My Two Aunts Ch. 03

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After dinner, my two aunts took me into their large lounge and sat me down between them on a leather couch, which was cool to my bare buttocks – I was told by Aunt Carol, the bossier and at 37 the younger of the two, that I must always wear a thong around the house or go naked. Aunty Carol and Aunty Chrissy, the 40-year-old, wore sexy lingerie around the place. It was all very arousing for an 18-year-old boy, I can tell you.

After we’d settled down, Aunt Carol told me: “This is one of our favourite films and I know you’re going to like it, Roger. Feel free to ask any questions.”

Then she pressed the play button on the remote and the movie started. After the title – Tex Gets Into Trouble, starring Tex Tanker and featuring The Torture Twins – a man was shown driving on the freeway. The action started fairly quickly. Tex, it turned out, was a burglar. He broke into the Torture Twins house, was caught and overpowered when they returned unexpectedly from a shopping expedition. Then the action heated up!

Tex was taken to a basement torture chamber, stripped naked and shown to possess a rather large, erect cock. “He’s nine inches long,” said Aunty Carol, as if reading my thoughts.

Aunty Carol and Aunty Chrissy were dressed in sexy leather outfits, which exposed their breasts and pussies. They look stunning and my cock was soon as hard as a rock in its satin thong. Aunty Carol didn’t help matters by stroking the outside of the garment.

I didn’t think much of the acting abilities of my two lovely aunties – although there was no way I was going to tell them that, of course. But I must confess that once they started to work on poor old Tex – who was in his mid 20s I guessed – they demonstrated an expertise which obviously came from years of experience.

Tex’s first punishment came when he was tied to a sort of sturdy leather flogging bench. Aunty Carol used a leather flogger about 18 inches long and about four inches wide at its business end.

“That’s one of my favourite floggers,” she said, as I watched her whipping poor old Tex’s buttocks. “It delivers a healthy sting, but won’t break the flesh.” Then she looked at me with a really wicked grin and added: “You’ll love it!”

As Aunty Carol whipped the burglar’s backside, Aunty Chrissy stood at the head of the bench and placed her pussy about a foot from Tex’s wailing face. Then she started to masturbate as she watched her sister whaling into Tex. Soon she came, very, very noisily.

“Was that a real orgasm, aunty?” I asked, as her sister continued to stroke my cock.

“Not from memory, darling,” she said. “Tex is a sweet young thing, but he does nothing for me. I’m pretty sure I faked it.”

Tex was then removed from the flogger, ruefully rubbing his by now crimson cheeks. My two aunts then strapped him down on the bench so that he was face up. Aunty Carol then squatted on his face, and Tex’s prick soon rose from a semi-stiffy that he had to a raging hard-on.

Then Aunt Chrissy took over his punishment. Using a little leather lash no more than eight inches long, she began to flog his erection. Tex’s voice was muffled as he was being sat on my Aunt Carol, but it was obvious he wasn’t enjoying the work being done on his cock by Aunty Chrissy.

“Don’t take any notice of his cries,” Aunt Chrissy told me, “he’s a pain freak, he just loves it when his cock is flogged.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because he’s a fucking masochist, Roger,” sneered my Aunt Carol. “He likes pain – not excruciating pain, just a nice warm throbbing pain. He’s really lapping this up – while he’s lapping up my pussy juice, that is.”

I watched the rest of the film with interest. Tex underwent all sorts of punishments, but I noticed that he never touched Aunt Chrissy – all his oral adoration was carried out on her sister.

I asked why and Aunt Chrissy explained: “As the Torture Twins we usually play ‘good cop, bad cop’. I’m usually the nice one, Carol is the tough one. And anyway, like I said, Tex does nothing for me.”

“No, you’re more into chocolate logs, aren’t you Chrissy?” laughed Carol. “Don’t take any notice of her ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ routine, Roger. You wait till you see her work over a black slave in a couple of other of our movies. Talk about nasty!”

The movie ended with my two aunts urinating all over Tex as he lay remarkably unprotesting on a black rubber sheet. After they finished drenching his cock and balls, his belly and chest and ending with spurts over his face, Tex rubbed his hands over his cock and shot a large wad of semen onto his belly.

I asked them about his “golden shower”.

Aunt adalar escort Carol enlightened me. “A lot of male slaves love golden showers – some even drink it, believe it or not. Apart from the fact that it’s an extremely humiliating exercise – and these guys are really into humiliation, Roger – it’s also rather nice.” “Nice?” I said, in a disbelieving tone of voice.

“Yes, darling,” said Aunty Chrissy. “You see it’s almost sterile, and it’s warm. Slaves love the warmth as it flows over their naked bodies. You can see the effect it had on Tex – he loves stroking his piss-drenched prick, it makes him come as you saw.”

“Well, Roger,” said Aunt Carol. “You’ve seen what we do for a living? Wanna play?”

“It’s intriguing,” I told her. “I must confess I’m fascinated. But it’s also a little bit scary – scary that I find it very arousing.”

Then Aunt Carol dropped her “in your face” attitude and kissed me on the mouth. “Don’t worry, Roge,” she said, stroking my erection, this time with her hand down the top of my thong, “I’ll go easy on you. And old misery guts Chrissy will no doubt be on hand to make sure I don’t get carried away.”

Aunty Chrissy nodded. “You damn well bet I will,” she said. “Now, off to bed Roger and we’ll come up with a scenario for you for tomorrow morning.”

“A scenario?” I asked.

“Sure,” said Aunty Carol. “Sex slaves always have a scenario they like to play out as an excuse for their punishment. It’s usually something really mundane, like being caught going through a knicker drawer. In fact, it’s such an old familiar plot, I think we’ll use that. I’ll catch you going through my soiled panties, sniffing them, rubbing them on your cock. You get the drift, I’m sure.”

I did. “OK,” I said. “When will the game start?”

“After breakfast,” said Aunty Chrissy. “We’ll have a nice meal, then we’ll get dressed up.”

“Dressing up is a big part of it, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Certainly is,” said Aunt Carol. “Sex slaves like to see their dominatrixes in really sexy lingerie, or leather – or PVC. What’s your preference, darling?”

I thought for a moment, then gabbled: “PVC is a big turn on for me, Aunty Carol.”

She grinned at her sister: “Then PVC it is. Now off to bed.”

It took a while for me to drift off to sleep, excited as I was at the role of sex slave I was going to play in the morning, but finally I drifted off. I was woken by Aunt Chrissy bringing me an early morning cup of coffee. She was naked, except for high heels, which seemed to heighten her nudity in a way.

She sat down on the bed and pulled my face to her breasts. I kissed her there, marvelling at the wonderful 38s she possessed and the lovely large, erect nipples.

As I suckled at her big breasts, Aunty Chrissy stroked my hair and whispered: “Don’t worry about the little game we’re going to play. I’ll make certain Carol doesn’t get carried away.”

After breakfast, my aunts informed me they were going to get into their “domination gear”. I was to brush my teeth, take a shower and then go into Aunty Carol’s bedroom and play with the knickers she said she’d left for me on her bed.

I hurried through my cleaning and then walked in the nude across the corridor to my aunt’s bedroom. I couldn’t hear anything in the house, the women must have been downstairs.

On the pillow of Aunty Carol’s bed I saw a pair of black lace panties. I picked them up and began sniffing them – the aroma was superb, heady and strong, a mixture of sex juice and pee. I loved it. Then I slipped the panties onto my cock and as I started to masturbate I heard the clip-clop of high heels coming down the corridor. Even though I knew it was a game I felt my heart quicken with the excitement and tension.

Aunty Carol entered the room in a mouth-watering domination outfit. It was bright red, it was PVC as I’d requested, and it was so horn-making. It consisted mainly of thick straps which went around her body, with gaps at the pussy and breasts. On her head was a little black leather cap. On her legs, black leather boots which came half-way up her strong thighs.

“Oh dear,” said Aunty Carol, as she walked into the room. “I think I’ve caught a panty pervert. Just what the fuck’s going on young lad, answer me!” she snapped in a far more convincing voice than her “acting” in the video we’d watched the night before.

I removed the panties from my cock and stood before her, trying to act the part of the shamed nephew.

“Er, I’m so sorry, aunty,” I said, “I was just passing your room and saw these panties on your bed and …”

Aunty Carol broke in. anadolu yakası escort “And decided to sniff them and then put them on your disgusting cock, eh?”

I nodded in disgrace.

Aunty Carol held out her hand and I passed the black panties to her. She then stepped smartly beside me and arranged them on my face.

“Well you panty-licking pervert,” she said, “there’s only one thing for it. You must be punished, you know that don’t you?”

I nodded, then my aunt called out: “Chrissy, get in here, see what I’ve found.”

Immediately, Aunty Chrissy stepped through the door – she must have been outside all the time. Like Carol, she was dressed in a wonderful PVC outfit, only hers was black. It consisted of a quarter-cup bra, a shiny garter belt and shiny black stockings with deep PVC hems at the top. She was pantyless but wore high heels and a stern expression.

“Oh dear,” said Aunt Chrissy. “A panty pervert. Well, I know what you do to panty perverts, Carol, but don’t be too hard on him. He’s young, he had no idea what the outcome would be. Go easy on him, please.”

Aunty Carol laughed a sneering laugh. “You’re just so fucking soft, aren’t you? Well, I’m going to teach this young pervert a lesson he’ll remember for a long time. Come on Roger, down to my torture chamber. And you Chrissy, you come along too. You can give me a hand.”

Then the two women made me stand between them and we marched off down to the basement and their torture chamber. It was one of the most exciting walks I’d ever taken, aunty’s sweet-smelling panties on my face and an erection to be proud of waving in front of me, flanked by two stunning, mature dominatrixes.

Inside, Aunty Carol got me strapped down on a leather flogging bench, ankles and wrists strapped tight, my body bent over with my buttocks raised in taut tension. The position was not painful, but it made me tense.

Then Aunty Carol stepped in front of me with the leather paddle she’d commented on during the movie the previous night.

“This is Leather Lucy,” she announced, putting the coolness of the leather against my lips. “You’re going to become very acquainted with her. Show her how much you like her.”

And with that she pressed the flogger against my mouth, forcing me to kiss the implement. After I had paid what she considered sufficient obeisance to the leather paddle, she moved behind me.

As she did this, Aunty Chrissy stepped in front of me. She was so close I could inhale the wonderful aroma of her pussy.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she said, in a soothing voice. “I’m not going to let her hurt you too much.”

And I watched as her hand went to her crotch and she began to finger herself, her sex lips wet and lush.

Then my delight at being able to watch her masturbate was suddenly switched off as Aunty Carol brought the paddle down across my buttocks. A searing flash of pain cut through my backside. I yelled and humped on the leather, still erect, but wondering how much longer I could remain in that state.

Aunty Carol, though, flogged me slowly, landing about five strokes a minute. Gradually I became more and more stoic during the punishment. My buttocks were glowing hot, but it was a wonderfully warm heat. Soon I felt my cock resume its hardness and then Aunty Chrissy was crying out “I’m coming, five more strokes Carol, five more and I’ll come.”

I endured five more strokes from the paddle, and then Aunty Chrissy let out a series of little whimpers, which announced her climax.

Aunty Carol was surprisingly gentle when she removed me from the bench and then she stepped into my arms and gave me a slow, tongue-in-mouth kiss before standing aside and addressing her sister.

“Look, Chrissy,” she said proudly, “what did I tell you? Look at his cock, look at it!”

Aunty Chrissy did and a smile came on her face. “Oh fuck me, a fucking hard-on. All right, Carol, I’m convinced. He’s a fucking sex slave. You win. Now, get on with it.”

Aunty Carol did get on with it. Following the script of the movie I’d been so aroused by, she had me strapped down on the bench once more, this time face up. The leather was nice and cool for my very hot buttocks, but soon my bodily heat had transferred a warm glow to the leather, as well.

As I lay, acutely aware from my position of my stiffy, Aunty Carol straddled my face so I could make out every detail of her pussy and traced a little leather penis flogger along the underside of my cock – an underside which, because of my position of bondage, was facing the ceiling.

Then she dragged the panties from ataköy escort my face, squatted lower until her sex lips were in contact with my mouth, and as I licked at her wonderfully wet minge I felt the cock punisher crack against my shaft.

The punishment went on for a while, but such was my excitement at the oral work I was performing for my aunty I had no problem with the pain my penis was receiving. Aunty Carol must have whipped my prick some 20 times when, with a cry of “That’s a good slave, good slave, slave, slave, slave” she shuddered to a grinding orgasm on my face.

Standing up she smiled down at me and addressed her sister. “As hard as a fucking cop’s nightstick,” she said. “Oh I’m sorry, Chrissy, but I fucking told you so!”

Then my heart leapt as I saw Aunty Chrissy pulling a large black rubber sheet out and place it in the middle of the chamber. “All right, Carol,” she said, “I give in, for fuck’s sake. He’s a fucking sex slave, you were right, I was wrong. Now, can we shower him?”

“An excellent idea, Chrissy, and don’t pretend you’re too upset. We’ve got ourselves a lovely little 18-year-old sex slave and you’re as happy about it as I am.”

Aunty Chrissy grinned at her sister. “Oh, very well, if you insist – he is rather cute, I suppose,” she said.

Then Aunt Carol took me by the hand and led me to the rubber sheet. “Down you go baby,” she said, assuringly. “And don’t worry – Chrissy and I are going to do all the work.”

I lay down on the coolness of the rubber and placed my hands by my sides. Still my cock was rigid. But now my heart was beating quicker than it had all day. A golden shower! Or, to be more accurate, a double golden shower. Would I like it? Would I loathe it? I was trembling with anticipation.

Aunty Carol stood above my midriff, Aunty Chrissy a foot further up my body, her high heels alongside my biceps.

Suddenly, Aunty Carol let loose a flood of urine which flowed in a golden yellow stream onto my cock and balls. As she did, Aunty Chrissy let go with her own river of piss, splashing it over my pecs and upper chest.

Then Aunty Carol moved further up my body, her golden flow splashing onto my abdomen and into my navel as Aunt Chrissy stepped away and allowed her younger sister to continue the job.

The warmth of the urine was wonderful and then came the most thrilling moment of all as Aunty Carol squatted above my face and jetted the last final strong spurts of pee onto my forehead, cheeks and mouth.

To my dismay, she then stood up and stepped away, allowing Aunty Chrissy to complete my shower, splashing first onto my cock and balls and then squatting down over my face. I gazed at her lovely minge, inhaling a strong musky smell of sex and piss.

“Here I was looking after you and all the time you were craving it, weren’t you, darling?” I heard her ask.

“Yes, aunty,” I said, my voice sounding husky from my excitement.

“Well for that,” said Aunty Chrissy, “take that.”

And she let loose a strong blast of piss against my face. Automatically I opened my mouth and gulped it down. It was strong-tasting, it was salty, it was warm. It was wonderful!

Above me, Aunty Carol called out: “What a fucking sex slave. He fucking drinks it! Oh my fuck, what a lovely fucking pervert – and only 18. Oh, it’s Christmas come early, sis.”

And Aunty Chrissy looked down at my urine-drenched face and grinned. “Just watch this for a finale, Carol,” she said, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I kissed her and then licked her labia lips, almost drooling as I tasted the salty splashes or urine still on her pussy lips. After a while Aunty Chrissy reached a noisy orgasm and climbed off me.

“You ain’t seen nuthin, sis,” said Carol, “watch this.”

And the 37-year-old then squatted above my piss-stained cock and balls and graunched her pussy over my erection. Then she stood up only to squat down again above my face.

“Now be a good sex slave and thank Aunty Carol, there’s a good boy,” she said, lowering her lovely freshly perfumed minge onto my mouth.

The aroma was intense, the taste so fucking wonderful. I licked her to a swift orgasm, then the two women stood above me, smiling down in their erotic outfits.

“OK, Roger,” said Aunty Chrissy, “time to bring this little performance to a conclusion. Show us how fast you can get off.”

My right hand flew to my seven-and-a-half inches of erect manhood and soon I was shooting sperm onto my belly – I say “soon”, I probably lasted 25 or 30 seconds before coming.

Then they walked to the door, leaving me lying there, my body stained with their urine, my belly splattered with my spunk.

“We’re just going to get into a change of gear, Roger,” said Aunty Chrissy. “We’ll be back soon to continue your education.”

“Continue?” I asked in amazement.

“That’s right, sweetie,” said Aunt Carol. “We’re only just warming up.”

To be continued…

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