Office Girl

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Coming out of my dazed moment of imagined passion, I hear her as she calls my name telling me that there’s another ‘crisis’ moment on the other end of the phone line. I walk toward her desk instead of telling her to transfer the call to the phone next to me. I know, I know, it’s just a cheap thrill for me but I find myself looking to steal any moment when I can get near to her. As I grab the receiver from her hand, I gently brush against her beautiful blond hair. Taking the call, I work to keep a steady voice, still and confident, hearing but not really listening to the person on the other line. Instead, my mind is racing as I gaze down at my secretary as she picks up her trashy novel to begin reading again.

She always wears something so unbelievably sexy each day. I know that it must make visitors to the office wonder why I don’t say something to her. I sometimes wonder if it’s completely obvious why I don’t. But today, ah, today she is wearing my favorite incredibly short skirt. Her delicious legs so tan and creamy smooth just begging to be caressed. I move around to lean against her desk while holding the receiver to my ear, all the while knowing that if I get into the right position I may be able to get her to show a bit of her world to me.

That song, yep, I always loved that song by Jon Mayer. Now the words really hit home for me as I imagine us by ourselves in a moment like that described in the song. The door opens to the outer office as I hang up the phone. As she turns to greet the person entering, I cast a quick glance down to her firm but supple breasts pressing tightly against her Abercrombie t shirt. That teal colored bra showing through the material just teasing me to reach out and free them. I realize I better get my focus back to work as I look up to notice that she caught my wandering eyes…again. Heading back into my office I let her know that I’ll be in working on a report and won’t be able to be disturbed except for a dire emergency.

Shutting my door behind me, I walk over to my desk and sit back in my chair. I slowly move my hand down to caress my stiffening cock through my pants. I close my eyes and picture her in her sexy outfit, imagining her as she sits reading one of her smutty books as she often does when things slow down to a lull. I think about how wet she gets reading the steamy descriptions of lovers letting themselves loose on each other. As my mind begins to race, I feel my shaft harden in my grip. I continue to imagine her moving her hand down between her legs, her pulse quickening with each sentence she reads.

Suddenly…the door opens to the office… “Damn” I think to myself, I forgot to lock the door behind me. There I am, laying back in my chair with my hand grasping my now rock hard bulge pressing against my pants. I look up with the startled look of a schoolboy caught looking down his teacher’s shirt. To my instant surprise, I see her as she turns and gently closes the door shut, turning the lock and hearing the ‘click’ of the lock echo in my ears. Tilting her head to one side, she bats her beautiful brown eyes at me as she looks at me, still frozen in the same position I was in when she opened the door.

Suddenly, halkalı escort her mouth opens and she says, “I know you only said to bother you in a dire emergency, but, I think this qualifies” as she teasingly lifts her short little mini skirt up to reveal the most delicious looking wet spot between her legs on her teal colored thong. I finally break my frozen state and motion her over to me with me head. Her confident stride belying her age and inexperience. My heart pounds knowing I had never before crossed over any personal and professional boundries with anyone, let alone, an 18 year old working for me on a summer job as a secretary.

As she comes around the side of my desk, she continues to take control by straddling me on the chair. Her arms wrap around me and I take my hands and grab her on each side, absorbing the moment as she tosses her hair back and I slide my hands up along her back, pressing her to me. Our mouths connect in a passionate kiss, finally unleashed. The intensity heightened by the taboo nature of the interlude. I feel her soft wetness as she grinds down on my bulging cock, now aching to be released from the tight confines of my pants. Her breasts press against my chest as we continue to kiss.

As we probe each other with our tongues, my hands begin to lift her tight little Abercrombie shirt as if it were Christmas morning and I was opening the gift of a lifetime. She pulls back and raises her arms just long enough for the top to fly off. I begin to kiss her on her neck and, out of the corner of my eye, I see her breasts heaving with passion begging to be set free from her teal bra.

Suddenly, she pushes me back in the chair and, in one swift motion, tears my shirt open sending buttons flying all around the room. I pull my arms forward to get out of the shirt and I use my right hand to come up her front as my left hand cradles her gorgeous ass. I quickly and expertly flick open her front hook bra with my right forefinger and thumb freeing her gorgeous tits to the sultry air filling the room. Feeling like a high school boy again, I slowly run my left hand up along her smooth stomach cupping the bottom of her breast while my right hand wrapped around her ass and pulled her tightly to me. My left hand grazing up over her erect nipple as I gently push her back. She complies and arches her back as she follows my motion. I continue my kisses along the side of her outstretched neck using my lips to gently suck while kissing along her exposed breast. As I approach her nipple, I use to my tongue to gently circle around her aereola slowing down along the bottom of her breast long enough to trace the contour of her heavenly endowment.

Slowy, I move in and close my lips over her rock hard nipple, gently but firmly sucking her tit between my lips and using my tongue to tease her nipple as if I were rubbing my pre cum covered cock around it. In response, I feel her grind down harder on my crotch…pressing her soft, wet opening against my raging hard on. Not able to stand it, I wrap my arms around her and lift her, kissing her deeply and feeling her taksim escort press her tits against my chest as I bring her to rest on top of my desk.

As I set her down, I use my hand to direct her to lay back and relax as she lets her legs spread apart, hanging over the edge. I move my hands down along her side and unfasten her skirt. Pulling her skirt down, she picks her legs up to help me pull it off. I begin to kiss her along her outstretched calf, moving my kisses gently up along to the inside of her thigh. I can smell her sweetness begging for my tongue. As I softly suck and kiss my way along the inside of her creamy thigh, I take my hands and wrap them around the elastic band of her thong. Pulling them down, she lifts her hips and excitedly helps as I remove the last piece of clothing on her stunning body. Standing in front of her, shirtless, I move my mouth so gently over her soaking wet pubic mound. Leaning into her intoxicating beauty, I use my tongue to separate her labia, drinking in her wetness. My tongue begins to trace around her clit and moving along her wet slit slowly entering her a bit further with each stroke of the tongue.

As my mouth moves up and down along her wet, engorged pussy, I feel her hips move in rhythm to my strokes. She presses her open pussy against my tongue with each longing lick, fucking my mouth harder with each stroke. Flitting my tongue into her hole, I move up and wrap my lips around her clit, sucking and kissing as I slip first my middle and then add my index finger deep inside. As I suck and kiss on her clit I rub my fingers together and I slide them in and out of her open pussy. The sound of her squeezing my fingers makes my cock throb and I can feel the wet pre cum forming on the head. I increase the speed of my fingers moving in and out as I kiss her clit and rub my fingers so that they are grazing against her sensitive G spot deep inside. Her thrusting hips rise and lower in rapid succession as I hear her cry out in ecstasy as her first wave of orgasm begins to pass through her body. My face is quickly covered in her creamy cum as I open my mouth to lick her clean.

As the rhythmic gyrations of her hips begins to slow, she lifts her quivering body up as I rise to meet her mouth with a deep, wet kiss, letting her taste her own love juice from my mouth. I feel her hands reach for my belt buckle and quickly, I feel her rip my pants open letting them drop to the floor, my belt clip and phone flying off as they land with a thud. I briefly wonder what is being heard outside the door but I quickly put it out of my mind as I see this angelic beauty grasping my rock hard shaft in her hands and licking the pre cum from the engorged head of my cock. Ooh, the feeling is unbelievable as this ‘girl next door’ type expertly slides my entire cock into her throat. Sliding my cock in and then out as I rest back in my chair, I place my hands on her head, caressing her silky smooth blonde hair and guiding the motion of her head as her mouth lovingly worships every last inch of my thick, pulsating member.

As her tongue continues to slide up along the bottom of my shaft and encircling the head, şişli escort I begin to feel my cum begin to boil inside of my sack. Wanting to savor every last moment of lovemaking, I follow her motion so that I withdraw my shaft from her mouth as she pulls her head backward. I look down to see her look up with those big brown eyes as if to say, ‘I need you deep inside of me, NOW!’ Without speaking any words, she stands up so that I can see her exquisitely naked body, flush with passion, and aching for more, standing in front of me. In an instant, she lifts first her left leg and then her right as she, again, straddles me on the chair, this time, our skin free to connect with each other in every way.

I feel my cock throbbing in anticipation as she grasps the shaft to steady it under her open and willing fuck hole. I am pinned in my chair, completely at the mercy of this incredible sex goddess, my entire body aching to feel her pussy wrap around my pulsating cock. She slowly lowers herself until the head of my cock, again glistening with my pre cum, is touching the drenched opening of her pussy. I feel her as she rubs her slit apart with the head of my cock, handling me as if I were the stick shift to a high performance European sports car. Her eyes lock onto mine and I see her lick her lips with eager anticipation and a smile, knowing that my pre cum is mixing with her juices along the opening to her love hole. And just like that, she lowers herself, absorbing all nine inches of me deep inside her tunnel. Her mouth closes over mine as our tongues ravage each other. My hands slide under her firm ass cheeks as I lift and lower her down onto my cock. I feel her as she rocks her hips back and forth and my cock fills her silken cavern. My lifting motion and her grinding motion are in perfect rhythm as we kiss for what seems to be, paradoxically, both an eternity and yet, only a blink of the eye. Her pussy muscles grasping and pulling my shaft ever more deeply as I penetrate her as if to become one with her soul. I am completely amazed and helpless by this unbelievable nymph giving me the most erotic moment in my life.

As our cum begins to build, I lift her up and slam her down with the unbridled force of a wild animal, impaling her on my rod, feeling her pussy grabbing me so tightly that I have to use all of my strength to continue to lift her as we fuck. As the pace of our fucking quickens, I feel her pussy rapidly contract, first opening and then tightly squeezing shut around my pole working to milk my cum into her love chamber. I begin to feel my balls as they are about to erupt in ecstasy, we break our kiss as she throws her head back, thrusting her tits up toward my mouth, I hear her let out a scream of passion as I feel her clit against the base of my shaft and I let my cum blast deep inside of her pussy, filling her with my thick, ropey cum, she continues to grind against my cock as her orgasm passes through her like the crescendo of a thunderous boom from a lightning bolt striking right nearby. I continue to squeeze out my cum as her pussy contracts and pulls my seed deep inside. My hands cupping her ass cheeks and my mouth kissing her breast I feel her collapse over my shoulder, her sweaty blonde locks fanned out over my back as we exhale in such sweet exhaustion. We catch our breaths and look back into each other’s eyes, knowing, without speaking, that this was only the beginning of something incredibly special…and forbidden….

More adventures of B and S to follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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