My Soon To Be-Ex Step-Daughter Ch. 02

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I leaned over, facing Ash, and our lips were just inches apart. She was staring into my eyes and it looked as if she was simultaneously both desperate and afraid for our lips to meet.

“Ash, you’re not a little girl but I still don’t want to think I’m takin’ advantage of you. And I don’t want anybody else thinkin’ that, either. Is this what you want?”

She nodded her head slightly, but unmistakably, indicating that she wanted it. “Tell me what you want, Ash. I need to hear you say it out loud.”

“Daddy, you know what I want!” she pleaded.

“No, honey, I know what I want, and I know what I hope you’re gonna say, but I can’t be sure that I know what you want, so I want you to tell me exactly what you want. This is too important to make mistakes.”

She paused as if it was taking her some time to summon her courage.

“Daddy, I fell in love with you the summer you taught me to drive and I’ve never been in love with anyone else. I want you to love me the way I love you. I want to be the woman who makes you happy. I want you to hug me and kiss me but I don’t want you to fuck me. I want you to make love to me. I want you to know that this isn’t lust and I certainly don’t want to be a booty call. Daddy, I want you to love me like a man loves a woman and not just like a step-father loves a step-daughter.”

“Sweetie, when you started growin’ breasts, I started noticin’ you . . . in a sexual way, and I’ve always thought you were beautiful. I’ve had a really tough time seein’ you run around in skimpy bikinis and sometimes walkin’ around the house in just your bra and panties because it put thoughts in my head that a step-father shouldn’t have for his step-daughter. I never told you and I certainly never did anything to show you that I was attracted to you but I’ve felt it for a long time. And, then . . . the last several years, your mom has been more distant towards me and cold and I couldn’t help but compare you and her, and . . . well, you always seemed to be such a warm and goodhearted person that I kinda wished that your mom was like you, and . . . well, I have to admit that I had some fantasies about me and you that a step-father definitely isn’t supposed to have, so it’s all been rather difficult. But, now my marriage is comin’ to an end and I find out that the girl I dreamed about wants me in the same way that I want her, it’s . . . well, I don’t know why but it doesn’t feel wrong anymore. So it’s not lust, it’s love, but we’re gonna have some tough times ahead of us if we do this.”

“If we have tough times,” Ash responded, “will you be in front of me to protect me?”

“No,” I answered, “if you are my woman, you will be by my side and we’ll be hand in hand, facin’ everything together. It won’t be like father/daughter, it’ll be like husband and wife. I don’t want a little girl behind me, I want a woman by my side. Can you handle that?”

“Yes, but . . . when you’re makin’ love to me, can I still call you Daddy?” she asked with a very seductive look on her face.

“Absolutely,” I said as I closed the distance between us and brought my lips to meet hers. For one or two seconds, my lips just grazed hers, lightly and tenderly. Then I felt her lips part and her tongue entering me. I responded by opening my lips and inviting her to express her passion in a prolonged kiss.

I broke off the kiss to pose a rhetorical question. “Do you want to continue this in your bedroom?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she answered.

I stood up and offered my hand to her. She reached up, şişli grup yapan escort grabbed my hand, and pulled herself up from the sofa. Taking the lead, she walked from the living room into her hallway and then into her bedroom. I followed closely behind her.

As soon as we were both in her bedroom, she closed the door. She grabbed my hand, led me to the bed, and told me to sit. She then took a position about three feet in front of me.

“Daddy, if you want me, you need to see what you’re gettin’. If you’re gonna be disappointed, I’d rather know now than find out later.”

“Oh, honey, what would I be disappointed about?” I asked, obviously making a statement rather than asking a question.

“That’s what my Daddy says to his little girl, but I need to know that this little girl has what it takes to get you aroused down there,” she said, pointing to my crotch. As soon as she finished her last statement, she held her fingers up to her lips, indicating that I should be quiet.

Ash began unbuttoning the top she was wearing and, as soon as she had finished, she allowed it to slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She was wearing a lacy padded bra and it was obvious that her breasts were not big. That didn’t bother me because I am not a big boob guy. I actually like small tits and I was looking forward to seeing hers. Already I could feel my dick starting to dance in my pants.

Ash then unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and with one or two wiggles of her hips, the shorts were on the floor. She was wearing a white lacy thong and the fabric was clinging to her so tightly that I could see the contours of her pussy lips. Mr. Dick was certainly dancing now. The thought that I would soon be inside of her innocent little pussy had me ready to cum.

“This is what I am, Daddy. I’m a regular girl and not a Hollywood actress. I don’t have big boobs if that’s what you’re lookin’ for.”

“Oh, honey . . .,” I began but she immediately shushed me.

“You don’t know until you’ve seen ’em,” she answered. She then reached behind her back to unfasten her bra while maintaining a constant and direct eye contact with me. “Please don’t laugh,” she pathetically requested and then she allowed her bra to drop away. Apparently, she had been wearing padded bras because her boobs appeared to be A-cups; they were smaller than what I assumed they would be. None of these thoughts, however, were critical. Her boobs looked perfect. My little girl’s small titties stood proud and erect without any indication of sagging. Her aureolae were about the size of quarters and her erect little brown nipples stood about a quarter-inch tall. My immediate response was to want to suck on them while I fingered her pussy. My dick was obviously hard and straining against my pants at this point.

“Since you’re not laughin’, I guess I’ll finish,” she said. She reached under the elastic waist of her thong and pulled it down to her ankles and then quickly stepped out of it. Before me stood my little Ash, absolutely and totally nude, an inspiring vision of innocent beauty. Her mound was shaved of all hair and her pussy was a simple slit between her legs. There were no protruding lips. Her pussy looked wet and I assumed that she was aroused from standing naked before her step-father.

“So, what do you think, Daddy?” she asked, obviously needing approval from the object of her desire.

“I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” I said, “but if you think that’s şişli masöz escort just the step-daddy talkin’, pull down my pants and see how the rest of me is votin’. But, before you pull my pants down, I need to warn you. I’m not hung like a porn star. If you want a huge dick, I’m not the guy. I’m just 5½ inches but I’ll use everything I’ve got to make you satisfied.”

I stood up and motioned her to step forward. “Now, you can undress me and see what you’re getting’,” I said.

She wasted no time in reaching for my belt and pulling it away from my pants. She then unzipped and unsnapped my pants and gently tugged at them until she had them around my ankles. Her hands reached under my shirt to find the elastic waist of my boxers and she pulled them down in one quick motion. My manhood was engorged with lust and it sprang forward and pointed directly at her.

“Did I cause that, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, you did, dear, and I hope you’re not gonna leave it in that condition,” I responded.

“Oh, no, Daddy. I definitely want what I see, but what do you want me to do with it?” she asked, playing the part of an innocent but coquettish female.

“I want you to take off the rest of my clothes, then I wanna lay down and feel your naked body against mine, and then I wanna be inside you,” I instructed.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it from my torso, leaving me in just my t-shirt. It felt a bit awkward, knowing that I would soon be naked with my step-daughter, but lust – and love – is a much stronger force than modesty or embarrassment and I had no hesitation about going forward. No, I was far past the point of no return.

“It might be easier for me to get this,” I said, and I grabbed my tee and soon had it over my head and on top of the pile of clothes on the floor.

I opened my arms and Ash stepped forward to press her body against mine. I brought my arms together around her and hugged her naked body. I felt her stiff nipples against my chest and I impulsively wanted to grab them and roll her nipples between my fingers, but . . . I did not want to me in a rush. I actually meant everything that I said to Ash about love and I wanted her to know – it was important for her to know – that what I felt for her was love and not just an animal urge to mate with the closest available pussy.

Ash looked up at me and I looked down at her and our lips instinctively sought each other. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths and I knew that we both felt an urgency, a need for more. Again, I broke our kiss to indicate that we should lay down on her bed.

We were laying on our sides, facing each other, and again we started kissing. My right hand found the small of her back and then my fingers traced down her spine until they entered the valley of her cute little behind. I spread my fingers and embraced the globe of her ass cheek, pulling her towards me while also pulling her cheeks apart.

I pulled my lips from hers and kissed her neck and then trailed down until my lips found the nipple of her left boob. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and began sucking like a hungry baby.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good!” she said in a breathy tone.

With my right hand, I pushed on her shoulder until she was laying on her back. My lips went to her right nipple and resumed suckling while the fingers of my right hand began rolling her other nipple back and forth.

“Oh, gawd, Daddy, I need you inside me so bad!” she exclaimed.

I moved şişli otele gelen escort my hand from her boob and placed the tip of my middle finger immediately below her navel. I then slid it slowly downward until I reached her pussy. She was wet with desire and it was easy to slide my finger between her lips until I found her clit. It was hard and she gasped as soon as I touched it.

I began tracing small circles around the base of her clit, at first slowly but then slightly faster. I stopped sucking on her nipple long enough to say, “Your boobs are so perfect, I could suck on ’em all night long.” My attention to her clit was finding success as her breathing was becoming shallower and she started moaning.

“Oh, Daddy!” she said in a tone of voice that suggested an immediate need to be fucked good and hard.

“Are you on birth control pills?” I asked.

“Yeah. We don’t need a condom,” she responded. “Just do me now!”

I didn’t need a second invitation to attend the party between her legs. I quickly got on top of her and placed the tip of my dick at the entrance to her love tunnel. As soon as the tip began to push between her lips, she raised her legs and locked her feet together behind me, brushing my behind with the heels of her feet.

I pushed deeper into her until I felt my pelvis against hers.

“You feel so good, Ash. Do you like havin’ Daddy’s dick in your pussy?”

“Yes, Daddy, but go slow for a minute. I didn’t think it would hurt as much.”

“Ash, are you . . . were you . . . a virgin?”

“Daddy, please don’t laugh at me. I know I have small titties and I don’t know much about sex with guys but I’ll do anything I can to make you happy.”

“Ash, you’re right. I won’t lie to you about this. You do have small titties. And some guys wouldn’t like them. But some guys – includin’ me – happen to prefer small boobs. You’re beautiful and lookin’ at your naked little titties make me harder than Chinese arithmetic. You have everything it takes to make me happy. I’m glad to be your first, I hope I’m the last, and I’m glad you haven’t been the village slut. I love you.”

I began withdrawing from the wet velvet glove that encased my male member and, just as I was ready to exit, I began to push back in. Ash’s pussy was so tight, it felt like it was squeezing me. I couldn’t remember ever being in a pussy that felt this tight and I knew right then that I wanted to be inside of Ash on a regular basis . . . forever.

“You can go faster now, Daddy,” Ash said.

As soon as she gave me the green light, I began thrusting in and out of her honey hole. With each thrust, my dick felt more and more like it was on fire, like it was going to explode.

“Ash, I’m getting’ ready to cum,” I said as I felt my cum massing down inside of me, waiting for the flood gate to be opened.

“Daddy, cum inside me,” Ash said. As soon as I heard those words, my cum was released. I began pumping cum into my virgin step-daughter’s pure and innocent cunt. When she felt the first burst of cum, she began having an orgasm. I felt the walls of her pussy begin to spasm and that just made my orgasm more intense.

“Daddy, I love you,” Ash cried amidst the throes of her lustful paroxysms. As our orgasms subsided, I stayed inside her and stared into her eyes for what seemed to be a long time. Eventually, my unit became flaccid and it couldn’t stay in her tight pussy.

I rolled over to lay beside her and I lay on my side so that I could feast upon the beauty of my naked step-child.

“I love you, too, Miss Ashley. I want you and no one else. I want us to be together but I don’t want you to leave school. We’ll find a way to make this work.”

“Daddy, you have a lot to teach me about makin’ love, but I don’t need any lessons in how to love you. My whole heart belongs to you and I’ll follow you anywhere.”

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