Never Been Attracted To Men

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A heterosexual man has his first homosexual experience.

I consider myself a heterosexual man. I am very attracted to the female form. I’m 28, I go to the gym and at my physical peak. I came seven times one night with the girl I am presently dating.

But there is one thing I have always wondered. From a woman’s perspective. How does it feel to have a penis inside? Is orgasm better for a woman than it is for a man? You can’t ask these questions to a woman, because they just look at you funny.

I did have one girlfriend admit she wondered what it was like to have a penis. I didn’t know how to explain that to her either. She said sometimes she wishes she had one. She actually wanted to hold my penis one time while I peed. That was fun and erotic.

Well, sometimes I wish I had a vagina. Since I am a man and will never have a vagina. I have to take the next best thing and I think you know where this is going.

I have purchase dildos of various sizes and shapes. I do like the feel of things in my butt. Does that make me gay? Ha Ha!

I don’t find men attractive or sexy. Not even a little bit. But I do find penises attractive. The thought of kissing a man on the lips repulses me. I have never felt another mans penis. Although I love mine. I often wished I could just fuck and suck myself.

I love the look and size of my penis. It is eight inches long and quite thick. If I could suck it, I would do it, and eat my cum. Having a muscle like that in my ass seems very erotic to me. Something alive, electric and pulsing. Not a piece of plastic.

I envy women having the opportunity to get fucked by a real live pulsating penis. By a guy who knows how to use it.

When I was younger working in the art field and modeling. I had many men try to pick up on me. I had many opportunities to be with a man. But I never did. I wanted to explore the penis but did not want the man attached to it. That is when I lost interest. So I never pursued my secret interest. I would like to give head. I often wished I could give head to myself so I didn’t have to deal with the man attached.

I am intrigued by transexuals. In a perfect world. The best butt fuck for me would be by a beautiful feminine woman with a penis. Most transexuals are too manly. With their low voices, big hands, and Adams apples. But the combination of a feminine touch with beautiful breasts, curvy hips, and a penis would be the perfect way for me to be butt fucked. I assume if I looked hard enough, I could find a transexual that was very much like a woman. I would give that a try.

I don’t have any desire to butt fuck a man either. I have rarely had anal sex with my girlfriends. Not very interested. The vagina is a beautiful thing to me, inside and out. Besides I am somewhat large and most of my girlfriends don’t want something that big in their ass. Why would they, they have a vagina.

I want to feel a throbbing snake deep inside my ass. I want to feel that surge of cum shooting inside me. The same way a female feels cum shoot inside her vagina.

I started dating this cute little blonde girl. I didn’t know her very well. But we had great sex. Once she asked me to meet her at the theatre where she was a prop master. When I got there she introduced me to the director. She told him I was an artist / graphic designer. He asked if I wanted to do their next poster and program.

So I showed up at his house along with many other actors. We sat around his living room reading through lines for the new play he was directing. They were a stable of actors he works with regularly. I just came to get an idea about the play to do the best art I could, for the poster and program.

He asked me to read a couple parts. They did not offer me a role. But I was not expecting one. I was just there to get ideas for the poster art.

The director asked. “I know another director who is looking to fill a part that you may be good for. Would you like to go for an audition?”

He gave me his number, so I called to arrange a meeting.

He said, “I am having an industry party at my house. Come to it and we can talk. Dan has already told me about you.”

When I got there it was a cool rustic style house up in the hills. It looked as if it was built right into the hillside. It actually was. Some of the stones from the mountain were protruding into the jacuzzi area.

I was not surprised to see mostly gay men at the party. Since the play was about gay men. I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping to party with some actresses. Not the case. Most of the women were gay as well.

As the party went on, the booze and food kept flowing. I was feeling a good buzz but not out of control. I was up for a good party with or without the beautiful women.

As the night went on the women and their girlfriends seem to disappear and the party seemed to gravitate silivri escort towards the huge hot tub area.

I work out a lot and as I said. I have done some modeling. I was told, the role the director needs to fill is a male prostitute. He must be handsome, muscular and a big bulge in his pants. My costume would be a very tight pair of ripped jeans and a tight t-shirt. I can do that.

During my college days, I would model partially nude for painting and drawing classes. It helped pay my tuition and meet girls.

Looking around I noticed I was one of the youngest and hottest guys at the party. At one point I was welcomed into the hot tub. There was an attractive woman in there. So I thought, why not. I apologized for not bringing a swimsuit. I did not know it was this kind of party.

She said, “that’s ok you don’t need a suit.”

As she sat there watching me take off my clothes. Lucky for me I was wearing underwear that night. So I got down to my boxers and jumped in.

As I sat in this massive hot tube I felt a little self-conscious. I did not know what to say. That soon went away. There was always someone there with another drink and interesting conversation. So I was keeping a pretty good buzz on.

Suddenly the hot girl left with her female date, leaving me there alone with a bunch of guys. It didn’t take me very long to figure out I was quite popular. The new boy in town. There was always another guy coming up to talk.

Guy or girl, there was always some interesting conversation. Theatre people be it gay or straight are an interesting breed and fun to party with.

This handsome guy slides over to me in the hot tub. He was built a lot like me. Muscular, clean cut. He was very personable and we had a good conversation.

We were close to the speakers so it was hard to hear each other at times. So he would move closer to me to talk. His knee kept bumping my thigh. Then his hand touched my thigh. I didn’t move away so I guess he thought it was ok.

He kept getting closer to me, talking in my ear and kept his hand on my thigh. His speaking in my ear sent chills up my spine and I was getting somewhat aroused.

I put my hand on the inside of his thigh. He immediately put his hand on my cock. I was already half erect. When he could tell I was receptive he slipped his hand inside my boxers and started gently stroked my shaft. It felt good in this hot water. I reached over and felt for his. He had already slipped his shorts off and had a full on erection. It was quite a hand full. Long but not too fat. The perfect size to stick in my virgin ass.

From using my dildos I estimated that he was more than long enough fill my ass front to back. The perfect size that I imagined to get fucked by. Not too thick that it hurts and long enough to hit bottom.

When I use my dildos the most sensitive spot in my ass is when it hits the very end. Gently hitting bottom gives me a boner every time. Just the thought of my ass being full gives me a boner. I love that feeling.

We stopped talking, enjoying just stroking each other. For the first time, I got to feel an erect penis, other than my own. It feels totally different when it’s not yours. With him, I felt comfortable. All I could think about was sucking the head of that cock.

I started feeling self-conscious again. I had never done this with a man. Is anyone I know watching? No one I knew from my straight life was at this party. This is another world. And no one at the party even cared about us. They were all involved in their own affairs.

Before I could look back he was under water giving me head and stroking my balls. It was very erotic and nasty to have a man sucking my cock. I had to stop him. I was about to shoot my wad in his mouth. I didn’t want the night to end so soon.

When he came back up for air. He said, follow me. We both jumped out of that nice warm jacuzzi, grabbed a couple towels and I followed him to a small bedroom.

As soon as we got into the room and closed the door, he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me over.

I stood in front of him and he immediately started sucking my cock. I was already hard. After a few minutes, I had to stop him again, before I came.

Now it was my turn. Finally my chance to give head. So I got down on my knees as he continued to sit on the bed and I started sucking him off. He was totally erect and totally shaved clean. It was like a reticulating boa constrictor. Long enough that I could suck on his head and jack him off at the same time.

This is the first time I’ve had a cock in my mouth, ever. I’ve never experienced an oral sensation quite like it before. It even tasted good. I had his balls in my left hand, stroked his shaft with my right and the head of his cock in my mouth.

Trying to get it down my throat. But it is şirinevler escort harder than it looks. I was not very practiced. So I resorted to mostly sucking the head. Which I enjoyed very much.

His cock got super hard so he must have liked it. I even tasted little bits of cum leaking out as I sucked. It tasted good. I have always fantasized about sucking myself off and eating my cum. Even the feel of the skin sliding up and down his shaft as I stroked it, is very erotic to me.

I was developing a splitting hard boner. Mostly because it was so nasty and taboo for me to be sucking another man’s cock. All the time wondering, how that thing is going to feel in my ass.

I could tell he was about to shoot his load. I didn’t know if I should stop. I wanted to. I was afraid if I made him cum he may not be able to get it up again to fuck me. What I really want is that snake pumping deep in my ass.

He asked if I wanted to do 69. So we slid our naked bodies up onto the bed in the 69 position. Now I was comfortable and could concentrate on giving him a good sucking and stroking while getting my dick sucked at the same time. He was really good. Better than most girls. I once heard that a man gives better head because he knows what feels best.

It was all I could do to keep from cumming. At one point he had my whole cock down his throat. I was feeling ready to shoot my load. So I pulled back. He grabbed my hips and pull me back in.

I quietly said to him, “Not so fast I am going to cum.”

He pulled me out and said, “go ahead and cum. I want you to.”

After he said that, I was ready to shoot my load. The next time I felt his lips hit the bottom of my shaft I knew I was in as far as my eight inches was going to go.

So I pushed hard as my balls slapped against his face. Right about then he started rubbing my ass hole. Then he stuck his finger in. At that point, I was super excited and ready to unload. He kept pushing his finger deeper into my ass as he pulled my cock deeper down his throat.

I kept pushing as I felt the end of my cock rubbing against his throat making me ready to explode. He didn’t seem to mind. He took it all and never pushed me away. In fact, his dick was hard as a rock as I kept sucking and stroking it.

The intensity was building in my cock until I could not hold back anymore. I let go of all my cum as hard as I could pump it down his throat. He took it all in.

I was worried that he might cum. He was so hard I was afraid he was going to shoot and my moment for a good butt fucking would be over. So I stopped sucking. I kept pumping his face like a pussy until I was completely spent and starting to lose my erection.

He kept sucking until I was completely limp. When I did pull out he sucked and licked it clean. He still had his finger in my ass. If he left it in there much longer, I would start getting another erection.

By this time he was horny. His boner was hard as it could be and he hadn’t cum yet. We didn’t say anything. I just wanted to feel that long hard cock in my ass.

I said, “do you want to fuck me.”

We didn’t say anything. I slid up on all fours with my face on the pillow. I saw a tube of lube on the side table and handed it to him.

As he was lathering up his cock and my ass.

I said. “Use lots of that stuff. I am a virgin.”

“You are a virgin? ” He said. “What an honor. I will take it very slowly.”

I could feel him rubbing the extra lube on my butt hole and slowly slipped a finger in as he reached down and started jacking me off. I was already hard again. It feels totally different to have this done by someone other than myself. I could just lay there and enjoy it. This must be what it is like for a woman.

He didn’t want to finger my ass for very long. Soon I could feel the end of his cock rubbing against my butt hole. It felt good. It was very soft. I have a sensitive spot. Kinda like a woman’s clit. He pushed a little harder as his penis slowly open me up as his mushroom spread me apart to enter. It felt good.

I was preparing for this to hurt a bit. But it didn’t. Just a comfortable release of tension as it slipped past the fat part of the head of his penis. He sat there to let my opening relax and get accustomed to the thickness of his shaft.

As he sat there with the head of his cock inside me.

He asked, “how does that feel?”

I said, “It hurts a little.”

He said, “soon it will feel good.”

Then he pulled out completely. That felt good. Then he stuck it in again. It went in easier this time. He slathered on more lube then slowly slide it in a little deeper. It hurt a little when it got to the thicker part of his shaft.

He pushed it in a little deeper again. I could feel the thickness of his shaft stretching me a little more. It hurt again. şişli escort But it was a good pain. He pulled back very slowly. Slathered more lube on the part of his cock that wasn’t in yet. Then he pushed in again. Then he pulled out completely. He did this several times. That release of pressure felt good. But I wanted it back in.

I have already had dildos and vibrators in my ass. So I was ready for this.

He slowly slid it back in. This time it went in easier and felt better. He went a little deeper again. He left his shaft in one place again to let my opening get accustomed to his thickness.

I could feel it twitch inside me. The first time a real penis is in my ass. Was so erotic to me to feel alive unit throbbing inside. Felt so much better than a dildo.

He kept slipping it deeper. The deeper he went the more it filled my ass and the better it felt. He continued to slowly slide his lubed up penis back and forth. The longer he was in there the better it felt. He gradually pumped a little faster. Then he would slowly push it in a little deeper every time until he started to hit bottom. When he hit bottom it was an amazing feeling.

I wasn’t feeling pain anymore. As soon as he kept hitting bottom I started to get a super hard erection. I never felt such an awesome feeling. I was right. No dildo or vibrator comes close to the feel of a real live pulsating penis.

When I felt his shaft hit bottom I reached back to feel his cock, and it was still not all in.

I said to him, “Push it all in if you can.”

He started pushing harder and hitting the end of his cock in the deepest depths of my ass hole. He kept pushing and slamming my asshole a little harder each time. My erection was getting bigger. I felt like I could cum again. It felt like his cock was going deeper in my ass. I don’t know where it was going but I could tell he had it all in when I could feel his thighs hit my butt cheeks and his balls slapping mine.

I reached back to stroke his balls as they flopped back and forth. When I did he plunged his cock deep as it would go and held it there so I could fondle his balls. I think it made him even harder. Because it felt like his cock was going places I never felt before.

The harder he pumped and deeper he went the better it felt. He kept pumping my ass and I liked it rough. I was getting an extremely hard boner. Felt like I was going to cum and I wasn’t even touching myself.

After a few minutes. He said, “I am going to cum.”

He could have pumped me for an hour and I wouldn’t mind. I could feel his cock getting super hard and seemed to get thicker as it filled up my ass hole even more.

The closer he came to cumming the harder and deeper he slammed his rock hard cock in my ass. Every time he hit bottom I felt a surge of electricity that was making me ready to cum.

He grabbed my hips and pumped me like a madman. Slamming me harder and harder until he pushed in as deep as he could go. Whatever he was hitting in there was giving me a butt orgasm.

Holding onto my hips so I could not slide forward. He stopped pumping and slammed his shaft as deep into my ass as he could go, then let go of a warm surge of cum. As he slammed his cock deep in my ass with short bursts of an orgasmic wad, he was moaning and grunting like a wild beast.

It was like he hit a g-spot deep inside my butt and I could not hold back. It is so erotic to have a real cock cumming inside me that I started to cum myself and I wasn’t even jacking off. I came so hard, my splooge hit me in the face.

It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. To have an orgasm from my butt and ejaculated at the same time without jacking off.

I was addicted to anal sex from that day on. But I’m still not attracted to men. I am still attracted to women. I need to find a very feminine tranny to fuck me. But until then I will have to settle for a wham bam thank you, man.

When we were about to go back out to the party, I ask him if any of his friends would like to fuck me. My butt was stretched out, full of cum and ready for more.

I could probably cum again. I had discovered how wonderful anal sex can feel. I wasn’t done yet and still had the urged for another cock in my ass.

He said, “all the guys at the party were looking at you. I will have no problem finding someone to fuck you. Every guy and girl were watching when you took your clothes off to slip into the hot tub.”

So I sat there on the edge of the bed. One guy after another came in. They stood there as I gave them head until they were hard. I handed them a tube of lube, then got down on my knees on the bed. It was awesome.

I had two other guys fuck me that night. The second one made me cum again. The third one had a very thick long cock and it took a while to get it in. It did hurt a bit. So I did not cum with that one. Besides, I think I was all cummed out by then.

It was a very memorable evening and I would repeat it anytime. Although I do miss the curves and breasts of a woman. My next fantasy will be to have the best of both worlds. Fucked hard by a beautiful transexual woman with a big cock. Then she lets me fuck her back.

To be continued …

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