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I walk through the door and there’s a real mess here, but not really different than the last five places I’ve been to today. Looks like the hole in the roof with the rain really made a mess. The branches from the tree in the living room probably should be there. As I go through the house I find my mind wandering back to earlier in the day. The morning meeting and sitting at the meeting table. I could help but stare out of the corner of my eye. She’s gorgeous, I’ve always thought that, her legs, the way she walks and sways her hips, her breasts, her neck, her mouth. Oh how I would love to kiss that mouth… My attention snaps back as the homeowner comes into the room. They are concerned that their insurance won’t cover things. I tell them that I will put together the estimate and submit it today so that we can get an answer and proceed with getting things done as quickly as possible.

I continue my checks and looking things over as they leave me to my job. I walk up the stairs to the next level to see if I can visualize the roof, see a top down view of the damage. As I walk down the hall I spot her, SHE’S HERE! Why is she here? I continue down, following that body, staring, and feeling the heat build in my body. She disappears into a room, I follow. She’s standing right there, she’s turned around and is closing the door behind me as I walk in. She grabs me from behind, and puts her hands on my chest, wrapping herself around me. I can’t believe this, it’s what I’ve wanted for a long time, but I can’t believe she’s here. I stutter and ask what’s going on, she murmurs that she saw me staring this morning, I gasp…. I turn istanbul escort around, I feel her heat, the softness of her body, the hardness in my pants pressing against my zipper wanting release, not wearing any underwear I’m pressing directly against it. I wrap my fingers around her face as I lean in to kiss her, not questioning her motives, just grateful that she’s had the same thoughts as me. She moves her hands over my body as I invade her mouth with small tentative touches of my tongue, enjoying the taste of her as she unbuttoned my pants and gasps as she realizes that I’m not wearing anything under them…. she pulls herself away and down and kneels in front of my and takes me into her mouth, it’s my turn to gasp and I nearly collapse as my legs threaten to give out…

Seeing my head disappear into your mouth, the intensity of the feel pulls through me, into my backside, my lower back, down my legs and I struggle to stay standing. I grab the wall and put my clipboard down on a nearby table. All my thoughts are now centered on what you are doing. Your tongue moves slowly, the heat and the wetness of your mouth and you slowly move me deeper into your mouth. I find my fingers stroking your hair line, moving your hair out of your face so that I can see your eyes, as you look as me it raises my desire for you, I feel myself get harder. Pressing against the tightness of your mouth, I feel the back of your throat as you stop. Your fingers caress me, gently moving under your chin, I don’t see what your doing, but I feel you touching me under your mouth, it avcılar escort feels electric, a shooting feeling of pleasure, I want more, I want to start rocking my hips to move in and out of your mouth but I stop myself, not wishing to break the spell of you.

You start to pull back, your fingers following, you stop as your lips touch the tip of me. You never lose contact and deep in your eyes I see desire, the hunger for more. Your mouth opens, and you pull me back in, I feel and hear the sounds of you sucking me back in. The feeling of you moving slowly is torturous. The feeling of the back of your throat returns, but you don’t stop, I feel you keep moving down on me. You lips continue to take me in, I feel your tongue moving from side to side on me, underneath me. I see your lips touching my skin, you have me completely in your mouth, your eyes locked with mine, I feel tension start to build inside me, how can this be? Never before have I felt this with anyone.

My fingers move to intertwine in your hair and I hold if back from your face, I start to move my hips back. Slowly pulling myself to the brink of pulling out of you, then I stop and starting pushing back. I look into your eyes and they say yes! I rock my hips forward slowly, the intensity of the pleasurable feeling as I move is intense, moving to quickly would spoil the moment and the pleasure. I move in and out, every third time I slow as I move into you and push slowly until I am completed in, then I slowly pull out. I move quicker as the tension deep down builds, The intensity of the pleasure become all I can think about. şirinevler escort I move in and out, I feel myself grow harder again, I feel like I’m filling up from the inside. I squeeze from the inside, I don’t want his to stop, the pleasure intensifies and I move closer and closer to my release. I slow, moving from my tip, and my full length each slow stroke. The intensity of my pleasure and feeling builds as I slow down. I move inside of your painful slowly, and I feel myself touch the back of your throat I feel myself spasm, Moving deeping to the limits of my length I shutter. I spasm again and feel myself release deep in your throat. I think back now and I am amazed how you are able to hold me in place as I continue to release, feels like it never ends, I feel stars in my closed eyes, I know that I close to passing out. I hold the wall to steady myself and you start to pull back. Slowly as the pleasure peaks! Just before you release me you move back, taking me completely once again, then you slowly pull back. Stopping as you lips come together but you are still in contact with me. You tongue licks me, your lips open and you cover just my head as you pull back on me.

You close my pants, my zipper, and straighten my shirt for me. Then you use me, climb me to get up. Hugging close, never losing contact with me. Your hands move up and pull me head down, and you kiss me. You pull me down again and whisper thank you in my ear. I am open mouthed shocked at what has just happened, my deepest wet dream has just happened. You whisper “Come to me tonight”, as you turn, open the door and walk out of the room. I stand reeling with what has just happened. I will come see you tonight! My dreams have sparked new thoughts, more desires for you! I have always wanted to be with you, to spend time with you, to be with you always! I have thought of no other but you for a long time!

This will definitely be a dream come true for me. Today and so much more!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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