On My Doorstep

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The sun sinks lazily from the sky as I tuck my son in for the night. I give him a kiss and put on his mobile and shut the door. Then I head for the living room and the novel that’s waiting for me there.

I curl up on the couch…swearing off the computer, my only tie to you, for the night. I want to finish my book. As I get comfortable I try not to think about you. I know that you are probably online now; I want to be there too. Shaking my head I open my book to the marked page and begin to read.

The hero takes the heroine into his strong arms and lays her back on the bed. “We really shouldn’t,” she pleads. “But it feels so right.” My husband walks out of our bedroom, closing the door behind him, and kisses me goodbye.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” he says, and walks out the door. All alone now, I return to my book.

The hero unbuttons her blouse…one button at a time, tracing kisses down her chest to her navel. Her back arches, and I think of you. How you’ve chatted me through this very scenario so many times before. I scold myself for letting my thoughts wander and return to my book.

He bends his head to her sweet mound, sampling the juices that already moisten her. Again my mind is on you…How your tongue would feel tracing a lazy circle around my clit. Your fingers sliding into me to massage my g-spot. I moan out loud in frustration and once again turn back to my book, this time marking my page and laying it on the end table. I head to the computer.

As the system boots I hold my breath, silently praying that you’ll be online, and alone. I need you to get me off. I need to know that you will cum for me, as well. As my friends list opens I do not see your name. I’m disappointed but I check my email before I sign off. I find a short note from you. I have a surprise for you, it says. See you at 10. I glance at the PC clock. It is 8:30. I shut down the computer and go back to the couch to wait.

The time seems to drag by. I try to concentrate on my book again, but my mind keeps tormenting me. I feel your hands, hot on my skin. Your lips on mine, pressing me into a deep kiss. I moan, again in frustration, and look at the clock. 9:55 and I head back to the den to turn on the computer.

I start to settle down in my desk chair as the system boots up again. Just as I tuck my ankle under my knee and slide out the keyboard there is a knock at the door. I look at the clock. 9:58, who could that be? I start to the door as the knock comes impatiently again.

“Just a second,” I call. I tuck my feet into slippers and then unlock the door. “Yes?” I say as I crack the door open. A hand touches the door, pushing it fully open against me. I look outside and my jaw drops. My heart starts to race as you smile your goofy smile at me.

“Surprise,” you say softly. I gasp, not believing that you are actually here, on my doorstep. “Are you alone?” you ask. I nod, breathless and unable to speak. “Then, can I come in?” I step away from the door.

Your tall frame crosses the threshold and the living room seems to get smaller to me. You take off your coat, lay it across a chair, and then run your fingers through your hair. You look deep into my eyes and see that I am still shocked to have you standing next to me. You seize the opportunity, and pull me to you.

Your hands clasp in the small of my back and you look down into my hazel eyes. The corner of my mouth tugs up in a small smile and you bend your head to kiss it. I moan, my head tipping back, and you slip your tongue softly past my willing lips. You hold me tight to you for long minutes, just kissing me, tasting me. And I taste the smoke on you as my tongue invades your mouth. A low throaty “mmmm” escapes me and you break the kiss in a chuckle.

“You have no idea how long I have been dreaming of you showing up on my doorstep,” I say and you chuckle again.

“About as long as I have been convincing myself to drive down here?” you reply. I laugh, and you take the chance to kiss me again…deeper this time. I breath in and smell your cologne and I feel a pull deep halkalı escort inside me. Something stirring to life that has been asleep for far too long. I exhale, my breath brushing your neck and you tug me even closer to you. Still locked deep in the kiss, you pull me toward the couch and we sit down next to each other. Then you break the kiss.

“So when will your husband be home?” you say, trying hard to sound nonchalant. I giggle.

“Not till the morning,” I reply. “I’m all yours for as much of the night as you want me.” I see the fire in your eyes and you grin again.

“Oh, then we better get started,” you say. “Because this could take more than all night.” You start to lay me back on the couch, but my hands on your chest stop you.

“Not here,” I sigh as your teeth graze my neck. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” You take control, grasping my wrist and pulling me up from the couch into your arms.

“Which way?” you say, smiling, and I point toward the closed door at the end of the hall off the living room. You take me around the waist and seal your lips over mine, guiding me to the door as you do. My back presses against the closed door and my hand fumbles around for the door knob. A sense of urgency washes over me as you press yourself to me and for the first time I can feel the hardness at your zipper pressing at my abdomen. Your hand finds mine and guides it clumsily to the door knob, wrenching it roughly, and the door swings open. We stumble through the door as it swings open and my rear lands on the bed. I hear you moan as you feel the mattress beneath your hands and you push me back breaking the kiss.

“You’re sure we have til morning?” you breath. I nod and you capture my mouth again. Then you crawl onto the bed with me, your thighs straddling my waist. Your hands wander to my hair, pulling the pins loose. It falls in dark chestnut contrast against the sheet and you run your hands through the length of it. I almost cry out…and you know how bad I have wanted to feel your hands in my hair, instead of just reading the words.

I reach up and slowly run my hands under your shirt. I watch you as you stifle a moan and brush my knuckles across your navel. Your stomach shudders and I quickly slide my hands up to your chest, and lightly caress your nipples with my palms. This time you do moan.

“Feeling all right?” I ask. You nod.

“Your hands are like heaven,” you reply. I trace them around to your back and lightly graze your shoulder blades with my nails. I pull you down to me and we sink into a deep, passionate kiss.

“God, baby, I want you,” I say against your lips. You sit up and put my hands on your belt. Slowly I unfasten it and then unbutton your pants. Slipping my hand inside your boxer briefs, I stroke the length of you…feeling how hard and virile you are. You sigh as my hand wraps around your thickness and I begin to stroke you gently. You are already hard and you moan loudly as my hand grips you firmly.

Your hand encircles my wrist and you pull it away from your cock. I sit up and look at you as you stand next to the bed and lift your shirt over your head. My eyes widen as I see your shoulders and chest. You chuckle as you notice me biting my lower lip. Your hand entwines in my hair and you pull me to you in a hug. My lips rest on your stomach and I begin to slowly lick and kiss my way down to your navel. I look into your eyes and you smile and let your pants and boxer briefs fall to the floor. My eyes rest hungrily on your hardness and you actually blush at me. Then you lay down on the bed. You turn to face me and I smile…the sight of you in my bed completely erotic. You stretch slightly and fold your hands behind you head.

“I know you want me,” you say. I look deep into your eyes and can’t tell if you are serious or not. “You might as well get your cute ass up here and ride me…I know you can’t resist me.”

“You are one cocky bastard, you know that?” I reply. Instead of straddling your cock I take it in hand, taksim escort but I refuse to stroke it as your hips are trying to persuade me. My tongue traces around your ear and down your jaw to your lips. I outline them with the tip of my tongue and you catch it between your teeth, sucking me into a deep kiss. When I break away, I attack your neck, covering it with hard wet kisses and gentle nips. My hand still holds your hard cock as I continue to kiss my way down your neck to your collar bone. My kisses travel across your strong shoulders to your upper arm and your tattoo.

“You like it?” you ask.

“I have a thing for those you know…Don’t know why but I find them incredibly sexy.” My mouth comes to rest on the symbol and I plant a wet kiss there. My tongue slides around the letters and I sigh. I nip you lightly and then giggle and start to stroke your cock.

“Oh baby,” you sigh as I work my hand up and down your length. I bend my head and take the swollen tip into my mouth. I can hear your breath catch in your throat as my lips slide down the shaft. I take all of you deep into my mouth and you feel the back of my throat massaging the head of your cock.

“This isn’t fair,” you groan as my wet, hot, mouth slides down your length again. Your thumbs brush over my closed eyes as I swallow a mouth full of pre-cum. You feel me exhale heavily and the air brushes your wet shaft. Your hands grip my shoulders and you push me back down to the bed.

“You want me to stop?” I ask.

“Hell no,” you reply. “But I want to get you out of those jeans.” Your fingers work the button fly on my jeans and you moan as you see the lacy lavender panties underneath. Your fingers thread through my belt loops and you pull my pants down, letting them drop to the floor with yours. You sink to your knees and lay your head against my abdomen. My back arches at your closeness and you look up at me.

“What do you want?” you ask coolly.

“You know,” I reply. You quickly slide down the lace and slowly trace a circle around my clit with your index finger. My legs quiver and I cry out at the pressure.

“I want you so bad baby,” I whisper and finally you bend your head and put your mouth to me. Your tongue slides up the length of my wet mound and my fingers tangle in your hair. You let my clit slide between your lips and I start to rock my hips softly into you. Your hands grasp my ass and you pull me up to your mouth. My cries fill the room as you start to suck and nip gently on the swollen bud.

“Oh God, baby, I love it when you do that!” I cry. You lean closer and chuckle. Your hands grasp my knees and you link them over your shoulders. “Might not be a good idea,” I mumble. You smile as your tongue dances across my clit again.

“I want you to pull me down,” you whisper. “Wrap your legs around my back…I want to know that you like what I’m doing to you.”

You lower your tongue to me again and I moan your name. My legs tighten around your back and my hands clasp in your hair. My clit throbs as your talented tongue skips across it and dips down into my wetness. My cries are intense as you tongue my pussy and my back arches off the bed.

“Damn, baby,” I moan. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“That’s the point,” you reply. You squeeze my rear playfully and then twist your hand around and slip two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. My breath catches in my throat as you begin to massage my g-spot. My hips thrust into your hand and you push up slightly on the swollen spot. My moans turn into short little gasps for breath and you look up at me.

“Now you’re cumming,” you say. I whimper and claw at the back of your head, desperate to have your tongue back on me. You oblige me quickly and my legs tremble as the orgasm rages through my body. You press your mouth close to me, tonguing me hungrily as I cum for you. When the spasms subside, you give me one last lingering lick and then look up at me. You lick my cum from your lips and then grin at me with your chin glistening.

“See, I told you you were cumming,” şişli escort you say. I look up at you through half closed eyes, already starting to doze. “Oh no you don’t…not with me. I didn’t come down here to have you fall asleep…at least not yet. Scoot, you.” I look at you annoyed, but I scoot up to the head of the bed anyway.

“There you go, baby,” you say as you remove my shirt and lavender bra. Then you kneel on the bed at my feet. You link my knees over your arms and then lean into me, letting the head of your cock nudge my still swollen clit.

“Oh, shit!” I cry out. I want to grab you and pull you into me, but when I try you hold your ground. You rub my clit several more times, before you finally reach between us and move yourself to my opening. You look deep into my eyes and smile and then lean forward to kiss me. As your lips claim me again, so does your cock. You sink into me in one long powerful stroke, your lips still sealed with mine.

“Oh God,” I breath as I squirm against you. “You fit so well, baby.”

You start to make love to me, sliding out almost all the way before plunging forcefully back inside. My hips meet your every thrust and my cries of pleasure ring in your ears. A satisfied smile lights your face when, in no time, I am cumming again. Your name flies from my lips over and over as my pussy grips your cock in orgasm. Once I have recovered you coax me to get on all fours for you. I roll over and fall to my elbows, leaving you easy access to my dripping wet pussy. You grasp my hips and push inside, a deep rumbling groan signaling your approval.

“Oh yes, baby,” you say as your hand slides up my back. You wrap your hand in my hair and my head tips back in pleasure.

“Oh, I know you like that, sweetie…My naughty girl.” You use the grip on my tresses to pull me back into you. Your pace quickens and I feel your cock throbbing inside of me.

“Tell me when you are about to cum,” I purr. “I want to take you in my mouth and swallow everything you have for me.” You groan, pulling me back even harder onto your huge cock.

“I want to feel you cum on my cock again, darling’,” you moan. Your free hand finds my clit and starts to rub it in slow gentle circles. I gasp at the difference between the soft slow strokes from your fingers and the long powerful ones from your cock. My moans turn to outright cries as you pick up the pace.

“Arch your back, baby,” you say. I do as instructed and almost cum as the head of your cock begins to rub my swollen g-spot.

“Oh God!” I gasp. “Yes baby, I’m cumming.” Your fingers work my clit as your cock does my pussy and I cum for you. My pussy grips your hard cock again and again as I do and you groan at the sensation.

“Damn! You are so tight! Baby, I’m very close,” you say. You release my hair and let me slide off your cock. I turn around quickly and lean back into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. Cupping your cute butt in my hands, I pull you astride my stomach and guide your long hard shaft into my wet mouth. You wrap my hair around your hands and start to pump into my mouth as you were my pussy. I take the length of you in and your hands tighten the grip on my hair.

“Oh my God, baby,” you whisper. “I’m gonna cum for you.” I groan and take your cock even deeper. You feel my throat massaging the head of your cock as I swallow a sweet mouthful. My nails graze the backs of you thighs and your ass. That was all you could take.

“Oh fuck!” you cry, your head falling back. I feel your cock twitch in my mouth and I give it a last hard suck before you cum. I swallow wave after wave of your hot seed as you hold my head still in your hands, your thumbs brushing over my eyelids and cheeks. As the orgasm ends you settle down next to me in the bed and kiss me deeply, our cum covered tongues dancing together. You nibble my lower lip as my eyes drift shut. I feel the bed shift slightly as you reach down and pull the cover over our sweat soaked bodies.

“Roll over, sweetie,” you say. I do and you pull me into your strong arms and cuddle me tight. I reach behind me to where I can feel your still hard cock pushing into my lower back and begin to stroke you again, but you still my hand.

“Shhh…” you breath as I whimper in protest. You lace our fingers together and hug me tight to your chest. “Rest now, angel,” you whisper, and my eyes drift shut again. “We have all night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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