Neighbors to Lovers Ch. 02

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Public Sex

The next morning was a very good morning. Not just because nobody’s head throbbed, or that the weather outside promised to be incredible that day. Not just because they had no place they had to be that morning either.

It was just pretty hard to not feel this great if one had a pair of soft but eager lips working their magic around one’s cock as a wake-up call, the sensation causing Emmet to moan as the world finally began to make sense to him.

Emmet inhaled sharply through his nose and fully opened his eyes, taking in the accompanied sight he had already realized was happening while half-asleep.

“I must’ve died and gone to heaven,” Emmet murmured as he exhaled.

Giselle’s eyes smiled back up at him from the position between his legs, her hands and mouth busy at work, delving his member deeper into her throat. Her tongue was incredibly warm. It was a beautiful sight.

She swirled her tongue against his most sensitive spot, at times circling around his head too. Her one hand was positioned at the bottom of his shaft, while the other kept pumping along, allowing Sincan Escort her mouth to just focus on the head. Oh, she’d definitely done this before, not that he’d doubted that after all the positions and tricks she’d already managed to show him after the two nights they’d spent together. She just hadn’t done this to him before.

Emmet moaned, and tentatively, almost exploratively, let his hand explore her neck and reach into her wavy head of hair, intertwining into it. He had no intention of going rough – this was nice as it was, but each casual brush of her hair sent that whiff of mango into the air, definitely not a scent for everyone, but to him this was by now inherently hers, and he just wanted to connect.

And that action got a welcome response, as her eyes met his again.

He throbbed in her grip, feeling spoiled by this treatment, having not expected her to do that. After last night he’d almost assumed she’d sleep the morning off – even just cuddling would’ve been fine.

For a moment her mouth let go of his member with an audible pop, her lips beautifully Ankara Olgun Escort reddened and smiled, while her hand continued to pump him in earnest.

His hand explored her naked form as much as he could reach. Her skin felt like silk – soft and tender. She looked delicate in the morning light, her blonde hair a little messy, and that slight bit of her lip – that was just pure torture.

“Good morning,” she chimed, in the sweetest tone which was like music to his ears.

“Oh yeah…?” Emmet replied with a light chuckle, placing his elbow behind his head to see her better. He felt incredibly powerful like that – and this was the best assurance that he hadn’t convinced her to sleep with him, gotten her drunk or anything like that. This gorgeous young thing had wanted to suck him off first thing in the morning and honestly that was pretty damn flattering to someone his age.

Giselle leaned in again and took him into her mouth, continuing the sweetest form of teasing. Being as close as he was – his mind being already so far gone – he bent Ankara Ucuz Escort his one leg and gently gushed into her. And then she did it – she sucked, and sucked, while her tongue just kept curving against his most sensitive spot.

“Oh, fuck! I’m so close,” Emmet managed, unsure if she actually wanted him to come into her mouth or not. They were still kind of new at this, after all.

But Giselle just kept going, sucking, swirling and bucking her head along with it, showing no remorse – or intent to remove her mouth. It honestly felt a little unfair even to leave her without her release after something as delicious as this.

There was a slight reaction in Giselle’s face as Emmet came in her mouth, either the suddenness of it, or the cum itself – he was too overwhelmed with pleasure to really know the difference. But what surprised him, was that she didn’t let go, but sucked gently through the last of his orgasm, allowing him to carry the one into another. She then loosened the suction but didn’t stop, instead carefully licking him clean.

“Oh, man..,” Emmet groaned and folded his arm around her as she landed next to her, pulling her close. “What was that for?” he exclaimed seconds later, when his ears had stopped ringing, still breathing heavily.

“Just doing my part. This was only fair,” Giselle reported smilingly.

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