My Sister-In-Law Niki

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Note: Guys, if you’ve never found a larger women appealing, you probably won’t enjoy this story.

The L.A. haze was depressing, and I was stuck in rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway. I would usually be headed home towards the beach at this time, but my sister-in-law Niki was flying in and I had been chosen to pick her up. No big deal. Andrea, my wife, couldn’t get away from work and I had a half day off. In spite of the annoying traffic and depressing scenery, I was actually happy. I like my in-laws, especially Niki. She is kind, warm, and has a down to earth manner that sets everyone at immediate ease. Her husband, Bob, is another matter. He’s a pompous ass who seems to get great joy from belittling his wife in public. (He even goes as far as poking fun of her weight.) I was glad he never found the time to accompany Niki on her trips home to California.

As I pondered Niki’s marriage, I also thought of my own frustrations at home. Andrea is a beautiful lady with a quickly diminishing interest in our marriage. Crawling along the 405, I found myself eager to talk with Niki. We always had good, long talks when she visited, and somehow we both found great comfort in this.

There was nothing romantic between Niki and me, in spite of the fact that I found her gorgeous. Many men were turned off by her weight, but she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She has a tender way about her, but she also has a strength of spirit, warm brown eyes, porcelain skin, and great Reubenesque curves. In spite of this, I respect our relationship as a brother-sister-friend thing, and I keep my occasional fantasies to myself. There is no way I am going to mess up our lives. Besides, Niki has shown no signs of interest. I guess, if I’m to be honest, that’s the real reason nothing has happened.

Just when my mind started to play out an old fantasy involving Niki and me, my cell phone went off. When I saw Niki’s Ohio phone number displayed I think I actually blushed. I felt like a teenager caught in the act. I saw that I was already ten minutes late, and answered her call. “Hi Niki I-” “Where the Hell are you? It’s hot, I’m large, and that’s not fethiye escort a good mix!” she answered. I told her I was moving slowly, but almost there. “I’m such a bitch, huh?” she laughed. “Actually, I am miserable, but I can’t wait to see you. Be prepared, though, I’m a fat, sweaty mess.” This actually made me mad. I hate it when she echoes Bob and puts herself down. I told her to knock it off, hung up and exited the freeway.

Niki was waiting by the curb, with standard black suitcases at her side. I blew a kiss, pulled over, and laughed as she gave me the finger. She was larger than before, at least 20 pounds larger. Her shoulder length black hair framed a pretty, but fatigued face. Loose strands of hair clung to her sweaty face. She smiled, and I was sure I had never seen a more beautiful woman.

Quickly I jumped out of the car, ran to the curb and sought out a warm bear hug. A quick peck on the lips, and then I had to back up. She looked hurt, but I had a growing erection that might embarrass the both of us. She bent over to get her luggage, and the gentleman in me froze as I saw her breasts, glistening with sweat. As she bent over, I took in their massive size and smooth texture. They were tightly housed in a leopard print demi bra that looked to be losing the battle to contain its precious cargo. She caught me looking, and smiled, winked, and stepped away so I could do place her luggage in my trunk. As I shut the trunk, Niki laughed and quipped, “You need looser pants.”

After getting back in the car, it was quiet until we were back on the 405. Niki cleared her throat and stumbled over her words, “Actually, that was good, I mean … I’m glad … Oh shit. What I’m trying to say is I’m sorry if I embarrassed you back there with my pants comment. It’s just that your quick hug kind of hurt me. I felt like you were grossed out, maybe even embarrassed by the new, heavier me. I don’t feel very attractive lately, and I assumed you were put off. That made it all the more special to see you staring at my tits.” My mouth literally hung open, which brought out her infectious laughter and an admonition to, “Stop it. Haven’t you ever heard escort fethiye a lady say ‘tits’ before.”

Niki grew quiet once again, and then stated flatly, “Bob left me.” Shit. “I’m sorry,” I said quietly. What else could I say? While I hated the guy, and I felt his departure was best for Niki and her two teenage girls, I knew she had to be incredibly wounded. I took the wisest option open to me. I didn’t say anything more. Instead, I reached over and gently grabbed her hand. We drove for another twenty minutes without saying a word.

A few miles from my house, Niki leaned her head against my shoulder, and I whispered, “I’m so sorry sweetheart.” The dam broke, and her tears rolled freely. “Don’t go home yet, please,” she pleaded. I obeyed and headed for the Coast Highway. Finding a metered spot in Huntington Beach, I got out, deposited all my change and opened her door. Our fingers interlocked easily, and we walked over to a bench overlooking the ocean. Niki’s tears gradually subsided, but she never let go of me. I wanted to comfort her, but I also wanted her.

Somehow, I maintained composure, and suppressed my intensifying hunger. I felt frustrated, but proud of myself, until Niki kissed my cheek. She kissed my neck. “Niki, don’t …” I sputtered. “You don’t want me to?” she asked. “Yes, I want it more than anything, but I owe it to…” “Andrea?” she asked with disdain. She knew this was not the truth, as she and I both knew Andrea had lost interest in me a long time ago. She continued, “Look, Andrea is a …” and then she stopped herself. “I’m sorry,” she continued, “It’s easy to be mean when you’re hurt.” “No, it’s not Andrea. It’s you,” I muttered. “I’m not going to take advantage of you.” “Oh please, I started it,” she laughed. Then growing serious, she turned my face towards her, looked in my eyes, and told me, “I’ve always wanted to fuck you,” and laughed. Any lame response on my part was immediately silenced by her open mouth covering mine.

I could taste the salt from her tears, as our tongues danced and probed. She gently sucked my upper lip, and I stroked her arms. Goosebumps were rising on her skin. It was both out fethiye escort bayan of excitement and the early evening air. My left hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to me for an intense, open mouthed kiss. My right hand continued to stroke her arms, and thighs, and then slid under her yellow cotton top, and across her smooth, ample belly. I love her belly, but soon I was tracing the outline of her hardening nipples, as they pushed at the fabric of her bulging bra. She jumped up and ran to the car.

“Shit.” No worries, though. She looked over her shoulder, giggled, and yelled, “I’m not going to let you fuck me on a park bench! Let’s go!” I laughed, and watched her wiggle her large, but sensuous, ass at me.

Back in the car, I tried to slide my hand back under Niki’s shirt, but she slapped it – hard. As I started to tell her that my friend Brad was out of town and that we could go to his place, she pointedly ignored me and initiated a most incredible show of acrobatics. Reclining her seat completely, she undid her seatbelt, sat back up, and crawled into the backseat. Niki then laid her torso across the reclined front seat, but curled herself so her head was in my lap.

“Oh no,” I murmured, “Um, Niki …” She ignored me and nibbled on my cock’s form pressing against my damp boxers. Soon my belt was off, my fly down, and the head of my dick between her lips. The flat of her tongue stroked the delicate seam on the underside of my dick, and then her mouth took me in. Up and down she bobbed, with only a soft mouth and lips massaging my cock. I stroked her beautiful black hair, and struggled for the requisite driving composure.

Less than a mile from my friend’s turn-off, I pulled over on the side of an interstate freeway and unloaded all of my cum into my sister-in-laws mouth. Chest heaving, and eyes closed, I sat there on the side of the road. Then I heard it. Niki was moaning. I looked over and she had her cute yellow top up over her breasts, her leopard print bra open, and the fingers of left hand cupping her right breast and one very hard nipple. She smiled when I looked down and noticed that her other hand had pulled up her denim skirt. Her middle finger was burrowed into a wet slit. I knew it was wet more from the sucking noises than from sight.

“Well,” Niki taunted, “do I have to finish this on my own?”

To be Continued …

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