On Her Knees to Please

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The pounding bass, steamy room, and dim lights of the club were racing through Jennifer’s blood as she watched couples entwine on the dance floor. “Damn,” she thought to herself, “I have got to get laid tonight!” She sipped her Coke and swiveled around on her stool to scan the room, looking for cute guys. Disappointed at not seeing any, she turned back to her Coke, but somehow she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her.

She turned again and her eyes locked with those of a very handsome stranger, a few yards from her. The crowd seemed to dim as he began to walk toward her, and she couldn’t tear her eyes from him just as he seemed to be enthralled with her. He was tall, 6’4″, with thick, short chestnut colored hair and sexy green eyes, dressed in tight leather pants and a shirt – she didn’t notice what it looked like, since she was so entranced with the way he was hunting her.

He came directly up to her, pulled her off her stool and close to his body – she could feel the heat radiating from him and it practically made her knees weak – and said in a low voice, sexier than she could possibly have imagined, “I’m Mike – come dance with me, gorgeous.”

She started to protest, trying not to give in too easily, mumbling something about her unfinished drink, upon hearing which he promptly picked up and downed the rest of the liquid. “Now you’ve got no excuse, beautiful – so come on.”

Her body tingling, Jen let this sexy stranger lead her out to the dance floor and pull her into him, swaying along to the music. She said, breathily, “My name is Jennifer, by the way.”

She heard his sound of approval – “Mmmm, Jennifer, what a beautiful name!” He pulled her closer, the aroma of her shampoo tantalizing his nostrils as her head rested just under his chin, her soft, shiny, mid-back length blonde hair settling under his nose.

As they began to grind together Jen became aware of the prickling feeling that she was being watched again. She ignored it and began to rub up against Mike like a cat, her body pressing into his as he responded in kind, placing his hands around her waist and guiding her body’s movements.

Her cornflower blue eyes held his gaze as she slid down his body, still grinding into him, letting her gorgeous body and perfect breasts slide over his stomach, crotch, and legs and then worked her way back up, letting her fingernails trail over his thighs, stomach, and chest until her arms were around his neck.

Across the crowded room, Mike’s friend Gene was watching his friend dance with an amazingly sexy woman. Tall, coming to just under Mike’s chin, and slender, she had beautiful long blonde hair. She wore a skin-tight red shirt, a knee-length black skirt with a slit up the thigh, and black knee high boots. Gene could feel himself getting turned on just watching her move with his friend.

Jen couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her again, and just as she was about to mention it to Mike, she felt someone come up behind her. Surprised, she turned around as he set a hand on her waist, and looked up into the blue eyes of another tall man, this one with reddish-brown hair and a cute smile. He leaned down and whispered, “Hello, I’m Gene, and I’ve been watching you dance with Mike, and I must say, you are just beautiful.”

A new song came on, with a heavy beat, and Jen smiled at Gene. “I’m Jen, nice to meet you, Gene.” She couldn’t believe her luck! The two hottest guys in the club both wanted to dance with her!

Mike offered, “Hey, man, why don’t you join us?”

Gene didn’t need to be asked twice. He slid his hands over Jennifer’s hips and moved into her, fitting his body into her curves as the three began to find a rhythm. She could feel that Gene had been turned on watching her as he pressed his hard cock into her ass. She moaned softly as the two men pushed and pulled her body between them, grinding into her, and Gene leaned down and murmured, “How does that feel, sexy?”

She moaned louder, saying, “Mmmm wonderful!”

Gene bent down from behind her and attached his lips to her neck, kissing and biting her soft skin, pulling her hair to the side and running his fingers through the long, silky mass. Mike ran his hands over her waist and down to her ass, pulling her against him so she could feel his rapidly growing cock press into her stomach.

Jen could feel tingles of pleasure through her whole body – her pussy felt like it was on fire and their hands seemed to be burning her skin right through her clothes. She twined her fingers in Mike’s hair and pulled him close to her, seeking his lips with hers. As her mouth touched his, it felt almost as if she had been shocked. The sparks thrilled her even more, and she parted her lips, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. Gene slid his hands up over her stomach to cup her breasts, moving his lips to her other shoulder, leaving a trail of bites up to her ear.

Mike slipped one hand down and caressed her stocking-covered thigh, lifting her görükle escort leg in his hand as he touched her so her knee was at his waist, moving in even closer to her. Jen was amazed that his cock seemed to still be growing! Gene’s shaft was thick against her ass, and she could hear his low moans as she rubbed her tight little butt against him.

When Gene’s lips reached her ear, he traced the outline of her earlobe with his tongue and growled, “Wanna get out of here, baby?”

Jen moaned, “Yes!”

Mike immediately took her hand and pulled, dragging her toward the door. Gene took her other hand, and they moved quickly out the door. Mike unlocked his green Explorer and got in. Gene opened the passenger door and Jen moved to get in the backseat, but Gene grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap in the front seat.

They sped toward Mike and Gene’s apartment, and Jen was squirming on Gene’s lap from the feeling of his cock pressing into her ass. She decided she wanted more of what they had going at the club, so she reached her hand out and began to stroke Mike’s cock as he drove. He moaned softly, and as her hand sped up he began to lightly thrust his hips. Her fingers began to play with his button and zipper, undoing them and reaching inside. He moaned out loud as her cool palm came in contact with his shaft. She pulled it out of his boxers, exclaiming, “Wow!” when she saw how big he was.

If Mike was surprised at feeling her fingers, he had no idea what to expect next. Jen bent over and swirled her tongue around his throbbing head. He moaned, “Ohhhhhh, Jen!”

She smiled a sexy smile up at him, and moved her lips around him, engulfing as much as she could of his 8 ½ inches in her mouth. Mike couldn’t believe this, he could barely concentrate on the road as he watched this little vixen suck his cock.

Gene, not wanting to be left out, caressed Jen’s ass as she leaned over to suck his friend. He pushed her skirt up, revealing her gorgeous, barely covered ass. His hands wandered up to pull down her stockings, and his fingers lightly traced the path of her tiny red thong panties, feeling that they were soaked.

She moaned around Mike’s cock, and Gene slid a finger under her thong, feeling her wetness. He found her hole and inserted his middle finger slowly into her pussy, making her moan louder and thrust back at him. He took that as a hint and slipped another finger in, marveling at how tight she was. Mike tried desperately to keep control, but he could feel his balls tightening and he moaned, “Oh, Jen, I’m gonna cum…”

Before he could get the words out, Jen removed her mouth from his cock, leaving Mike thrusting his hips, trying to cum, but she wouldn’t return. He growled in frustration and pressed down on the accelerator harder. Gene’s fingers were thrusting in and out of Jen’s pussy, covered in her juices. Mike swung the car into the driveway, pushing it into park and jumping out. Gene and Jen followed suit. As soon as they entered the apartment, Mike slammed Jen back against the door, pressing his swollen shaft into her thigh, moaning, “You naughty girl, teasing me like that – you’re gonna pay!”

He picked her up as if she were a feather and began to climb the stairs, planting soft kisses all over her face and neck. Gene disappeared down the hallway, unnoticed by Jen, who was reveling in Mike’s kisses, excited at the thought of being punished by these two sexy men. Mike opened the door to his room, took the floor between the door and his bed in two long strides, and threw her down on the bed, pushing her back and kissing her as he moved on top of her, letting her feel his erection through their clothes as his tongue explored her sweet mouth.

His hands caressed her chest, roughly squeezing her breasts, making her moan. He broke the kiss and pulled at the hem of her shirt. Knowing what he wanted, Jen raised her arms and Mike tore her shirt off, throwing it on the floor to the side of the bed. Gene walked in, cock making a huge tent in his pants, and set a bowl on the endtable. He tapped Mike, who was kissing Jen’s neck, on the back, and Mike reluctantly got up and brought the bowl to the bed. Jen strained to see what the two men were doing, running her hands up Gene’s back under his shirt, pulling it off. Mike took his off too and the two men turned their backs to Jen.

Jen laid back as Mike and Gene moved over her body, large and powerful compared to her. She whimpered in anticipation of what was to come. They each took one of her feet in their big hands, massaging them, making her close her eyes with a blissful smile. Suddenly she felt something that shocked her – the soles of her feet were getting cold! She opened her eyes and tried to see what the men were doing. When Gene moved his hands to the top of her left foot, she gasped and moaned – in his fingers was a cube of ice that he was using to massage her. Mike did the same to her other foot. As his fingers tightened her muscles with the ice, he lowered bursa escort bayan his mouth to her foot, licking the sole and moving up to take each of her toes into his warm mouth.

The men moved up to her calves, rubbing the ice along the curves of her muscles, replacing their cold fingers with their warm tongues. Jennifer was squirming under their touch, her mind telling her to fight but her body telling her to surrender to their lips. Gene dragged an ice cube over the back of her knee and then began to kiss her there, making her moan, while Mike rubbed her thighs with his cold fingers and hot mouth. Both men dragged the ice over her inner thighs and hips, sucking the cold droplets from her skin. They flipped her over and dragged the ice cubes over her firm ass, letting the freezing water drip onto her tiny hole, then once again lapping it up with their tongues.

They moved their hands to her lower back, an ice cube in each hand, and began to run their hands up her back, licking from the base of her spine to her neck. Jennifer’s hips bucked and she was screaming out loud in pleasure as their tongues sent chills along her spine. Mike and Gene quickly flipped her over again and began to work on her breasts, running the ice in circles around them, coming closer and closer to her nipples with each pass. They finally dragged the cold ice over her nipples, instantly turning them to hard points, then ran their rough tongues over them, sucking the tiny buds into their mouths. Jennifer whimpered in pleasure and begged them to touch her where she needed it most.

At this request, the boys nodded to each other. Mike moved up to thrust his tongue in her mouth, making her moan as Gene traveled back down her body, filling her navel with cold liquid and licking it out. He kissed a trail from her breasts past her bellybutton, reaching for another ice cube as she moaned and bucked her hips in pleasure. He took the ice cube in his hands and began to run it teasingly over her clit, making her scream in both pleasure and frustration.

True to the pattern he and Mike had been following, Gene’s lips soon followed the ice cube, covering Jennifer’s clit and flicking it with his tongue. As she began to thrust toward his mouth, moaning into Mike’s kiss, Gene took another cube and, without warning, thrust it into her soaking wet pussy. Jennifer exploded with a scream, cumming all over Gene’s lips and face as he buried his mouth in her cunt.

When he had lapped up all of Jennifer’s sweet juices Gene knelt over her. Jennifer regained her breath and the men could see the look of lust in her eyes. She looked at them both and said, “I want to see what’s under those pants of yours, boys.”

Mike and Gene both stood and removed their pants. Both men’s boxers did nothing to hide a pair of huge erections. Jen licked her lips and motioned for them to continue removing their clothes. They did and her eyes widened when she saw their cocks. “Are those for me?”

The men nodded and Jennifer got up from the bed and knelt on the floor in front of them. Wasting no time, she took Mike’s shaft in one hand and Gene’s in the other. She couldn’t wrap her hand around either of them! She felt her pussy tingle with excitement just at the thought of these hard cocks filling her up. She slid her tongue out to touch the tip of Mike’s cock, rubbing his head against her wet lips while stroking Gene. Mike moaned and put his hands on her head, trying to force her mouth around him, and Jen complied, taking him into her mouth and sucking steadily, running her tongue over his shaft.

He pushed his cock further into her mouth and was just beginning to pick up the pace when Jen pulled away, making him growl in frustration. She kept her hand around him, pumping him slowly, as she turned her head and took Gene’s cock in her mouth. She lowered her head as far as she could, taking his cock all the way into her throat and fondling his balls with her fingers. Gene was moaning and she knew he was close to cumming, so once again she pulled away. She moved back to Mike’s cock and began to jerk Gene off, one hand after the other along his shaft, making a continuous stroking motion that was driving him wild.

Jen released Mike’s cock from her mouth and took Gene’s in again, swirling her tongue over the most sensitive area on the underside, then took Mike’s cock in her hand and began to guide it past her lips also. The two men moaned as their cocks filled her mouth, their tips stretching her lips to capacity as she rapidly flicked her tongue over their hot spots.

The feeling of Jen’s tongue on their cocks was making both men moan, and as she sucked them Jen kneaded their balls, tight and heavy with cum, moaning, “Please, boys, fill my mouth with your cum! Cum for me!”

They could take no more and both exploded, shooting load after load of cum past her lips. Her mouth was filled and they were still cumming, their cream dripping down her chin and all over her tits. When she finally felt no more bursa escort streams of cum hitting her tongue she swallowed all that was in her mouth, rubbing the rest into her tits and sucking it off of her fingers.

She looked up at them, smiling, and her expression turned to delighted shock when she saw they were still hard – cocks still throbbing with need. Jen could feel a burning inside her pussy, an ache to be filled. She pushed Mike onto the bed, flat on his back, and impaled herself on his hard cock, filling herself and burying him to the hilt inside her pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as his huge shaft filled her, making her want more.

She began to rock her hips back and forth and to slide up and down on his cock, filling herself over and over. Gene stood watching the two, hand wrapped around his cock, stroking at her pace. As Jen became more excited she began to bounce up and down on Mike’s cock, riding him harder, and Gene couldn’t take it. He moved behind her and placed the tip of his cock at her ass, asking, “May I?”

Jennifer moaned, “Yes! Fill me with your cock!”

Gene needed no further encouragement. Mike held Jen’s hips to keep her still as Gene slowly slid the head of his huge cock into Jennifer’s tight ass. He moaned and moaned, loudly, unable to believe the pressure on his cock. He thrust in inch by inch until his entire length was buried in her ass, his balls touching her soft skin.

Jennifer was in pain, she had never had her ass fucked before, but Gene held still to let her get used to his size. Before long, Jen was rocking her hips slightly, telling the men she wanted more. Gene began to pump her ass slowly, sliding his cock almost all the way out before burying it back in as Jen rode Mike’s cock. They soon found a rhythm that pleased them all and they began to fondle each other to make their experience better. Mike took Jen’s nipples in his mouth, sucking on them and making her cry out in pleasure. Jen reached down and massaged his balls while she rode him. Watching her, seeing his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, was turning Mike on immensely – he didn’t know how much more of her slow pace he could take. He wanted to fuck her hard.

Their slow pace coupled with Mike’s licking of her nipples was slowly driving Jen closer and closer to the edge. When Gene reached around her body and found her clit, rubbing it in circles, just the way she liked, her pussy tensed and she moaned, “Oh, boys, I’m going to cum!”

Mike bit down on her right nipple while Gene rubbed her clit, and Jen’s body convulsed as her orgasm swept over her. “Oh, that’s it…I’m cumming!”

The boys could feel her muscles contracting as she came, and they continued to thrust slowly in and out of her while she orgasmed. As Jen’s breathing calmed down, she realized she still felt that burning itch inside, the need to be fucked and filled by these two men. She began to move again, and Mike and Gene, surprised that she wanted more, were happy to oblige, picking up the pace of their thrusts slightly.

The two men were turned on immensely watching their cocks disappear inside of Jennifer’s body and feeling their cocks rub together through her inner walls. After they saw her orgasm, Mike and Gene were ready to stop teasing and to fuck her the way she needed to be fucked.

Gene began to speed up his thrusts, forcing Jen to ride Mike’s throbbing cock harder. Jen could feel her clit tingling again, and suddenly she felt Mike’s cock hit just the right spot inside of her – she let out a scream and went wild, trying to get his cock to touch that sensitive spot every time, to satisfy her craving for cock. Gene groaned and sped his thrusts up, his balls slapping Jennifer’s ass as he too began to get closer to orgasm.

Mike and Gene were moaning uncontrollably as Jennifer’s tight pussy and ass squeezed their cocks. She could feel their shafts expanding inside of her as Mike cried out, “Oh, yes! I’m gonna cum!”

Jen worked her hips even harder, moaning, “I want you both to cum inside of me! Fill me up with your cum, let your hard cocks explode inside me!”

Gene and Mike both lost control and thrust deeper and deeper into her, balls slapping her as they began to cum, moaning and exploding into their orgasms. The huge, powerful jets of cum they shot into Jen’s ass and pussy made her muscles tighten around them, milking their cocks even harder, and she began to cum from the feeling of their cream spraying her walls, hitting her most sensitive spot from both sides.

She came for what seemed like an eternity, both men still fucking her spasming pussy and cumming into her. As her body returned to earth she breathed heavily, worn out by the intensity of her orgasm. Gene pulled his softening cock out of her ass and she carefully climbed off of Mike, and all three flopped to the bed, sated and exhausted.

Mike was asleep within moments, and Jennifer went to get up. Gene tried to hold her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, but she whispered, “I’m going to take a shower, sexy – I want to get all cleaned up.”

Gene reluctantly let her go and watched her walk across the room. He could see traces of his and Mike’s cum around her neatly shaven pussy and her sexy ass. He closed his eyes as she entered the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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