My release from the closet part 2: that little bastard

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hey guys this is my second story so again i really welcome any and all criticism and suggestions.

also this story involves sex between gays and a minor (at least in america, not where i live) so if you guys have a problem with that, don’t keep reading, but if you’re into this sorta thing than happy wanking 😀

I woke up with Tim still asleep on top of me, I thought it was going to be a good day, boy was I wrong. I tried as hard as I could to not wake him up as I rolled him over onto the bed and got up, turns out he slept like a log and if an earthquake hit right now he probably would have slept through it. I got up, put some pants on and went to the kitchen half naked, made myself some coffee and had some cereal for breakfast, all while thinking about what last night might mean, are we together now? Did he just want a root? Did I just want a root?
I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I almost didn’t hear the door knocking.

I opened the door to find a big surprise, a boy with sandy blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and a well-toned and tanned body. If it were anyone else I would have smiled but unfortunately it was my 15 year old brother Josh. “What do you want and how did you know I was here?” “My mates saw you leave work with your boss so I assumed you were staying with him now.” Smart bastard, why did he have to ruin a perfectly good day? “Ok so that answers how, but you still haven’t told me why you’re here?” I asked him in the coldest tone I had ever spoken to him in. “I… I wanted to see you.” I was stunned, after his reaction a few nights ago I was surprised he wasn’t here to stab me.

I let him in still cautious as I had no idea what to expect, he took a seat on the couch and I brought him a soft drink. I sat across from him on a lazy boy. He looked really worried about something, like he wasn’t sure if he should be here. “So why did you want to see me?” I asked him still as coldly as I could. “I… uh, I wanted to ask… what it’s like being gay, ya know?” I was confused to say the least, he hated me a few nights ago and now he was interested, my mind started wandering. ‘Why was he that anti when I came out? Why is he interested now, what if…. What if he was in denial?’ I thought to myself.

This was a delicate situation, if I was right then my younger brother was just as queer as I was and if he was, I wondered how that would affect his relationship with me, his friends and our parents. I realised that I had left his question unanswered so I quickly replied. “It’s just like being straight only when you’re with a guy, it doesn’t give you a headache, girls are far too political, and don’t even get me started on the sex, it’s the most incredible feeling in the world. But what makes you so interested now? When I came out it looked like you were ready for a fight, and speaking of; sorry about your stomach.” I said as a smile crossed my face. He looked guilty I wasn’t sure if he was thinking about how he acted with me or what he was doing now.

I went fully serious and didn’t bead around the bush. “Why did you act like that? Were you questioning your own orientation, or were you just trying to make dad feel better that at least one of his sons was on his side?” The stunned look on his face was priceless and it answered my question. He quickly began to get over his shock, realising that I knew he wasn’t straight. “I’ve known for a while now that I was gay, honestly I think I was pissed at you because you came out and you had never even mentioned it between us before, that and I still resented myself bahis firmaları for being the way I am.”

Honestly I had never looked at my little brother in a sexual way before but now that I knew he was gay, my brain was going at it, I had seen him naked a hundred times before, he had quite the figure. His dick was a full 9”, almost as long as mine and 3” thick too which to me wasn’t bad, and he was still only 15. But with me thinking about all of this my brain went into overload when my recent sex partner and boss whom I was living with; Tim stumbled half naked into the living room. “Morning, and who’s this sexy little hunk I wonder?” he said with his trademark cheeky grin. “Tim this is my little brother Josh, Josh this is my boss Tim.”

I had no idea what to do, here I was sitting between the guy I had just last night had sex with and my little brother who I wanted to have sex with. The situation was growing very awkward very quickly until Tim pulled me aside into the kitchen. “ok I’m just gona take a guess here but judging by the pained expression on your face, you want to fuck your little brother and you’re worried about breaking multiple morals at the same time, the one that tells you not to cheat on me and the one that tells you not to fuck a 15 year old, especially when he’s your brother.” I swear to Christ this guy is psychic. “Ok how the fuck did you know all that just by the look on my face?” he grinned “who cares, the point is you won’t be cheating on me if I’m doing it with you, and besides who cares if he’s your brother he’s fucking hot!” ok Tim is the perfect guy end of story. “So how are we gona do this?” he asked with a devious smile on his face. “well since I have your approval, just follow my lead, I know for a fact that my brother has ‘accidentally’ walked in on me wanking a million times before and every time he has there has been a look of serious hunger on his face, this is gona be easy.”

We went back to the living room where my brother was casually looking around while sipping on his drink, he saw the evil smiles we had on our faces and automatically knew something was up. “So uh what were you guys doing?” “Oh not much just thinking of how we could fuck you.” Yea I wasn’t really one for subtlety and the look on my brother’s face gave me the best laugh I’d had in weeks. Once he recovered from the initial shock, his look changed to one of lust, since he knew exactly where this was going he wasn’t planning on wasting any time. He placed his drink on the table then literally tackled me to the ground, we began making out passionately, apparently my brother was more experienced than I was, that or he had an innate ability to fuck someone’s mouth with his tongue.

While we were making out, Tim got to work, undressing all three of us while nibbling on my brother’s neck, I gave Tim a look that he understood straight away. Out of nowhere we both picked up my brother and dumped him on the bed in the spare room, where Tim proceeded to make out with my brother while I began jerking off both their dicks, they were hard in seconds and so I took turns alternating between sucking my brother’s dick and sucking Tim’s, their moans filled the room but after last night I wasn’t content with just their dicks, I wanted Josh’s ass and I wanted it now. My dick was already hard and dribbling precum and so I lined it up with Josh’s beautiful asshole and slowly began to inch it in so as not to hurt him, he didn’t look in pain at all, by the time I had bottomed out he was already sucking Tim’s dick. He was a pro, taking a dick in each hole like kaçak iddaa he’d been doing it for years, I grabbed his hips and started slowly thrusting, he moaned and though his mouth was kind of full it still managed to resound throughout the room. I was really getting worked up and into it but then he stopped me. “I don’t want you to cum just yet.” He said with a coy smile.

I pulled out and then my own little brother turned me toward the wall, bent me over and plunged his entire shaft in me all at once; that little bastard, I couldn’t even describe the pain I was in but all at the same time it felt amazing. I heard Tim moan and looked over my shoulder to see why, what I saw turned me on even more, he was balls deep inside my brother, while my brother was balls deep inside me and giving me the jerk off of my life. The scene was intense, all three of us moaning and screaming, pumping in and out of each other until my brother pulled out of me and pushed me onto my back, then him and Tim double teamed me, Tim dived into my ass while my Josh rammed his cock into my mouth and sucked my own. I had to have been dreaming, here I was getting gang banged by the two hottest guys I had ever seen. All three of us started getting to the edge, I came first, spewing my seed deep down my brothers throat, then both Josh and Tim pulled out at the same time and covered me head to toe in their cum.

All three of us collapsed, exhausted from the amazing fuck session we just had. I was the first to get up, I felt filthy with all this cum on me and decided to take a shower, when I came out; both of them were at the table with slightly serious looks on their faces. “What’s going on guys?” I asked, completely out of the loop. “I’m going to come out to our parents, Tim said I could stay here with you guys if things get shitty.” I smiled at my brother lovingly. “then why the long faces, your life is sorted, I’ll provide for you if that bastard of a father of ours won’t, you know there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for you bro.” that made him cheer up a bit.

So Tim gave us all a ride back to our parents’ house, I told my brother I would wait outside until he came out to tell me what happened so he entered. “Not you too, what the fuck is with this family? How can both my sons be fucking faggots. No, I’m not letting another one of you ruin my life, I’m not going to give you the chance to tell everyone and make me look like an incompetent father, I’m going to kill you right here and now!!” I heard my father screaming from inside, I ran to the door opened it and found my brother being chocked by the bastard we called a father. “Get your fucking filthy hands off him you dirty bastard, if you ever lay another hand on my brother I will kill you!” I yelled in a fit of rage, my dad just laughed, he had gone crazy with grief and didn’t care anymore. I wasn’t about to sit there and watch my little brother die, I ran over to my dad and kicked him in the head, knocking him away from my brother, he was a tough bastard though so it barely phased him, he grabbed a knife from the table and turned to me. “You, you did all of this! I’ll kill you too!” he’d lost it, so before he could stab me I punched him in the face, wrenched the knife from his hand and held it to his neck. I looked at my brother, still coughing on the floor. “Oi Josh are you ok?” he nodded getting up. “Alright pack your things we’re leaving.” When he was done packing, I pressed the knife against my dad’s throat; “if you ever come near me or Josh again I won’t hesitate to kill you, you crazy old bastard.”

That was the kaçak bahis last warning I gave my dad before I knocked him out and left my childhood home.
When we had gotten back to Tim’s my brother got settled in the spare room while I moved into Tim’s room, although I had the feeling that regardless of where our official beds were, we were all going to be sleeping in the same place most of the time.

By the time all the moving and settling was done, Tim had already gone to work, leaving me and my brother alone. He was still obviously shaken by what happened with dad so I took him into my arms and was just running my hand through his hair. “I almost died today… my own dad tried to kill me, is it wrong to be gay?” “Not at all, it’s wrong to try to kill your son for something he can’t control, our father is the one who has everything wrong, not us, you are the kindest boy on this planet and being gay doesn’t change anything about you.” I kissed him gently on the lips and before long we were lustfully making out and trying to rip each other’s cloths off. Once we were naked I swallowed his dick, I was getting really good at sucking; I took all 9” without gagging at all. Then we got into 69 and he sucked my dick, he was even better at it than Tim, I really had to ask him where he learned all this from because he defiantly wasn’t new at this.

I stopped sucking his dick and moved to his gorgeous asshole, I began licking it furiously and he was loving it, moaning every time my tongue made contact. I got up, pushed him onto his stomach, pulled his hands behind his back and plunged my entire dick into his ass. He screamed so loud I was sure the whole neighbourhood heard “that’s payback for earlier you little shit.” I said as I started pumping full force, not even giving him time to adjust to the massive length and girth of my cock, I really don’t think he minded at all, he moaned every time I sunk my meat into his ass, I sped up even more and wasn’t giving him a break but since I had cum earlier I could go on for ages.

I was so caught up in the thorough pounding I was giving my brother that I didn’t notice Tim come up from behind me, without saying a word he grabbed me by my ass and dove balls deep into me. I screamed almost as loud as my brother did but I wasn’t going to stop, every time I thrust into my brother, when I pulled out Tim’s rod would pump into me. I pulled out, turned Josh onto his back and went balls deep into him again, his cock was rock hard so I grabbed it and pumped it until he came all over his chest, stomach and my hand. “Clean it off.” I said shoving my hand into his mouth, he licked it clean. “Now suck off Tim.” I ordered and Tim came around to Josh’s face and Josh immediately devoured his thick meat, I was defiantly enjoying making my brother our bitch but I was getting close to cuming so I picked up the pace. I pulled his legs over my shoulder and began diving even deeper into him with each thrust. Tim and I both came at the same time coating my brother’s insides in cum from both ends.

I kissed Tim then kissed my brother and was about to go to bed but then I remembered that my brother had school in the morning “hey Tim do you reckon you could take my brother to school tomorrow?” I still didn’t have my full license so only Tim could take him. “Yea sure but only if he gives me an amazing blowjob before we leave.” He said with his standard grin. “Oh don’t worry Tim I would have done that anyway.” My apparently not so little anymore brother said in the most matter of fact voice he could have. All three of us laughed and went to bed, Tim and I in one room and Josh in the other. Life was definitely starting to look good for me, I fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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