Neighborhood Help

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I had recently moved into a new house on the other side of town. I had just gotten out a nasty divorce settlement 4 months ago and I made out like a bandit. I decided to sell my house because it was to big for one person to handle.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Cassandra, I am 47 years old and I am 5’7″ 118lbs, with straight brown hair that comes down just past my ears. I have blue eyes and 34B breasts. I have fabulous ass and long slender legs. I work out about 4 times a week to keep my body toned.

I have two daughters that are 24 and 21. The eldest is married and living in New York and the youngest daughter is away at grad school down south.

I recently divorced my cheating alcoholic husband of 25 years, because I found out that he was sleeping with half of the women in his office. I felt the need to move to a house that was more manageable since I was going to be living by myself.

I work as a hotel manager for a french boutique hotel in a large east coast city. I spend a great deal of time there since my husband was never around and my daughters are grown up.

I had been living in my house for about a month. It was a nice cozy house for me. I had unpacked all of my boxes and everything was now in

place. I realized that the house was lacking some color and I decided to paint the downstairs of the house. I also realized that the painting

was going to be too much for me to handle by myself. My neighbor from two doors down was an attractive looking young man about my eldest

daughter’s age. He would have been perfect for my youngest daughter.

I know that I got a tingle between my legs when ever I would see him. He is about 6’1″ 180 lbs and very athletic build to him. His brown

hair and green eyes made him very irresistible. I decided to talk to him one night after I got done running. He was taking his garbage out

to the curb as was I. He looked over and said hi to me. I waved to him and started walking over to him.

As I got closer to him I said “Hi Aaron, how have you been?”

“I am doing pretty good and you Cassandra?” he responded.

“Im okay, I just got back from a run.”

I noticed Aaron checking me out as his eyes went up and down my body I was wearing just a sports bra and running shorts.

“How far did you run?” he said.

“I went about 3 miles,” I replied.

“That is pretty good, that what I average, we will have to go for a run together one of these days,” he said.

“Yeah let me know when,” I said.

My nipples started to get hard and think he noticed it, because his eyes where right on my breasts.

“Do you know anyone that paints?” “I am looking for someone to paint or help me paint my downstairs,” I said.

“I can help you paint if you want,” he responded.

“That would be great,how much do you want me to pay you?” I asked.

Aaron said he wasn’t sure, but lets go take a look at your downstairs area. We went into my

house and he commented that he liked the way I had the place set up.

I showed him the colors that I had selected.

“These are very nice colors Cassandra,” “I think it should take us about 3-4 days to get this painted,” he said.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute, I was wondering if my moisture was going to run down my legs.

“We can start Friday after work, around 6:30; I’ll bring the pizza,” he said looking at me.

“That is a deal, I will bring the wine,” I replied back to him.

He then wished me a good night and went back to his house. I watched him from my bedroom as I undressed myself. My nipples were as hard as a rock and my pussy was very wet. My thong was soaked as I pulled it out from between my lips. I opened my night stand and took out my 7″ vibrator. I turned it on and slid it right into my pussy.

No need to get myself worked up, I put the vibrator on the highest setting and began pump away at my pussy. I was cumming within seconds. I kept cumming as I thought about Aaron fucking me. I cam two more times before I turned it off and got in the shower.

Once kaynarca escort I got into the shower, I was still pretty worked up and had to put the showerhead between my legs to get myself off two more times.

The next two days went by quickly. On Friday morning, I saw Aaron as I was leaving for work. I was so worked up on the drive into work that I

had to lock myself in my office and masturbate with the dildo from my desk drawer.

Friday seemed to drag on forever, I finally left around 5:30 and picked up a couple of bottles of wine on the way home. I got home around 6:00 and went upstairs to change. While undressing I noticed that my thong was soaked. I couldn’t stop thinking about Aaron. I don’t know what has come over me. I am old enough to be his mother; but I

can’t stop thinking about him fucking my brains out. I quickly got out the dildo and fucked myself again.

I put on a new thong with some old shorts and a t-shirt. I checked myself in the mirror and then I heard a knock at the door.

I went downstairs to find Aaron standing there with a pizza box. I let him in and took the pizza box from him. We sat down and ate and talked about our work days. I learned that Aaron worked about 7 blocks over from my hotel. We agreed to get together for lunch one of these days. I had opened the bottle of wine and poured each of us a


After eating we decided that we should get started painting. Aaron decided it would be best if I did the edging and he went with the roller. I went around doing the edges and the corners. This required me to get up onto the ladder. I could feel Aaron’s eyes on my ass and trying to look up my shorts. It was turning me on more and more by the minute.

We were able to get two walls done in my living room. At that point I was starting to get tired and it was almost ten o’clock. I poured myself another glass of wine. I was already on my third glass and I was feeling great. I watched Aaron as he got done cleaning up the paint supplies. I sat down on the couch admiring his gorgeous body.

“How come you don’t have a girlfriend?” I asked him.

“I am in between girlfriends,” he said as he reached for his glass of wine, “I just got out of a long-term relationship with a girl that was a little to possessive and wanted to have kids right away.” he said back to me.

“And how come beautiful woman like you isn’t seeing anyone?” Aaron said.

“It gets harder when you are my age. All the good ones my age are already married or are after younger women,” I said to him as I turned to face him.

“Would you ever considered a younger man?” he said.

“Yeah I have, but I don’t think that younger men would go for a woman my age,” I said with a smile.

“You would be surprised what they would go for,” he said as returned and looked me in the eyes.

I was so wet at that point that I was ready to

cum right then and there. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back as we began making out on my couch. We made out like teenagers on a first date for almost half an hour.

I got up to get us more wine in the kitchen and he followed me. He turned me around and began kissing me again. This time I felt his right hand move down to my tits and begin rubbing them with his fingers through my t-shirt.

“Take it off!!” I said as his hands slide down to my hips.

He removed it and was surprised that I wasn’t wearing a bra, he began kissing and licking my nipples. I pulled his t-shirt off and admired

his six pack abs and beautiful chisled chest muscles. I slid my hand down into his shorts and felt his hard cock through his boxers.

“Ohh my what do we have here,” I said.

He looked up from sucking on my nipples and smiled at me. I started pulling his shorts and boxers down to reveal a very nice 8 inch cock.

“Very nice Aaron,” I said as I looked at his penis.

I turned him around so that he was up against

the counter and then got down on my knees and started licking his balls and the underside of his cock.

“Aaron you have a very nice cock, much

nicer than kaynarca genç escort my ex- husbands,” I said as my tongue went back to the long veined organ in front of me.

Who was I kidding he was 2 inches longer and an inch thicker than my ex. It was like having one of my many vibrators or dildos in my hand. I knew I was going to have fun with this one. As I licked up and down the shaft of his cock I could hear him moaning. I slipped his cock into my mouth and began to move my tongue around as I moved up and down on his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh Cassandra, you really know how to suck cock!” as his fingers started to caress my hair.

I looked up and made eye contact with him as I moved back and forth on this cock. I could feel my moisture seep through my thong and into my

shorts. I thought I was going to cum with out even being penetrated. I could feel the cum building up in Aaron’s balls. I knew he would cum

soon and I was ready for his seed to fill my mouth.

All of a sudden I heard his cell phone right. I stopped for a second while he answered it. He talked on the phone for minute or two as I licked his cock and played with his balls. He hung up the phone

“I have to go,” he said as he ended the call.

My smile turned to a frown as I let his cock slip out of my mouth.

“Why do you have to go?” I said.

“I have to go pick up one of my friends at the bar, he is drunk and needs a ride home,” he said.

“Well I need to ride your cock!!” I said.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he pulled his shorts up and put his t-shirt back on.

He kissed me on the lips and was out the door. I was pissed because I haven’t had sex in 8 months and I had my chance to get fucked by a

young stud and now he was gone.

I walked back into the living room and sat down to watch evening news. The evening news sports anchor very attractive and I enjoyed watching her broadcast. After about half an hour, I went upstairs and got undressed. I was still feeling very horny as I took off my thong. I decided that I was going to fuck myself before I fell asleep for the night.

I went into my closet and got out a porno and put it into the DVD player and turned it on. I went into the night stand and took out my 8 inch vibrator and also my butt plug and some lube. I lubed up the plug and my asshole and then slide the 5 inch plug into my ass. I propped up the pillows on my bed and the started working the vibrator in and out of my pussy as I watched the movie.

I guess that I got so caught up in the movie that I didn’t even notice Aaron standing at the door watching me fuck myself. He was stroking his hard cock to match the strokes of my vibrator going in and out of my pussy. He walked over to me and took off his clothes and then pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and began licking my slick wet pussy. I started moaning the second his tongue hit my pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Aaron your tongue feels so good, don’t stop!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessss thats it, don’t stop, right there!!” I moaned to him.

The next thing I knew I was cumming like crazy. I hadn’t made myself cum that hard in quite sometime. I must have blacked out, because when I

woke up, Aaron was laying beside me on the bed. I rolled over and kissed him and told that he is fantastic at oral sex. He told me that I was as well. I kissed him on the lips and then licked my way down his body to his erect cock. I took all of him in my mouth and began deep throating him. He began moaning as I played with his balls. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked from his asshole to his balls.

“Cassandra that feels great no girl has ever done that to me,” He said

“Well I’m no girl, you are getting a blowjob from a woman here,” as I pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked his asshole again. This time I spent a little bit longer down there.

He moans told me that he was enjoying it.

I began stroking his cock while I licked his asshole. This was driving him crazy. I decided to push the envelope a little further and I stuck

my middle finger into his asshole at the same time I grabbed his balls so kaynarca olgun escort he wouldn’t cum. He kept on moaning as I assaulted his asshole and

cock at the same time.

“I’m ready for you to fuck me,” I said as his cock slipped out of my mouth.

“I need to have your beautiful cock in me,” I said as I climbed up on top of him and slowly lowered my wet pussy onto his cock.

Pausing a little bit to tease him a bit. It took me as second to get used to his size, since it had been a while since I had a real cock in me. I could feel his thickness stretching me a bit. I loved it, I began to move up and down on his cock. He put his hands on my hips and then moved them up to my tits.

He pulled on my nipples as I started to get into a quicker rhythm with his wonderful cock. His hands moved around to my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I forgot that I had the butt plug in my ass.

“I was going to stick a finger in your asshole, but it looks like you already have something in

there,” he said.

“Don’t worry as you will have plenty of opportunities to stick you cock and fingers in my asshole.”

I leaned forward and began kissing him as we interlocked our fingers together. I felt my first orgasm coming on as I rocked back and forth. I was very impressed with his stamina as I was well on my way to my next orgasm.

We rolled over on to my back not missing a beat. I put my feet up on his shoulders and he really started to pound away at my pussy. I reached

down and rubbed my clit as he keep fucking me. I was getting close to my next orgasm.

“Ohhh Yess Aaron you feels so great, don’t stop!!!” is all that I could get out of my mouth.

My brain was on overload as I was getting fucked

by this wonderful young man, combined with the butt plug filling up my ass I was in heaven.

Aaron pulled his cock out of my pussy briefly. This left my pussy feeling empty of the large cock that was just filling it. I bent down and licked his cock a few times. He then turned me onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. His cock quickly slid back into my cunt and returned to the quick pace. He started to pull the butt plug in and out of my asshole while fucking me with his cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh goddddddddddd I’m cumming again,” I said.

Each orgasm was getting better than the last one.

I had lost track of how many orgasms this young man had given me. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 1:30 in the morning. I had Aaron get on his back and I straddled him again as I was ready for him to fill me with his juices.

I leaned back and rested my hands on his knees as he kept fucking me. I was on my way to another orgasm when I heard him start to pick up the pace and moan even more. I started to clamp down

on his shaft with my vaginal muscles. This is all that he needed as he started to shoot stream after stream of his cum into my well fucked

pussy. I went into my own orgasm and began convulsing on him.

He kept pumping away into me until he emptied all of his cum into me. I fell forward on to his chest. I was exhausted from just getting one of the best fucking of my life. We were both covered in sweat.

“Aaron that was amazing, thank you very much,” I said.

“No thank you Cassandra, I have never been fucked like that before,” He responded.

I kissed him on the lips as I felt his cock slip out of my swollen pussy. He turned me over onto my back and then kissed his way down my body to my pussy. He spread my legs and then licked all of our juices flowing out of my pussy. I wasn’t expecting this and it sent me into another orgasm.

I thanked him very much for cleaning me up as I grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom . We got in the shower and washed each other and

had sex again in the shower. After the shower we got out and fucked again downstairs in the kitchen. We went into the living room and

looked at the two walls that we had painted.

“You know Aaron, we still haven’t talked about paying you for helping me out with this painting,” I said.

“Don’t worry Cassandra I think you just paid me in full for the entire job,” He said.

We finished our wine and then went back upstairs to my bedroom were we fell asleep completed exhausted from fucking each other brains out. As

I fell asleep I had a feeling that I was going to be needing his help on a lot more projects around my house.

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