No Further Questions

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A hot Thursday afternoon meant plenty of civilians visiting the beach. Higher temperatures had become prevalent all across Southern California. The region officially embraced a more believable Summer in the middle of August, with temperatures reaching over 95 degrees Fahrenheit in certain locations.

Hermosa Beach, however, was kept safe by the heat. It was much cooler on the coast. Beachgoers stayed on the coast a little longer. People either went for a swim in the water or stayed on the sand to read a book under their umbrellas. Graham had something else in mind. He had brought his surfboard and readied for the waves that came crashing down. The waves had grown slightly larger in size. This was the perfect opportunity for him to use both his expertise and his passion for the rest of the afternoon. Graham felt eager to ride the waves. The forty-year-old man did not hesitate for a second. He had made it to the water and brought his surfboard with him.

But he wasn’t alone. Dale had been dating Graham’s daughter since the beginning of May. The eighteen-year-old man had formed a healthy relationship with Mindy. The two of them never delved deeper into their casual chemistry. They played it safe for now. Graham had enjoyed Dale’s company since the start. The two had grown closer after they discovered their similarities, which also included their love for surfboarding.

Mindy made the right choice, according to Graham. Dale had blue eyes and blond hair that reached his shoulders. He stayed skinny due to his diet. He wasn’t as muscular as Graham (and he was several inches shorter than Graham in terms of height), but he maintained a good figure on his own terms. In addition, his innocent behavior and outgoing attitude made it easy for Graham to grow fond of him. He found a special connection with his daughter’s boyfriend, and he never let it go. He wanted to spend more time with Dale. He wanted the younger man to stick around far more often. In fact, Graham would sometimes wish Dale was in the house instead of his wife Yvonne. Their relationship had reached its pinnacle and it showed no signs of finding the end of it.

Graham observed the waves that came in from the far side. He asked Dale, “Are you ready?”

Dale, who only had his swim trunks on, had a smile on his face. “I’m ready for everything.”

Both of them went into the water. The first wave was already a complete success. Graham and Dale stayed close beside each other as the rode the water as it lifted itself up high. Graham could feel several droplets splashing against his face. He stayed on his surfboard. He bent down as the wave had made it right above his head. He and Dale managed to avoid a wipeout as the wave crashed down before dissipating onto the sand.

Graham and Dale didn’t falter on the next wave. Their adrenaline had been maximized by the rushing water. A middle-aged man swimming close by had to get out of the way in order for Graham to pass through. He remained fully concentrated on what lay in front of him. Dale followed him from behind as they repeated the wild ride as before. The second wave crashed down, and both men came out unscathed.

Graham felt honored to ride the waves with Dale. His own wife had left the house to visit one of her female friends, while his daughter went to visit her other classmates. Spending time with Dale had made the afternoon more satisfying. The third wave almost caught Graham by surprise. Nevertheless, he stayed on his surfboard and repeated his previous success.

Dale cheered him on. “Alright!”

Graham gave him a thumbs-up. The two of them jumped off of their surfboards and went into the water. As they returned to the surface, Graham still had a smile on his face. He watched as Dale swung his head from left to right, flinging the water out of his blond hair. Graham felt entranced by this simple move. In fact, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from the young man. Dale was so handsome and adorable. He would be someone who would have kept Mindy in awe of his overall appearance. Graham appreciated Dale’s presence. So much so that he wished Dale would stick around every day. bahçelievler escort He wanted Dale to be with him for as long as he could. There would be no interruptions from friends or family. Just a personal connection between Graham and Dale, an unbreakable bond that wouldn’t be tested.

They stayed in the water for quite some time. They decided to end it when even more beachgoers had entered the coast. The late afternoon would provide both warmth and comfort for civilians and tourists alike.

Graham picked up his surfboard and lightly punched Dale’s shoulder. “You did great.”

Dale nodded. “Hey, so did you.”

Graham wanted to bring him closer, to give him a hug. But he decided against it as the two of them returned to Graham’s residence.

* * *

Graham’s house wasn’t that far away from the beach. In fact, it had been located in a residential area that stood right beside it. Only the wide batch of sand, as well as a narrow concrete footpath called The Strand, separated the houses from the water. Graham’s two-story house gave him and his family a clear view of the beach. On the right side, the Hermosa Beach pier could be seen at a far distance. Graham admired his residence ever since he moved in several years ago. He would never want to live anywhere else in the country.

Still drenched in ocean water, Graham and Dale left the sand and entered the house. Their next intention centered closely on hygiene: a warm shower after a long day in the ocean. Both of them went upstairs to take their shower. Dale originally wanted to use the one in the restroom that Mindy would use. But Graham made him change his mind by giving him a chance to use the one in the master bedroom.

Dale seemed flattered. “Are you sure?”

“Go right ahead.”

Dale had no further questions. He entered the master bathroom, took off his swimming trunks, and turned on the water in the shower. Graham would have to wait until Dale was finished. He had something else in mind, however. Without making a sound, he slowly opened the door to the bathroom halfway and took a peek inside. He could see Dale’s naked body through the glass. Dale faced away from the door so he had grown completely unaware that he was being watched by his girlfriend’s father.

Graham held his breath for a moment. Dale’s slender physique and wet blond hair had become a spectacle to latch on to. Graham could feel the dick in his pants growing rigid. Dale was indeed a handsome young man, who appeared even better without his clothes on. He spent his time in the shower, drenching himself with warm water that hit his skin and dripped down his body. Graham wanted him. He wanted to share a tender moment with this young man. He forgot about his wife Yvonne and replaced her with sudden fantasies surrounding Dale and his submissive nature.

Graham wasted no time. He had already taken off his own swim trunks. Without anything to wear, he opened the door fully and stepped inside the bathroom. Dale still didn’t seem to notice the older man drawing ever so closer to the shower.

Graham finally reached for the handle and slid the glass door open. Dale, who was about reach for the shampoo bottle, turned around and immediately caught sight of Graham stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

“Why don’t we take a shower together?”

Dale didn’t say anything. He looked down, seemingly at Graham’s rock-hard cock.

A little smile formed on the young man’s face. “Sure.”

Graham stood behind Dale as the latter disregarded the shampoo bottle altogether. Dale remained in the same spot. He didn’t move away from Graham. He just waited as the water continued to splash all across his chest and shoulders. In a casual manner, he sank his fingers into his blond hair to make sure that every strand received at least some droplets of water. It was almost as if he just waited for Graham to make his move.

Graham exhaled heavily through his nostrils. He took one step forward and grabbed Dale by the shoulders. He kissed him on the side of the neck. Dale didn’t bahçeşehir escort move. He just let it happen.

He whispered, “Am I the one you want?”

Graham licked his skin with an eager tongue. “Yes.”

No further questions were said.

Dale turned the water off just as Graham wrapped his arms around him and embraced him. His stiff cock touched one of Dale’s smooth butt cheeks. The two men didn’t say anything in the shower. They were drenched in warm water, which fueled Graham’s determination to keep Dale close. Graham kept kissing him on the neck. Dale must have accepted his new role, because he turned his head and gave Graham a kiss.

Graham held him tightly as the two of them engaged in their first official liaison without their female counterparts. The older man pressed his dick against Dale’s butt even harder. Dale didn’t stop their long and passionate kiss. Both men had to breathe through their nostrils as their lips stayed warm for their private connection. Dale held on to Graham’s arms as an example of his willingness to submit.

They finally pulled their lips away from each other. Graham started caressing Dale’s long hair. “You’re so beautiful.”

Dale smiled. “Thank you.”

Graham turned him around. He pulled him closer to the point that both of their cocks were now pressing against each other. Graham’s was obviously bigger than Dale’s, but that didn’t matter. Graham started pushing his hips forward. Their cocks slid up and down against each other’s.

Dale moaned. “Oh, that’s feels good.”

Graham reached down and grabbed both cocks. With both pointing in an upward direction, Graham slid his fingers up and down. He and Dale massaged their own cocks by being caressed by Graham’s fingers, and by pressing against each other’s. This full-scale frottage made Graham more determined to keep Dale for himself. Having Dale’s hard cock in his grip became something that he fully felt proud of. He had hoped that Dale would understand what Graham had truly wanted out of him, and it seemed that the younger man had already made a conscious effort to bring it all to life.

Dale licked his lip. “Oh, your cock feels so good.”

They kept thrusting their hips to further strengthen their unusual cravings.

Graham whispered, “Oh, yeah. I know you like that.”

Dale chuckled. “Yeah. I really like that cock.”

Graham didn’t wait. He let go of their cocks and turned Dale around. The high humidity in such a confined space gave him another valid reason to trust his instincts.

He whispered, “I want you to take it the right way.”

Dale smiled. “Whatever you say. I’m all yours.”

Graham slid his dick inside Dale’s hole. Dale suddenly gasped and trembled at the forward movement.

Graham held him in his arms and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

He gave him a kiss as he thrust his cock deep inside him. The two of them stood in the shower with brand new roles in their relationship. Their innocuous bond had taken a different direction thanks to Graham’s persistence toward a new goal in his life. Both men, already drenched in warm water, stayed close together. Graham didn’t stop thrusting his hard cock into Dale’s tight opening. He kept plugging Dale’s ass with his cock. The young man’s walls felt so warm on Graham’s dick.

Dale took quicker breaths. “Oh, fuck. I can’t believe it’s inside me.”

Graham kissed him on the neck once more. “That’s right. Take that dick and love it.”

Dale turned his head around and kissed him on the lips. “Oh, it feels so good in my ass.”

Those words were bliss to Graham’s ears. He kept sliding his cock in and out of Dale’s ass. Dale never even attempted to refuse the service. He moaned lightly, every soft cry of ecstasy becoming an addiction to Graham’s sense of hearing. Graham kept moving forward. He held no doubts in his mind. He kept Dale in his embrace as he gave him a taste of what his own wife would receive before this.

Dale kissed him again. “I want your cock so badly. I want you to fuck me so good.”

Graham’s hips bakırköy escort didn’t miss a beat. Drops of water continued to slide down his skin. Wet strands of Dale’s hair touched his cheek and kept his appetite from being erased.

Graham whispered, “Yeah, feel my dick. Take it like a champ.”

He didn’t stop there. He reached down and grabbed Dale’s erect cock. He slid his fingers up and down it, making Dale’s blissful moans a little louder than usual.

“Oh, yes! Do it to me!”

Graham’s movements picked up speed. His hips gained more momentum while his fingers had been given a boost.

Dale cried, “Oh, fuck! It feels so good!”

Graham found the right way to control the young man. He didn’t want to forget it. At this moment, he lost his interest in Yvonne, and he didn’t care what Mindy would think of this. In fact, he wanted it to be a secret. A special little secret that would bring him and Dale closer together. He didn’t want to let go of him. He felt grateful that Mindy had chosen the right boyfriend for her. Now, he wanted to share Dale with her.

Dale squeezed his eyes shut. “Fuck me harder! I love your cock so much!”

Dale’s warm walls gave the older man’s cock the appropriate encouragement. Graham wanted to fill Dale’s ass with his cum so badly. He could feel his body preparing for the imminent ejaculation. He kept his hips and his hand at a fast but steady pace. He wanted this to be perfect. A fantasy brought to life.

Dale moaned even louder. “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”

Graham’s last thrust was the most powerful. He held Dale tightly as his cock experienced a much-anticipated eruption. Dale shivered in his arms.

“Oh, shit…”

Graham could feel the semen spurting out of him and filling Dale’s narrow orifice. In the meantime, Dale’s own cock had its own fair share of discharge. Graham stopped stroking the cock that had large spurts of thick cum shooting out of it. Dale’s semen landed on the floor near the drain.

Dale’s body still trembled in Graham’s embrace. “Oh…I can feel the cum inside me. It feels so good.”

Graham chuckled. “Yes. I knew you’d love it.”

He let go of Dale’s cock and gave him another kiss. He didn’t pull out his cock just yet. “You’re mine.”

Dale smiled. “Yes, I am.”

“You can keep seeing Mindy, but don’t ever tell her about this. Don’t tell ANYONE about the two of us.”

“It’s a promise. Besides, I like having your dick in my ass.”

Graham hugged him harder. “The good news is this won’t be the last time I’ll have it inside you.”

Soon after his first eruption, he continued on with his desires. He pinned Dale against the wall in the shower. He never unplugged Dale’s hole. In fact, he kept his cock deep inside him. He continued to thrust it deep into Dale’s hole.

The young man cried, “Fuck me hard! I love your cock so much!”

Graham mustered up his stamina for the second explosion from within. Dale seemed so innocent and so willing when being pinned against the wall. His mere appearance encouraged Graham to use him again.

“Go on. Take my dick!”

The two men stayed close together in the shower. Even with the water turned off, they managed to make this compact place the most popular room in the house. They didn’t need any reassurance of their new relationship. They fully accepted this different direction, and they wanted more of it. Yvonne and Mindy would be afterthoughts at a time like this, even if it would be temporary. Graham and Dale had found a new balance to their bond. Graham would give, and Dale would take.

When Graham ejaculated the second time, both he and Dale finally relaxed. Dale must have had so much of Graham’s hot cum flooding him at the bottom. It was a thought that made Graham’s smile even bigger.

Dale let out a long sigh. The eighteen-year-old man stayed put in Graham’s arms and said, “When we see each other again, I’m going to make sure that your balls are completely empty when I’m here.”

Graham replied, “That’s so good to know.”

They kissed each other. Water dripped down their skin. Small bits of Graham’s semen spilled out of Dale’s hole and slid down his legs. Graham finally pulled his cock out of Dale, who gasped when the insertion was over.

The young man remarked, “I’m so happy to be with you.”

“And I feel the same way about you.”

Dale turned the water back on. Both he and Graham started to clean themselves after their intimate encounter.

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