My Sister’s Pool Party

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Growing up in a small town in Alabama has it s advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage was that you knew everybody. The main disadvantage was that everybody knew what each other was doing.

I had the normal life growing up. I had two sisters and one brother. The brother was 6 years older than me and one sister was 4 years my senior so neither had much to do with my younger sister and me. I am 2 years older than Tiffany (Tiff) and we liked to hang out together which was not a problem for me because she was very mature for her age and was built like a supermodel. Long legs, perky breasts and a beautiful face that lit up even the darkest night.

Our parents were pretty cool and let us house sit whenever they went out of town since we were 14 and 12 years old. On her 18th birthday Tiff wanted to have some friends over but since it was the middle of the week Mom and Dad said that she would have to wait until the weekend. She made plans and wanted to have a sleep over. The weekend was set and further plans were made. Karen, Susan, Terri, and Lindsey would be spending the night and having a pool party with yours truly being the cook and general gopher.

The weekend finally arrived but a sudden emergency at our grandmothers house called Mom and Dad out of town for the night. They tried to stop the party but Tiff started crying and I assured them that I would make sure things stayed under control.

No boys are allowed. Mom said as they backed out of the driveway.

I promise that Greg will be the only one here. Tiff yelled back.

As they drove out halkalı escort of sight Tiff turned and flung her arms around me.

Thanks, you will not regret this. She smiled and walked into the house.

Karen. Lindsey, and Terri arrived right on schedule but they said that Susan had to work late and would be along in about an hour or so.

Greg? Would you be a dear and go to the store and get us some beer? Karen asked.

Where am I going to get beer? I m only 20 you know.

Go to the Snack and Sack, Tommy my boyfriend is working there. By the time you get there I will call him and let him know what s going on.

OK, be right back. I said and left to get the beer.

Sure enough Tommy smiled at me when I walked in and winked. I went to the cooler and got 4 twelve packs of Bud Light and went to the counter to pay. My heart got lodged in my throat when Tommy asked for my ID. He winked again and looked at it and smiled.

So you turned the big 21 today huh? he asked. Then he whispered, The boss is watching me pretty close man.

Yep, I beamed. Gonna celebrate it in style too!

I took the beer and loaded it up in the car and headed home happy to know that I now had a place to buy beer when the need arose. I pulled into the garage and was greeted by three 18 year olds clad in very skimpy bikinis. Tiff had on her usual yellow string bikini. Those tits were something to look at and I always enjoyed being around her when she showed them off. Karen had a thong bottom that looked like it wasn’t even there and a t-shirt harbiye escort tied in a knot just under her firm tits. Terri sported a red average looking suit and Lindsey wore a black thong with triangles covering her nipples and bush. I was in heaven being surrounded by all this firm young flesh.

They took the beer and dumped it in a cooler, covered it with ice and took it out to the pool deck. I had promised Tiff that I would leave them alone so, I went in and flipped on the Braves game. Over the next hour the noise level out on the pool deck steadily increased so I went to see what was going on.

I approached the back door leading out to the deck and stopped just as my hand turned the knob. Karen had shed her top and her tits were bouncing as her laughed loudly at the other girls. I removed my hand from the doorknob and stood there in the shadows of the room as I watched this teen goddess and her wonderful orbs. Needless to say my cock took notice also and started to inflate rapidly. I backed out of the doorway and went down the hall to my bedroom and removed my constrictive shorts and underwear replacing them with my favorite pair of cut-off sweatpants. I hurried back down the hall to the doorway and was surprised to see Terri topless as well.

The site of those four titties was too much for me to handle. I reached down and pulled up the leg of my shorts to expose my now aching cock. I started stroking it slowly as I locked on Karen and her tits. They were about 34b s with a dark tan line outlining them. The nipples were the size of ikitelli escort pencil erasers and looked to be hard as rocks. I was really engrossed in my staring when I heard someone behind me clear her throat.

I spun around and there stood Susan. Damn, I forgot she was coming to the party late, I thought.

Enjoying the view? she asked with a smile on her face.

How long have you been standing there?

Long enough to watch you play with that hard dick!

I looked down and didn’t even realize that I still had my dick in my hand. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just stuffed my rapidly deflating cock back into my shorts.

Looks like you could use some attention the 19 year old redhead said.

She was the oldest of the four and was the most well build by far.

Please don’t tell Tiff I was watching. I promised that I would leave them alone.

They don’t even know I m here yet, but I have an idea of how you can keep me quiet.”

She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her planting her warm lips on mine and doing a through search of my mouth with hers. I don’t have a LOT of experience when it comes to the kissing department, but damn, even I could see that she knew what she was doing. She reached inside my shorts and started massaging my half hard cock bringing it back to life in no time. She gave it a few good strokes and then without warning she dropped to her knees and engulfed the whole 7 inches right down to the base.

I leaned back against the door and we fell out onto the deck, me with my pants around my ankles and Susan with my cock in her hand sticking straight out.

Hey everybody look what Susan brought to the party, cried Karen as they all gathered around to look.

To be continued depending on the feedback I get.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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