Old Flame

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She walked into the dance club, her warm brown eyes scanning the smallish crowd for a familiar face. She didn’t see anyone that seemed familiar and her it settled her nerves but did not make them go away. She decided to walk over to the bar and have a seat to wait. Upon doing so the bartender took her drink order and then left her alone with her swirling thoughts.

She was supposed to meet him here tonight and she couldn’t help but be nervous. He’d left her a year and a half ago with out much of an explanation and the parting had been somewhat strained. She had found different friends to stay with during the final days when he packed his things and moved out of the apartment and out of her life.

She smiled at the bartender, paid for the drink and was again left alone with her thoughts as he departed to take another order.

He had called out of the blue a year and a half later telling her that he wanted to talk, asking her if he could take her to dinner. At first she refused, her heart was finally healing and her life was finally back on track and was afraid all of it would shatter if she opened her heart again. Eventually curiosity had given way to caution and she had agreed to meet him here at the club to talk over a few drinks and now he was late.

She pressed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and out of her eyes as she glanced across the club again. Still no sign. She continued to wait, as the club started to fill up, the music teasing dancers out onto the floor as chatter started to get louder and more excited. She politely declined an offer to dance from some stranger and returned to her waiting. She held her drink glass in her hands, dark painted nails tapping lightly on it.

“This is stupid, and I’m stupid, and what was I thinking?” she thought to herself as she stood up, pulling her coat up and getting ready to slip it on in order to brave the chill outside on the way home. A hand reached out and took hold of the collar on her coat, stopping it from sliding up on to her shoulders. She turned in surprise to look into the blue eyes from her past and her breath caught in her throat.

He looked her over. She was stunning. He’d stood near the back of the club watching her while she waited for him. Even after all this time she could still take his breath away. She was dressed in a black pair of heeled boots. The pair of jeans she wore hugged her curves much in the way his fingers had done in the past. He liked the shirt she wore. It was thin and he could catch a glimpse of her skin through it. The front had a white false tank top under the black shirt. It was unsnapped a bit in the front to show her off, the material of the tank top clinging to her. Her long black hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders and down her back, it was swept back out of her face and held by a black flowered pin.

She still hadn’t managed to say anything as his eyes moved over her body. She shivered a little under his intense gaze and tried to speak up.

“Can you let go of my coat now?” she asked, still frozen in his grip.

“I’m sorry, I just saw that you were going to leave and I’m sorry for being late. I got caught up helping a friend of mine,” he let go of her coat and dropped his hand down to his side, his eyes still glued upon her face.

“I figured that you had changed your mind and just decided not to come, to leave me hanging…again,” the last word spoken softly enough for her ears only as she looked at him. She had hoped that he didn’t look as handsome as she remembered, that life hopefully hadn’t treated him well, that hopefully, just hopefully he had been miserable with out her. She let out a soft sigh, no such luck. He stood before her with ease and confidence. He looked as handsome as ever in his jeans and dark blue shirt, hands now tucked into his pockets, his short blonde hair tousled stylishly.

He turned his gaze towards the crowded dance floor for a moment before looking back at her.

“Care to do a little dancing before talking? Loosen up?” He asked hopefully, his blue eyes searching her brown ones. She looked down to her finished drink and out to the dance floor, thinking for a moment before nodding softly.

He led her out into the crowd of people dancing to the thumping music.

“I normally don’t dance unless I’m a bit more drunk,” she confessed as she started to move hesitantly to the beat of the music.

“How could I forget? You would never venture out anywhere near a dance floor unless half comatose,” he chuckled softly as he started to dance in front of her.

She istanbul escort nodded and then started concentrating on the music that surrounded her like a warm blanket. She knew that she’d changed since he left and she hoped that she was strong enough to not fall again. It would be harder to get back up this time around.

She closed her eyes and felt the bass of the music swirl about her body, teasing it into motion. She rocked her hips in time to the beat, letting her head roll on her shoulders, mouth parted slightly. He watched her, almost mesmerized. He wanted to touch her again, run his fingers through her hair but he knew better. He’d heard how things had gone after he suddenly left and he wasn’t proud of it either.

After another song they both threaded their way from the dance floor, breathing heavily and fanning themselves. They arrived back where she had left her coat and looked at each other in the awkward silence that followed.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” she asked, looking up at him.

“I wanted to say that I was sorry. Sorry because I know things between us didn’t exactly end that well and I know it’s been tough,” he told her.

She thought for a moment then looked up into his searching blue eyes, “Do you feel better now that you’ve gotten that off your chest? Is your conscious appeased now?” she asked quietly as she played with a napkin from the bar she stood next to.

“It’s not like that,” he insisted as he placed a hand on her arm. “I never meant to hurt you, it was just something that I felt that I needed to do. I lost my job and it felt like I’d lost my direction. I needed to find it again, to find where I belonged.”

“I would have went with you, you know. I would have left everything I had, everyone I knew to be with you. I thought that, god forbid, that we might even have gotten married…” she trailed off softly shrugging his hand away.

He reached out with a gentle hand to turn her face towards him and away from the napkin that was bearing the blunt of her sorrow. He could easily see the tears in her eyes but she held them back and he made no mention of them, giving her that small victory.

A thousand thoughts raced through her mind. “Traitor!” her mind screamed at her. “We’re supposed to hate this man, he made you miserable when he up and left.”

She felt so cold and very stupid for having agreed to this in the first place. She felt his gentle fingers on her chin, willing her to look at him and reluctantly she did. She looked into his eyes and could not see anything there. No window to the soul, no special emotions, just the vivid color of his eyes as he looked over her face.

She turned out of his grasp and started to put her coat on once again, this time, he didn’t stop her. She pulled her hair free of the denim duster she now wore and started to move towards the exit of the club. A few feet away from him she paused and half turned.

“Are you staying here or walking me home?” She simply asked before continuing her trek towards the door.

Out in the parking lot she started walking home. He came up beside and started walking with her, quiet and lost in thought for the moment.

“You live near here? You moved again?” he asked after a little while.

“Well I couldn’t stay where we had lived. I had to move. I like my new place, it’s a new start,” she replied not looking up from the sidewalk as they walked.

“Are you seeing anyone?” he asked, trying to make conversation.

She shook her head. “No.”

“No one? Have you been?”


He digested this news this news; that she hasn’t seen anyone since their break up. He felt a little twinge of guilt at her admission and walked along in silence once more.

“You know, I sill have those pictures that you gave me,” he told her, taking a quick side ways glance.

“What pictures?” her brow furrowed in thought.

“The ones you took and printed off for me, when we were living together.”

Her eyes widened slightly and she felt her cheeks color a little as she recalled exactly which pictures he was talking about.

“Why do you still have those?” she asked him with a confused look.

He shrugged his shoulders, hands in his jacket pockets. “I dunno, just didn’t want to throw them away. They’re beautiful.”

Her color darkened further as she stared intently at the ground as they walked up towards a duplex house. She climbed the stairs to the porch and started to unlock the door to her place. He watched avcılar escort her nervous movements from down upon the sidewalk. She finally opened the door and a soft light spilled out from within to bathe her in the glow as she turned to look at him. He could see her thoughts reflecting in the expressions on her face.

“Did you want to come in for a few moments, warm up before you walk back?” she asked softly, watching his face.

He nodded softly and climbed the steps, holding the door open for her as she led the way inside before closing the door behind him.

He looked around her place seeing familiar pictures and items. He watched as she tugged her coat off and hung it up. He was doing the same when he realized how close she was standing next to him. He could feel the heat from her body as she hung another jacket that had fallen to the floor.

He watched her for a moment. He wasn’t thinking when he reached out, snaking his arms around her waist, drawing her back tight against his chest. She let out a surprised gasp feeling his arms around her and was about to protest but it died on her lips as he gently pulled aside her hair and showered her neck with soft kisses. She leaned her head forward to enjoy the soft affections.

She sighed softly and moved from his grasp, turning to face him. They looked at each other for a few quiet moments, trying to judge the others thoughts. He watched as tears spilled from her eyes. He reached out again, pulling her towards him. She felt stiff in his arms at first while he comforted her, brushing away the tears with a tender touch. They stood there for a while with him comforting her ‘til she relaxed somewhat within his arms.

He looked down at her, Her body still familiar to his touch even after all this time. He ran his fingers down her spine and she looked up at him, a mixture of fear, anger, and longing upon her face before she leaned towards him and placed a feather soft kiss on his lips.

His body responded to hers and he held her tight, crushing her to his own body while returning her soft kisses with force. He leaned back against the door as she pushed against him, hungrily accepting his hard kiss. She shifted and started to trail down his jaw, nipping and nibbling as he sighed his enjoyment of the attention. His fingers slipped under her shirt and brushed fire over her skin, bringing forth a moan from her lips. Her hands worked at pulling up his shirt, exposing his chest to her. She broke her kisses off in order to pull his shirt over his head and toss it to the floor then resumed her nipping along his chest, teasing with kitten-like licks.

She shouldn’t be doing this she thought somewhere in the back of her mind but right now she liked the feel of his hands upon her again: it had been so long. She met his lips with a passion as her nails drug along his back. Roughly he pulled her shirt off of her and tossed it to where his lay. He bent over her, mouth on her neck as she leaned back in his hands, letting him feast upon her skin. He savored every inch, loving the familiarity of it. He picked her up and carried her into the living room. She pointed the direction to her room and he fell onto her bed, holding her tight in his arms.

She let go of him to finish undressing and noticed that he was doing the same, her eyes sweeping over his body and feeling flushed as her gaze rises up to his face. She saw the hunger there and it caused her to shiver once more as he reached out towards her. She gladly went to his waiting arms and laid down on the bed next to him as his fingers brushed over every inch of skin.

He moaned deep in his throat as her hands gently grabbed his erection, giving it soft gentle strokes while he worked kisses down over her neck and chest. His tongue snaked out to lick slow circles around her nipple, and it became her turn to moan in pleasure. One of his hands reached up to massage her other breast as the other hand dipped down across her belly to the soft folds between her legs. One finger gently rubbing tiny circles around her clit, feeling her wetness before he moved down to her slit; a teasing touch running back and forth along it. She lifted her hips to his touch, moaning her pleasure as she rubbed continued to rub him with one hand while gently rolling his balls with her other.

She took in a gasp of air as he suddenly pushed a finger inside her, drawing it out and then pushing back in again. Her hips moved against his rhythm, he added another finger then another, his thumb teasing her clit all the şirinevler escort time. She let him go and hugged him close to her, her mouth seeking his out with urgency. Their tongues danced back and forth trying to tell each other of their own respective needs. He smiled a bit as he felt her stiffening under his administrations at the tell tale sign of the beginnings of her orgasm. Their breath came in pants as they worked each other over.

He pulled his hand away before she had a chance to cum. She cried out her urgent need as he pulled away from her. Her previously closed eyes looked up to him in confusion. He looked down upon her, her skin flushed a lovely shade and breathing hard, her eyes full of her need for him, he smiled and leaned forward to kiss her lips while moving between her wide spread legs. Her arms immediately reaching up to pull him close, she kissed him furiously. He moved to kneel between her knees, painfully hard from her talented hands. Slowly he rubbed the head along her opening, using long painful strokes. She moaned and looked up at him.

“Please,” she whispered looking into his eyes.

With that he slowly pushed inside, sinking into her warm wetness. She caught her breath, being filled while he groaned his pleasure as she surrounded him with tight muscles, rippling along his shaft.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear as he slowly pulled almost out then thrust back in, “You still feel wonderful, I’ve missed this so much.”

She clung to him as if he would disappear from her. She lifted her legs and locked her ankles behind him, trapping him against her as he built a rhythm of thrusts. She gladly lifted her hips, meeting him as the thrusts that started out as slow and long became frantic and wild. Her breasts moved with each hard thrust and she moved to hold them but he shook his head, telling her to remove her hands, he wanted to watch. Reluctantly she did and closed her eyes, giving herself over to him. His thrusts were hard and rough with his need as he reached down to her clit again rolling his finger around it and then pinching it. She stiffened and then screamed as her orgasm hit her full force. Her legs tightly wrapped about his hips as her muscles milked him with fever.

He leaned down into her neck, breathing hard as he continued to thrust into her, feeling his own release close, he raced towards it as she fought to catch her breath. With a groan he came as well, giving a breathy moan with each twitch of his cock until he was empty and breathing heavily; he rested upon her. Slowly he pulled out and slipped to her side, snuggling close to her hot skin, one hand resting on her stomach. She turned to place a light kiss upon his wet forehead as they laid together resting. He moved, softly brushing his fingers over her breast and erect nipple and down over her body before returning his hand to rest on her stomach again.

The second time had been slower and more tender than the first urgent coupling. He made her scream again and again, having never tired of hearing it. She had never forgotten how to please him, the little tricks that made him squirm and beg. They fell asleep, snuggled in each others arms under the blankets, comfortable with each other once again.

She woke up in the morning, the sunlight shining across the lower part of her bed. Tired, she rubbed her eyes and yawned softly, happily snuggled under the covers. She smiled at the thoughts of last night and wondered if there could be an encore for the morning. With a happy sigh she rolled over in the bed and looked at the pillow next to her. It was empty. Tentatively she reached out searching fingers to feel the cold empty sheets beside her and laid there for a moment, letting it sink in. She sat up and looked about, the sheet hugged to her chest. His clothes were gone and the apartment was quiet.

She slipped from the bed pulled on a short satin red robe, securing it around her waist with the tie she walked out into the living room. The apartment was empty, he had left. She looked about on the end tables for a note or something but found nothing. Stunned she sat down upon the couch and absently petted the tabby cat that climbed into her lap and started to purr. She didn’t feel like crying. He had hurt her once again but she didn’t feel like wasting the tears yet again. She sat like that for a while, fingers moving against the plush fur of the cat on her lap as her mind wandered back over what happened last night.

She didn’t immediately see the folded piece of paper but it dawned on her that it was out of place. She leaned forward and saw a word written on it in his handwriting.

“Beautiful,” it said simply. She slowly unfolded it to see the nude pictures she had taken of herself, the pictures she gave him a long time ago. It was then that the first and only tear slid down her cheek as she crumpled the paper in her hand.

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