“Oops, Sorry,” Dean Flashes Wife #4

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Dean and his three friends confess their secret, sexual fetishes to Kim in exchange for sex.

Having already opened Pandora’s Box, every weekend Dean’s three, horny friends, Bob, Jim, and Michael visited, not so much to visit with Dean but rather to spend time with his sexy wife, Kim. Having already seen her without her clothes for an extensive amount of time while watching her strip herself naked before she masturbated herself, they already knew what she looked like nude. After having given her a joint masturbation cum bath, seemingly they could all nearly feel what it would be like to have sex with her. Now they were all hopeful that she’d finally agree to have sex with them in a foursome gangbang while her husband watched.

With shades of them embarking on the swinging lifestyle, a new sexual beginning for their ten year marriage to thrive or survive, Dean, no doubt was curious too if Kim would do his friends while he watched. No doubt, he figured if she was willing to masturbate in front of his friends, perhaps she’d do even more. Granted it was a big step from three men watching her undress and masturbate herself to three men touching her, feeling her, and having sex with her. Yet, a double edge sword, it was a big step for Dean to open this Pandora’s Box too. A man who allows his wife to give other men sexual pleasure while he watches must put his jealousy and possessiveness aside for the sake of their sexy, swinging games.

“So Kim,” said Dean giving his friends a wink and a secretive thumbs up. “Being that last Saturday night was a wild Saturday night of striptease and masturbation that culminated in my friends giving you your sexual fantasy, a cum bath, I thought we’d continue down that path of eroticism to explore more of your sexuality.”

As if she had no idea what he was talking about, Kim looked at her husband with feigned curiosity.

“Pardon? What do you mean Dean?”

As if she was a coy southern belle asked an inappropriate, sexual question by a potential suitor, she smiled and stared at her husband while knowing exactly what he meant, what he wanted, and what he expected her to do. A real professional, she was so adept at teasing and flashing men to get whatever it is she wanted.

“Well,” said Dean. “Since my friends have already seen you naked and since you’ve already seen them naked, and since they’ve watched you masturbate while you watched them masturbate, being that they’ve already given you a cum bath, I thought we’d take the logical next step.”

Playing her part as the innocent, loving wife, she looked at her husband with bewilderment instead of with sexual excitement. She acted as if she didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about when she already knew his whole, repetitive story, the same sexual things he’s been asking her to do for years. He wanted her to have sex with his friends as her bridge to agree to participate in the swinging lifestyle. With one thing easing into the other, she knew her husband better than he knew her and sometimes even better than he knew himself.

Rather than to play games and skirt the issue any longer, encouraged by her husband and with his expressed permission, she decided that it was time to confront her having sex with other men while still married to Dean. At this rate, she wouldn’t be married to him very long anyway. Michael is the one that she wanted. Michael is the one she’s always secretly lusted over. Michael is the one she thought when stripping herself naked in front of Dean’s friends and when masturbating herself. Michael is the one who already unloaded his cum in her mouth.

“The next step? Another words, you want me to have sex with your three friends,” said Kim. “You want me to suck and fuck Bob, Jim, and Michael?” She looked from her husband to look at Bob, Jim, and Michael before returning her focus to Dean. “You want to sexually used me and erotically abuse me to have sex with other men for your sexual gratification. Is that it?”

“I wouldn’t have put it that way but yes,” said Dean seemingly now appearing a little uncomfortable with the slant of the conversation and no doubt with the hostility that he felt from his wife.

No doubt, what he figured before of her having sexual relations with his friends was a slam dunk was now a prickly situation that needed gentle and insightfully understanding negotiations. Something he would have no doubt preferred doing in private, she was including his friends in their discussions of sex and of having an open marriage.

“Let me see if I understand you correctly,” she said playing cute. “You want me to have a gangbang and pull a train with your three friends while you sit in the passenger seat of your caboose watching and masturbating,” said Kim. “Is that it? You want to take the passive role while I take the active role. You want to watch me having sex with your friends as if you’re watching a porn movie? You want me to do all of the heavy lifting while you’re doing all of the stroking. Is that the gist of it?”

He squirmed in his seat as if what she said was exciting him.

“That’s certainly one way to put that. Ideally, bahis firmaları yes, that’s what I have in mind or you could do my friends one at a time on three different Saturdays while I watch. That’s entirely up to you, Kim,” said her husband. “You’re the conductor of this sexy, sexual fantasy train,” he said with a smile and a nervous little laugh.

Dean’s three friends remained silent while watching the tennis match with Kim.

“Alas,” she said. Being the drama queen she is, she putt a hand to her forehead and acted as if she had been taken sexually advantage of by a villain. “With you peeping on me and watching me strip naked while your friends all watched on the back deck, with them having already seen me naked, it seems that after last Saturday night that I’ve reached the point of no return,” said Kim. “You didn’t even have the decency to allow me to masturbate myself in private,” she said feigning her embarrassment. “You needed to make my personal, sexual urges part of your sexy show,” she said looking as if she was about to cry when, instead, she really wanted to laugh in his face.

She shot her husband a smug grin. Obviously accustomed to her dramatics, he rolled his eyes and sighed.

“You act as if you didn’t know we were there watching you,” said Dean. “Maybe in the beginning when you first walked in the bedroom, you didn’t know they were there watching but you knew we were there once you started undressing. Giving us a show, you paraded around the room naked before sitting in front of the vanity mirror topless to brush your hair.”

“Touché,” she said. “Got me.”

“I knew you knew we were all on the back deck when you didn’t turn off the light before masturbating. Besides, with my three drunken comrades making enough noise to wake the dead, you’d have to be deaf not to know we were all out there watching you undressing. Then, when you started masturbating yourself, well, that was no longer my show but your show.”

She remained silently reflective for a long moment while Bob, Jim, Michael, and Dean stared at her.

“So, now that we’ve crossed this bridge and have reached an impasse, it’s either I put up or shut up. I guess there’s no going back to how things used to be with me just flashing your friends my panties, bra, and cleavage with your permission and with your encouragement. Now you want it all. Now you want me to give them sex. It’s not enough that you allowed them to watch me strip naked and masturbate myself, but now you want me to suck and fuck your friends,” she said looking at her husband’s friends before staring at her husband. “Is that it?”

Needing him to coerce her for her to use in her subsequent divorce proceedings should she decide to leave him for Michael, Kim looked at her husband hoping that he’d force her to have sex with his friends.

“In a nutshell, yes, Kimmie, that’s it. As your husband and with you my wife who has taken a vow to honor and obey me, I want to watch sucking and fucking my friends while I masturbate,” he said pointing a stiff index finger at her. “What’s the big deal? You did allow them to give you a cum bath after all. You were all hot and bothered to do that.”

As if they were negotiating a peace treaty between two combative countries, the room was deafening quiet before Kim spoke again. Only this time, instead of being combative, she was seemingly more cooperative.

“And what’s in it for me?” Kim stared at her husband as if she was already bargaining her divorce settlement.

Obviously not having thought through this before, Dean suddenly appeared flustered when pressured to come up with a reason why his sexy wife should have sex with his friends.

“You may derive some sexual pleasure from having sex with my three friends. I’m hoping that they aren’t selfish lovers and will give you an orgasm before you give them one,” he said nodding his head to his friends.

She looked from Bob to Jim and to Michael before looking back at her husband.

“Don’t worry Kim, I’m a really good pussy licker,” said Jim sticking out his tongue as far down as he could while moving it around.

“Um, thank you Jim, I think,” she said with a nervous laugh while rolling her eyes.

“I’d love to please you while pleasuring you,” said Bob. “Definitely being with you Kim would make me a better lover.”

“Thank you Bob,” she said looking at Bob and smiling.

“No doubt about it. I’d make you cum,” said Jim holding his hands in front of his hips and humping the air as if he was already fucking her. Usually not so crass, Jim was the definitely the most perversely perverted of Dean’s three friends and not Michael. “Having never had a complaint in the sack and being that I’ve lusted over you for so very long, I’d definitely sexually satisfy you Kim,” said Michael.

He redeemed himself when he gave her a smile that melted her heart. Suddenly looking so sexually aroused, she fanned her face with her hand.

“And, I’ll take you shopping…” said Dean “…for a new wardrobe…for jewelry…”

As if she was Groucho Marx, she looked at her husband as if he had just said the kaçak iddaa magic word. Only instead of a duck coming down from the ceiling, it was a hammer that she put to his head.

“Shopping?” She shrugged her unimpressed shoulders. “I go shopping all the time for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I don’t need you to take me shopping when I already have a stack of your credit cards in my wallet,” she said making a face.

“…and a new car,” said Dean beaming with a smile as if he had just won the lottery.

As if she was an owl and just spotted a rat, her head quickly turned from making eyes at Michael to focus on her husband.

“A new car?”

She imagined a brand new, Mustang GT convertible in Competition Orange with Recaro seats, all the right options, and black racing stripes. She imagined cruising down the highway with her blonde hair waving in the wind as if her golden locks were a flag. If the car wasn’t enough to attract attention, her sitting in the driver’s seat while wearing a low cut blouse and a short skirt would be.

“Yes,” said Dean suddenly looking more animated.

She looked at him as if she was a foxy agent negotiating a contract for a major league baseball player.

“Whatever car I want?”

He smiled at her no doubt knowing his sexual fantasy of his wife having sex with his three friends while he watched was about to be fulfilled.

“Within reason. So long as it’s not a Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, or a Bentley,” said Dean seemingly adding up what this gangbang was going to cost him monetarily in his head.

She watched as her competition orange, Mustang GT convertible drove closer from the distance to park itself in front of her with the engine revving and the driver’s door open.

“Okay, for a new car of my choice, I will have sex with the three of your friends under one condition,” said Kim smiling at the four men as if she was the cat who was about to eat four canaries.

This time she looked more like a Philadelphia lawyer than she did a foxy agent negotiating a contract for a major league, baseball player.

“Condition?” Dean looked at his wife. “I have a feeling this is going to cost me big bucks. Aside from a new wardrobe, jewelry, and a new car, what’s your condition? What more could you possibly want? And I’m telling you right now. I’m not buying you a house to sleep with my friends. I love this house,” he said looking around the room as if looking at it for the last time.

He wrung his hands as if he was sitting in front of an IRS agent who suspected fraud and who threatened him with an audit that went back years.

“Nothing like that,” she said tossing her long, blonde hair with a flick of her beautiful head. She remained silently thoughtful while looking from Dean to Bob to Jim and to Michael. “Being that I have a lot of secret, sexual fetishes,” she said softly, “fetishes that even my husband doesn’t know that I have,” she said looking to husband to give him a sexy smile.

As if she had just told him that her mother was coming for an extended visit again, Dean looked stunned.

“Secret, sexual fetishes? You have secret, sexual fetishes? You never told me that you have secret, sexual fetishes. We’ve been married for ten years. What secret, sexual fetishes have you been hiding in your closet?”

Knowing his sexual preferences well, she figured with the mere mention of her secret, sexual fetishes that he’d be after her to wear her Parochial school outfit again or to rent a Nun’s costume again and praying for him while on her knees.

“Precisely my point,” said Kim. “Precisely my point of my one condition for me to have sex with your friends.”

“Oh boy,” said Bob rubbing his hands together. “I have a feeling that this is the start of something really good.”

“Fetishes sound good to me,” said Jim with a look of sexual excitement on his face. “Fetishes are a good place to start when beginning a new sexual relationship. I love fetishes.”

“I’ll have sex with the three of you while my husband watches,” she said looking at each man, “if you all confess your secret, sexual fetishes and that includes you too Dean,” she said pointing an accusatory finger at him. “And I know you all have sexual fetishes that you’ve been hiding and keeping secret.”

“And what if I don’t have a secret, sexual fetish to confess?” Michael looked at her with innocence.

Definitely, a man who could have any woman he wanted, including her, especially her, someone who looked like him was too good looking to harbor secret, sexual fetishes she thought.

“We all have secret, sexual fetishes to confess,” said Kim. “If I have secret, sexual fetishes, I’m sure you have secret, sexual fetishes too.”

“And what if I don’t have a secret, sexual fetish to confess,” said Michael again, this time shaking his head to add more to the credibility that he didn’t have a secret, sexual fetish to confess.

“Then make one the Hell up and shut the fuck up about not having a secret, sexual fetish to confess,” whispered Jim to his friend. “You’re going to ruin this for everyone.”

Obviously overhearing kaçak bahis Jim whispering his warning to Michael, Kim felt compelled to address the issue at hand.

“If you don’t have a secret, sexual fetish to confess, then I rescind my offer to have sex with the three of you and I won’t be having sex with anyone, especially you,” she said to her husband while suddenly looking sad albeit smugly smart.

“Crap,” said Bob.

“Fuck,” said Jim.

“That’s certainly your prerogative to change your mind Kim,” said Michael.

“I’d be willing to give up a brand new Mustang GT not to confess my fetishes if you won’t confess your fetishes first” said Kim. “I can’t confess my secret, sexual fetishes when you won’t confess your fetishes Michael. I’ll not have you have something over my head when I won’t having anything hanging over your head.”

“Com’on Michael,” said Bob. “What’s wrong with you? Kim will have sex with us if you confess your secret, sexual fetish. All you have to do is to air your dirty laundry in front of all of us and tell her what skeletons you have hidden in your closet. What’s the big deal? We’re all friends here.”

“Yeah, com’on. Make something up,” whispered Jim. “I’ll confess my secret, sexual fetish, if you confess your secret, sexual fetish.”

“I do have one secret, sexual fetish but it’s personally private, one that started when I was 18-years-old and that’s continued ever since,” said Michael with an embarrassed look on his face. “But if you’re so intent on confessing your fetish, then you go first Bob. Maybe after I hear your secret, sexual fetish I won’t feel so embarrassed to confess mine.”

Michael looked at Bob and Bob looked at Kim. The sexual tension in the room was palpable. Will Kim be having sex with three men or will she disappoint her husband fantasy of participating in the swinging lifestyle? Everything depended on the three men confessing their fetishes for Kim to confess her fetishes. Everything depended on Michael. If they all weren’t on a level playing field with their fetishes out in the open, then she wasn’t playing any sexy games with them.

“Well,” said Bob putting his hands on his knees, leaning forward, and looking around at his three friends before refocusing his attention back to Kim. Looking as if he was going to be sick to his stomach, he took a big breath. “Um, my secret, sexual fetish is that I collect panties,” he said looking from Jim to Michael to Dean and to Kim. “Panties. That’s my secret, sexual fetish. I collect women’s panties.”

“Panties? You do?” Jim made a sour face and looked at his friend as if he had a sexually transmitted disease.

“Panties,” said Bob nodding his head to Jim while puffing out his chest with pride. “I collect panties.”

“No way!” Jim looked at Bob as if he was nuts. “Why?”

“Hey, there’s no judgments here,” said Kim. “I suspect we all have sexy, sexual secrets and secret, sexual fetishes that we’ve had for years and hidden away in our closets. Allow Bob to talk without making him feel bad. He has the floor.”

“The same as Michael, my secret, sexual fetish started when I was around 18-years-old,” said Bob pausing as if rethinking about what more he was about to confess on the subject. “I, um, collect women’s underwear. Specifically, I collect women’s panties.”

“Wow! I never would have picked you for a panty collector,” said Michael. When he looked at Kim, she had a stern look on her face. “Sorry. Go ahead Bob.”

“Do you collect a particular brand, style, color, fabric, and/or feel of panty?” Kim smiled at Bob as if she was talking to one of her girlfriends and they were having a conversation about collecting handbags.

“Actually, I don’t collect any particular brand, style, color, or fabric nor do I go by the feel of them. I, um, collect used panties. I collect soiled panties,” said Bob looking down at the floor as if he was embarrassesd.

“Hold on,” said Jim. “If it wasn’t bad enough that you collect women’s panties but now you collect soiled, women’s panties, like in peed on and pooped in panties? Gross,” said Jim. “What’s wrong with you? What the Hell kind of sexual fetish is that. Unless the panties are Kim Kardashian’s, Sofia Vergara’s, or Heidi Klum’s soiled panties that you could easily sell on e-Bay for big bucks, that’s just nasty.”

Kim gave Jim a scolding look.

“What are you thirteen-years-old Jim? Give Bob a chance to tell us his fetish,” said Kim. “Remember no judgments. We’re all friends here. There’s no need to make anyone feel bad about having a sexual fetish.”

Jim hung his head in shame.

“Sorry Bob. Go ahead and tell all of us more about your secret, dirty, pee pee, and poo poo, panty collection,” said Jim with a little snicker.

Bob gave Kim a smile and Jim a hard look before continuing.

“Well, it started at my high school Prom a lifetime ago when I was 18-years-old. My first time having sex, I got lucky with my Prom date, Maureen. She allowed me to feel and touch her everywhere while kissing and kissing her. Allowing me to stick my hand down her dress to feel her tits and finger her nipples, she allowed me to go up her Prom dress to feel her pussy through her panties,” said Bob. “My God, having felt tits before, feeling Maureen’s pussy through her panty was my first and I was so frigging excited.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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