Need a Handyman? Call Ben , Ben.

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Pure fiction, original story, containing erotica, and just a little humor. Your comments are welcome.


My name is Benjamin, I am 46 year old man, an old school one, I have worked for a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company for 26 years, and recently found myself out of a job. There was about a dozen of us, and we discussed buying the companies assets, as the owner that hired me had turned it over to his son, and well, he fucked the pooch so to speak. He thought since his father had built some wealth over the years, he would be wealthy too now. In two years drained all the cash, and pissed off suppliers, and customers when they could not get their money or jobs done.

After a few meetings with the other employees about a buyout, I determined it was not going to happen, and I was going to have to find another job, and hopefully quickly in order to keep from draining my 401K, and ruining my chance to retire on it, and SS when I became eligible. I needed to find something, and quick.

One day I was talking to a fellow worker, another Benjamin believe it or not. He joined the company three years after I did, and earned the name Ben-2, of course. I told him I had an idea, and mentioned it to him, a handyman service. The type of remodeling we did, required us to be able to do many types of work, not just carpentry, rough and finish, but plumbing, and other skills as well. I had built my own house, and Ben 2’s dad had been a contractor when he was in his teens, and he worked for him until he passed on suddenly. Ben-2, is 42, and even more motivated as he had 2 young children, and 2 from his first marriage, leaving him with alimony, and child support payments to make.

We were in business, my wife came up with: Need a Handyman? Call Ben & Ben – Two Very Handy Men. We both thought it was a little hokey but catchy, and did not have a better idea, and soon had it on my van and his truck. We did some advertising, and circulated business cards to friends and family, as well as some of our repeat customers who liked our work, and often requested us.

Our business was soon thriving, you can not believe the amount of men that either do not know how, or do not want to do household repairs, many of them white collar workers that never had to. Most of our customers were wives of these men, or were single mothers, MILFS who were tired of dripping faucets or maybe a water tank that was leaking, or not heating well anymore etc..

We finally were making enough that I did not have to rely on savings anymore, and Ben-2 decided, well mostly his wife did, that he needed a weeks vacation.

I agreed, and told him that if we did not take them too close together we would probably be able to handle it OK.

He took off the week of July 4th a hot one too, we figured a lot of our customers would be on vacation too. I still had to work some overtime to take up the slack.

One morning I was on a call at one of 2’s customers, and rang the doorbell. As the door opened, my heart skipped a beat, I was greeted by a beautiful blond with piercing blue eyes, pink lip gloss, in a see-through nightie, and a light summer robe she did not bother to close, strangely though, she had on heels. She introduced herself as Ann. It was 8 am, and it’s not like I have never had a female customer in her nightgown and robe, well the high heels were something new to me, but they sure made her legs more shapely. It was too early to tell if she was in heat, maybe she just got up, and was just breaking in the high heels?

Encountering horny women on the job does not happen often. If it does, it usually is not someone this good-looking. This was more like what I have seen in an HBO or Showtime Late Night movie. Women tend to give you a hint they are interested, and then see how you react. It’s something you have to learn how to resist, or you will be paying alimony to at least one woman.

After taking a look at the problem, a leaky kitchen sink drain, she had a bucket under it, and it was partly full. I excused myself to get my plumbing box of tools, and spare washers etc..

When I got back she was minus the robe, and I was now more than just a little suspicious, but she looked too hot and too classy to be after a middle-aged handyman like me. She mentioned the hot weather, and that she hated to even have a nightie on, in this heat spell. Now for her “first major hint.” Ann said, “My husband is on a business trip, and my son is away at camp, so I am all alone. Yesterday I got up after sleeping in the nude, and pulled all the curtains closed. After I had breakfast, it felt so good to be walking around naked, sarıyer escort I decided to just stay that way. I can’t wait to get out of this nightgown today. I wonder how many men would have had the nerve to say something like, “however you feel comfortable, I will just focus on your “plumbing” problem,” again, only in a movie could that happen.”

OK, I was sure now she was in the hunt, and knew I would have to be careful not to say anything that might trigger the overused, “my husband doesn’t pay any attention to me,” there are many variations of it.

I have to say that so far I have been able to subdue my temptations, and avoid cheating. When I get too worked up, I find a place to park, and jerk one off afterwards. I never wanted to lose my job for one thing, and I did not want the guilt, and complications that come with extramarital activities. It was becoming clear to me that my partner, Ben 2, might not follow my same rules of conduct, something I have suspected by the way women would ask for, and willing to wait for him for their repairs.

She must have had the air turned off, or set it to a high temp, as I was sweating before I even got started, so I removed my uniform shirt to keep in clean and fresh. Experience has taught me that it is smart to carry extra tee’s in this weather. I like to be well groomed, and keep my uniform shirt looking sharp for greeting customers. It’s important to look professional, that’s how I was taught by a very successful contractor.

I made sure the sink was emptied, and crawled under it. It was not long before I suspected someone had messed with the trap. A plastic one that hand tightens, and clearly had some kind of tool used on it, and they might have even stripped it on purpose.

As I looked out to the kitchen to tell her what was wrong, there she was sitting in a kitchen chair. She had her feet up on another, painting her toenails, with her knees-up, and legs spread a little. It looked like she had tucked her see-through nightie between her legs a bit, trying not be too obvious as to what she was trying to show me. It was just that she was missing the panties to the nightie, they would have helped to cover her pussy that was so nicely shaved, and inviting. Do all women do their toenails when they really, I mean really want to be fucked? Mine has used it as a come-on, before she lost her sex drive in menopause.

The real moment of truth was yet to come, I told Ann to come and look, so I could show her the problem, and she did. She got down on her knees, and gripped my upper leg with her dainty, and soft hand to keep her balance? I peered out to make eye contact as I explained the problem. I tried, but with her hand gripping my upper leg, and her tities now in clear view through her nightie, it was impossible. It was soon going to be my moment of truth, which brain was I going to listen too, I ask her if she had done anything to it?

“Oh, I confess, I used a big-ole pipe wrench on it, I could barely lift the heavy thing, and I just tried to tighten it,” she said.

Then she went to stage two, she had noticed that the painting her toenails trick had worked, and I was hard already, and she was now sliding her soft hand up under my work shorts.

She was on her way to my package. I could not believe myself, this was my chance to stop her, but I did not say anything. The little head took over, and was telling me not to stop her. Since it had gone over a month since it had been in a vagina, it was more than ready to go exploring a beautiful new bald one. Yes, I had gone that long with nothing but my own hand as a fuck buddy, and that played a big part in my decision to maybe just let it happen. Thoughts like, it’s not like I was out looking for it, and it would just be this one time etc., were going through my brain via my hard throbbing cock.

I made one feeble, and not very sincere plea to try to stop this escalation before she got up to my cock. If I had been sincere, I would have pulled myself out from under the sink. Then she would have thought I was serious about it, but I wasn’t. From under the sink I stated, “you know I am a happily married man, and have been for over 20 years.”

I got her reply, “I am not interested in the man, I have one that is OK for the most part. I just want a hard cock to hold me over till he returns, and I just found a big one.” With my hard cock in her dainty soft hand, she finished her sales job. To be a successful seductress you have to be a good closer, and she was. Saying, “if you have been married that long, I am betting on the fact that you are not getting esenyurt escort as much action as you would like. We would just be helping each other out, I can find nothing wrong with that.”

But yes there was plenty wrong with it, but I was hard and horny, and I tried to keep working as she molested me, and I removed the trap. She backed up as she seen that I was now pulling myself out from under the sink. I guess I should not have been surprised, but before I could even stand up, she dropped the nightie, and there standing over me was a completely naked blond customer with, an all over tan, pierced nipples, a blue gem in her belly button that matched her eyes, and a red heart tattoo above her right breast. She was waiting for me, with a pouty look on her face, so that I might feel bad if I was to turn her down.

I was had, and just stood there as she pulled my shirt off, unzipped my shorts, and remove them and my boxers. My first time standing naked with a customer, a very young, beautiful, and built one. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I was pretty nervous, making me sweat even more, and I told her maybe I should rinse off. She said, “you smell just like Ben-2, but have an even bigger cock than his, I like that smell, it’s the smell of a working man.”

That was all she said, as now her mouth was full. Now I was standing there, and looking down at her as she was looking up with her blue eyes, and my cock in her mouth. I loved the feeling of a hot younger woman sliding her hands up and down my bare legs and ass cheeks as she swallowed my cock.

Could not help but wonder for a second, if it would be possible to get through this with only a bit of oral guilt. But we were both naked, so we had seen, and already decided what we wanted, we were past any chance of that.

We soon were in bed, and I did not do much talking, she was in charge, she was at the top of the bed with her head on the pillow, and long tanned legs spread. The look of her bald pussy was new to me, my wife kept her bush trimmed, but not much more than to keep it from creeping out of her swimsuit. I would be down there a lot more if it was as oral inviting as this one was.

She was ready, she had taken the time to put some perfume around her pussy externally, and as soon as my tongue reached her slit, I tasted strawberries. I don’t like strawberries very much, but this was different, this was not shortcake, this was a fit 30-something, beautiful bald, strawberry tasting pussy!

I was enjoying this surprise seduction, and wanted to make a good impression, and spend some time down there. She lifted her legs and spread them, to give me better access, and assure me she was serious. To me that meant, get me off, and then fuck me I figured, and I did. I licked her slit, parting it with my tongue. I wanted to make sure she was well lubricated. She produced plenty of lubricant as I licked, so I spread some of it to her clit, as that was soon going to be my destination. I went deep into her hole with my tongue, and did the famous swirl move I heard about on Seinfeld. Her pussy was ready, so I fingered her as I licked her clit until she came. Then moved back to get ready to bury my hard cock deep inside her, so this middle aged working man, could get his rocks off too.

She had her long legs up toward her head, as far as she could stretch them. My wife has not done that since her 30s. I guess I did not know what I was missing till now, that inviting look of a wide open bald pussy, nested between her legs.

I was hovering over her with my hard cock, she then lifted her head, and bent forward to use her hand, to guide it in her. She rubbed my knob on her entrance until she had it, and a couple of inches of my shaft in her. I was up in the clouds as I stroked her, I usually am when I am fucking, but being a with a new young partner, enjoying forbidden fruit took me to a higher altitude.

I tried to fuck her slow, and make it last, but then she told me to go between her legs, and go in deep. Once I was that deep, and felt our groins pressing against each other. I wondered how much better it would feel if I was to shave myself clean down there too, but to justify it, I would have to get my wife to at least go to a landing strip first.

I was turning into a horny young teen as I stroked, and it made me speed up, and gave her all I had that way for a while, and my hard work, scored her another orgasm. She wanted even more, and told me she wanted to be my doggie now. I was so proud of myself for not cumming yet. She rolled over stuck her ass up, another view to avrupa yakası escort enjoy, such a beautiful perfectly shaped ass provided a wonderful backdrop for the beautiful bald pussy it hosted. It was tempting to go in there head first again, but she had all day, and I didn’t.

I entered her from the rear, and got to work, she had her knees together, and I was straddling her legs, and that made her tight young pussy even tighter. It was a feeling that I did not want to end, but I had no choice, and tried to speed up and end the session. She knew what I was doing, and eventually she pulled forward when I was on my out stroke, and my knob popped out. She told me to get on my back, so she could ride me, so I did. I guess I figured she was the customer, and I was taught that they are always right, so do what they say.

She was now riding me, and gazing into my eyes with her blue ones, and taking my cock in slow and deep, then leaning down to kiss me, and tongue wrestle a bit. For some reason I did not feel that bad about cheating until we were kissing, and exchanging tongues. I am old-fashioned I guess, this was now making love, not just a roll in the hay.

I finally told her I had both mine, and Ben-2’s calls to get to, and we had to wrap this up soon. She dismounted, and I went at her missionary again to speed things up. It had been a week since I had even got off by myself. I was more than anxious to feel the few seconds of ecstasy, as my thick cum made its way from me. The thought of shooting it on, or into an actual excited younger woman, was electric.

I had my head next to hers now, and could feel her breathing hard as she moaned, and thought she was soon going to go off again. It was time for me to make an announcement, but before I could ask her where she wanted my load, I made an involuntary grunt, and let loose of a week’s worth of cum that was in me. It wanted out, and it wanted out right then, and I could not think of a more spectacular place to deposit it. During that few seconds of pure pleasure, guilt was absent from my mind.

It did feel good to cum in an actual vagina for a change, instead of into a Kleenex. How could I have passed on such a hot MILF, who was practically begging for it?

Now was the awkward part, pulling out, and waiting for someone to speak, she held me in with her legs and arms for a few moments, so I did not feel so bad about not asking her where to cum. As I backed away she was smiling, and holding up her legs to show me what I gave her. She also took a look at it for herself when she said, “I can push it out while we watch, but Ben-2 liked to eat his own creampies, he said they were the perfect topping for my delicious strawberry pussy.” Something I did not need to know about my partner. I passed on that opportunity and backed off, and we watched as it slowly oozed out of her vagina.

I ask if I could use the shower, and she suggested that she help me. We showered together, soaped each other up and rinsed. She got a hold of my cock again after we had all the soap off of us, and offered to relieve me again. Since I had given her such a big load, I used the excuse, “I might have a horny wife waiting when I get home, you know Murphy’s law.” But it was not likely, if I go home sweaty, and dirty as usual, she is usually not too interested.

I dressed and had to mention business, and said, “I can go for a new trap now, or come back tomorrow morning with one?”

She opted for the return visit, telling me to leave the bucket there, that she would be careful when she drew water. She pulled me down to her lips to kiss me, and told me I was a good plumber, and that I made her day. Then told me that her and her plumbing would be ready for me again tomorrow around 8 am. It was pretty clear, she wanted more than just her sink fixed, she wanted more of this working man’s cock.

If getting laid was not a big enough payment for this visit, she told me to be sure to invoice her, saying she told her husband she had to call a plumber. Mentioning too, that the neighbors would see the van in the drive. I don’t know why Ben-2 wanted a vacation, he is missing out, but I think it was the little lady’s idea.

I had no time for guilt for breaking my own rule, her strawberry pussy was like an opiate, I was addicted already. But I needed to get to my next call, and probably was going to have to work late to keep up, but I will be back there in the morning, and bring some more of my special cream to top off her strawberry pussy.

Got a text from Ben-2 that night, he said he was having a good time, and hoped I was taking good care of his customers. I texted him back and told him I was, and that one customer, was so happy with how I took care of her plumbing problem, she even offered me some of her famous strawberry pie this morning, and told me all it needed was some whip-cream.

I received no reply,

The End.

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