrists to your belt with my panty hose. It’s for my protection as well as yours. I’m sure that your colleagues don’t condone sexual assault especially at a company retreat.”

I was too taken aback to even respond and just stood there while she did exactly what she said she’d do. First she pushed me over to the bed and had me lie on my back. She put one of the fluffy pillows under my head and sat on my face, facing the headboard.

“So let’s see this oral presentation you’re so good at, Dave.”

Ummmmm. I could smell her excitement. I started slowly my licking and sucking her labia. I could feel them swelling nicely and her pussy was getting nice and wet. Her clit was swelling too and I started swirling my tongue around it and sucking it between my lips. She began to undulate up and down and I could hear her sweet moans emanating from that sexy mouth. I stiffened my tongue and probed deep into her pussy as she rotated her hips and fucked my face. My face was getting sloppy as her tasty pussy juices coated my cheeks and chin. She was relentless at grinding her pussy against my face. Then she started screaming.

“Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me, ataşehir escort fuck my pussy, eat me, fuck me”, she cried over and over.

I sucked her clit, I sucked her labia and I did whatever I could to bring her to orgasm. My jaw was getting tired. She continued to grind her pussy into my face until finally I could feel the eruption and her pussy let loose with a deluge of pussy juice and her mouth uttered one final scream of ecstasy.

She sat there catching her breath while I struggled to breathe with her soaking crotch covering my face and nose. After an eternity she climbed off of me and gave me a big kiss. She seemed to like her taste all over me.

“I’ll be right back”, she whispered and then disappeared. She returned with a wet face cloth from the bathroom and wiped me off.

“You were right, Dave. You ARE good at oral. I think I need to call Amber and Rose to help with my presentation tomorrow…”

She quickly pulled on her sweater which was tight enough to reveal her luscious tits and barely long enough to cover her ass, and picked up the phone. She dialed the front desk.

“Please connect me with Amber Bellaire. Thanks. Hi, Amber I am almost finished the presentation for tomorrow. Yes Dave was very helpful… but I’d like to practice a bit more and Dave will help us.”

A few minutes later, Amber was at the door. Karen let her in and she sure was surprised to see me lying on the bed with my wrists attached together with my belt.

“Amber, Dave is VERY good at oral presentations. I know from personal experience. He’s not going anywhere for a while – as you can see – so if you’d like to find out how good he is, I can give you some privacy. No more than 20 minutes though…”

“Holy shit Karen, this is AMAZING! Give me another pair of your panty hose and a scarf and get lost!” Karen pulled on her pants and shoes and headed for the door. I heard it close and then Amber spoke

“Karen sure was mean to keep you tied up like this. I’m sure your cock is in agony if she fucked your mouth like I think she did.”

Amber took the scarf and wrapped it over my eyes like a blindfold. Then I felt her caressing my hard-on through my pants. She undid the zipper and reached in to grab my cock and balls. I could feel the cool air on my hot skin.

Amber said “It must be torture for you to be restrained like this. Your cock looks like it needs attention but sadly that is unlikely to happen.”

With that she grabbed a handful of ice from the bucket on the dresser and chilled my cock and balls. Then with a piece of what I assumed was the panty hose, she tied a tight knot around my balls and looped the other end around my left foot. The bitch turned me into my own ball stretcher!

And then the next thing I knew, my mouth was covered with a hairy muff.

“Let’s see what you can do Dave. I have 15 minutes to enjoy you!”

I love to eat pussy so it was sweet torture with Amber. My balls were aching as she ground her cunt into my face. Amber was less vocal than Karen but her juices were just as sweet. I sucked and licked and nibbled and she came with a shuddering orgasm.

Amber also wiped off my face with the towel and grabbed my throbbing cock.

“Too bad about little Davey here.” she said. and then I heard the door open. I heard Karen ask “So Amber, how was Dave’s presentation? And what’s up with his cock?”

Amber replied, “I didn’t want him to get too excited while I fucked ümraniye escort his tongue and I thought this would help.”

Karen gave a tug on the panty hose and it stretched by aching nuts a bit more. “Makes sense,” she said. “Oh, I bumped into Rose out in the hallway and she asked what you were doing. I told her about Dave and his assistance and she’s ready to check it out. I’ll send her in and we can get a drink at the bar, OK?”

They both giggled and the next think I knew I was alone with Rose. Still blindfolded, balls stretched and wrists restrained. After two rounds I wasn’t sure I could handle another pussy.

“Those girls have not been very nice to you Dave. Your balls are turning blue and your cock looks like it could explode. How about if I take a turn at an oral presentation?”

I wasn’t sure if there was a response required but nonetheless, I mumbled “Thank you Rose.”

She climbed onto the bed and began to stroke and lick my raging hard-on. The knot on my balls was tight and that just added to the sensations. Rose took me into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Her hands were running up and down the shaft lubricated by her saliva.

I was really enjoying the turnabout when she suddenly stopped and yelled “Don’t you dare think about cumming you pervert. I didn’t come here for your benefit!”

She slapped my cock many times while I was begging her to stop. It really hurt – even more so since I was so bloody hard.

Next thing I knew, she was sitting on me but unlike Karen and Amber, she was facing my feet. She rammed her pussy (thank goodness she was shaved) into my face and barked

“Fuck me you asshole. Make me cum or I’ll make you scream.”

Rose rode my face like a bronco but grabbed my cock while she was bucking. The sensations of her pussy in my mouth and the pain in my groin was almost too much to bear. I did what I could to get her off as quickly as possible. I sucked her engorged clit and hoped it would get her to cum. Thankfully, she did cum and gave me quite a facial in the process.

Once she composed herself, she got off me and untied the knot on my balls. Then she put my cock and balls back into my pants and took off the blindfold. Unlike the others, she left her pussy juices all over my face.

“That was great!” she said. “Thanks very much for showing me your oral skills. I loved it and now we’re already for the meeting tomorrow!”

With that, Amber and Karen came back into the room.

“Looks like everyone is done here,” Karen said. “Time to get some sleep. I’ll help Dave to his room and see you girls in the morning.”

When they left, I asked if Karen was going to undo my wrists, “Hell no,” she said “too dangerous and not as much fun.”

She fished my key card out of my back pocket and walked me to the elevator. She pushed the button for the sixth floor and when it opened we walked down the hall to 617. She opened the door for me and left me to figure out how to get my wrists free.

I walked over to the night stand, knocked the phone receiver off the cradle and pushed the button for the front desk. When the receptionist answered I asked for housekeeping to bring a scissors to room 617. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and a female voice said “Housekeeping.”

I was able to open the door by standing sideways and grabbing the handle and I asked her to open it. I was met by a young lady in her mid twenties who thankfully held a pair of scissors.

“My, my,” she said somewhat provocatively. “What happened here? And why do you smell like you have pussy juice all over your face?” Funny that just before you called we got a call that someone in room 617 might be needing assistance. And that caller said we should send the horniest bitch on staff…”

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