Office Space

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Sally placed one high heel against the wall and pushed. The chair rolled across the floor, the casters rumbling faintly. She spun around and braced her other foot on the far wall as she neared it and pushed again. This time the push was not so hard. She bumped over the carpet behind her desk and came to a stop just about exactly where she wanted to be.

The fifty year old woman sighed heavily. She was bored. There really wasn’t much to do here at the office, which is why she generally avoided being here much. But right now this was her place. Her partner and long-time girlfriend MaryAnn had gone to Washington for a conference on the new SEC regulations. Sally would have loved to have gone too, but this week they had promised several new customers and two old ones a tour of their new suite of offices as well as sit-down conferences. Since MaryAnn couldn’t be here, Sally would have to be. After all, MaryAnn had pointed out, those people were who were paying for all this.

Sally sighed again. It wasn’t that she didn’t LIKE the customers who were scheduled to be here over the next few days. She had signed just about all of them up. She enjoyed people, she enjoyed making money for them and for she and MaryAnn too. But in between conferences and tours she just didn’t have a thing to do. They really had trained their staff too well. A couple times a day the new intern they had just hired from the local business college brought papers for her to look over and sign.

She swiveled in the chair and tucked her legs under the desk. She leafed through the stack of papers in her “Out” box, finding nothing that she hadn’t read and reread several times. She peeked at the “In” box. Still as empty as it had been five minutes earlier.

She had already wandered through the office suite twice. Repeating that again would accomplish little except bug the people that worked so hard. She checked her date book and the clock sitting on one corner of the desk. Still 30 minutes until the next meeting.

Sally had hung her jacket up when she had first come into the office. That left her in her matching skirt, gray with a faint pinstripe that went with her blouse. Earlier she had pulled out one of the upper desk drawers and cushioned it with a throw pillow from the couch and had sat back in the reclining chair. She propped her legs in their dark gray heels and light gray stockings on the edge of the drawer. She lifted one leg and examined it critically. Ankle still trim, calf shapely, thigh smooth and showing the results of a near daily regimen at the gym. She lowered that leg and examined the other. Still pretty darned good, if she did say so herself.

She lifted her feet from the pillow and stood up. She walked to the office door and peeked out. She could see down the hallway, past open doors to Beth, the receptionist and jack-of-all-trades who kept the place running. Often Sally had called from the field needing anything from an phone number of another company’s Financial Officer to someone to put the blast on the car rental company who’s trusty steed had left her stranded in the middle of Iowa. Beth always took care of whatever the crisis was and in no time at all.

Sally closed the door. She started back towards her desk, then stopped. Well, there WAS one way she could pass a little time. MaryAnn had been gone for a couple of days and Sally was feeling the effects. Sometimes she thought that she really was over-sexed. Oh well, of she was, she was, and canlı bahis it could be a lot worse. Her sex drive could be at the other end of the scale and that would be too terrible for words.

She turned back to the door to lock it. A naughty little grin crossed her face. Nothing like the possibility of getting caught to add some extra spice to things. She left the door unlocked. Quickly walking back to her desk, she slipped off her heels and lifted her skirt. She caught her skimpy lace panties and pushed them down. Stepping out of them, she snatched them up and carefully tucked them under the pillow still resting in the open desk drawer. She rose on her toes, spun around and giggled. This was why she always put her panties on after she donned her garter belt and stockings.

The still trim brunette sat in her chair and once more propped her feet on the pillow. She crossed one leg over the other and rubbed the bottom of her nylon covered foot up and down the other leg. She stretched and then ran her hands up and down her sides before bringing them back up over her tummy to her breasts.

Leaning back further in the chair, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and slid one hand inside it. She pressed the fine lace of her bra against her nipple. That felt good. She gently pinched the hard nubbin, using the black material to scratch lightly across the sensitive flesh.

“Oh yes,” the older woman murmured. It felt good. Good enough that she unfastened another button and opened her blouse enough so that her free hand could join in the fun. Both sets of fingers were busy now. They squeezed, they rolled, they pinched the increasingly hard pink nubbins. Sally rasped the lace harder and harder, making her entire body squirm. She always had enjoyed balancing herself on the edge between pleasure and a bit of pain. The lace hurt slightly as she drug it over her skin, but it only made her hotter. She wished that MaryAnn would walk into her office right now, snatch her up and bend her over the desk to do whatever her lover wanted.

Since MaryAnn was on the other side of the country, Sally supposed she would have to do everything herself. She grinned. That was okay too. She lifted her hips, reached down and hiked her skirt up around her waist. The white skin of her thighs, still firm and smooth, showed above the flowered tops of her stockings. So did the neatly trimmed patch of brown curls between her legs. Sally really hated wearing panties.

She ran her fingertips along the tops of her stockings. One finger touched a garter strap. The older woman lifted it and let in snap against her skin. Ouch! That was good. She pushed her legs wide apart and touched herself. She was already wet.

To toy or not to toy? Sally grinned. Maybe both. She swung her legs down. Leaning forward she opened the bottom drawer and rummaged under some papers. Removing a slender silver tube she touched a switch on the base, hoping the batteries in the vibrator weren’t dead. A cheerful “Buzz” rewarded her.

Returning to her previous position Sally ran the vibrator’s tip over her breasts. She pressed it firmly against each nipple in turn, still keeping the lace material pinned against her nubbins. She traced the edges of the bra cups and then slid the silver bullet between her breasts.

Switching it off, she lifted it to her lips. She grinned, remembering the old joke about a blonde chipping her teeth trying to give a blow job to a vibrator. Sally had bahis siteleri given a lot of blow jobs in her life, some to real cocks and some to latex ones but had never chipped any teeth doing it. She closed her lips on the metallic tube and began to pump it back and forth in her mouth. Then she plucked it free, reached down and touched herself between her legs as she flicked the switch back on.

Oh my that WAS nice. She closed her eyes and moved the pulsating tip over her pussy. She pressed it where the hood still concealed her clit, then slid it between her lips, dipping inside of her. She held it there, savoring the feel of the vibrations running through her body. She pushed deeper, her hips rocking slightly.

Not too much now, she grinned to herself. Set things up properly MaryAnn always said and the results will follow. Opening her eyes, she scooted the chair just a bit closer to the desk. Her legs balanced on the top drawer lifted her ass slightly from the smooth leather. She slid the tip of the vibe from her pussy along her perineum until the busy buzzing toy touched her dark opening. She wiggled the base until it lodged in a slight fold of the chair. Cautiously she relaxed her leg muscles. The wet tip pressed against her anal ring which opened just enough to allow the very tip to lodge in her ass.

My, oh, my. What a couple of little batteries will do. Sally shivered as the cluster of nerves around her opening responded to the stimulation. She leaned back. The tip slid just a little farther into her. The woman closed her eyes and her hands returned to her breasts. Now she was even rougher. She squeezed her breasts hard and began to pinch the hard tips, pulling them and stretching her breasts. She jerked them and slid the tiniest bit more onto the humming dildo.

Her right hand dropped between her legs. She cupped her pussy and curled first one, then a second finger between her labia and into her wetness. She pressed the heel of her hand against her no longer concealed clit. Her fingers squelched inside of her as she spread them.

Just as Sally was reaching the point of no return, a gentle rap on the still closed door startled her. Accompanied by “Ms Sally, I have some correspondence for you to sign”, the petite older woman pulled her legs off the desk and sat up, her hands darting to re-button her blouse and pull her chair into the desk opening so her uplifted skirt couldn’t be seen.

What she forgot in her haste was that when she sat back up so abruptly the little vibrator with its tip in her ass had nowhere to go but up. And up it went, burying itself, still humming, up her ass. Barely did Sally manage to change a scream of mingled surprise, pain and pleasure into a strangled “Come Innnnn”.

“Sorry to bother you Ms. Sally,” apologized Carl, the college intern who was working at the office this summer before his senior year. MaryAnn had already confided in Sally her intention to offer him a full-time position when he graduated.

Normally Sally enjoyed the young man’s company. He was sharp and well grounded and was going to be a great asset. Indeed, he and Beth had already overhauled the company’s web-site and improved it one hundred percent. But today her mind was on the silver tube impaling her ass and vibrating away to beat the band.

She made a desperate attempt to pay attention to what Carl was explaining to her. She nodded at the proper points, she managed to pick up her pen and sign documents. bahis şirketleri But she could have signed her own execution order right then as her mind was focused on the need to NOT start screaming with an orgasm in front of the young man. The vibrator buried in her ass was driving her completely up the wall. Squirming didn’t help, except to draw some puzzled looks from the young man in front of her. She crossed her legs at the ankles under the desk and squeezed her thighs together.

Sally’s head swam. She started repeating to herself “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK.” over and over as though she could fix on her inner voice and still the upcoming explosion. Finally she signed and agreed to everything in the thankfully small stack of papers. Managing to nod with a smile when Carl worriedly asked her if everything was all right, she watched him leave, closing the door behind him.

The instant the door touched the jam, Sally shot out of her chair and danced around the room grasping at the little base that stuck out of her ass. Once, twice, three times she tried and failed to pull it from her. She bumped into the coat rack, grabbing her jacket in a failed attempt to stay upright and tumbled onto the couch.

“Oh fuck it,” the woman moaned. Her skirt still hiked up, she pulled open her blouse and attacked herself. Her left hand took her nipple and almost twisted it from her breast. Her right hand dove between her legs as she dropped one foot to the floor and flung the other one over the top of the couch. There was no time for subtlety. She rubbed her clit so hard for a second she thought she was going to catch it on fire. Then SHE was on fire as a series of multiple orgasms took her. She barely had time to release her breast and stuff her jacket in her mouth to muffle the amount of yelling she tried to do. Sally always was extremely vocal when she was coming.

Finally the waves passed and she collapsed limply on the couch. Grunting with the effort, she reached back and slid the now feebly buzzing vibrator from her ass. She switched it off and dropped it to the floor. An arm flung over her eyes shielded her from the light and she relaxed, drifting off peacefully.

Just as she was about to fall asleep her intercom squawked. “Sally? Its Beth. Your three o’clock appointment is here. Shall I send them back?”

Sally groaned, levering herself to her feet. “Give me two minutes please Beth.” Hastily she straightened her clothing. She hung her jacket up, slipped her feet back into her heels and checked herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her hair and decided that would have to do. Pressing the lever she asked Beth to send the clients back. As she prepared to greet them her gaze swept the room. She scrambled to pick up the vibe from the floor and hurriedly stuffed it into the open top drawer. She snatched up the pillow and tossed it on the couch as she bumped the drawer closed with one hip.

She crossed to the door and opened it just in time to greet the very nice older couple she had met previously at an investment seminar. As she escorted them to the couch, cool air under her skirt touched the soaking wet curls of her pussy and reminded her she hadn’t put her panties back on. Sally tried to remember just where she had left them. She shrugged. It wasn’t the first pair she had lost, although she couldn’t remember doing it single-handedly before.

Refreshed and invigorated, Sally the Investment Counselor sat down with the couple, spread out the contents of their file on the coffee table she had barely missed colliding with during her antics and began to talk to the duo about their retirement plans.

Damn. Her ass was STILL quivering.

(The End)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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