My Toy Nancy Ch. 04

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I get the call mid-week from Rachael — both of us test negative for the panel of STD’s her clinic runs. And she lets us know Nancy isn’t pregnant so any concern of our having to deal with Mark’s bastard child is gone. Rachael goes on to say that Mark was also negative, and that Marge is expecting us for his initiation. I tell her we were both looking forward to the party, and would definitely be there.

I decide a celebration is in order so we take the following day off of work and use the address Marge gave and visit her associate. Nancy becomes the proud owner of two gold rings, one in each nipple. We rush back to the apartment to play with our new toys like a couple of excited kids.

We get in and I’m busy removing Nancy’s shirt when her cell rings — with the ringtone reserved for her sister. She rolls her eyes but takes the call — meanwhile I’ve peeled her yoga pants off and begin playing with her round and gorgeous ass while admiring her breasts and pierced nipples.

Nancy is starting to look upset so I begin to pay attention to her side of the conversation, “…yes we are both home — now? Sue, we had plans! Oh all right but give us a couple of min… — what do you mean you’re at the door!” At which point the doorbell rings.

Nancy marches to the door — I’m standing in the middle of the room with a raging hard on, she’s dressed solely in some lacy sexy panties — I’m trying to get her to stop but she throws it open. Oops, too late. Her sister is standing in the doorway — she had the screen door open and it looks like she was going to follow ringing the bell with knocking. Nancy grabs her hand and pulls her into the foyer. Her sister stands there mouth wide opened, arm still upraised while Nancy goes around slamming the door shut.

Nancy’s sister Sue is an identical twin with the same auburn hair and luscious build. Sue’s also married and they have a kid so her breasts are larger, her hips and ass just a bit fuller than Nancy’s. I think she’s scrumptious which is not helping me right this minute in reducing my obvious excitement.

Sue’s head is swiveling back and forth taking in Nancy’s standing behind her wearing only panties, her new nipple rings and my tent poled trousers which are really getting very uncomfortable. She at least has the decency to blush — deep red from forehead to neck. “OMG I’m so sorry guys — I should have thought but things — NANCY YOU PIECRED YOUR NIPPLES!!” That last one was a shocked shriek — thanks for letting the neighbors know I thought to myself.

Nancy does her eye rolling thing again, pushes Sue into the room and sets her down onto the couch. “Yeah, and I was going to fuck my husband all afternoon too but then I get this cell phone call — why are you here? What is going on? When are you going to leave so I can get back to having Ron play with my tits? Speaking of which — Ron dear? Get us two big rum and Cokes please. I know it’s early but what the heck.”

I nod my head and head to the kitchen, pour out two lots of rum and half a glass of Coke for the ladies. I’m figuring Sue is going to be here awhile since she didn’t’ bring the kid with her, and Nancy clearly wants some fortification to deal with the drama queen. I get myself a beer and bring the drinks to the living room.

“…so Daddy was giving me a load of crap and Mom said she’d watch little Suzie. She suggested I talk with you guys and I just showed up, not thinking.” I’ve clearly arrived in the middle of the conversation, and I hand out the drinks.

Nancy looks at me and tries to keep a straight face. “Sue’s divorcing David, she found a bunch of emails and some pictures of him with this other girl. David and this girl knew each other in high school — she’s also married — and based on the emails they’ve been having an affair since before Suzie was born.” Runs in the family I think to myself, making sure not to crack a smile. Nancy turns to her sister saying “Sue, drink up and let me finish filling Ron in okay?”

Sue looks sullenly at her drink, then starts to sip it. Nancy turns back to me, “Okay, so Sue had been afraid David was up to something as he’d been avoiding her since Suzie was born.” Geez I think to myself, that’s been what now, about two years?

Sue starts to blubber but Nancy gently cuts her off, “Shhh. Sue gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy, but then worked hard and got almost all of it off – but slowly as she wanted to keep nursing Suzie.” Okay, now I’m interested. Yeah I’m being a total horn dog right now but I’m thinking squirters and I’m loving it. Nancy must have noticed my attention as she’s grinning at me — hmm.

“So last week she found the emails plus photos and some videos of her husband and this other girl. Got herself to a clinic to make sure David didn’t give her a STD — since she’s nursing Suzie she’s been very careful about her health. Grabbed everything, packed her things up and left taking Suzie. After meeting with an attorney she left for Mom and Dad’s. Dad’s being an asshole so she left to cool off and kadıköy escort talk to me about it.” Which gets me another eye roll from Nancy while Sue is quietly crying and sipping her drink.

To be honest neither of us figured Sue and David to stay together long since they had to get married. She was a party gal from what Nancy had told me, but David wasn’t in that lifestyle. They met through some group the two of them belonged to, and he fell head over heels in lust.

Soon enough Sue’s pregnant and he’s doing ‘the right thing’. But David being the one to have an affair was the twist no one foresaw — we all figured it would be Sue putting the horns on David’s head. Nancy pats Sue on the arm and tells her she needs to talk with me privately. Uh oh!!

We head to our bedroom and Nancy gives me a quick shush and closes the door. “She wants to move in here with us.”

What! “Nancy, you have got to be kidding! Where are we going to put them?” I’m thinking good bye to all the great sex that just started up.

Nancy grins at me saying “Now come on and think about this. Mom will end up babysitting Suzie a lot, she dotes on her as her first granddaughter. Both folks knew Sue was a slut and was going to be sleeping around once Suzie was in school, so they had resigned themselves to raising the kid soon after we all heard David knocked Sue up. Mom probably put the bug in Sue’s ear to come here so her ‘good girl’ daughter — me — would be a virtuous influence on her ‘bad girl’ daughter.”

I’m chuckling on that one. Nancy’s mom really messed up there! Well, changes did just happen very recently as demonstrated by Nancy proudly displaying her brand new pair of nipple rings.

Nancy continues “I think this could really work out for us. I know Sue has partied with girls before — she boasted about it to me trying to gross me out — she’d tease me about how the two of us could make a lot of money in the porn business as twin sisters.” That image shoots straight through to my dick — I’m picturing both sisters in a hot 69 — oh yeah I most definitely want to see that.

“And I’ve caught her more than a few times eyeing me up; and she thinks you’re cute — she is definitely interested in taking on some brother-in-law cock.” Of course I instantly like the idea, it’s not as if I’ve never had any fantasies about fucking the hell out of my wife and twin sister — oh no!

Nancy must be reading my mind because she’s nodding at me as she continues, “I know both of us would love to have a pair of creamy milky tits to play with.” She’s reached out and has begun to stroke my cock through my pants.

“And my pussy is dripping thinking about eating her ass and pussy — both before and after your cock has filled them with your cum. Please say yes — and let me do the talking on this one. And we can get her paperwork over to Rachael — I’ll bet that both Marge and Rachael would just cream all over if we brought her Saturday.”

I have to admit I’ve been thinking about milking her tits since Nancy pulled her in the door. Getting to fuck twin sisters — I’m not stupid. “Okay, I’m in. Let’s head back and you talk to her. Hey, do you want your robe?” I’m hoping Nancy says no, she sure looks yummy.

“Nope. Hmm, I think before we go back out there…” Nancy unzips my jeans, releasing my cock. She wraps a hand around it, gently stroking while bringing her lips to mine. I reach around for her ass, slide my hand under the waistband of her panties and pull her towards me. Our lips meet and she thrusts her tongue into my mouth. She unbuttons my jeans giving my cock more freedom then goes back to her stroking, in the meantime I’ve brought a hand up and have been playing with her breasts and the rings on her nipples.

Nancy pulls her face back, a naughty smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eyes. “Now I think we’re ready to talk to Sue, don’t you? She can either run out the door or stay for the fun.” And with that Nancy heads back to the living room, leading me by my cock.

We walk in and Sue looks up at us kind of goggle eyed. Oh boy, she not only finished her rum and Coke but she knocked back Nancy’s too. Nancy’s grinning wolfishly at her as she leads me to the couch and has me sit on one side of Sue. Nancy sits on the other side of her and Sue’s head is again swiveling back and forth between my now very erect cock proudly displayed from my unzipped jeans and her practically naked sister. I’m not catching fear or disgust from her, a very good sign.

“Uh, guys — I, uh — “. Those were stiff drinks I made and Sue’s speech is a little slurred. Nancy reaches out and puts a hand to Sue’s face.

“Sue, we talked and yes you can stay here. But there are some things you need to be aware of, and a few conditions. You’re free to say no of course but then you’ll have to find other accommodations.”

Nancy gave her an abbreviated story about how she had been repressing all her needs desires etc. That things came to a head very recently and kağıthane escort we’ve become far more open about sex, and are doing a lot of experimenting.

But the apartment only has one bedroom and there just isn’t enough room to ‘keep things behind closed doors’. So the only way any of this is going to work is if Sue joins us as a third partner.

We both can see Sue is intrigued and curious – plus her being a little drunk has removed any embarrassment or inhibitions to the proposal. Or of having two semi-naked people sitting next to her. “So like what kind of things are you guys doing?” she asks.

Nancy has been lightly rubbing Sue’s arm with her fingers, now moves her hand to her sister’s thigh. Sue is wearing a light cotton sundress that’s buttoned in the front, and I’m peeking down her neckline whenever I get a chance to – too bad she’s wearing a bra. She’s not paying attention to me — but Nancy is, and she’s grinning mischievously. “Well for starters as you can see Ron likes to watch me walk around in sexy clothes. Usually I’m just wearing stockings and a garter belt when we are at home. And I love to watch his nice beautiful cock jerk and sway so he tends to have it out more than in his pants. I find it very handy — it’s always available for a squeeze or a nibble. Would you like to try it?”

At this point my cock is screaming “YES! YES! YES!” at me over and over again. I lean back just a little bit more as I open my legs — I want Sue to have the proper view. She’s looking at my erect and bobbing cock and the naughty smile on her face matches the one on Nancy’s.

“He does have a nice looking cock, and it’s been so long — you sure it’s okay?” Nancy gets up and walks over to stand right in front of me. She leans over and tugs the waistband of my jeans down — she pulls them off of me. Oh much better now, my balls were getting a little scrunched up. We finish removing my jeans and I sit there in just my shirt.

Nancy wraps a hand around my shaft and gives it a couple of slow strokes. “Of course it’s okay silly — look at him. He’s dying for you to touch him. ” Nancy winks at me as she lets go and stands up. She walks back to the other side of Sue and sits back down on the couch — but this time a lot closer to her sister than she was before. Her breasts are brushing against Sue’s bare arm and they are thigh to thigh. The room is certainly getting steamy — and my cock is yammering “MORE! OH YEAH BABY!” over and over.

Sue wraps her hand around my cock and starts a slow stroking. “I miss this. And Ron’s cock is so much nicer that David’s.” Nancy is smiling at me, and is lightly stroking Sue’s thigh. I give a satisfied sigh, then catch that Sue is getting sexually excited. I decide to heat things up by amping her level just a teensy bit more. “You didn’t tell me what it is you guys are doing Nancy — what are you guys getting into?”

Nancy leans against Sue, kisses her earlobe while tracing her fingers further up her thigh. Nancy lifts the hem of her sundress up, exposing Sue’s panties. Sue responds with a shudder and I’m catching she’s really getting into what’s going on. Nancy keeps her lips near Sue’s ear and brings her voice down low and husky. “Well, sis — I think I’d rather show you than try to explain it all. Needless to say, remember all that teasing you used to do to me about the two of us getting it on, and how much you dug doing other girls? Well girl I’m ready, and the first ass and pussy I want to eat is my twin sisters.”

Wow! I catch that Nancy struck the mother lode. She must sensing it too as she nibbles Sue’s ear — who gives a convulsive clutch to my cock. And Nancy is staying with the low and sultry voice. “Ron’s cock is so-oh very velvety and tasty, and it feels so wonderful in my mouth. I think your brother-in-law could use those soft full lips of yours wrapped around his hard smooth hot cock — don’t you think so to?”

Nancy’s hand is resting on Sue’s upper thigh, her fingers tracing where panty material ends and Sue’s soft skin begins. “And sister, his pre-cum is sweet and yummy – look, there’s some now. It’s all over your hand, he must really be enjoying your stroking. The best is when he cums in my mouth — his lovely cock swells up, that beautiful cock head fills up and starts to twitch, and then the most marvelous juice shoots out and coats my mouth.”

Nancy’s right, I’ve been oozing pre-cum listening to her talking to Sue. And I’m catching the two of them are getting hotter. Nancy is starting to unbutton her sister’s sundress and continues in that low sultry voice “So you should take advantage of that hard throbbing cock sitting next to you. And I really want to play with those soft engorged milk filled breasts of yours, I’m betting you really need those attended to.”

Nancy leans in and softly kisses Sue on the lips — and I’m catching an emotional volcano erupting next to me. Oh my god the woman is white hot. She’s left my cock alone and is caressing Nancy’s not quite as kartal escort large but still lovely breasts; while Nancy has her hand inside Sue’s sundress and is doing the same over her bra. I figure I might as well get into the action and bring my hand up her thigh and lightly brush against Sue’s panty covered pussy — I just bring my fingers against her pussy lips when she convulses and comes, moaning into Nancy’s mouth.

After Sue comes down from her orgasm she starts to sob, and nestles into Nancy’s neck. “That fucking David and his old girlfriend. She looks like a boy, no tits or ass. Nancy, it’s been so long since anyone touched me, are you sure this is going to be okay?”

Nancy is lightly kissing the side of Sue’s face and holds her. “Poor Sue, that asshole doesn’t deserve you. And of course things are going to be okay, we have all afternoon to play and you are going to feel so good by this evening you’ll be glowing. We both want you and it’s going to be fun. Just sit and relax and we’ll be right by you.” I snuggle up to her other side and Sue gives out a big sigh, relaxing. Being a guy of course my cock is rubbing against her bare thigh — hot, smooth and sexy sister-in-law thigh. Soon enough the sniffles stop and Sue turns towards me, looking at my cock gently throbbing a tattoo against her thigh.

Nancy strokes her hair and staying with the low sultry voice tells her “Go ahead, take Ron’s lovely cock into your mouth. I’m going to do the same to his balls. Let’s make him spurt, his cum is so heavenly. When he comes don’t swallow it, instead feed it to me. Then I have a very naughty thing to show you.”

Nancy kisses Sue along the side of her face, down her neck to her shoulders. She gets off the couch and walks over to me then kneels between my outstretched legs. She holds my cock and smiles invitingly to Sue, who leans down and gently takes my cock head between her soft lips. Sue starts to use her tongue on my glans, trying to insert the tip of it into my piss-hole. Meanwhile Nancy is nibbling and licking my ball sack.

I have one hand entwined in Sue’s hair, my other in Nancy’s. I’m not going to last long and Nancy knows it. “Sue, get ready because Ron is going to shoot his load very soon now. He likes it when you run your tongue along the underside of his cock head — that’s it. Like I said don’t swallow right away, I’ve been hungry for his cream all morning.” Nancy smiles a sweet innocent smile up at me and my cock explodes into Sue’s mouth. Oh god are the two of them good — and Sue has real cock sucking skills. She applies mild suction as I’m shooting into her mouth, curling the tip of her tongue along the underside of my cock — I’m grunting and groaning and riding an awesome wave of pleasure. I finally stop, spent.

Nancy rises up while simultaneously pulling Sue towards her. Their lips meet and I can see their tongues moving — Sue’s transferring her mouthful of my cream into Nancy’s mouth. Both swallow then Nancy pulls away — licking what’s left from Sue’s lips. “Sis, I told you he’s tasty. Now I have something very dirty to show you, come with us.” Nancy stands up and gestures for me to follow. I get up and she takes me by my now softening cock, leading me to the bathroom. Sue follows, mystified.

Nancy pulls me to the toilet by my cock, and Sue stays in the doorway. Nancy starts to giggle as she looks at her sister. “I knew Ron needed to pee a while ago, and he can piss when he has a hard on but it’s hard for him to hit the bowl, so I waited until his cock got soft. I like holding his cock when he pees — you can feel the piss shooting through his cock. It gives me a feeling of power and believe me it makes me very horny. Come on in and try it too — we’ll both hold his cock.” Nancy stands behind me, her left hand holding my cock between thumb and forefinger, pointing it into the toilet bowel.

Sue joins her behind me and I feel her cool soft hand wrap around my cock — I smile blissfully as I release my bladder and piss into the toilet. Nancy demanded to watch me piss a couple of days back, and almost immediately decided she wanted to hold my cock as I pee. This has become something we do whenever we’re home. Now I’ve got twin sisters to hold my cock as I piss — life is fucking great!

Sue squeals and giggles as she exclaims “Oh my god this is hot — and you’re right girl, I can feel the piss going through his cock. I wonder…” She starts to move my cock around, directing the stream around the bowel and chuckles while she’s doing it.

And she’s right, it does feel hot especially with Nancy stroking my ass with her other hand. Sue has her other arm wrapped around my shoulders and I feel my cock start to swell and get hard – with the two sisters hands wrapped around and holding it while I’m pissing into the toilet.

I finish and Nancy directs Sue to shake my cock — which she does and the two sisters get into another bout of the giggles. Sue takes her hand off my cock and I turn around towards Nancy. She’s dropped to her knees and is licking the tip of my cock clean.

Sue’s at the sink and is staring at Nancy lick the last drops of urine from my cock. “Eww sis, what are you doing?” I’m not catching disgust — quite the opposite. So I give Sue another teensy jolt to amp up her sexual excitement. If I know Nancy there will be a lot more of this later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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