Nightmare Dimensions

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Chapter One – It Begins

The black veil of the night sky lay think over the town, where the only thing that broke up its darkness was the millions and millions of bright stars hanging from its inky depth.

I lay here in my quite thinking spot, which is on a cliff on the edge of town that overlooks this town, It’s also on the edge of a forest that during the day is beautiful, but at night becomes sinister.

Ever since being sucked into this place I have been coming here at night, because had I been in my own time and place this forest was deadly at night. I had always been warn to not come here at night, something about dark and evil legends to do with dark magic and death, but I never listened and then one night I came and I now I know that these legends are true and I wish I could go back and do as I had been told…

Would have saved me so much heart ache…

Now it’s the day light that is feared here, I try to come during the day, but I’d stand out too much and standing out here can get you killed.

I am snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of twigs snapping, I tense and jump up reflexively and look towards the sound.

Since being here I have learned that while everything feels like it looks the same, it’s actually a different time and place.

Darkness and evil win here, you have to kill first or be killed, and then there is the magic. Everyone wants power and they will take it if they think you’re a threat.

I scan the forest and see a shadowy figure step out from the dark canopy of the trees and come to stand under the star light. I look over this figure and see that it is Jefferson, the young man that found me walking out of this very forest almost a year ago.

He, like me, came from another dimension or time and place and he helped me to understand this world, but unlike me, he didn’t want to return to his time and place and thought I was mad to want to leave.

I admit it would be hard to give up what I know of magic and of this place, but I didn’t want to kill to survive any more. I didn’t want to have to listen to the screams of mostly women as they are taken against their will simply because that is what this place is about.

I relax a small amount, but stay on my guard as I didn’t know what he was doing here tonight, he didn’t normally come out at night time, well other than to drown every last drop of the local pubs ale and wine cellar.

“Are you up here brooding again?” he calls to me

“I never brood, I am thinking” I reply, shaking my head at him.

“Bowyn, you need to forget going back, you’ll hurt more than you do here. Knowing what you know and not being able to even try to help, despite the fact that you know it won’t help any” He shot back at me.

I shook my head and then ask “So what brought you out here?”

“I came to warn you that you might want to start to go to the town meetings as there are a few in the gathering town folk that suspect you are different. We don’t want them to know you were different to them and that you don’t want to actually be here and are totally a great guy.” He replied.

Damn it! This isn’t good, I didn’t want them to know that I was actually good because the good didn’t last here in this place. I can’t tell you of the horrors I have had to participate in just to survive and how much I hate myself for it.

I do everything I can just to make it look like I am like everyone else here, but I guess I haven’t done enough this time. I tell him that I promise to go to more of these meetings and I start to turn around when he adds

“Oh and one more thing, your presence at the next slave auction is compulsory and it is two nights from now. They want you to take a slave this time as they say you need to loosen up a bit” With that he fads back into the forest as if he was never here.

The trees sway gently in the breeze that suddenly blows and it makes them sound like they are sighing for me, I give my own sigh in return and start to make my way back to my house. It is nothing fancy, but it was abandoned before I got here and the town thought to give it to me as I was a little different even then.

It’s a simple three story building, that sorta looks like a mini version of the Addams Family house. Inside there is a basement, ground floor, first floor and an attic space. To me this is four stories, but here the basements are not considered as a separate floor, but part of the ground floor for some reason.

The ground floor holds a living room, dining room, kitchen, small office area that also doubles as a library, this goes up to the roof and has access to the first floor and part of the attic space as well. There is also a room that serves as the entryway to the basement and it is sort of like a bathroom/ storage room all in one and the basement door locks itself after you go in or out of it.

I have only ever gone down here once and it’s like a dungeon down there. I am sure this is where the previous owner of the house kept his or her slaves as there haramidere escort is a section of the basement that is sterile and has heaps of medical instruments and a bed with stirrups attached and a medical cot for babies…I can only guess at what half of the stuff is for, but I do know that it is ever man’s duty to procreate with females and that this is actually a law here, this can be either from willing unions or forced unions and I am really not interested in forcing anyone to be with me.

The first floor is where the bedrooms are. There is 4 in total and only the master bedroom has a bathroom in it. The only other room on this level is another bathroom. The master bedroom also has a small balcony overlooking the front yard. Next to the stairs there is a door that leads to the library.

The attic space is simply one big room with a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom and the door that leads to the library that is usually locked for some reason I am still trying to figure out, but then again the door to the attic space has a lock on it too so im thinking that this is for unwilling guests.

I have done a lot to fix up this house, but the town mayor had to approve everything and all I could really do was just restore the building to its former glory and not change things like I wanted to. I wanted to change the basement into like a games/ rumpus/ man cave area, but that just earned me a funny look and I knew I had to keep it the way it was if I didn’t want everyone to know I was actually a good person.

It’s why I don’t go to the Slave auctions and why I haven’t taken anyone hostage or try to find ways of settling without bloodshed, not that those things have been easy to achieve though and I have had to use my basement for maiming someone who insulted me.

The garden at the back now grows quite well and I don’t have to go into the market square to get any veggies now that my produce is quite plentiful, although I half suspect this is due to magic. A lot of the time I wonder if this house’s last owner was a bit like me in the way there seems to be aspects to this house and its surrounding grounds that seem almost good and the bad side was only for show.

Like the fact that the basement didn’t seem to have too many blood stains like other basements I have seen since being here.

Once I am safely inside and I make my way into my room, I head into the bathroom to take a shower and try to get some of the tension in my shoulders out so I can rest and sleep. See here in this place night and day are reversed and we sleep during the day, but I am still trying to get used to that for I have only been here a year.

As I get out of my clothes I try to remember home, my parents, my sister, my friends and my wife. What would they be doing? Did they think I was dead? Has my wife moved on? As I think I let my tears silently fall down my cheeks and be taken away by the warm water.

After I get out of the shower and make my way to the bed naked, I look up at the window and see that the sun has started to rise. I go over to it and close the heavy curtains and I climb into my massive four poster bed.

As I snuggle down for the day, I can’t shake the feeling I have that something big is coming my way, that will change things for me here forever.

Chapter Two: Spinning on an Axis Point

I wake at night fall on the evening of the Slave Auction’s. Last night I just stayed indoors after looking over my garden and doing some general house work. Who knew that a big house like this could get so dusty!

Again I heard screams coming from my neighbours’ houses. I hate the screams… I really do, but there isn’t a damn thing that I can do about it because I do not want to be either burned, maimed, torn apart, hung or all of the afore mentioned awful things. I have been witness to someone who tried to help save a female that was being abused after coming here had to go through, his only crime was being a good Samaritan.

That how things are here, the good deeds and kind hearts we take for granted just don’t fly here. Everything that is legal in the world is actually illegal here. It’s quite an adjustment let me tell you. I have been bashed not long after arriving here while asking where was I and laughed at when I tried to ask how to go back.

That is where Jefferson came to my rescue, well sort of. He lead me to the town meeting and help get me the house that is now mine and helped to introduce me to the ways of this dimension that is truly a living nightmare.

I sigh as I get dressed ready to go to this bloody auction that I have to take a slave. Maybe I can find one where behind closed doors I can treat really good and then when I find a way to leave here she can come back with me.

I am just picking up my I.D. card when I hear a knock on the door. Walking to it I look through the peep hole to see that it is Jefferson who is knocking. I open it to see him smiling at me.

“Hello, Jefferson. To what ikitelli escort do I owe the pleasure of your company?” I ask. He looks at me and his smile gets bigger as he replies.

“I have been tasked with making sure you come tonight and seeing as I was already going to come and see if you wanted to come with me seeing as you have avoided coming one in that last year that you may need a little hand in picking something really delish.”

I give a smile back to him that was full of sarcasm than an actual smile and say

“Sure not a problem. I was just heading out now anyway so please lead the way.” I step out the door and close it behind me, making sure it is locked. As we walk to the Auction hall I can’t help my anxiety rising as we get closer and closer.

I look around as I walk and see that we are not the only ones heading out to the Auction hall tonight. “I hear they got some really new merch tonight.” Benny says to us as he joins us on our walk. He is my neighbour from two houses down and he lives opposite to Jefferson. He isn’t too bad a fellow, but I really wouldn’t want to get on his bad side as he is a psychopath and a half. He also never seems to have a woman longer than a month before I see a new dead body out on the curb waiting for the garbage people to clean it up.

I shudder for a moment before I reply “What do mean? What kind of Merch?” He gives and evil laugh and his eyes get this sick glint in his eyes when he says “I hear they got some pretty little virgins finally and some really feisty curvy bombshells that came out of the forest.”

He last statement had my interest spiked, but before I could ask for more information we were at the Auction Hall and the Mayor was calling everyone for an introduction meeting.

“Good evening gentlemen! Welcome to another Auction. Tonight we have some real treats on offer and there is something for everyone. Remember there is only one rule here and that is first to say sold with their numbered paddle held in the air is the winner of the Auction. In cases where there is a dispute, the parties involved will go into another room to work something out. Please know that there is one per person tonight so that no one will go home alone.”

There is a big cheer that goes up at the Mayor’s words and after a few minutes he continues to finally open up the Auctions. There are Auctions taking place throughout the hall and also in a few private rooms within the building that the hall was a part of. Some I could tell was already in full swing.

There will be around 25 females being auctioned off tonight. Most are the daughters of some of those here tonight looking for slaves and others are ones rejected from their previous owners. Sometimes there are females that came here to this world like me, but that is rare.

I just wanted to walk around and make it look like I was interested and just stay as long as I need to too keep up appearances, but as soon as I walk into the hall I am grabbed and pulled aside. I am slightly caught off guard at this, but recover quickly to see the mayor was the one to grab me.

“Good evening, Bowyn. Glad to finally see you here. Let me show you to our first time auctions.” With that I am dragged toward a raised platform where there are three naked females all kneeling on a block with their heads down, legs spread wide, hands behind their backs and their heads down, from the looks of them they have had a full body wax.

All had their hair tied up, a blonde with a long braid over her shoulder, a brunette with a pony tail that ends in a plait that I am guessing isn’t as long as the blonde’s hair, then finally there was a red haired woman who had short to medium hair that was really wavy and was braided only enough to keep it off her face if her head was up.

I can already tell that these women knew their place and was already ‘broken in’ if you will. I really didn’t want to think about want these three have been through as I can see some scars and stretch marks from baring kids to someone.

“So see anything you like here?” The mayor asks and I reply no there isn’t and I get a look of ‘what the fuck’ and I just shrug hoping that he will not ask anything and just let me go home. “What is wrong with these fine ladies?”

I sigh and say “Nothing is wrong as per say, I just don’t want something that is as broken as these females seem to be and I am looking for something else.” He seems satisfied with my answer and we move along to another auction just starting.

“This one is a special one tonight, Bowyn, these are some feisty newbies, there is a few virgins in this lot. Remember you have to pick one tonight.” I look at him and know that this last part was more of a threat than a friendly reminder and I simply nod my head and look up at the platform to see a group of females being brought to the blocks.

There is about 6 in total and some look so fearful, while others look they are trying to fight to cover themselves. I feel so bad istanbul escort for these women, my mother raised me up to be better than this, but here I am standing before women who are being treated like they are nothing but property to be bought and sold to do with as a man pleases and to make them have our children.

I shake my head of these thoughts and go into my survival head space as I know I have to pick one of these females to not only get home quickly, but maybe I can help one of them from being treated horribly anymore.

As each female is walked up to the blocks, the fearful ones were quietly sobbing and shaking as they are shackled to the blocks in the same pose as the last 3 I just saw, only they were not really keeping their heads down. There was a red head that was the very definition of the word feisty and she had to be cuffed to a wooden cross where she is forced to stand spread eagled, she looks like she has been beaten up a bit from the few marks on her face and torso. There was even what looks like a bite mark on one of her very large breasts.

I look away from her as I don’t want to deal with someone that feisty. As I am about to sigh that there isn’t any there for me I see the last female being brought in. She is not really fighting her handlers, but I wouldn’t say she was coming quietly either.

She has reddish- brown hair that was almost like a blend of copper chocolate that was very intriguing. As she was looking around I saw that she has these gorgeous eyes that seemed to be both blue and green and made you just want to look closer at them.

Her breasts were maybe about a C or D cup, but either way nicely full. As I continue to look at her, her eyes lock onto mine and I knew in this one moment that this is the one I want to pick and I get the feeling of just wanting to run up to her and cover her up from all other eyes and keep her safe while taking her as far away from here as possible.

‘Like what the fuck, Bowyn? You have a wife back home; you can’t be feeling something for this female!’ The voice in my head says

‘Oh shut it, I have to pick one or I fear what the hell will happen to me and I may never get back to see my wife ever again because I will be dead, so let’s just tell the mayor that I pick that one and say sold before anyone else does.’ I reply

I lift my paddle up and say sold to the copper hair beauty and turn to the mayor and say with a commanding tone that I haven’t ever used before “If I can’t have her I don’t want anyone else.” I see the shocked face on the mayor before it breaks out in a smile and a laugh.

“Bruce my man, Bowyn wants the female with the unique coloured eyes and hair.” Bruce nods and un-cuffs the female as there are groans from the crowd. I can’t help the smile that I have on my face as the mayor tells everyone that I haven’t picked a slave yet in my 1 year here and there was plenty of other beauties on offer tonight.

I then get taken through a door that leads to the back of the hall, it is also where our I. D’s get shown once we have made a choice of slave and what the payment is. I am glad that with my house came some money and then I learned how to summon up money as I needed it.

I hand over my I.D and my receipt is given to me, I am then lead into another room where the female I have chosen is brought in. We are given a few moments while transport is arranged to get us back to my home without incident.

“Hello, my name is Bowyn and I just want you to know that unlike everyone else here I will not hurt you, but you need to play along with whatever I do and say just till we are behind the closed doors of my home. It will be either you do as I say and we both get out of here alive or it will be your funeral. What do you say?” I tell her in as sincere and serious a tone as possible trying to convey the serious nature of our situation.

She looks up at me with tears in her eyes and simply nods her head. I let out a sigh as the door starts to open. She jumps straight into my arms and I am shocked to feel that her body seems to just fit against mine as if it was made for me and I get this odd sensation of this dire need to protect this woman.

I wrap my arm around her in a dominant stance to let the person coming in that she is mine and that I have her under control when I see that it is the mayor and Jefferson coming in. “Oh good, I thought for sure she was going to be trouble for you.” The mayor says.

I reply “Nope, no trouble Sir. Now how is my transport coming along? As I am eager to get this one home. It has been too long after all.” As I finish the woman stiffens next me and I just give her a slight squeeze and she seems to relax a little bit.

‘Good girl…’

‘What the fuck brain?’

“Yeah everything is set up and Jefferson will take you to it now.” The mayor replies. With that he walks back out and it is only me and Jefferson with the woman now. He looks at me as says.

“You better tell her what is going on before we leave here as you don’t want her taken off you because they will if they think you can’t handle her and there was several that wanted her.”

I nod my head and I look down at her and say “When we walk out of this room, you have to follow me with your head down, don’t look at anyone and don’t say anything no matter what is said or done, do you understand?”

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