My Pretty Fucked Up Story Ch. 04

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From now on, we spent every night together. They were filled with joy and happiness resulting from our mutual amusement. I didn’t reveal this to anyone except Danuta. I could trust her to keep her mouth shut. I told her about how our relationship was going. She didn’t mind. What’s more, she was happy that I opened myself up to the world of erotic sensations. Our relationship was based on living together and satisfying each other’s needs without much emotional involvement.

We passed the days and weeks like that. Every night we gave each other orgasms. Stefan provided me with fresh portions of his semen, and I eagerly accepted them. Over time I came to understand that diet affected the taste of semen. I also learned to concentrate on swallowing it as quickly as possible. I was both fed and showered with sperm. My breasts, my belly and my little pussy could count on a nightly shower. But we were careful. Each time we used condoms so that not a drop would get inside. We were just casual lovers sharing an apartment, and we didn’t want to take even the slightest risk of getting pregnant.

One Friday after work, Stefan had a meeting with some colleagues from work. He told me not to wait for him because he would be late. So after dinner I went to bed and before going to sleep I made myself comfortable with my hand. This made it easier for me to fall asleep.

A few hours later I was awakened by the sound of the door to my… our room. Lying on my side I opened my eyes slightly and saw that it was Stefan taking off his clothes. Before getting into bed he went to the bathroom. After a while he came back and, dressed in pyjamas, lay down next to me. I could see and smell that he was drunk. However, the smell was not unpleasant for me and I easily fell asleep in his presence.

Some time later I woke up and felt that Stefan was cuddled up to me. I could also feel his engorged manhood on my thigh. I felt a growing desire to play tricks on him. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity when his member was ready for play. I reached into the drawer in the dresser next to the bed. I took out one condom. I removed the foil from it and then turned towards Stefan. It looked like he was still asleep. I figured he wouldn’t mind if I played a little with his swollen cock. Anyway, looking at him I knew there was a chance he would sleep through the whole thing and not remember anything. Alternatively, he would bursa escort have a very pleasant awakening. Not wanting to wake him up I pulled down the quilt and reached my hand towards his penis. I started to put a condom on his penis. I had become quite skilled all this time so it was a formality for me. After putting the rubber on, Stefan lay down on his back. His eyes were still closed. He must have been a really strong sleeper.

Since Stefan was lying on his back, I assumed the rider position. This was the most comfortable way to insert his penis into my clit. I was extremely curious about his reaction after waking up if he saw me riding his cock. Without delay I slid lower and lower so that his penis slowly went deeper and deeper. Finally it went all the way in. Then I started to raise and lower my thighs to continuously stimulate my partner’s member. I noticed that Stefan started to purr quietly. Nevertheless, he was still in his dream. I didn’t mind as long as I could rub against his swollen member.

A few moments later I felt that his penis was no longer so hard. I was surprised because I was sure he hadn’t come yet. This had never happened to us before. Apparently this was due to the alcohol Stefan had consumed with his friends. Usually at the end Stefan comes, his member first swells up and twitches for a while. This time, however, it simply began to soften earlier. In this situation it was impossible to continue riding him. I lifted my hips a little, thanks to which the now flaccid member slid out. I looked at the penis and noticed that the condom had almost completely slipped off. Only the head of my partner’s penis was covered. The entire shaft was free of the rubber sheath. Without changing position, I grabbed the shaft and began to rub it lightly, hoping that it would harden again. A dozen or so movements later I noticed that it was working and Stefan’s penis was swelling. Then it was time to slide the condom back over the entire length of his penis.

But then Stefan started to move again. He wanted to lie down on his side. He succeeded, and I slid to my left side and then to my back. In the meantime I released his member. He was still tense and the condom was still only on the head of his penis. I reached out again to slide the condom on, but Stefan moved again. This time he moved even further to the side and lay down on top of me. His member, which was only partially bursa escort bayan covered by the condom, rubbed against my pubic area. I moaned in surprise.

Stefan started making frictional movements while still in a sleep. Finally, when I grabbed the rubber band I managed to pull it up a little. Without being aware of it, I also guided his penis towards my clit. The next time he tried to thrust, the head of his member slid into my clit. This made me moan and I lost my balance. I fell on the bed. Stefan continued to do his thing and slid his member even deeper. I made one more attempt to grab and pull the rubber band. I was aware that if it was not completely on, it might slip off.

It was hard to catch it when my partner wouldn’t stop fucking me. Fortunately, each time he pulled out almost his entire member. This gave me a chance to finally grab the rubber band. I made another attempt to pull on the condom. However, the condom slid down instead of sliding onto his penis and stayed in my hand. Stefan continued to fuck me and after a while I realized that this was not how it was supposed to happen.

For the first time I had a penis inside me without a rubber band. I could feel its heat and its shape. It was such an intense sensation that I could not even move. I only received successive waves of pleasure, which quite quickly made me climax. I had never had such an intense orgasm before. After a while I came back to myself and Stefan who was still fucking me. I felt his penis swell. This time, thanks to the fact that there was no rubber, I could even feel the veins on his penis. His penis also began to tremble and before I had time to react I saw him thrusting into me and then stopping. This time he pushed in even deeper than last time. I had the impression that the tip had broken through the back wall of my vagina.

I saw the perfectly familiar grimace on Stefan’s face. I knew it was the beginning of his orgasm. Surprised by the flood of new sensations, I lay back without even trying to stop Stefan. His penis began to pulsate and I felt the semen pouring in even past the back wall of my vagina. After a while I felt that there was even more semen pouring into me. Knowing this made me climax again. It was irrelevant to me at that moment that the semen was flooding my clit because I was for a moment in orgasmic paradise. After a while I came back to myself and realized that escort bursa Stefan’s member had stopped pulsating. This meant that his orgasm was over. Stefan’s penis began to slowly shrink. I started to feel that my clit was very wet inside. Much more than usual.

A few moments later Stefan’s cock shrank so much that it slid out of my pussy. Immediately I felt that the semen was slowly leaking from my vagina. Stefan, unaware of what had happened, lay down on his side still asleep. He was unaware that for the first time his semen got a chance to impregnate me. I was still lying on my back. I saw that I was still holding the condom in my hand. I let it go and touched my clit. It was very wet on the outside. I could also feel that it was much wetter inside. As I kept lying down it was slowly coming to me what had just happened. I had just experienced real sex for the first time. There was no protection. It was much more intimate and carnal.

After a while, I finally decided to get up from the bed. After I sat up, I felt that even more fluid started to circulate inside my clit than just before. I put my finger to my pussy and felt more semen seeping out. I was amazed at how much more must be inside. I saw that the leaking liquid was starting to soak the sheet. I put my hand to my clit and got out of bed. I felt the semen moving around inside again. I could feel it swimming inside me with every step. On the way to the bathroom more drops were dripping onto my hand.

When I entered the bathroom I sat down on the toilet and felt more drops dripping from my clit. After a while I put my fingers to it and opened my labia. I heard even more drops dripping into the bowl. After a while I got up and stood in front of the mirror. I put one foot on the toilet to have better access to my clit. More drops continued to drip from my vagina. I put a finger inside and felt that the walls of my vagina were completely soaked. I tried to insert my finger as deep as possible. I felt that it was present along the entire length of my entire clit. I started to scrape out more drops from the inside but with time I realized that it was pointless. The semen had gotten so deep that I didn’t have a chance to reach it.

It occurred to me that somewhere deep inside me there was a lot of his sperm trying to impregnate me. The thought that I might get pregnant shook me to the core. I was jittery and needed a moment to calm down. I calmed myself with the thought that it wasn’t that easy to get pregnant.Some people try for many months. The chances are pretty slim that after one time I got knocked up. His cum was inside me and there was nothing I could do at that moment. I went back to bed and after a while I managed to fall asleep.

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