My Week with Charlotte Pt. 01

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Big Tits

**This is a work of fiction and all characters are 18 years of age or older. I apologise ahead of time for some of the terms used in this story. If they offend you I am sorry but I wrote this for someone specific and she wanted those terms. And I would like to thank LegMann for editing this story 🙂 thanks bub.**

**By Crompth**


I was walking through the lobby when I first saw her. She was a tall, blonde, ivory-skinned beauty, but it was the hazel eyes that drew me in, and the smile that captured my heart. I felt my heart racing at the first glance and I knew I was in trouble.

I gave a shy smile before ducking my head and continuing to the bar with the image of the blonde beauty seared into my mind. I was feeling a little guilty when I realized that I couldn’t get her out of my head when I should have been thinking about my girlfriend, Megan, who was out of town for the week. As I sat at the crowded bar, mentally berating myself, I suddenly became aware of an overwhelming presence near me. I felt a shiver run through my body as a soft, feminine hand touched my right bicep and the sweetest voice spoke softly in my ear, “Excuse me.”

I glanced to my right and froze as my eyes locked with her hazel eyes. I sat there for a minute before realizing that she was still speaking to me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that,” I finally mumbled.

I felt my cock twitch at the sound of her giggle as she replied, “I asked if you would like to have a drink with me?”

I gulped before replying, “Sure. What’s your poison?”

I felt my heart skip a beat as she grinned and replied, “Whiskey, neat, and make it a double.”

I turned to the bartender and ordered, “Two double whiskeys, neat, please,” before turning back to the beautiful woman in front of me. I smiled nervously as I introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Harry and it’s nice to meet you… um…”

She chuckled before replying, “Hi, Harry,” she said with a soft smile that had me blushing. “You can call me Charlotte.”

“Nice to meet you, Charlotte,” I said as I felt my confidence slowly rising. I finally gave her a grin as I handed her the shot of whiskey. I held my shot up as I asked, “Anything you want to drink to?”

I watched as Charlotte’s eyes looked my body over and she smiled before replying, “To chance encounters.”

I giggled as I blushed at the open appraisal of my body before we slammed our shots. “So what brings you to Oklahoma, Charlotte?” I asked with a warm smile.

“Oh, I’m on vacation with my boyfriend and we wanted to do a little sightseeing in Oklahoma before heading to Texas.”

I felt my heart start to break at the mention of her boyfriend, but was able to keep a smile on my face.

“You’re here with your boyfriend? Where is he?” I asked as I glanced around nervously, worried I was about to be set upon by an angry boyfriend.

Charlotte sighed with a frown as she said, “Oh, he’s passed out, drunk in the hotel room. He hit the minibar as soon as we got here about four hours ago.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Really? It’s barely noon.”

“I know, right?!” Charlotte growled as she leaned back against the bar beside me.

“I haven’t even got to see anything yet and I don’t have anyone to show me around,” Charlotte said with a slight pout before glancing at me.

I stared at my shot glass thinking about Megan who I had been with for almost a year—and Charlotte’s boyfriend. I struggled with myself not to do what I knew I was going to do, and hated myself for it—and the thrill I was feeling. Finally, after a minute of contemplation I looked at Charlotte, “Well if you want, I can show you around. I have lived here all my life. But I understand if you don’t want to…”

“That’ll be great! Would you really do that?” Charlotte asked with a happy smile lighting up her beautiful face.

“It would be my pleasure, ma’am,” I replied with a huge grin as I felt my heart flutter at the sound of her giggle.


*4 hours later.*

“That was so fun!” Charlotte exclaimed excitedly as we walked into the restaurant. “My hair is still wet from the log ride,” she giggled as she captured my arm, pressing her large, firm breast into me. I blushed as I felt my cock begin to swell in my jeans.

Luckily the restaurant’s hostess seated us quickly at a back corner table before anyone could notice my bulge. I watched Charlotte gently bite her bottom lip as she looked through the menu. I quickly looked down when she glanced up and caught me staring. I blushed as she giggled before the waiter showed up and asked for our order.

“I’ll have the pepper steak, rare, with a loaded baked potato and a glass of water,” Charlotte told him with a warm smile.

“Okay Miss. And you, sir?”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll have the same, but make my steak a medium rare,” I said with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll go put the order in now,” the waiter said before walking away, allowing me to return my attention to the beautiful blonde sitting trabzon escort across from me.

We sat there talking about ourselves during the meal, and the whole time all I could think was that I had never had this much fun or enjoyed being around someone as much as with Charlotte.

As we stepped outside of the restaurant I noticed Charlotte shiver from a gust of cold air. The temperature had been slowly dropping since we left the Frontier City amusement park, and I hadn’t thought about the fact she was still wet. I grabbed her hand and started walking uptown towards the hotel, looking left and right. I heard her giggling as she picked up her pace to match my longer strides.

“What’s the hurry?” Charlotte asked, giggling, while I looked left and right until I finally saw what I was searching for.

“Come on,” I said as I pulled her into a boutique called the Lush Fashion Lounge. I walked her over to the racks of clothing and said, “Pick something out, and make sure you get a coat, too, and I’ll pay for it.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Charlotte said with a frown.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to because it’s my fault that you are wet,” I replied before seeing her blush.

She looked at the rack before saying, “Okay.”

I walked over to the couch by the changing rooms wondering what the blush was about. My mind drifted to thoughts of Megan and I began to feel bad for being here with Charlotte instead of her. I heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see Charlotte approaching with a small stack of clothes.

“Okay, I got the clothes. Ready to go?” she asked.

I just chuckled while shaking my head before replying, “You’re supposed to change into them, silly. I brought you here so you can put on some dry clothes. You don’t want to walk back outside into the cold, still all wet, do you?” I asked, watching her blush with a slight smile.

“Okay,” she replied before opening the door to a changing room and stepping in.

“I want to thank you for showing me such a good time today,” I heard through the door of the changing room.

“It was my pleasure, Charlotte,” I said with a soft smile.

“I’ve never had so much fun on a date before,” said with a giggle.

“Date?” I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

I watched her peek around the edge of the door with a confused look on her face before replying, “Yeah, a date… Wasn’t it a date to you?”

“That wasn’t a date, Charlotte, I just showed you around. I mean, how could it be a date when you have a boyfriend and I a girlfriend?” I asked feeling something important coming.

“Well, it was a date to me. And I don’t see your girlfriend or my boyfriend around,” she said as she arched her eyebrows. “Don’t you like me? Or am I not your type?” she asked with a pout.

“Of course I like you, Charlotte! You are beautiful and fun to be around… but we are attached to other people,” I replied as I watched a grin start to break out before turning into a frown.

Then she broke out in a sly grin before replying, “Okay. Let me finish putting these clothes on,” and closed the door.

I was left there going back and forth with my thoughts, wondering about where this was going and what I was doing with a woman who wasn’t my girlfriend. Suddenly I heard the door open and I gasped when I looked up. She was wearing five-inch, black stilettos, and as my eyes moved up her bare legs my gaze took in her knee-length, pleated skirt. I journeyed higher to her white, button-up blouse with the top three buttons undone, teasing me with her deep cleavage and a glimpse of a teal bra.

“Fuck,” I gasped out as she giggled at my approval.

“You like it?” she asked in soft voice as she looked down and blushed.

“You look amazing,” I whispered as I felt my cock swelling to a hardness I had never felt before.

“Really?” she asked with a giggle.

“Do you think my thong looks good with it, Daddy?” she asked with a pout as she lifted the bottom of her skirt and flashed me with her teal thong.

I barely had time to notice the dampness at her crotch before my body just reacted, lifting up off the couch with a growl as I wrapped my left arm around her waist, carrying her into the dressing room. She was giggling as I locked the door before glaring into her hazel eyes.

“What are you doing?” I growled.

“What do you mean, Daddy?” she asked with a sly smirk as I growled fiercely.

“Why did you flash me? Why are you teasing me? You have a boyfriend!” I growled out as I struggled not to jump her.

“Don’t you want me, Daddy?” was her only reply.

“Of course I want you! But we can’t,” I said as I rubbed a hand over my face. She walked up and pressed herself against me as she clutched handfuls of my shirt over my chest.

“Then use me, Daddy. Give it to me, Daddy, like the naughty little girl I am.”

“Fuck!” I gasped, finally grabbing the back of her head and pulling her in for a deep kiss.

“You want Daddy to fuck his babygirl,” I growled, trabzon escort bayan getting in the swing of things as she gasped before biting her bottom lip and nodding her head quickly.

“Kneel,” I growled as I pushed her slowly down to her knees. I wrapped my right fist in her hair as she gazed up at me.

“Unzip me!”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with a happy grin as she reached forward and quickly pulled my zipper down before looking up at me.

“Lean against the door,” I said commandingly.

“Yes sir!” she said with a giggle as I growled before squatting against the door. I let go of her hair and pulled my shirt off before putting my right palm flat against the door towering over her.

“Now pull out Daddy’s cock and open wide, Babygirl,” I ordered calmly.

“Okay Daddy,” she said before fishing my cock out of my zipper, her eyes going wide as she gasped while staring at my eight inches of thick cock. She leaned her head against the door staring up into my eyes with a happy look as she opened her mouth wide.

“Good girl,” I said before slowly sticking my cock in her mouth, groaning as I watched her lips stretch thin around my girth, and listening to the sweet sound of her moaning in delight as she closed her eyes and sucked hard on the head.

“Fuck,” I gasped out at the sucking sensations as I slowly fucked her mouth, working myself deeper with each thrust before seeing her gag as I hit the opening of her throat. I pulled out as I watched tears coming from her eyes.

“Take a moment, Babygirl, and tell me when you are ready,” I said as she took deep breaths before looking up and smiling.

“I’m ready, Daddy. Fuck my dirty mouth, Daddy. I’m a big girl, I can take it,” she said before opening her mouth again as I growled.

“If you say so, Babygirl. I hope you’re ready for this,” I said before slowly shoving my cock back in her mouth until I felt the entrance of her throat again. I watched her struggle not to gag before shoving my dick into her throat forcefully as I felt her throat relax. I held myself there feeling her throat massaging my cock as she reached down and rubbed her pussy over her thong, moaning as she choked on my cock. I waited until I saw her face beginning to turn purple to pull out.

“Fuck Daddy!” she gasped, trying to catch her breath as she pulled the crotch of her thong to the side and shoved two fingers inside her cunt.

“Again Daddy! Fuck your babygirl’s face, Daddy! Give it to me, Daddy!” she growled out before shoving her own mouth down my cock. I gently fucked her head against the door, making it rattle loosely in its frame, not caring who might hear. On each fifth thrust I would hold my cock in her throat for a count of ten, feeling her moaning around my cock as she worked two more fingers into her cunt as she finger-fucked herself. After about five minutes of her slobbering all over my cock with her pussy leaking juices all over the floor as she fingered herself, there was a knock.

“Is everything okay in there?” a female voice asked worriedly through the door. I watched Charlotte’s eyes grow wide as I just kept fucking her mouth.

“Hello? Is everything okay in there?” the voice said louder as the doorknob rattled.

I gritted my teeth as I leaned away from the door holding Charlotte’s head on my dick as I unlocked and opened the door to see a woman in her early twenties gawking at us.

“We’re fine, thank you. Now fuck off!” I said with a growl before closing and locking the door as Charlotte giggled around a mouthful of my cock. I pulled my cock out as she gasped in deep breaths while using her free hand to wipe the saliva off her chin as she grinned up at me.

“Stand up!” I growled.

“Okay, Daddy,” Charlotte replied with a grin before standing on shaky legs, her four fingers still stuffed firmly in her cunt.

I gently gripped her throat with my left hand, holding her firmly against the door, as I grasped the front of her blouse and ripped it open, sending buttons flying across the room. As I stared at her breasts almost bursting from her teal bra, I pulled out my pocket knife and flicked it open, hearing her gasp. I carefully stuck the blade under the thin center before pulling it back, slicing through the middle of it between her bra cups.

I gasped as her full breasts pushed the bra cups to the sides. I closed the knife against my leg, putting it up before reaching forward and hefting her left breast. I leaned forward and flicked her puffy nipple with my tongue as she moaned above me, firmly held in place as she continued to pound her cunt roughly. I watched her face as I gently bit her nipple and pulled back allowing it to slip through my teeth, hearing her moan as she trembled and squirted around her fingers.

“Fuck, Daddy,” Charlotte choked out as I held her up by her throat, her legs almost giving out as I sucked on her nipple and she fingered her cunt while she was riding out her orgasm. I released my hold on her throat as she came down from her escort trabzon orgasm, her breathing calming to almost normal. I straightened up with a wicked smile at the far away look on her face.

“Did Daddy’s babygirl enjoy that?”

“Fuck yes, Daddy. It was so fucking good! You know how to treat your babygirl right,” Charlotte replied with a dreamy look in her hazel eyes. I stepped back with a grin as I looked her over; her lips were swollen and her blouse and bra we’re destroyed, leaving her breasts without any means to cover up. I chuckled as I noticed her fingers still planted firmly in her cunt, her legs spread wide for stability.

“Can you keep going, Babygirl?” I asked with a little concern in my voice.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop now, Daddy!” Charlotte replied with a slight glare.

“I wouldn’t dare,” I said with a wicked grin as I started to step forward when we heard banging on the door.

“For fucks sake!” I growled as I quickly opened the door, glaring at the girl from before and a woman in her mid- to late-forties, gawking at us as Charlotte glanced over her shoulder, blushing as she giggled.

“What do you want? Can’t you see we’re busy?!” I growled at them as my emotions got the better of me.

“What is going on here?!” the older women almost shrieked as she gawked at our almost complete nakedness.

“What the fuck does it look like?!” I almost roared as I looked at her like she was stupid. I heard Charlotte snickering behind her free hand as the older woman’s jaw almost hit her chest.

“I tell you what, I’ll pay for whatever clothes she gets plus an extra thousand dollars, if you will just shut the fuck up and leave us alone!” I growled before pulling the door shut roughly in their faces as Charlotte burst out laughing.

“You figure people would get a hint,” I said before quickly pulling her fingers out of her cunt, chuckling as she choked while trying to laugh and gasp at the same time. Soon she was just moaning as I licked her palm and sucked her fingers clean one at a time, moaning myself at the taste of her cunt juice.

“Ready for more, baby?” I asked after I finished licking her hand clean.

“Yes, Daddy,” Charlotte whispered before biting her bottom lip.

“Good,” I said with a fierce grin before leaning over and reaching underneath her skirt and grabbed her panties. I quickly pulled them down her legs, lifting her feet out of her panties, one at a time. I straightened back up with my prize clenched in my hand. I brought them to my face and inhaled her scent deeply as I stared into her eyes before putting her panties in my pocket.

“I think I’ll just hold on to these,” I said as Charlotte giggled.

“Such a naughty daddy,” Charlotte said with a wicked grin.

“You have no idea,” I said before spinning her to face the door, my left hand on the middle of her back, holding her slightly bent with her left cheek against the door and her palms flat on it. She tilted her ass back as she watched me from the corner of her right eye as I flipped her skirt over her back. I stepped close and started running the head of my cock up and down her cunt lips as she bit her lip and moaned.

“Does Babygirl want my cock?”

“Yes, Daddy! Give it to me, Daddy! Destroy my tight little cu—FUCK!” She screamed as I slammed my cock into her cunt, bottoming out in one savage thrust.

I growled as I began to slowly pull out and slam back into her cunt repeatedly, moaning as her tight cunt tried to grip my cock as I pulled out, then stretched tight around my cock on the thrust in.

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” Charlotte moaned at each hard thrust. Her eyes were shut tight as she was pressed against the door, gasping and moaning. I wrapped my left arm around her waist and started rubbing her clit as I slammed my cock into her cunt, lightly pinching and slapping it every few minutes.

“Fuck, Daddy!” she moaned as she felt my fingers on her clit. I just chuckled when suddenly we heard a phone ringing in the direction of the bench.

“Fuck! My phone. It’s probably my boyfriend,” she groaned as I halted my thrusting. Growling as I pulled out so she could answer the phone, my balls throbbed and my cock twitched at the sudden stop of pleasure. I heard Charlotte groan as she slowly walked to the bench.

“Fuck! My pussy feels so good and sore, Daddy,” she said as I growled before she reached into her purse and pulled out her cell.

“Shit. It’s him,” she groaned before answering the phone. “Hey babe!” she said in a fake happy voice as she frowned at me.

“Nothing, babe. Just doing a little shopping,” she said as I walked up close behind her, wrapping my left arm around her chest, squeezing her right breast and pinching her nipple hard, at the same time wrapping my other arm around her hip before shoving two of my fingers into her cunt as she yelped, “Fuck!”

“Oh, I almost dropped my phone, babe,” she said into the phone before biting her bottom lip hard.

“Put the phone on speaker and set it on the bench,” I whispered into the ear opposite of the phone. She turned her head and gave me an excited smile before doing as I said. As soon as she put the phone down I bent her over with her palms flat against the bench to hold herself up and I slammed my cock back into her cunt.

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