On the Family Plan

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Janet’s frustration with her husband grew more pronounced the longer the conversation went on. She took a deep breath and said, “Listen, John. The twins are only home for another month before they leave for college. They deserve a vacation after graduation. I know you don’t want to go, but it’s not about you this time. OK?”

John knew he would lose this one. He had thrown out every lame excuse he could to change Janet’s mind, but it obviously wasn’t going to work. The four of them would go to Florida, spend a week in a too-small rented condo, quickly grow tired of each other, and come back in worse moods than when they left. He also knew it would be another full week without sex. He and Janet rarely had sex as it was, let alone in a condo with the kids around. The entire scenario reeked of disaster. Except, of course, he would get to be around his daughter Aimee in her bikini. That just might salvage the entire affair.

The last thing on Janet’s mind was sex, which was never good with John to begin with and had grown even more mundane as the years went on. This was about spending quality time with the kids she loved before turning into an empty nester at thirty-nine. She had dreaded for some time the idea of having only John to talk to. Yes, she briefly considered having the affairs that two co-workers proposed to her. However, both times she backed out in favor of keeping the family together.

In the back of her mind, keeping her weight down and her figure slim was always a priority in case John suddenly was the one who left. She never ruled it out. Her fears were somewhat allayed knowing that other men considered her ‘cute’ and her tits and ass were as firm as when she was in high school. She also knew that, with the right partner, she could be as good at sex as any other woman.

The twins, Eric and Aimee, were only eighteen years old, but they understood what was happening with their parents. The tension never exposed itself with shouting or violence, but the coolness between John and Janet was evident to anyone living in the same house. As a result, the kids tended to be away with their own friends a lot to avoid the hassle at home. They didn’t talk to each other about it very much, but both of them harbored feelings about their parents.

Upon arriving at the condo, John was pleasantly surprised. The three-bedroom, two bath home was plenty spacious and would be more than adequate. The owners left a stack of fliers on the kitchen table highlighting various activities and near-by sites. John and Eric quickly became interested in the half-day fishing excursion. Janet and Aimee browsed the list of malls and outlets. They all looked over the list of restaurants and chose a favorite.

The master bedroom was down one hallway off the living room while two more bedrooms were off a hallway on the opposite side of the condo. This arrangement suited everyone after a brief dispute between the kids on who got which bedroom. The family disbursed and unpacked.

Eric and Aimee changed into bathing suits and were on the beach in fifteen minutes. John and Janet were a little more deliberate, taking time to check out the kitchen and determining what provisions were needed when they went grocery shopping. That chore took them until dinner time and a restaurant was decided upon by John, Eric, and Aimee, overruling the urgings of Janet that they eat the food she just bought.

All except Janet slept well that night after a day of traveling and exploring their new surroundings. She spent much of the darkness thinking about the kids going to college and the void it would leave in her life. She was determined to make this vacation memorable and to strengthen the bond between herself, Eric, and Aimee.

The weather forecast for the next morning wasn’t great, and it was worse than that. Steady rain fell with no sign of letting up. The earliest it was predicted to end was mid-afternoon. With that in mind, John and Aimee decided to go to a movie around noon. Eric moped around the condo in his bathing suit and played on his computer. Janet went shopping.

“Are your father and sister at the movie?” she asked Eric when she got back.

“Yep. Just left,” he replied.

“I bought a couple things I didn’t try on,” she told him. “I better see if they fit so I can take them back before we leave, if I have to.”

Eric lazily signaled his agreement without ever looking up from the computer. Janet lugged the shopping bags back to the master bedroom and tossed them onto a chair. She had pushed the door behind her, but it never completely closed, as was her habit at home when nobody was around. She took off her shoes and spent a moment in the bathroom.

When she returned, she passed the largest mirrored dresser and pulled a skirt from one of the bags. She moved toward the center of the room, but stopped when she saw something in the mirror. With her back to the door and an eye on the mirror, she confirmed her first suspicion. Eric was in the hallway. Not standing directly in the open door, ankara escort but positioned so he could see her without being seen…he thought.

Janet’s mind raced with choices. She fumbled with the new skirt to buy time and give the impression she had not seen Eric. Finally, she acted.

“Eric! Come in here!”

A few seconds later, he sheepishly poked his head around the edge of the door.

“Come here,” Janet said a little more calmly.

She watched him slink into the room.

“Close the door,” she said.

He obeyed and walked toward her.

“Do you always try to spy on me when I’m dressing?” she asked.

“No. I wasn’t…I mean…I needed something from the closet.”

The lie was obvious and Janet successfully suppressed a smile. She gazed at her son and his well-toned body. She felt her pulse quicken.

“Sit on the end of the bed, Eric.”

He sat down with a look of uncertainty on his face. Janet tossed the new skirt back onto the chair, on top of the bags. Janet faced Eric without saying a word, standing about five feet in front of him. She wore a blouse and short skirt that accentuated her long, lean legs. Under the blouse, her heart pounded.

Janet unzipped the skirt and lowered it a few inches before letting it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it at the same time she began unbuttoning her blouse. Eric’s hands moved awkwardly on the bed on either side of where he sat. His discomfort made Janet fleetingly question her decision to do this, but it didn’t stop her.

As the blouse opened, a black bra that matched her panties came into view. When the last button was done, Janet let the blouse hang loosely. Eric’s eyes were everywhere, scanning his mother’s body from her tits to her pussy. Only then did Janet notice the start of a bulge in his bathing suit.

She took off the blouse. Janet’s tits were not large, but they filled her bra with ample cleavage to get any man’s attention. Her stomach was flat and her panties snugly covered her pussy. Eric’s cock continued to grow and he attempted to move in such a way to lessen how apparent it was without actually reaching for it.

“Is this what you wanted to see, hon?” Janet asked.

When Eric nodded, she added, “I want you to see more…and so do I.”

She stepped toward him until she was within reach. Then she turned her back to him.

“Take off my bra, Eric.”

He leaned forward and fumbled with the hook until it was undone. Cautiously, he lifted the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. Janet saw the bra hit the floor and used that cue to turn towards him, again. She relished the next few seconds, while her son’s eyes locked in on her breasts. Janet stepped between his legs, her body just inches from his face, and crouched down. She grasped the waistband of Eric’s swimsuit and began to pull it off.

Eric raised his ass off the bed to help and Janet was glad that she had to lift the front of the suit higher to get it over his raging erection. After putting the suit on top of her bra, Janet fought the urge to wrap her fingers around the large cock. That would have to wait a minute.

She stood and turned her back to him, once more. This time she lowered her panties, bending at the waist slightly as she did. Eric stared longingly at the tight ass, uninhibited while his mother looked the other way. Once the panties were off, Janet pivoted.

Now Eric had full view of his mother’s naked body and he didn’t attempt to hide his gawking. His cock ached, but he was no longer embarrassed by it. All he could think about was the beautiful woman in front of him and what they might do.

Janet remained in charge. She kneeled on her knees and pushed Eric’s legs farther apart as she moved there. She never took her eyes off his cock. Finally, she reached out with one hand and slid her fingers up the length of the shaft.

“It’s beautiful, Eric,” she said gently. “And so big.”

She ran her finger around the tip before putting the cock in her palm and gripping it tightly. Eric was still concealing his excitement, a feeling of guilt overpowering his desire to show…or say…what he felt. Janet was not constrained by those same feelings and she stroked her son’s cock willingly and gleefully. She could feel the blood rushing through it, the warmth against her palm only driving her to want more.

Soon, Janet was leaning down, lightly kissing the bright pink tip of her son’s cock. Her tongue flicked across it and Eric shivered. He alternated between watching her mouth, her breasts as they hung free, and her ass. However, his attention was solely on his mother’s mouth as her lips slid down his erection. Janet wasn’t able to get it all in her mouth, but she was very much out of practice. Eric certainly couldn’t tell that as Janet began to bob her head up and down, clutching his cock with her lips. He could feel her tongue sliding all over it, hitting every sensitive spot.

At last, his efforts to stay quiet, failed him.

“Ohhhhh, yes,” he moaned escort ankara when Janet’s tongue glided up the entire underside of his cock from his balls to the top.

She lifted her head and told Eric, “Get on the bed…on your back.”

He quickly followed her instructions, his head on a pillow and his body stretched out. The cock rose like a pole and she had only one thing in mind—it needed to be inside her.

If Eric had any doubts left in his mind about what was happening, they disappeared as his nude mother crawled onto the bed and hovered over him. Janet continued moving forward until her tits were above Eric’s face. Then she allowed them to be within reach of his mouth and Eric eagerly took one. At first, they were tentative stabs of his lips at the nipples. But as Janet bent lower, he took as much of the breast into his mouth as he could; and then, the other.

Janet stroked Eric’s cock during this taste-testing. Unable to wait any longer, she moved back so the cock was positioned at the opening of her pussy. Neither of them will ever forget the next moment. Janet carefully situated her son’s erection, dropped her pussy onto the tip, and felt her body open up to accept the cock. She was so wet and ready to fuck Eric that she had to slow down, allowing inch after inch of the cock to enter her.

“Oh my God, Eric. That feels so good,” Janet moaned.

Eric was silent, marveling at the moist pressure of his mother’s pussy around his cock.

“Fuck me, please,” Janet told him.

It didn’t take any more instructions for Eric to start pushing his cock up into Janet’s pussy. She tilted her head back, rejoicing in the sublime feeling of the huge cock filling her body. Janet took Eric’s hands and placed them on her tits. He pinched the nipples and massaged the breasts until Janet couldn’t withhold a moan any longer. She leaned forward and Eric cuddled the tits in his hands. All the while, his cock drilled her harder and harder.

Perhaps, as he grew older and, hopefully, more experienced with Janet, Eric would be able to delay his orgasm. But this time, the first time, he just couldn’t.

Janet could sense it. She squeezed his cock tighter with her pussy. Eric groaned loudly.

“Mom! I’m gonna…is it OK?”

“Yes, Eric. Yes! Cum for me!”

He grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her with near-violent force. She begged him to fuck her faster and he did. The bed squeaked under the vigor of their sex. And Eric finally came.

“Yes! Yesssssss!” he cried.

Loud grunts filled the bedroom with each spurt of cum into Janet’s pussy. Over and over again he shot it into her and Janet was nearly in tears with delight. She rubbed her clit, feeling her own orgasm build. Luckily, Eric lasted long enough for her to cum while he was still pounding her pussy. He barely noticed her little screeches and may not have recognized them for what they were. Regardless, both of them came multiple times.

In the end, Janet collapsed on top of her son, his hard cock still inside her.

“I love you, Eric. I love you so much.”


John and Aimee got back from the movie just before three o’clock and the skies had cleared. Hot, humid sunshine caused the beach to fill quickly and all but John joined the crowd. He had never been one to sit on the beach or at a pool very much, despite his penchant for ogling women of all ages in bikinis. Eric and Janet, on the other hand, could spend all day there. Aimee was indifferent and when she told her mother and brother she was heading back in, they each welcomed the news, wanting time alone to talk about what transpired a few hours earlier.

Aimee had always been a flirtatious girl, blessed with all of her mother’s best traits and slightly larger breasts. If the first journey to the beach was any indication, however, the odds of her finding a good-looking guy her age was slim, at best. Never one to let bad luck interfere with a good time, Aimee decided to put a plan into action she often contemplated at home, but never attempted.

She entered the condo and headed straight for the refrigerator to get a cold drink. With the can in hand, she walked into the living room where John sat. As they chatted, Aimee ran the can over her bare abdomen, stopping at the bottom of her bikini top.

“I’m SO hot,” she sighed. “I’m taking a shower.”

John acknowledged her and furtively watched her ass sway with every step. Aimee turned into the bathroom, out of view, but leaving the door opened. She waited a moment.

“Daddy, come here,” she shouted from the doorway.

“What do you need?”

“Just come here,” she urged him.

John reluctantly gave up his seat on the couch and walked down the hall. When he looked into the bathroom, Aimee was topless.

“Come in so I can close the door,” she said.

John froze in place and said, “Aimee, the others will be coming back soon.”

As he turned to leave, she grabbed his arm and yanked him into the room, slamming the door behind them and ankara escort bayan locking it.

“I’m going to take a shower and I want you to watch,” she said.

John made very effort not to look down at her luscious tits, but nothing could prevent them from dropping there repeatedly.

“No. We can’t,” he said, again threatening to leave.

Aimee moved into his path. She took hold of the strings on either side of her bikini bottom and pulled them loose. A second later, she was holding the garment to her side and John was staring at his naked daughter.

“Now stand wherever you want, but I’m taking a shower and I want you to watch,” she said. “Open the door if you want and, if you hear Mom and Eric, you can leave.”

Aimee stepped to the shower and leaned in to begin adjusting the water. John desperately wanted to leave…and he desperately wanted to stay. He watched Aimee’s tiny ass while she reached inside the shower. She was only a little girl the last time he saw her naked and now he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He left the door closed and locked.

Aimee was stepping under the water when he leaned against the sink, his eyes fixated on the teenager’s body. She smiled before letting the water flow over her hair and down her back. John had a silhouette view and found it hard to decide what part of her to watch the most. In the back of his mind, he was still convincing himself Janet and Eric would be at the beach at least another fifteen minutes.

Aimee purposely made sure she turned in several directions while finding soap, but faced her father when she commenced gliding the bar over her chest. Slowly but surely, the soap lathered as it crossed back and forth over her breasts. Only when they were completely covered did she move lower. John felt his cock twitch and knew it would soon be uncomfortable if he stayed.

Any thoughts of leaving dissipated when Aimee moved the soap to the top of her pussy. John stared at her hand as it stopped, waited, and then sank between her legs. It lingered in place and John and Aimee made solid eye contact. Then, she began to rub.

John’s cock throbbed and he had no choice but to shift it.

“Take it out, Daddy,” Aimee told him.

He shook his head.

“Please,” she pleaded like a child.

She was rubbing her pussy, which was thickly covered in white soap. John couldn’t resist. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock.

“Let me see,” Aimee said.

John removed his hand and the cock pointed at her like a tree limb. Aimee smiled broadly and moved the soap to her tits again. Then, she turned and let him see her ass. The soap glided over each cheek several times and John began methodically stroking his cock. Aimee bent slightly and put the soap between her legs, alternating between swiping across her pussy and the bottom of her ass. She leaned with one hand against the wall and let her father watch.

Aimee put the soap down and began to rinse off. John slowed his masturbation, but he was harder than ever. With all the soap gone and her body glistening from the water and lights, Aimee looked stunning. John realized he would have to leave soon or allow his daughter to see him cum into a towel.

Instead, she slid open the shower door and stepped out.

“You have a wonderful cock,” she said softly, reaching for a towel.

She dabbed the towel on her body for only a second. Then she dropped it and moved directly in front of her father. Without saying a word or touching him, she kneeled. Only then did she reach out and touch the throbbing erection.

“Aimee, we shouldn’t…uh, Aimee…,” he mumbled.

Her tongue was seeking out every inch of the cock. Rather than respond, she spread her lips and lowered her head. John’s breathing was heavy and hard when the blowjob started and it only got worse as she continued. With rare skill, Aimee used her mouth and hand in combination to force her father to think of only one thing—cumming in her mouth.

He put his hand on the back of her head, but she needed no assistance or encouragement. She sucked on the cock like a pro. When she paused to breathe, her hand kept going. Her tongue was everywhere and Aimee was pleased when it tasted his pre-cum.

John was fucking Aimee’s face now and she loved it. He braced himself against the sink and pushed harder. His balls warned him of an impending explosion.

“Now, Aimee! Now!”

It never fazed her. John erupted with a loud groan and a prolonged shot of cum that she took with joy. It was the second large blast of cum that began to drip down her chin. Shot after shot followed and she swallowed what she could. The rest trickled to her breasts.

Aimee only stopped when John insisted. Even then, she licked one last drop from the tip of his cock.


Every member of the family now had reason to re-evaluate their reason for being on the vacation. Janet wanted to cement her relationship with the kids before they left for college. In her anxiety to succeed, she feared she might have gone too far with Eric; although, he didn’t seem to mind and she had fulfilled a fantasy that had long lingered in the back of her mind. Aimee was another story and Janet would have to think about how to approach her.

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