On the Beach Ch. 06

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The side of Murphy’s face was hurting. She opened her eyes and realized that it was getting dark. Her legs were cramped and her cheek hurt where it had been pressed against the raised edge of the sofa cushion. Using the sofa for support, she pushed herself up from the floor, stretched and made out the numbers 8:36 on the VCR clock.

The door to the bedroom was open and she could see that Robert had not yet made an appearance. With a bursting bladder, Murphy walked stiff-legged into the bedroom shedding her top on the way. Making it into the bathroom she undid the snaps and zipper and swiveling her hips she got the tight pants down over her thighs just as her ass hit the toilet seat and her stream of pee hit the water.

Pulling her pants off, she finished undressing while sitting on the toilet. She must have sat there for five or so minutes with her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. Her thoughts were filled with hate and despair as she relived the last few hours of what she considered to be the ultimate betrayal.

Wiping herself with a pad of paper she repeated her newfound mantra, “That son-of-a-bitch of a little dicked bastard of a whoremongering asshole! I’ll get him for this!”

A hot shower and a cool rinse after she washed her hair had Murphy Browne feeling alive again. Wearing her cotton robe she sat on her balcony eating a slice of cold meat and cheese sans bread and drinking red wine out of the bottle. She studied her bare feet resting on the railing and wondered if anyone could see her nakedness under the robe she was wearing. Deciding that she was too far up and away from anyone to worry about that she took another swallow of wine and sat up to scan the beach.

Night was falling and she was not going to just sit on her balcony and feel sorry for herself. Uncomfortable as it was, her nap had left her feeling wide-awake and ready to do something. She considered calling Bill but decided not to get involved while she was feeling betrayed.

Throwing her robe on the bed, she chose a little cotton sundress, donned her bra and panties and slipped the dress down over her head. Spotting her low-heeled sandals on the living room floor she zipped up the back of her dress while keeping her balance as she slipped her feet into her shoes. Heading towards the door to the hall, Murphy stopped and applied her lipstick in the hall mirror by the door. Grabbing a sweater out of the closet as she passed by, she swung it over her shoulders and tied the arms together in front of her.

It was almost 9 o’clock and the sun had set. Bill Hughes sat on his balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean watching the rolling waves and listening to the soothing sounds of the surf. The beach was nearly empty except for some couples walking hand in hand skirting the edge of the water lapping on the sand. The plastic chair was starting to feel hard under his butt and the feeling prompted him to decide to take a walk. He found his mocs where he had kicked them under the bed and rode the elevator down to the parking deck. There were a few kids playing in the pool as he passed through and out onto the boardwalk ataköy escort bayan across the sand dune and onto the soft sand of the beach.

Once out on the beach he turned and looked back towards the condo building and counting the floors he found his balcony. Murphy’s condo above his was in darkness and he again wondered if her husband had come back from the strip club.

“They may already have left and are on their way back to Virginia,” he thought. “On second thought she may have killed him and left his dead body in the condo,” he laughed and turned back towards the ocean.

After only a few steps in the sand he realized that the mocs were a bad idea. He considered taking them back up to the condo or even leaving them next to a fence post but decided against both ideas. Instead he tied them together with their rawhide laces and looped them over his shoulder.

Halfway between the soft sand and the high water mark, someone was sitting on an aluminum beach chair out in front of the dune. He glanced down as he passed by and than looked again. It was hard to tell in the near darkness but it looked like Murphy sitting there with a sweater draped over her shoulders and the arms tied together in front of her.

“Murphy?” he asked.

The woman’s shoulders jerked in surprise and she turned towards him.

“Oh! It’s you!” she said with relief. “I thought it was Robert.”

“Is he back?” Bill asked.

“No, not yet. I just woke up. I fell asleep on the sofa.” Murphy didn’t bother to tell him that she had cried herself to sleep and awoke still sitting on the floor with her face mashed against the cushion. “I got tired of sitting up there waiting for him. The longer I sat the madder I got. I actually took a taxi back down to the strip club but my truck was gone. I was going to take it and leave his sorry ass there without it. I don’t know where he is and I’m not sure I really even care. For all I know he’s in some motel fucking some whore!”

Bill was stunned by her language and said nothing in reply.

Standing up, she faced him. Her eyes looked like she had been crying but it was hard to tell in the dim light.

“I’m going for a walk would you like to join me,” Bill asked.

“Why not?” she replied. “Maybe it will do me good to talk to someone besides myself.”

“Do you want me to carry your chair for you?” he asked.

“It’s not my chair it was left there by someone else.”

Bill headed straight across the beach to the hard packed sand where the walking is easier at the water’s edge

“Which way?” he asked.

“This way,” Murphy replied and started walking south.

Bill followed a step behind her and admired her legs showing beneath the cotton sundress she was wearing. The sweater blocked his view of her back but he had already seen the square neckline when she was sitting on the beach chair. Catching up and walking alongside of each other, they skirted the water as it gently swirled ashore. One particularly heavy surge surprised Murphy and she bumped into Bill while ataşehir escort bayan trying to avoid it.

Clutching his arm for balance she said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to knock you over.”

“It’s OK. I’ll bump hips with you anytime you want,” he replied with a grin.

“Careful what you wish for,” she smiled back and sliding her hand down his arm she took and held his hand as they continued their walk.

They were silent, each lost in their own thoughts, for a few minutes. Bill finally broke the silence.

“What are you going to do,” he tentatively asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied without looking at him. “I’m so goddamn mad I can’t think straight and I don’t want to do anything I’ll be sorry for later.”

“Are you going to spend the rest of the week here?” he queried.

“I don’t know, damn it! I don’t know anything and that pisses me off! I’m used to knowing what I am doing.”

Trying to lighten the mood Bill asked, “What does the ‘First Sgt’ mean on your license plate?”

“That’s a military joke,” she laughed. “Robert may have been a General but everyone knows that the First Sergeants are the one who run the military.”

“That’s funny,” he responded. “Let him think he is the boss but you hold all of the power.”

“Not today I don’t!” she spit. “But I’m going to take it back so help me!”

Murphy stopped.

“These damn shoes keep getting sand in them and they hurt my feet. Stand still for a minute.”

Balancing herself on his shoulder, she reached down and removed her sandals. She bent over from the waist and waited until another wave came in so she could rinse the sand off of them before standing back up.

“Oh my god! Look at that!” she exclaimed looking back towards the way that they had come.

Bill turned and following her direction he realized that a big, yellow full moon was just clearing the horizon over the ocean behind them.

“That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” she exclaimed.

She stepped back a bit and found herself pressed against him. Taking his hands in hers, she held them against her belly with her shoes dangling in front of her and they stood there gazing at the sight. All was quiet except for the sounds of the surf and Bill found himself lulled into her mood. He could smell the scent of her soft hair just below his chin and he gently pressed his palms flat against her soft belly.

Murphy tilted her head to the side and looked up at him. Bill felt her move and he looked down at her with their faces only inches apart.

Tilting her face and closing her eyes, Murphy offered her lips. “Kiss me!” she quietly demanded.

Bill lowered his head until their lips touched and he again felt that surge of excitement as the softest lips he had ever kissed merged with his.

Murphy was lost in the moment and she was hungry for more. Parting her lips she extended the tip of her tongue and found Bill’s waiting for it. They gently caressed each other’s tongues and moved their lips against each other.

Murphy avcılar escort bayan felt a little twinge in her groin that told her that things were happening down there. She pursed her lips and sucking Bill’s tongue into her mouth she moved his hands up to her breasts and cupped his fingers around them. Releasing his hands she lifted her left arm and pulled on the back of his head to intensify the kiss. Her right hand reached behind here and grasping his shorts, she pulled herself back against his body.

She could feel his erection growing against her ass and she wriggled gently against it. Bill’s hands were busy untying the arms of her sweater from over her breasts and he moved his right hand up over her chest and slid it down inside of her bra and cupped her breast.

Her nipple was already engorged and she felt another, stronger, twinge in her groin when he softly pulled on it and carefully rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Hunching her shoulder, she pushed her breast firmly into his caress and moaned into his mouth.

Murphy felt Bill’s left hand leave her breast and move down over her belly until it rested on the fabric covering her mound. She thrust her hips forward and taking the hint, he rubbed his flattened fingers against her. Murphy’s twinge was now almost an ache as her body responded to the touches of a man after so long without them. She could feel her juices forming around her pussy lips and she could sense their enlargement as a result of his caresses.

Panting heavily, she broke the kiss and opening her eyes she looked up at him before back towards the moon and tilting her head to offer her neck to him. Bill took the hint and gently caressed her neck with his lips and tongue causing her to almost swoon with pleasure.

A fleeting thought of Robert and her marriage and what she was doing with another man crossed her mind but it was quickly replaced by the thrill of the hands caressing her aroused body. Bill stopped kissing her neck and she felt him shift as he looked up and down the beach. Seeing no one in sight, he removed his hands from her breast and her pussy and bending his knees he quickly placed both hands on her bare legs and simultaneously moved them up her thighs to her hips.

Murphy was now panting with anticipation and she spread her legs slightly to accommodate what she knew and hoped was coming. Bill’s left hand easily slipped up the front of her body under the loose waistline of the dress then it slid back down and wormed its way under the elastic waistband of her panties. His right hand found her nearly bare ass cheeks and his fingers examined her T-back panties where they nestled between them. They stood with Murphy sideways to Bill and their mouths moving against each other’s in a slobbering, sloppy, tongue swirling kiss.

The sound of a child’s voice broke the mood. “Look daddy, they’re kissing,” the voice said.

“S’hhh! Don’t look!” Come on, let’s go this way,” ordered a male voice.

Bill had yanked his hands out from under Murphy’s dress when he first heard the voice. They stood looking at each other for a moment before he reached out to pull her back to him. She took a half step forward and then stopped.

Shaking her head she looked into his eyes illuminated by the bright moon. “I can’t do this! I’m sorry! I have to go!”

Turning back towards the condo building, Murphy almost ran up the beach. Bill let her go and watched her go towards their building as he slowly followed her to make sure she was safe.

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