My Sister in Law Jean Pt. 03

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This is a true story. The names have been changed but the facts have not. A sordid tale of sister and brother in laws.

Jean and I held off until she knew for sure she wasn’t pregnant. As soon as I found out, the vasectomy was scheduled. It was actually my wife’s idea. How amazing is that? She even went with me. Of course, she only participated in about 1/3 of the required ejaculations to “clean the pipes” but at least she helped. The rest were Jean. I didn’t enter her pussy again until I had cum about 18 times. I wanted to make sure there were no swimmers. I took a sample to my doc and it was confirmed. No more babies for me! Hell yes.

Life went on as usual. Work, family weekends, family get togethers and so on. Jean and her ever needing sex drive were present at many. She even sent me a text one day from the bathroom to come look. I eagerly opened the door and she was on the floor, legs splayed fucking herself with a dildo. Her hairy hole swallowing the big black plastic cock easily. I watched for a minute and then walked away. It was her house for God’s sake. She had kids home!

Finally, we were able to get some alone time at her house. We kissed hungrily and almost ripped off our clothes. This time she just got on her hands and knees on the bed and presented her very hairy pussy to me.

“No foreplay, Tim. Just fuck me. şişli rus escort I want it hard and fast, like the first time in the truck!”

I put some spit on my cock and rub that and the precum all over my cock head. I walked up to her and pushed in. One quick thrust and I was in. I fucked her hard for about 15 minutes and lost track of how many time she came. She was a mess. She was sweating, hair was a mess, pussy was soaked. She looked fucking hot. I pulled from her sopping pussy and my cock made an obscene slurping noise upon exit.

“God I love that noise. My pussy is a perfect fit for your cock.” Jean moaned.

I pushed her onto her back and stuck my cock back in. I fucked her for a few more minutes when I felt the need to cum.

“In you or on you?” I asked

“On me. Cum all over me. Shoot that goo Tim!”

I pulled out to the same obscene noises and jerked my spasming cock to orgasm. I covered her beautiful belly and tits with cum. She used a finger to get some off her nipples and sucked her fingers. Her hairy pussy was wet.

“You taste wonderful Tim. I only have about 30 minutes til kids get home. I want it again. How long til you are ready?” Jean asked.

“If you suck me I can be ready pretty quick.”

She grabbed my cock and started sucking. I recovered pretty quick, şişli türbanlı escort quicker than I thought could.

“What position this time Jean?”

“I want to ride you and feel you cum in me!”

She ground her pussy on my cock for a few minutes and then came again hard.

She was sweating pretty good. Her hairy armpits were wet from sweat. Sweat and cum all over chest. The smell was intoxicating. I grabbed her hips and started pumping. I released into her and finally got relief. She crawled off and threw on her sweatpants, bra and t shirt.

“Get out of her before your nieces get home!” Jean said with a giggle.

“What will you tell them? You are a sweaty, sexy mess.”

“Working out. Duh!”

I grinned and started to leave. She grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “by the way, I am pregnant.”

I turned and looked at her rather scared of what may come out of her mouth next.

“Hubs did it. Managed to knock me up. Just so you know. I may put on a show when he is around at family things.”

“Such as?” I asked

“Like when I’m pregnant I don’t like sex. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I will fuck you every day if I can. I wore out a dildo last time. Replaced it twice. But he doesn’t know that.”

I grinned and left. I saw my nieces a couple şişli ucuz escort blocks away and being a good uncle, I gave them a ride home to spend a little more time with them…..and their horny mom.

When we walked in, the house smelled like sex. Jean had the windows open but the unmistakable smell of see still filled the house.

“Hi girls! How was school?” Jean asked the girls.

“It was fun, Uncle Tim gave a us a ride home!” Both girls chimed in in unison.

“He did, did he? That was nice. Maybe I will give him a ride one day.” Jean said with a twinkle in her eye!

“Maybe one day I will be in need and you could do that for me.”

With the same twinkle in her eye, Jean said, “love to.”

The girls went up to their rooms after a snack, leaving us alone.

Jean slid a hand in her pants and pulled out a very wet hand. She pushed her fingers in my mouth so I could taste the mess we had made. I started to get hard again and pulled her close.

“You have to go and I need to shower and get the cum out of me before my your brother in law gets home. Now take that dick of yours and get out of here!”

“OK, OK. I am leaving. I have work luncheon tomorrow that I am not required to be at. I have 2 hours free. I will get us a room for some afternoon delight if you want.” I whispered as I was walking out.

“MMMM, yes. Let’s say the hotel by my work at noon?” Jean purred to me.

“Considered it done. I will text you the room number when I get it.”

“Bye girls! See you later!” I yelled at to my nieces before walking out.

“Bye, Uncle Tim. Thanks for the ride!!!” They answered in unison, as usual.

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