Naked – Our Latest Art Project

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“Ok class. Wonderful work today, I think we’re all happy with the results. Now for next week, I’m taking a new direction. We’ve all known each other for some time, and we’ve grown more comfortable with each other. So what I’d like you to do is to split into groups, and work together. The theme is going to be ‘Naked’, it’s up to you which direction you want to take this but don’t be afraid to explore new areas and push your limits. As I’ve already said a million times, pushing our boundaries is what makes art so raw! So yeah, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you again on Friday.”

I’d been going to art classes for almost a year now, it’s my way of escaping reality. When I paint, I only focus on what I’m seeing, and I forgot about the rest of the world. I’ve also made quite a few friends here, most of us are in our late 20s or early 30s, and we all love to get together after class for a glass of wine.

“Hey, Amy! I love your painting you’ve really outdone yourself, wow!”

“Yeah Ams, that looks great!”

“Oh thank you, guys. Nature is one of my favourite things to paint so there always that little bit of extra love in it” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, it shows. Hey listen, Katrina and I wanted to see if you’d like to work with us for next week’s project.”

“Sure, why not, I’m all in for it. How’s Wednesday looking for you? I’m free all day after 2.”

“Works for us too, we get off work early on Wednesdays, and we might even tell Max to join us too.”

“Great I’ll see you on Wednesday then, shall I come to your place?”

“Yes, let’s do that! See you, Amy, take care.”

“See you guys.”

John and Katrina are probably the coolest couple that I know, they’ve been together for 6 years, but they talk to each other as if they just met a few weeks ago. They’re always admiring each other’s work and butts, with the occasional slap when we’re out. Max, on the other hand, isn’t really my most favourite guy in the world, I think he’s a bit cocky.

He works at a bank, and he’s always coming up with some bullshit excuse as to why he needed a bit more time to perfect his art. He should just admit that art isn’t his thing and move on. But he’s good friends with John and Katrina, so for the sake of this project, I’ll just let it be.

I was hoping that we’d go out for drinks after we’re done painting, so I wore a cute black dress, thigh high stockings and my boots. I even matched my underwear cause my OCD makes me match undies when I wear my stockings.

When I got to their apartment, they had already set up a space in their living room. They put up the canvases and laid out some paint and drawing supplies too.

“Well, look who finally made it. Why are you all dolled up? I thought we’re painting today.”

“Ugh Shut up Max, for maltepe escort once you’re not the one who’s dressed up. Besides I thought we could go out after we’re done and get a couple of drinks like the alcoholics, we all are”. I winked at him, knowing well enough that it would rile him up.

“Yes! Let’s do that. We can start off with some red wine here too” shouted Katrina from the kitchen. She marched into the living room, holding two bottles of red wine and a couple of wine glasses.

John smiled at Katrina, gave a quick kiss and turned to us “So, what are your thoughts on the project anyway? Do you have any ideas or visions for it?”

“I think the teacher was pretty clear. Naked. One of us needs to get naked, and others can draw or paint.”

“You’re so smart Max,” I said with a hint of sarcasm and a forced smile. “You’re probably the only person who has thought of that, congrats!”

Max rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, but before he could fire back with some lame-ass comment, Katrina stepped in “I’ve actually already talked about this with John, and he liked the idea. But I’m not so sure you’d be up for it.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked curious to see what she’d say.

“Well, I was thinking. Why don’t we go a step further and get more than one of us naked? Maybe both of us can get naked, and we let the boys paint?”

I had a feeling that I might have to get naked, so I shaved and prepped my body beforehand. And luckily I was wearing my favourite lingerie too. I looked around, took a sip of red wine and bounced the thought around my head for a while.

Katrina was a very good looking girl, had the perfect hourglass figure. A plump ass and juicy boobs that I’d love to be see naked. After a minute or two, I agreed to do it. Both of downed the whole glass of wine, and poured a second one as we started taking off our clothes.

Max barely said anything, and I wasn’t sure from his face if he was excited or bored. John, on the other hand, was over the moon, as if he’s never seen his girlfriend naked before, “Wait! Stop there. Keep your underwear on” he said

“Why?” I asked, almost disappointed that I didn’t get to show off my body.

“Help each other out. It will help you get more comfortable with each other.” John explained.

Katrina and I looked at each other and smiled. She placed her hand at the top of my shoulder and grazed her fingers down behind my back until she was clasping onto my bra. She unhooked it and started to pull down the straps one at a time, revealing my breasts and hard nipples. I licked my lips, still tasting the wine over them and bit onto my lower lip softly zoning out from the rest of the room. I focused solely on her.

She turned around and pulled her hair to one side showing me escort maltepe her back. I opened her bra and took a minute to appreciate her beauty before removing it completely. Then I slid my hands down her soft skin, all the way to her hips and pulled off her thong. Dragging it all the way down to her ankles as she stepped out. She turned towards me, went down on her knees and kissed my stockings.

I wasn’t sure what was going on anymore, this suddenly turned into a very intimate setting. But I was enjoying it, I felt the adrenaline starting to rush through my body. I forgot about the art, and all I could think of was how badly I wanted to feel her lips again. She ran her fingers up to my panties and gently pulled them down to the ground. But before I had the chance to lift my feet off, she placed her hands on my bare ass and gently kissed the top part of my pussy, Just above my slit.

I looked up to see both Max and John’s face in awe.

“Keep going” John muttered, “I want to capture your raw expressions, to show the beauty that glows out of the both of you”.

I sat down on the carpet floor next to Katrina and placed my face closer to hers. We stood there, taking in each other’s breath, seeing our chests rising and falling as we inhaled and exhaled. Katrina moved in closer and braised her lips over mine, teasing me with a light soft kiss. It was a new feeling for me, I’d never kissed a girl before, but I was enjoying it.

I wanted to explore more of Katrina, so I kissed her back, this time with more passion as we both pulled each other in. Our hands were running all over each other, exploring new curves, feeling a new sense of softness like we were melting into one. After a few minutes of us kissing, touching and pulling, we slowly moved apart and broke off our eye contact. We both got our wine glasses again and sipped as we waited to see the boys’ reaction to our little performance.

John was shaking his head in disbelief. “You both look amazing right now, I have so many snapshots in my head that I want to paint. What do you think Max?”

Max looked at John and then back at us.

“Can I join in?” he asked.

Katrina and I smiled at him, and he walked up to us, unbuttoning his shirt, kicking his shoes off. I got onto my knees, unbuckled his belt, opened his zipper and watched as his pants fell onto the floor. His hard cock was showing through his underwear, and I ran my hands over it, teasing it and kissing it. And as I pulled his member out, I felt Katrina crawling underneath me, placing her head between my knees and wrapping her hands along my thighs.

I kissed the tip of his cock and licked his sides, appreciating his swelling and throbbing as if he tried asking for more. Then I took him inside my mouth, sucking my cheeks in making it maltepe escort bayan tighter around his cock and moved in and out slowly. Katrina placed her mouth over my pussy and started kissing and licking her way into it. Diving her face into my pussy, all while John stood there and watched. He watched his girlfriend lick my clit, and get my pussy slopping wet. He watched me sucking on Max’s cock and watched him fondle my breasts.

The more I sucked, the harder Max’s dick became, and Katrina’s licking was taking me to a whole new area of pleasure. Katrina and I switched places, and I tasted her juices as she sucked on Max. John kept watching us, but this time he dropped his paintbrush and started stroking himself. He was growing hard watching his girlfriend suck another cock, and watching her get pleasured by my tongue.

Katrina pulled her face away from Max and turned to kiss me and my neck as Max followed. He came down in front of me, opened my legs and slid his hard fat cock inside my soaking wet vagina. I gasped at the feeling of being stretched and full, but Max continued to pick up his pace until he was thrusting his dick all the way inside of me. Katrina placed her fingers over my clit and started to circle it around while sucking on my nipples. I looked up and saw John spitting on his hand and running it up and down his cock as he looked at us.

I was drowning in pleasure. Feeling Max’s cock drill into me hitting my g-spot, while Katrina stroked my clit and bit onto my nipples. I could feel myself edging, and my body started to shiver, as pulses of orgasms ran through me. But Katrina and Max didn’t stop there, they kept going. Flicking my swollen bead, and fucking me hard, having Max’s balls slap against my skin. I reached out to Katrina, who was now on my side and started to stroke her too.

I felt her wetness run down my fingers, so I pushed two fingers inside her stretching her pussy. I moved my fingers rhythmically in and out of her and watched her as she fondled her breasts and looked at me. Max kept fucking me, even harder, going in deeper with every push until I felt the heat strike across my body into my second orgasm. I clenched my eyes shut to truly feel my orgasm, and when I opened them again, I watched John cum all over himself.

I switched places with Katrina, sucked on her nipples and toyed around with her clit as Max fucked her. I looked at his cock disappear into her vagina and took in her gasps as she started getting closer to climaxing. My fingers pressed hard against her clit, circling her and finally, she collapsed as the rush took over and she climaxed. Max kept going and pulled out just on time for his cum to spurt across our breasts.

We all took in a deep breath and let ourselves fall onto the ground.

“Holy shit. That was insane!” John whispered, “I think we have some really good inspiration for our project now.”

We all burst out in giggles, not believing what just happened.

~ I hope you enjoyed reading that!

~ Love Nina Lessi

~ xoxo

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