Oh, Santa!

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Old age can have a negative effect on most fellas. I’ve heard so many stories of men who’ve fallen victim to time’s cold fingers, but somehow I’ve been able to retain my virility through many years of hard labor and long drives. Of course, my job…well, it’s not so much a “job” as a labor of love, my work concerns keeping people happy. And when your priorities are so vague, you gotta be resourceful to remain vital. Some kids like toys, some like candy. But when people get older, what makes them happy can be hard to come by. Heck, sometimes what makes an adult happy can be strange, perverted, downright weird. But some grownups go through life fascinated by the same things that tickled their fancies when they were little tots. I’m speaking of those grownups who, to this day, still love toys and candy. Of course toys change, candy too…

I Have these lists, see, and they contain all of the names of all of the people on the planet. This list tells me what will make people happy, and whether they deserve happiness in the first place. Though this list is updated regularly and is damn accurate, sometimes it fails to uncover certain elements buried deep in the human psyche.

There was this young lady, I won’t reveal her name, she was number 4,316 on my North America list, and she wanted a toy. Judging by the general shape and use of this toy, I had guessed the gal was a little lonely, maybe even homely, since she popped up on the “nice” list. In fact, she had been on the nice list so long that I decided to get her the best damn dil… er, uh, toy I could find. It just so happens that the “Black Tower” was readily available due to manufacturing overruns in the former Soviet Union. Well, I was about to enter the house of the aforementioned lady when I heard a soft sobbing coming from the living ataşehir escort bayan room below.

“Oh, boo hoo. Why can’t I get myself a man? I’ve got these beautifully perky boobies, the juiciest pussy of all of my friends, and I’m so horny I could die,” said the cute little voice down below.

Now I know the rules. I mean, I’m kind of like a cat burglar, only I leave things instead of taking them, and I’m not supposed to be seen by the occupants of the many homes I visit. But I must admit, that sobbing cut straight to my heart. And then there was that lump straining against the red velvet on my right thigh.

“Oh Santa, whatever you do, bring me something to satisfy me. Black Tower or no Black Tower. But… oh, Santa, I need a man so bad, so bad I feel like my belly is about to explode, it’s so full of orgasmic potential.”

Now that was about all I could take. So, I applied a little more of the blush I’m known for and shot straight down the chimney. Well, I tried. At first it was a little difficult. I’m a fat man, but I can usually wedge myself down any chimney. It’s that yoga I practice every day. But this time, my pecker just wouldn’t cooperate. So I had to squeeze it, squeeze it so hard it felt like it was going to explode. However, I withstood the pain and descended that chimney in no time flat. And when I got to the bottom, my eyes just about popped out of my head.

Reclining there on a big, white, bearskin rug was about the most attractive lady I had ever laid my eyes on. Heck, even her feet were sexy. Those long legs, plump little calves, dimpled knees, shapely thighs. Oh, and at that point my dick about whacked me on the forehead. Her ass was perfect and round, buoyantly resting on the carpet, and cupping a pussy that looked so delectable, so natural. escort kadıköy Her legs were spread, as were the juicy labia of her sweet cunny. And I hadn’t even looked up far enough to see her face yet! But that finger, resting on her clitoris, surprised to a stop by my unexpected descent, and wet with her oozing desire was followed by an arm that led to her shoulder and on top of those shoulders was a head of beautiful, auburn hair that cascaded down the cheeks of a face that was nothing short of angelic. That face was burning with lust, flush with overwhelming greed for something to fill her pussy. But wait, something distracted me. In her shock, this lady made a sudden movement, and in doing so her breasts shuddered and my eyes moved down. I was entranced. My cock, not so patient as my eyes, started twitching in expectation, oozing pre-cum through the fabric of my pants. It had to be set free.

“Oh, Santa, have you come to fulfill my Christmas wish?,” Said the steamy readhead.

“Uh, I…uh, brought you this—”

But her hand was already at my crotch, grabbing at another present wrapped tightly and throbbing.

“You brought me this,” she said, “and I can’t wait for Christmas morning to open it.”

With that she was at my belt, working like a most industrious elf, and within seconds my velvet pants were around my ankles. Being one to enjoy the vigors of “freeballing,” my eager friend popped forth and gave her cheek a playful slap.

“Ooh! A mind of its own, has it?” the beauty exclaimed, as she pulled it to her lips.

Pheew, that girl was hungry for dick. So much so that I momentarily thought she might actually start chewing, but to my distinct pleasure, within seconds she calmed down, seeing that it was real and going nowhere. Oh, the fever with which she bostancı escort slathered my manhood was irrepressible, and for a good ten minutes I could feel the ripening head of my cock pushing rhythmically at the back of her throat, even down it a little. She sucked dick like a pro, even though I knew she had never been with a real man. That blow job was more than satisfying, I could have let her do that all night, forgetting all the rest of the good kids on the planet. But she wouldn’t let me.

Pretty soon my back was to the bearskin rug and my cock was pointing straight at the north star. The little redhead climbed up my leg, inch by inch, leaving a little trail of pussy juice all the way. She paused at me knee, rubbing the cap against her clit and deep folds, and if my knee had testes they would have exploded in delight. I was hoping my dick wouldn’t do the same too soon. Then she had my cock in her hand, and she was rubbing her pussy all over it. Oh golly, did that feel good. So good, in fact, that I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my hardness, unleashing a torrent of moans and orgasmic liquid. I could have bathed in her pussy, it was so wet. Soon she was sliding up and down the shaft of my cock, pulling it down with her pussy so that it was rock hard, and gyrating the head all over her g-spot. Then she would slide her pussy back up and cram the head way up inside so that I could feel those inner lips open up and take me in. It was at those two extremes that she seemed to gain the most satisfaction, and she slid her pussy up and down, pausing at those two spots, until with very little control, she spurted and spurted orgasmic fluids, gushing like a fireplug, matting the fur of that poor, skinned bear. I didn’t even know it, but I had been coming for about ten seconds when we finally collapsed in a pile of steaming skin.

“Oh, Santa. I didn’t even know if you were real, let alone if you were listening to my wishes.” Said the luscious redhead. “I’m so happy.”

“That’s my job, little lady,” I said, “glad I could be of assistance.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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