Ngaio’s Secret Lover

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Big Tits

Spring was changing into early summer as Ngaio Ogilvie (Ngaio was so-named because her mom didn’t want her children with the surname of Smith having common first names) walked down to the riverside glade and removed all her clothing apart from her panties.

The sun soon warmed her body and she believed this process lifted her vitamin A level. She checked her watch as she limited this exposure to twenty minutes, not wishing to experience the downside to excessive exposure of Anglo-Saxon flesh to direct sunlight.

Contently she played with her nipples, arousing them. Rex’s declining interest in her body continued and she thought that was grossly unfair at their age, both being in their late thirties. He’d been more than interested until she became pregnant with Josh and then not so long after they’d recommence normal sex life she was pregnant with Sabrina and her once devoted husband began complaining about her ‘always’ being pregnant. Then Rex fell quiet and thereafter he rarely initiated, leaving that to her.

Ngaio wondered if his married groomer, that sleek bitch Rene with her knowing smile, now had Rex entertaining her sexually. If was difficult to know. It could be one of her close friends.

The nipples were now up, firm and rubbery. Ngaio wished someone would nip them. God she almost came as soon as Rex bit a nipple, not that he bothered with that these days when grinding her almost mechanically.

“Hi, you look relaxed and beautiful.”

Unruly blonde herself and devoid of make-up Ngaio’s heart panicked. She’d been caught almost nude. She swallowed.

“Um hi. This is very embarrassing for me.”

He laughed and in an accent unfamiliar said, “No worries. I’m disappointed I didn’t come across you with all your gear off.”

“C-could you pass me my dress from under the tree?”


“Pardon me.”

“You have very passable tits. I’d like to look at them while we chin-wag.”

“Y-you’re not from these parts?”

“The parts I can see appear brilliantly assembled.”

Ohmigod, she thought. He had an unnatural interest in her.

“Relax babe. I pose no threat.”

“You sound foreign. My mother warned me about foreigners.”

“That must have been many years ago.”

Ngaio istanbul escort said indignantly, “I’d remind you to be polite otherwise you may go.”

“Remind me? You hadn’t warned me previously.”

“Are you splitting hairs?”

He grinned and asked didn’t she shave.

She couldn’t believe he’d said that. How dare he.

“What’s your name babe?”

“Babe? At my age,” Ngaio almost gurgled. “Ngaio.”

The young guy of around twenty appeared almost astonished and said, “You’re kidding.”

“I’m not. Mom named me after an obscure author.”

“Ngaio Marsh?”

“I have no idea. It was such a long time ago.”

“It can’t be. You don’t look a day over fifty.”

Ngaio spluttered. Calming herself she said indignantly she was thirty-seven.

“That’s why your tits are in their prime.”

She said angrily, “Well if you have finished staring at them please pass me my dress.”

He ignored the request and sat down beside her, pulling off his backpack. Without a word he pulled out two sealed bottles of fruit juice and handed one to her.


“You expect me to drink with you?”

“Yeah, you are civilized and well-raised aren’t you?”

Ngaio conceded he was right about that and before she could refuse the drink he reached over her, brushing her breasts and twisted off the top.

“There you can’t waste good drink.”

She sighed and took a polite swig. Ohmigod, it was beautiful. Some kind of health shop drink probably.

“Where do you come from?”


“Where’s that.”

“South of here.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

He said that didn’t surprise him. He’d learned she and fellow countrymen believed they were the center of the universe.

“That’s rubbish.”

“Oh yeah?”


“With your cheeks pink like that you look good enough to kiss.”

“I’m a married woman with two children.”


“God have you no morals?”

“Only the ones that count. Come on, invite me to kiss you.”

The guy had light-colored shaggy hair but he was shaven and smelt clean.

“Very well, in return for the drink. It was beautiful.”

They kissed lightly and before avcılar escort she knew it he was stroking her right breast and the nipple responded instantly.

“Ohmigod, you can’t do this to me.”

“You’re lonely aren’t you, despite having two children and presumably a husband? They don’t seem to want you… is that it?”

“Something like that. Please don’t bite my nipples… I won’t be able to stop.”

The foreigner accepted the invitation and bit a nipple. Ngaio groaned and threw her arms around him and told him to bite harder but not too hard.

He did that and her legs opened, apparently automatically. She couldn’t believe it and the kid had his hand cupping her vulva and was asking was she protected. She said recklessly it didn’t matter, thinking she would be safe.

He unzipped and looking down Ngaio couldn’t believe a young guy could have such a rigid and thick pole like that. She helped him guide it in and closing her eyes opened her mouth and thrust out her tongue for him. Their tongues entwined and as he began his in-out routine he said to her sweetly, “You’re going to be a good fuck for me aren’t you?”

“Oh yes. I’ll try to make you remember this day, this place, this moment for the rest of your life.”

She began humping back at him with the vigor she used to display in her courting and early marriage days.

The green-eyed guy’s name was Brent Collins. He was twenty-three and had just completed a degree in animal science and was on extended vacation before taking up a position with a company specializing in producing sheep and cattle drenches for parasitic control. Ngaio, a cattle rancher’s daughter and now wife of a horse rancher knew what that meant. Brent had fetched her clothes and had fitted and fastened her bra for her, something no man had ever done for Ngaio.

“You are so gentle with your hands.”

“I collected butterflies and mounted then when I was young,” he laughed, and Ngaio could tell that was a lie.

She checked her watch. Damn, Rex would arrive soon expecting lunch to be ready.

“I’m sorry but I’ll have to go,” he said, looking at her wristwatch. “If I don’t complete this river walk on schedule I’ll miss the last bus from Tapperville şirinevler escort back to town. May we meet here tomorrow and the next four days and then I’ll be moving on? I was going to stay only one day but found there are many walking tracks in this region.”

“Walking tracks would be more interesting than talking to me.”

Brent looked at her sexily. “I’m thinking of the other things we can do besides talk.”

Ngaio colored.

“Do you ass-fuck?”

She turned crimson but held his gaze and said not since college. Rex was of the opinion only gays did that.

He grinned and said well they could think about it.

Ngaio smiled and said same time tomorrow would suit her fine.

Ngaio cried when Brent finally prepared to depart from her life. He wanted her address but she said no, her husband could easily intercept a letter or email.

“Then this is goodbye?”

“Yes,” she said, weeping. “These last few days have been wonderful for me. I’ll never forget you darling Brent.”

Later Ngaio found she had another reason for not forgetting Brent. She found she was pregnant. Ngaio made sure Rex had sex with her three nights in a row and when he asked, “This is unusual, what’s gotten into you?” she replied she really didn’t know, only that she felt a great need for sex.

When she told Rex she was pregnant he told her to get an abortion so she went home to her parents in great distress. Rex came for her, saying he was so terribly sorry and really wanted another child.

“I’ve spoken to the family. We all want you back and we can’t wait to see the baby.”

One day late in pregnancy Ngaio went to her computer and looked up the name Brent had said where he lived and after a couple of attempted spellings up it came: Aotearoa was the Maori name for New Zealand.

She looked up Ngaio and found it was a small evergreen tree, native to New Zealand and was the name of Dame Ngaio Marsh, a New Zealander who was a prolific writer and her output included thirty-two crime stories.

Ngaio had decided she’d want her baby named Brent if it were male. She began borrowing Ngaio Marsh’s novels from the town library to look for a heroine’s name for her baby if it were female.

Thank you Brent, she thought each night went Rex placed an arm around her lovingly.

That night Rex said, “Rene left today.”

“Oh, what was her reason for leaving.”

“All she said it wasn’t fun working for me anymore.”

Ngaio smiled and went on to her hands and knees for her very-willing husband.


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