My Sister’s First

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When I was twenty I successfully took my younger sisters virginity. It all happened one day when I was home from college. I had come home for the weekend just to visit and pick up some things I needed such as winter coats and stuff of that sort.

Well when I woke up that Saturday I had the biggest hard-on and I knew it wouldn’t go away without masturbating. But then it came to me why not get a pair of Maggie’s panties and masturbate in them like I used to when I was younger. So I got out of bed walked into my sisters room opened her dresser drawer and poled out a pair of her panties put them on and walked back to my room and began to jack off in them. It was amazing I had forgotten how good it felt to be wearing her knickers and stroking my cock. I came so hard thinking about the few time I had seen her in them or in the nude since puberty started.

She is a lovely girl around five foot six with 34 C’s and around 120 lbs. I loved her madly. I put her panties back in her drawer and hoped in the shower. When I got out I didn’t realize that she had gotten home from work and walked out completely naked just as she was walking up the stairs. Needless to say that was a little uncomfortable. I covered my self to the best of my abilities with my hands and apologized saying things like I didn’t realize you were home, I thought you got off work later. Then she surprised me and said don’t worry it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before remember we used to change together after a shared bath until you were like 11. Then an even bigger shock came my way. As I stood there completely nude thinking back to those wonderful days where it didn’t matter if we were naked together she said to me; maybe you would like to change in my room with me like we used to I wanted to change out of my work clothes and you need to get dressed bring etiler ucuz escort your clothes to my room just like old times.

So after quickly gathering my clothes to wear for the day I walked into Maggie’s room already half erect. I put my clothes on the floor and watch my 18 year old sister remove her clothes one article at a time, taking in with great interest each newly revealed patch of bare flesh. When she was finally completely nude she looked up at me and noticed my raging hard-on.

“James did I give you that?”

“Well– uh– um–“

“Can I touch it?”

“Yeah… If you want.”

As her warm hand slowly wrapped around my rock hard penis I could hardly keep my self from coming then and there. She leaned in and kissed me upon the lips, as she sensually caressed the shaft, and I kissed her back. It was electric, we both had to catch our breath. And then we were upon each other making out passionately exploring each others bodies with our hands, and then she asked it, the best and most frustrating question of the day.

“Do you have any condom?”

“No. They are all back at school.”

“Fuck James,” She says exasperated. “Ok lets put some clothes on and get to Walgreen’s.”


As I started putting on my clothes I then heard her ask, “James can I wear your underwear and you wear mine?” Without saying a word I pulled her pink panties up and over my balls leaving my throbbing boner sticking out of the top.

About twenty minutes later we were back in her room naked and lip locked once again. Then she broke the embrace to place a condom on me and when she stood back up I shoved her onto her bed. I placed my self over her and slowly kissed my way down to her soaking pussy. First the lips, then the neck, stopping to take each glass cuttingly etiler üniversiteli escort erect nipple into my mouth, down her firm and supple belly and making it to my destination.

There it was staring me in the face. This forbidden entrance dripping in it’s wetness, begging to be satisfied. I dived in. Licking from her ass hole to her clit, sucking upon her little pleasure button, inserting my tongue deep into her cunt, and fingering her; making her moan progressively louder. And as she was about to orgasm I stopped I moved over her and positioned my self right at her virgin cunt, kissed her on the lips, and as she stared up at me with love and anticipation I pushed my way into her.

She let out a loud moan of a mixture of pain and pleasure as my huge cock forced it’s way up to her cervix. As we continued to lock lips and thrust hips things became more aggressive and louder. I pounded her pussy as she howled in ecstasy and we flipped over so she was riding me. I couldn’t believe it my little sister who’s just barely and adult is riding me, I’m going to cum inside my own sister. And just as I couldn’t hold it any more she climaxed; screaming and convulsing she forced all my sperm into the condom. Neither one of us had cum so hard before. After she lifted her self off of me we removed the condom and lie there naked in her bed and slowly fall asleep.

The Next Day

When I woke up the next day I couldn’t believe what had happened just a couple of hours earlier. I had fucked my little sister. I fucked her, we napped, and then went out with our friends and acted as though nothing had happened. But I wasn’t about to let this stop there I needed more.

I came down the stairs with a raging cock already and found her on the phone looking through the fridge. fatih escort I came up behind her and started to kiss her softly on the neck as I fondled her breasts underneath her shirt. She tried to get me to stop but as I pulled her pants down to the floor she told her friend that she would call them back. She turned around to be greeted by nothing more than air because I had already dropped to the floor and begun to eat her out. She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head as she began to grind my face. I became adventures with my hands and started playing around her asshole with my fingers as she whimpered with delight when I did this I began to insert one. She loved it and lost it right there; grinding my face more forcefully she came all over me, covering me with her juices.

“Lets go get a condom and take a shower we need to clean your face James,” she said to me.

And without hesitation I grabbed a condom leaving only on left and joined her in the bath room. She took the condom from me and placed it around my prick. We kissed and walked into the shower. I came in after her and as her back was turned I pushed my way up her pussy and as she moaned and whimpered she said do me up the ass.

“What,” I asked.

“Do me up my ass,” she repeated.

So I withdrew my cock and moved it a little behind her pussy and slowly pushed my way into her bowls. When i was finally all the way in I could hardly take it. I pumped her for such a little bit while fingering her but it was enough to get us both off. But we were not satisfied, oh no.

“Do we still have the other condom James?”

“Yeah should I get it?” “No wait until we’re done with our shower, and then I want you to fuck my brains out one more time.”

“Anything for you Maggie.”

We finished our shower and she went to her room, I went and got the condom and put it on. I get into her room and she is sitting on her bed legs spread wide and she said;

“No oral, no for-play, just penetrate me.”

So I approached her pushed my way up inside her as she wrapped her legs around me I last fuck of the weekend was to begin.

But certainly not our last fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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