New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 03

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Chapter One:

It’s been a very hot summer here on the central coast of California. To beat the heat, I made the trip over to the eastern side of the state to visit Sequoia National Park. I brought my walking partner, Catherine, to enjoy the hiking and nature. Catherine is a tall, big-titted brunette whom I just adore. We had not seen each other for over a month and so we caught up on our lives on the ride over to Sequoia.

We talked about the time spent with her daughter in Southern California, her pussy waxing sessions, happy endings, my prior RV’ing adventures and her green lace lingerie. By the time we got to the RV Park we were both quite horny.

I got us settled in space 6 and made lunch for the two of us before we fell into bed. During lunch Catherine showed me her oral skills using a banana. That was all it took for us to jump into my queen size bed with Catherine on top. My cock was firmly buried in her pussy within 15 minutes. We enjoyed mutual orgasms and then rested for thirty minutes.

I open my eyes. Catherine is still resting comfortably on top. I turn on my side and Catherine rolls off me, our bodies stay moulded together. My arm cradles her head and I kiss her softly. Her eyes flutter open.

“Oh, hey lover. I feel so good. I think I’ve been thoroughly fucked.”

“Yeah that was pretty incredible Cath. You are a tigress.”

We lay together basking in the warmth of each other’s bodies when we hear a commotion outside of our trailer. There is a loud voice shouting at someone.

“Turn to the left, I said to your left. Well turn to your other left.”

This raises our curiosity. I must see what’s going on out there. I get up from the bed and peer out the window. I see one older lady looking fairly exasperated making all kinds of hand signals to another lady driving the truck. Their trailer looks like it is about to jack-knife. I look over to Catherine who is lightly caressing her breasts.

“It looks like we have a couple of new lady campers and they are trying to back their trailer into space 7 right across the road from us. It doesn’t look like they are having much luck and doesn’t sound like they are communicating very well. Maybe I should go lend a hand?”

Catherine quips, “Well you should probably put some pants on? I know you love your cock and so do I, but it might be a bit early to show off to the neighbours.

Catherine laughs out loud. She loves to crack herself up. I thank her for the recommendation as I step into my cargo shorts. I open the trailer door and step out just as I hear Catherine say, “And don’t stare at their boobs, I know how you like to stare. Don’t scare them off.”

Again, I thank her for her advice. I look back at Catherine who is now pinching her nipples.

I walk over to the lady yelling out directions and introduce myself. She is wearing a see-through mesh top and I clearly see her pink nipples through the fabric. They cap what appear to be nice round C-cup tits. And, of course, I stare.

I extend my hand, “Hi, my name is Rob. It looks like you can use some assistance. That’s my trailer over there. It was real tricky getting it into the site, it took me several attempts to get it just right.”

Here I am, just meeting this lady and I am already lying through my teeth. I have a pull-through site. I thought it might help defuse her embarrassment.

“Well hello, I’m Abigail and that crazy lady driving is Olivia. We just bought this trailer together and this is our first trip. As you can see, we are real amateurs.”

“Perhaps I can help you get situated. I used to drive big rigs for a living and can probably park this baby for you.”

I just lied a second time in a matter of minutes. Maybe it’s Abigail’s tits that are causing me to fib. I am not following Catherine’s advice at all, I am staring. I just hope Abigail is not offended. We walk over to Olivia who is just sitting in the truck with hands on the wheel. Abigail introduces me to her friend.

“Hey Liv, this is Rob. That’s his rig next door. He’s offered to help get our trailer parked in the site. He used to drive trucks for a living.”

I offer my hand to shake, “Hello Olivia, it’s nice to meet you.

“Thank you, Rob, it’s nice to meet you too. And thanks for the offer to help, that is really kind of you. I guess you can tell that we’re not professionals? Abby was telling me one thing and I was doing the opposite. Now we’re in a bit of a mess.”

I assure the two ladies that I can fix the problem, if they won’t mind me getting behind the wheel of their truck. Olivia seems delighted, gets out of her truck and hands me the key. I take the keys and notice that she is wearing a bikini top and Daisy Duke shorts. Her top is way too small to contain her enormous breasts. They seem to be as big as Denise’s tits which are 34GG. Again, I can’t help but stare. Olivia doesn’t say a word as I get into her truck.

Their trailer is one of those cute little r-pods which are halkalı escort teardrop shaped and ultra-light. It’s very easy to pull and simple to park, but I am not about to tell these two gorgeous creatures that.

“I’m going to circle back around the park and line up your trailer with this space and we’ll back it in straight”

Abigail answers, “OK Rob, we’ll trust your judgement.”

I drive forward and the jack-knifed trailer straightens out. It’s easy to pull as I make the short drive around and back to the space next to mine. I line up the r-pod with their driveway and back it in with no effort at all. The ladies are impressed with my handling of their trailer. It’s situated perfectly straight and centred in their space.

I get out of the truck and Olivia comes up and gives me the biggest hug, smashing her huge tits into my bare chest. Her warm skin feels terrific against my body.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You make it look so easy.”

“Well, I’ve had a little practice over the years.”

Abigail is all smiles too. I hand the truck keys back to Olivia. I offer to help them set up and they accept.

Abigail tells me, “This is our first time doing it on our own. The technician where we bought our trailer walked us through all of the steps, but to be honest, we don’t remember everything he said.”

I enjoy the next twenty minutes helping our two new campmates get settled. I have plenty of opportunities to view their gorgeous figures. I would guess them to be in their early to mid-forties, with toned bodies and sparkling eyes. Oh, and did I mention those fabulous boobs. Both are well developed, not to mention Abigail’s pink nipples poking through her mesh top.

“Well ladies, where are you from? We just came over from Pismo Beach.”

“We’re just down the road in Visalia. Olivia and I didn’t want to go too far for our first trailer experience. We just love it here. A lot of people recommended the Sequoia RV Ranch since it’s only eight miles from the National Park entrance.”

I instruct the ladies on how to place chalks around the wheels so the trailer doesn’t move when they unhook it from the truck. I watch them unhook the hitch and disengage it from the ball. I offer a couple of suggestions. The small r-pod uses a hand crank to lift the trailer. Olivia does the honour and as she bends over to rotate the handle, her massive breasts shake and nearly pop out of her small bikini top.

Abigail hops into the truck and parks it next to their trailer. In the meantime, I help Olivia unpack the electrical cable, water hose and sewer line from the storage bay. Abigail joins us while I show them the proper way to set up all the connections. In no time at all, they have power and water in their trailer.

I’ve never been inside an r-pod before and I ask the ladies for a quick tour. They are more than happy to show me. They seem to be very proud as they point out all the features of the trailer. The manufacturer created some nice amenities including a microwave and queen-size bed. Abigail points out that she and Olivia get to share the bed.

I thank the ladies for the tour and let them know I’m here with my girlfriend, Catherine. We will be having a campfire tonight and I invite them both.

I add, “If there is anything you need while we are camping together, just ask. I’m more than happy to help you lovely ladies.”

Abigail is delighted, “A campfire sounds like fun Rob. Olivia and I will get some rest, have dinner and then join you for the fire. I’d like to meet Catherine.”

Once again, they thank me for all the help and give me huge hugs. Olivia’s boobs press into my chest and nearly fall out of her bikini. Her left breast rises and a good portion of her nipple is exposed. From what I see, she has large pale aureole the size of saucers.

Olivia tucks her left breast back into her bikini cup, “Oops, I guess I’m showing more than I should. Abigail likes me to wear this top, but I swear it’s hard to keep these big boobs contained.”

Abigail laughs as she hugs me. I feel her stiff nipples etch my skin.

“Thanks again for all your help Rob.”

“It’s totally my pleasure.”

I walk back to my trailer and check on Catherine. She is still lying on the bed in her green lace lingerie. Her breasts are fully exposed and her hands are now between her thighs. The fingers of one hand are playing with her thick triangle of hair while her other hand is rubbing her clit. She has a satisfied smile.

“Welcome back Rob, you’ve been gone quite a while. Were you able to help the ladies in distress? As you can see I’ve been enjoying my time alone. Come lay down and tell me all about it.”

I kick off my shorts and join Catherine on the bed. I massage her boobs as she continues to play with her pussy.

“Yes, I was able to help. We have a couple of rookie campers across the way, Olivia and Abigail. This is their first time out with their new trailer. I parked it for şişli escort them and then showed them how to hook up the utility lines. You won’t believe this, but Abigail is wearing a black mesh top and I could clearly see her pink nipples. I bet her aureole are at least three inches wide and her nipples were poking through the material.”

Catherine’s fingers are combing through her triangle of thick pubic curls, “Please tell me you didn’t stare? You didn’t stare, did you?”

“Not only that, but Olivia has some huge tits, as big as Denise’s. And she is wearing this tiny bikini top that can barely contain those monsters.”

Catherine’s two fingers circle her clitoris over and over, “You did stare, I can tell by that guilty look.”

“Well, of course I did.”

“I hope you didn’t scare them off.”

“No, on the contrary. They were so appreciative of the help that they each gave me a big hug. I invited them to join us around a campfire this evening.”

Catherine works her clit faster as she talks.

“Should I be jealous?”

“Of course not. I think they may be a little more than just friends. I got a quirky vibe when I was with them.”

“Oh please, you think every lady is gay, or at least bi. Well, you’re not always right. Now play with my boobs while I rub my pussy.”

I massage Catherine’s tits and pinch her nipples while her fingers invade her cunt.

I whisper, “Cath, I love watching you masturbate. It’s so erotic. Make yourself cum baby.”

I kiss her cheek and lick her earlobe. Catherine shivers with my touch and rubs her clit harder. She smiles, her eyes are shut as she concentrates on her impending climax. I continue to caress her boobs. I feel her nipples stiffen against my palm as her body gently shudders. Catherine spreads her legs and lifts her hips as if she is reaching for an invisible cock to penetrate her pussy. Two fingers slide in and out between her moist slit while her other hand works overtime stimulating her pink nub.

I feel Catherine shudder some more and then her whole body stiffens momentarily before completely relaxing. Her breathing is quick and shallow as she rides through a silent orgasm. She has a grin from ear to ear as she turns her head to look at me. Her hands move up her body and she closes her legs. She offers her fingers to me and I suck on her digits savouring her girl juice. As I lick the sweet cum from her fingers, she closes her eyes and slips into dreamland.

I lie next to Catherine with a million thoughts roaming through my brain. My cock is rock hard and I think about jacking off while she slumbers. I wrap my hand around the thick shaft but I don’t move. On second thought perhaps, I’ll wait until I can be inside Catherine’s tight wet pussy before I release another round of jizz.

I think about how lucky I am to be lying next to a sexy lady with lovely big tits and the most perfect deep red nipples; someone who is not afraid to masturbate with me watching. I lay my hand on Catherine’s triangle of soft hair covering her mons. I think about the two ladies I just met who don’t mind showing a bit of skin to a stranger and wonder what their sexual preference is. I think about Denise and Julie and Laura back home. Yes, I am a lucky guy. I close my eyes and join Catherine for a little more siesta time.

Chapter Two:

Catherine and I begin to stir around 5:00 PM. My hand is still covering her pussy, so I move my fingers around her labia to see if I can get her attention. She opens her eyes and places a hand on top of mine.

She whispers, “Looking for something?”

“Just making sure you don’t run off with some other guy or gal.”

Catherine presses her hand down harder on top of mine as my middle finger slips between her soft folds.

“I won’t be running off for at least a week.”

Catherine lifts my hand from between her thighs and rolls over to plant a wet kiss on my lips. She says she can get used to this kind of treatment. I let her know that she will be receiving this treatment and more for the next week.

“What do you think about having a little dinner? I planned an easy meal for our first night, Chicken Caesar salad with Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. I made the biscuits at home, so we just need to heat them up. I’ll get started on the salad in a few minutes.”

“Sounds divine. Let me know if I can help, otherwise I think I’ll just lay in this soft comfy bed. Two orgasms can wear a girl out.”

“You may stay right there as long as you stay naked. I love looking at your beautiful body. I propose we both stay naked as long as we are in the trailer.”

“I love that idea.”

I kiss Catherine one more time and then get up to start dinner. I grab a few items from the refrigerator; the chicken and romaine lettuce and begin cutting and chopping. While I stand at the counter next to the sink preparing dinner I look out the window across to our new camp neighbours.

“Oh my sarıyer escort god, would you look at that.”

“What is it Rob?”

I believe our new friends, Olivia and Abigail are going at it. Their little r-pod is shaking back and forth. If I hadn’t of chalked the tires, that trailer would be rolling down the hill. You know what they say, if the trailer is a rockin, don’t bother knockin.”

“Geez Rob, you really do have a pervert’s eye. They’re probably just moving around inside and a tiny trailer like that just shifts more.”

“It doesn’t rock this much. Come look at it. There is a definite rhythm to the rocking.”

Catherine gets up from the bed and stands behind me to look out the side window. She presses her big tits into my back and reaches around to grab my cock. She tells me I just have a fertile imagination and would like to think the ladies are getting it on. She squeezes my shaft a few times for emphasis.

“No really, look at the front hitch and don’t tell me that little baby isn’t moving a good four inches back and forth. Man, someone is really getting it good.”

Catherine chides me, “Should I go over and knock on the door? I can inquire as to who is fucking whom and what size of a dildo they are using. Oh my god Rob, you are getting hard. Is the thought of them making love turning you on?”

“No, I believe you wanking my cock is getting me hard.”

Catherine drops to her knees and turns me around. She grabs my shaft with both hands and pumps back and forth.

“Catherine, what are you doing?”

“Well it looks like I am not getting any dinner until you stop obsessing about our neighbour’s sex life. And the best way to get you to stop obsessing is a good old-fashioned blow job. The sooner you cum, the sooner I get my Caesar salad.”

Catherine grabs my ball sack and rolls my nuts around with her fingers. Her other hand squeezes the base of my shaft as she opens her mouth wide. Catherine sucks my cock while moving her tongue back and forth along the underside of my hard shaft. She jacks me off as she sucks my cock. She alternates between sucking on my spongy tip and licking up and down my length. Her hot mouth has me throbbing.

Seeing Olivia and Abigail kept my cock semi-erect for the last half hour and now I am on the verge of exploding in Catherine’s mouth. Her hand moves up and down my shaft while squeezing me as hard as she can. I feel my climax build from the base of my cock to the tip. She pumps my cock and I unleash a rope of cum that splashes in the back of her throat. Catherine takes me all the way into her mouth swallowing my jizz down her throat. My knees begin to buckle as she sucks my cock and I continue to orgasm. I must hold on to her shoulders to stay upright.

“Gawd Catherine, you are so talented. I give up, you’ll get your Caesar salad now. I love your blow jobs.”

Catherine’s tongue licks my shaft as I soften between her lips. She releases me and smacks her lips.

“I wouldn’t mind having this as the salad dressing. Have I told you how much I love your cum?”

I grab Catherine’s hand and help her stand. We embrace and share a deep soulful kiss. I taste remnants of my jizz as my tongue invades her mouth. I hold her tight and press her huge tits against my chest. We look out the window and see that the r-pod shaking has ended. We share a laugh and I continue preparing dinner.

We both remain naked. Catherine sets the table as I finish my duties. We enjoy dinner and make plans for our hiking the next day. A piece of lettuce drops onto Catherine’s left boob and a bit of the dressing drips down her puckered nipple.

“Oops, I bet you’d like to lick this.”

Catherine smiles as she picks up the piece of salad and sensually stuffs it into her mouth. She wipes up the dressing from her crimson red nipple and reaches over to me to taste. I suck on her finger for several moments.

After dinner, we clean the dishes together. I stand next to her as she dries the plates. I bend down and lick her left nipple where a bit of salad dressing remains. I suck her erect bud into my mouth and suckle like a new born. Catherine pulls my head tight against her tit.

“If you keep this up, we’re going to end up in bed before the campfire.”

I promise her a long night of loving after the fire. Right now, it’s time to get it started and for Catherine to meet the new campers next door. Reluctantly we put on some warm clothes and head outside. I’m a great fire builder and before long we are seated in front of a roaring fire that warms our bodies. Catherine has a bottle of brandy to warm our souls.

Olivia and Abigail walk over to our site with their camp chairs. They are both bundled up; prepared for the cool night air. There are no big tits or pink nipples for me to drool over. I introduce Catherine to our temporary neighbours. They are both drinking cups of coffee and I offer to top off their drinks with some brandy, which they both happily accept.

Abigail speaks, “It’s so nice to meet you Catherine. You are so lucky to have Rob. He is a god send. Without him, we would still be trying to set up our trailer. He made it look so easy.”

Olivia adds, “Yeah, his days as a professional truck driver really paid off. He parked our trailer in a matter of minutes.”

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