On the Terrace

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Since I was eighteen, I always had a thing for elder women. Though I never had crushes on my school teachers or even in college, but mature women always fascinated me.

I have had my fair share of elder women, in fact, as a 19 year old, I lost my virginity to a 32 year old neighbor, Nikki. It had started with her catching me staring at her since I was 18, a bit of childish flirting followed. I used to make any excuse to be at her place, even babysit-ted her 2 yr. old kid, just to be around her. Her elder sister, about 35, knew what was in my mind and even she used to openly flirt with me – whenever on weekends she used to come over at her place. A couple of times, we ended up kissing and I had seen her naked, while changing or while using a shower a couple of times. She never discouraged me or stopped my advances, but it was lack of confidence or waiting for the right time, that it took a long time since we finally fucked! Since then I have had 4-5 relationships with women who are about 10 year elder than me. Growing confidence and better understanding of women emotions and the ability to have a good conversation has helped me a lot.

But this story, is about my encounter with a 42 yr. old lady. I am 32, working as a financial consultant. I joined my new firm about 2 years ago, and am doing very good in terms of my career. Have a good rapport with my boss and also my team.

About three months in my job, I had to travel to Japan for a week and in this context I met Carol. Carol was the secretary of the Admin Head of our office and she was the one who used to arrange the tickets, stay, visas and Forex. On my first look, she came across as very very desirable – she looked around 35, high cheek bones, just a hint of cleavage in a white shirt and a grey skirt up to her knees. The things that impressed me the most – were her shapely legs, perfectly accentuated by the black high heels and her ass. For a short woman, she is about 5’4 – I am 5’10 – she had great legs and the tight skirt made her ass looked delicious.

She was the prototype of my kind of women, and I immediately wanted to make a move, but being relatively new in the job and her being the secy of a very senior member of the company, I kept things professional. Even she was a thorough professional, she ensured that all my travel requirement were met and she even suggested a few clubs and decent dinner options.

On my return, just to have a window of interactions and possibly more, I got her a bottle of wine, just as a token of appreciation. I got it delivered to her desk with a simple note of thanks. She called me a few hours later thanking for the wine.

I didn’t see much of her in the next few weeks, but met her once at the cafeteria. I had a long evening ahead of me and even she was going to be late. We chatted for about 30 minutes while we had our coffee and erenköy escort bayan some light snacks. She was married, had a 10 yr. old daughter, and lived near to my apartment and loved running and swimming. I swam few times a week, but played tennis regularly. Her daughter had started playing tennis recently and she asked me if I could coach her a bit for her school tournament, by then, I had really got a liking for this lady and happily agreed. I would get a chance to meet her on weekends and the possibilities were endless! We parted ways, finalizing to meet at my club on Saturday morning. I invited her to swim at my club before the tennis lessons, hoping to see her in a swim suit!

I got done with my work at about 11 and just to take a chance, went around her cubicle, to see if she had left. As luck would have it, she was just about to leave and we went to the parking lot together. I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to have a beer, and she agreed saying – she needed a few, as she had a rough few days. We drove in our cars to a decent bar nearby, decent crowd, good music and perfect lighting. The more we chatted, the more we realized that we liked each other and we could do away with pretense and be our true selves. The conversation led to life partners, she said she did have a good hubby, but she had a few flings, a few one night stands post her marriage too. These were not escapism, just a few moments of sheer passion or a genuine likeness for a friend that led to weekend getaway with him.

I liked her honesty and frankness, I was almost falling for her.

I confessed that I found her really sensuous and graceful, since I first saw her. She said she liked my company, liked the fact that I was polite and courteous with her and also that I made her laugh. We stared at each other for a seconds, nothing was said, but we were just savoring the moment! It was at this moment that she leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss on my lips and rubbed my arm! It was just a fleeting moment, but it made me lose a few inhibitions – I pulled her head closer and we kissed, more intensely, more purposely this time. While our tongues wrestled, my hand was stroking her thigh. As I started feeling her hot breath on my face, she bit my lower lip really hard, pulled away and giggled. The few moments were so intense but at the same time made me desire for much more. She said that we will have to be discreet

I followed her to car and followed her to her apartment. She parked her car and as I was waving her good bye, she texted me to meet her on the terrace of her apartment after 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes seemed like eternity, never ending. After waiting for exactly 4 minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer, I almost ran to the lift and went to the terrace.

She was waiting etiler escort bayan there and as soon as I reached, we hugged and our lips met! I bit her hard this time and pushed her against the wall. For sure, it wasn’t the most romantic or a comfortable place, but we didn’t care at all about either things. We just wanted each other, wanted each other bodies, and wanted the moment to be ours. Our hands were exploring each other, she grabbed my ass and pinched the cheek, I was licking, biting and kissing her neck, and her ear lobes. I loved the way her body responded to my lips, my bites.

I pulled her hair back and kissed her with much more force on her neck. At this moment I just stepped back and lovingly looked at her. Yes, I realized I was in love with her. I didn’t have to say that, she really understood that from my eyes and my expression of being in awe with her!

She just extended her arms and lovingly embraced me back. There was no stopping us, I proceeded to remove her dress- and loved to see matching pair of red lacy lingerie! She looked like one of those fantasy models, loving face and amazing body in a two piece showpiece! I couldn’t wait any more and started biting her breasts while unclipping the hooks of her bra. As soon it give way, I proceeded to lick her, right from her chin to the top of her nipples. To tease her, I avoided kissing her nipples and did that a couple of times. Finally she grabbed my head and forced my mouth over her nipples, moaning sensuously in my ears “bite them”. I didn’t want to tease her anymore, and lovingly sucked, licked and bit them, while pinching the other one with my left hand. My right hand tracked down from her shoulder blades, to her belly button – encircled it a couple of times, I loved the way her body trembled when she felt ticklish. My fingers went further below and went inside her panties, I could feel the wetness and in the hot night, I could smell her juices. She tasted and smelt delicious! My thumb was pressing against her clit and I inserted my middle finger in her wet, inviting pussy. She gasped and dig her fingernails in my neck. She was moaning softly and her each moan made the lovemaking more sensuous, more erotic!

I turned her around, she was now facing the wall, removed her panties, went down on my knees and bit her ass! The same ass that had got my attention a few months ago! I licked, bit and kissed her ass cheeks while my fingers were buried deep in her pussy.This went for a few minutes, before she started shivering and was hit by waves of her orgasm! She really did let out a load moan and immediately bit her lip to stifle the sound! She pulled me up, hurriedly removing my tee and doing away with my jeans – we kissed deeply while our hands explored each other – my one hand was encircling her breast, the göztepe escort bayan other one was kneading her ass.

She gripped my cock, a very strong grip and gently started stroking it.Her other hand was fondling my balls. My cock is about 6.5-7 inches, but without being fake, she murmured in my ear “I would love to be filled up by this”. We continued pleasuring each other by our hands, while kissing hungrily! She had built up a decent rhythm and I was loving every minute of it. She slowly went down on her knees while kissing all the way down and after giving a few bites just on top of my cock, she slowly started covering her mouth on my cock. She slowed down deliberately and looked up – she knew I was at her mercy – and she loved the feeling of power! Without looking away, her mouth engulfed my cock and started sucking slowly, building up to a fast rhythm. I was oozing precut and she seemed to love the taste of it! I was very close to exploding, but I wanted to taste her! I asked her to slow down, and asked her to lie down on the floor. Our clothes became a temporary mattress and as soon as she was lying down, I got on top of her and again kissed her deeply, lying on top of her, while she hugged me tightly.

We loved the feel of each other’s bodies, our small movements were reciprocated perfectly and it felt as if we were perfectly in sync! I knelled down and dove in her pussy, I had waited for a long time to taste her and pleasure her. While I teased, licked and bit her clit, my right had started finger fucking her and my left hand alternated between pinching both her nipples. I loved playing with her clit. While I gently bit it, kept it between my teeth, my tongue kept on encircling it furiously! She loved being pleasured at so many levels and as my licking and fingering picked up pace, she let out another loud moan and she had another orgasm.

“Fuck me, I need you inside me… fuck me” that’s all she could say as she regained her composure. I mockingly said “Yes Madam” and picked her legs and put the over my shoulder, giving me great access to her hot, went and inviting cunt! We fucked without a care, both desperate for the pleasure the other could give and were lost in the moment on ecstasy. I bent down further to lick and bite her nipples while ramming deep and slow. She loved me entering her slowly and being motionless for a few moments before picking up pace. She directed me and controlled the pace of my thrusting – I loved being commanded that way and it was great to satisfy and pleasure her the way she wanted and needed!

My fascination for her ass would never end, I asked her to turn around and entered her from behind while I kept on spanking her. Her Moans increased and I couldn’t hold on any longer! I came without warning and it felt that I would never stop Cuming. We just lay there, she on top of me, fingers of one hand intertwined, while the other still roaming everywhere. We felt that we will never get enough of each other! We laid there for another 10 minutes, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

She kissed me deep, got up, I helped her dress up and with another kiss, and she left.

As I dressed up and was ready to leave, I got another text from her “Beer, tomorrow night too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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