My True Confessions

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I want to share some sexual confessions with you. All of them are true, all of them are nasty, and all of them make me wet. I hope they make your cunt wet or your dick hard too. I love knowing that others are creaming to my exploits.

I once went to a major urban park with a guy I’d been fucking for a couple of months. In the middle of the forest, he sucked my tits, spanked me, and fingered me. Then he stood up, naked, jacked off and shot a huge load. I still get off on thinking about that.

In that same park, I once parked my car in an empty lot late at night and rolled down my window. Staying in the driver’s seat, I beckoned a guy to come over. I told him to take out his hard-on, and I sucked him off right through the window. He had a nice, thick cock. Fuck, there’s something about a sleazy encounter that makes me feel really good.

Another secret of mine is that I really enjoy posing for obscene photos. I was out at a hotel in the suburbs recently, dressing up as an escort and putting trabzon escort on a toy show for a local photographer. One of my favorite shots shows me in black fishnets and heels on the bed, my mouth agape and my tits protruding shamelessly from my leopard-print dress, as I press a vibrator against my aroused clit and a Hitachi Magic Wand against the butt plug filling my asshole. Keep an eye out for me – I have a whole lot more showing off to do, and I love to shock and please my audience.

There’s nowhere I won’t use my vibrator. And I do mean nowhere. Not so long ago, I went back to the Catholic cathedral where I used to sing in the choir. I crossed myself and took a seat in a back pew right before Mass. I slipped my vibrator out of my handbag, turned it on, and put it up my long, conservative skirt. Pretending to pray, rocking slightly as the organ played, I brought myself to a silent, perfect climax with people all around me. I bet you’d love to know where I wiped my cunt juices, trabzon escort bayan too…

I’ve done a lot of fucking in public bathrooms too. One of the fanciest hotels in town is a favourite destination of mine. The third-floor handicapped stall in the men’s room is perfect for getting off with its marble tiles and floor-to-ceiling doors. One time, I met my playmate at the lobby bar for a glass of white wine, and then told him I was ready to take this party upstairs. In the stall, I promptly stripped to my bra and panties, showing him my big, luscious tits. Down on my knees, incredibly aroused and soaked, I sucked him off and let him blow all over my tits. Then it was his turn to fuck the shit out of me, my panties pulled down as he rammed me up against the bathroom wall. We got dressed quickly, barely exchanging a word as we parted company. A fuck-and-go scenario can be so perfect. Sometimes, I really get off on treating another man or woman like a dildo for my pleasure.

On escort trabzon the other hand, I also have an incredible craving for being submissive. I only discovered a few years ago how much I love to be spanked, ordered around, and forced to come. There’s a dominant man who really knows how to push my buttons. We once went to the Holiday Inn, where he pushed me down on the floor, fucking my ass with two fingers, ordering me to masturbate while telling me a filthy story about getting eaten out by another woman. But that wasn’t all. He spanked me until my ass was glowing red and I was almost crying with ecstasy, somewhere between pain and pleasure. He then proceeded to fuck my mind. He ordered me to wear a black mask and tied me to the four-poster bed, and made me suck his cock as he straddled over my face. He even turned on the light, opened the curtains, and opened the hotel room door, so that anyone passing by could get a good look at me, spread wide open and fully exposed. Fuck, I love that so much.

I could go on for days here. In public, I come off as a respectable, middle-class woman. I hope you can tell just how much fun I have acting like a really filthy slut in my private life. Make sure you play with that pussy or that dick after you’ve read this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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