One Last Underground Adventure

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Ellie and I are again on our way to Atlanta for a Saturday night of fun and sex. We know this will be our last trip as school will be out for the summer in a few short weeks and I have already accepted a position in a Florida school district.

Ellie has begun casually dating an educated local man and she wants to stay around to see where this new relationship goes.

We do our usual routine of shopping and napping after we register at our usual hotel near Underground Atlanta.

Following our naps and showers we make our usual call for room service, but this time it is delivered by an elderly woman whom we thank and tip.

Keep in mind, this is the early 1970’s and disco is in. When we dress for the evening we are dressing for dancing and for fun.

We both wear short disco skirts that flair out when we spin and we are both wearing scoop neck blouses made of a thin material.

Ellie is wearing s thin, sexy bra and panty set and I am going bra-less and commando. My firm, heavy, DD breasts will be on display if anyone looks and I am ready for action if it comes my way.

We arrive at Sgt. Pepper’s about 10 P.M. just as the place is filling up and we find a table off to the side of the dance floor away from the band. The strobe lights are flashing and the music is really loud. Ellie and I start dancing together and are soon joined by a couple of cute guys – jacket and tie. After a few dances they follow us back to our table and buy us some drinks. We needed some cool refreshment and this hits the spot. We try to exchange names, but the music is so loud we can’t be understood.

We switch partners back and forth for several dances until we find the right pairing. The band takes a break and slow, canned music is piped through the sound system and the guys ask us to dance. As was common in the 1970’s, I put my arms around his neck and he put his hands around my waist and we danced close together. He could feel my breasts against his chest and after a few minutes I was being poked in my pelvis by something hard in his pants.

I was glad to know that he was interested. He slid his hands down to my butt, buy I reached back and moved it back to my waist. The band returned and it was disco time again.

After another bakırköy escort drink or so, the band took another break and we were slow dancing again. This time he brought a hand up from my waist and began touching my breast. It felt good, I was horny, and I liked the guy so I moved back just a little bit to give him a better angle. My nipples were standing out like pencil erasers from the attention and in anticipation of more to come. He moved his hand down and then brought it up under my blouse to fondle my bare tit. I laid my head on his shoulder and gave him an opening that provided full access for his hand.

The band came back for another set and we danced a few fast ones before returning to our table for another drink. This time as we sat, his hand was on my bare leg and he gradually worked his way under my skirt on my inner thigh. As his hand moved higher, my legs just naturally came farther apart until he came in contact with my well groomed, commando pussy. I slid a little further down in my chair and he began tracing the outline of my vulva with his finger. He dipped his finger in my love honey and brought it up to his nose to smell, then stuck his finger in his mouth to suck it off. He then returned his finger to my honey pot. Once slippery, he began circling my clit slowly and gently.

During the next set of slow dances, he somehow got in a position where he could finger my pussy from behind while we danced and began plunging a finger in and out of me right on the dance floor. Remember, it has been a month since I have had sex and I had an orgasm right there on the dance floor. I bit into his jacket to keep from screaming and he had to hold me or I probably would have fallen down.

I ask him in his ear if he would like to take this to my hotel down the street and he offered me his arm in acceptance.

I told Ellie that we were going back to the room and she said that they might join us later.

When we got to the room we had our first full mouth kiss. He really knew how to kiss. I reached down and touched his cock. I could feel the hardness trough his pants and it seemed to be substantial.

He pulled my blouse over my head and got his first look at my full, natural breasts. beşiktaş escort He held them in his hands and then kissed each one before giving finger and tongue attention to my hard, erect nipples.

I loosened his belt and unsnapped his pants, put a hand on each side of his waist band and lowered them slowly to reveal a beautiful, thick, 7″ circumcised cock. There were a few drops of pre-cum at his slip and I spread them around the velvet head with my finger before licking the head and taking it in my mouth.

It wasn’t long before he said, “I’m going to cum.” I responded by sucking harder and working my mouth up and down his cock. I felt it coming and swallowed as his cum filled my mouth. A little bit escaped from the corner of my mouth and I scooped it up with a finger and put it in my mouth.

We kissed with the taste of his cum in my mouth. He unbuttoned my skirt as we kissed and it dropped to the floor. He walked me backward to the bed until my legs came in contact with the mattress then gently laid me down. He knelt between my legs and began to love my pussy. His tongue went up, down, around, and through until his tongue action and sucking on my clit brought me to another orgasm.

He asked me my favorite position and I answered, “Missionary with a pillow under my fanny.”

We got into position and he proceeded to tease me with his cock going up and down my slit until he paused at the entrance to my vagina. I reached down with my hand and started him in. The head just sort of popped in and then he waited for a moment as I adjusted to his girth. Slowly he began to fuck in and out and I began thrusting back. Soon our pubic hair was touching. He paused again while I adjusted and then we began the rhythm of love.

Because he had already cum once, his endurance was great and we fucked and fucked.

He asked, “Will you ride me?”

We rearranged ourselves and I think part of the reason he wanted this position was to watch my breasts bounce. Eventually he pulled me down on him and fucked up as I fucked down. We increased tempo and I could feel him building to orgasm.

I said, “Fill me up when you are ready.”

At that point he rolled me over and really began to pound into beylikdüzü escort me. I felt mine coming also and as he began to spurt warm, thick cum into me, my orgasm came immediately.

Afterward we just lay there on my bed joined at our sex. We must have fallen asleep because when I woke up later in the night I saw Ellie and her guy sleeping cuddled up in her bed.

We had sex several more times during the night. We all left the room about noon and went our separate ways.

About two weeks later, I began to have pain when I urinated. I thought I had gotten some type of urinary tract infection or something. I wasn’t having sex, I hadn’t since Atlanta. I tried treating it by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice.

This didn’t work. In fact, I now had an itch in my pussy and I was finding a thick yellowish discharge in my panties that seemed to be coming from my vagina. I am not good about going to doctors, and school was almost out for the summer so I waited.

After school was out I moved to Florida and since I was now having pelvic pain as well as the other symptoms, I went to see the same Dr. I had seen when I was in college.

She checked me out and asked if I had been having sex with different individuals or if I had a steady guy.

I told her I had not had sex since Atlanta about six weeks earlier. She asked me if I knew the guy and I confessed that we had not even exchanged names. She told me that she thought I had a bacterial STD, Chlamydia, which is the most common bacterial STD in the United States.

She told me that she would take a sample and send it to the lab, but she was pretty sure of the diagnosis and was going to start me on a 10 day course of erythromycin twice a day.

She told me that she thought it may have spread to my fallopian tubes and may have done permanent damage to the tubes and my uterus. She told me that I might have difficulty becoming pregnant if I decided to try that in the future.

She told me that if I ever get a urinary or bladder infection in the future that I am to see a doctor right away.

She also told me that even if we had used a condom when we had sex, I could still have contracted Chlamydia. She told me that she was glad I had not had sex since my last time in Atlanta because each of my partners would have to be contacted, tested, and treated if they were infected.

She said the safest way to have sex was to know your partner well enough to talk about STD’s and not bounce from partner to partner. A condom helps, but even it does not prevent all STD’s.

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