My Pregnant Sister in Law Ch. 02

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As Kathleen had promised we had all Tuesday afternoon to ourselves and as she had jokingly warned me I didn’t manage to satisfy her both the times we made love. She was too exciting for me and I couldn’t avoid reaching a climax too quickly. But she was both magnanimous and patient;

“Don’t worry darling, these are early days in your career.”

And saying that, she laughingly declared herself both replete, sore and “well and truly fucked” as we showered and tidied her bedroom before my mother came home.

Despite her patience and my devotion there was a certain state of tension around Kathleen and I after our lovemaking. I was emotional and unsure and I had trouble getting used to the thought of having to keep secret my feelings for her.

But Kathleen was made of sterner stuff and gave me a serious lecture on the importance of not only concealing the intimacy that existed between us but the also the seriousness of the consequences of my making a mistake that might reveal our affair. She was worried my feelings for her would be obvious for my parents and begged me to be careful.

Life, she said, would have to go on as before; I would continue my gardening work and she would take her exercise and maintain her place in the social life of the village.

“I am just as horny as you and I want more of our good lovemaking, but It’s “Hands off” from now on. I will let you know in no uncertain manner where and when we have a chance to get together but until then, no touching.”

I reached for her when she said that but she pushed me away.

“That is just what I mean should not happen. I am afraid you’ll forget yourself when you parents are around. I have to be strict, for both our sakes you see. Now get out of the house before your mother gets back.”

I turned away in dismay and headed for the door but she called me back.

“Stop,silly. Take it as a complement.”

She reached up and stroked my face tenderly,

“Don’t be hurt my sweet. Take it as a compliment that in reality I can barely keep my hands off you.”

Again I moved to embrace her but she placed the heels of her hands against my chest and held me at arm’s length.

“Consider this” she said seriously.

“What we are doing is incest. I am 43 and you are 18. If we were found out I would be to blame and society would condemn me. The family would be split and our lives ruined. I may even lose my job. Please Peter, leave it up to me and I will find a way for us to be together again.”

And with that she turned me around and following after, pushed me towards the door.

“Go on with you, get some work done and don’t come back until your Mum has been home for a while; And one more thing.”

She paused and suddenly seemed resigned and tired.

“I won’t share you with any of your fans.”

“My fans?”

“Oh don’t come the innocent with me young man; you know that half the ladies you work for think you’re good enough to eat.”

I didn’t know that; it had never crossed my mind. The thought of Mrs Potter at the old vicarage or any of my other clients wanting to have sex with me was completely alien and I said so. Kathleen seemed to recognise the sincerity in my denial and could only answer sadly;

“Well I meet them often and little things slip out from time to time. One day your eyes will be opened.”

She grinned and added mischievously,

“But they will have to wait; they can’t have you, at least not until I’m done through with you, now GO!”

The heavy summer heat continued for another week. It got hotter day by day until eventually the tension in the air increased to breaking point and after two stiflingly humid days the weather broke in a night of torrid thunder and lightning. I lay naked in my bed and slept fitfully between bad dreams and rolling thunder until I half woke with the feeling I was suffocating. I was dreaming wasn’t I? Dreaming I couldn’t breathe, dreaming I was paralysed and dreaming I was drowning in my own sweat. Panicking, I struggled to rise from the bed but I had no strength. I was pinned to the soaked sheets; but was I sure it was a dream?

Then I heard Kathleen’s urgent whisper in my ear.

“Don’t move, don’t make a sound.”

She lay over my chest, pinning me to the bed.

“Don’t talk, get out of bed and lay on the floor.”

And she eased away from me. I felt her pulling my arm and she whispered urgently,

“Move quietly and only when it thunders.”

I slid gradually out of bed and lay carefully on the floor; I could see her in the light of the lightning flashes and I reached for her but she pushed my hands away and reached for my cock. I was already quite erect but her smooth warm hands tugging at me soon gave me a raging erection. She gathered the hem of her nightdress and lifted it over her pregnant belly.

“Hold him up straight” she said and threw her leg over my thighs.

She wasted no time in foreplay, her anticipation had prepared her for this and she simply reached kurtuluş escort round and parted the lips of her fanny and I felt myself sliding into her. But there was no wild rise and fall from her, no grinding against me or yelps of pleasure. She sat lightly over me and I could feel her fingers moving around my shaft as she fingered her clitoris. All she permitted herself was a slight up and down jiggle that gathered pace until she eventually covered her mouth with one hand and sinking down heavily over me, came silently.

The whole thing happened so quickly that I didn’t come close to orgasm and after just a few moments during which she sat silently erect on my straining erection, she was suddenly done. She covered my mouth with her hand again and leant forward so her lips were against my ear,

“Sorry my darling, I just had to have your help,” and with that she was gone.

I had a wet and sticky groin to prove I hadn’t been a dream and a stiff erection I had to do something about so I walked quietly to the bathroom. I tossed myself off while picturing her naked backside and her fingers parting her moist sex for me and I exploded almost instantly. I washed myself clean and crept back to bed.

I was late up next morning and rushed around to get off to work. I found a note from my mother saying she and Kathleen were gone into York for a “Girls day out.” Heading for the door I found in one of my work boots a piece of paper with a scribbled message,

“I will make it up to you.”

At seven months pregnant Kathleen had now little use for her running shoes though she exercised regularly by walking the paths around the village and out along the riverbanks and fields and when I returned from work in the evening she was nowhere to be seen. My mother was waiting for me in the kitchen.

“Kathleen asked If you could take her coat and walk out and meet her. She’s walking the long walk and she was worried she’d get cold if she had to rest a while.”

I was pleased to have an excuse for us to be alone together so I set off on the path after her. She had covered a lot of ground when I finally saw her way across the fields and she was already a good distance beyond the paths used by the regular dog walkers and joggers. By the time I reached the point where I first saw her she had vanished. Looking across the next field I could see under a copse of trees, half hidden behind a thick hawthorn hedge was the derelict old mill and there in the corner of one of the upstairs windows was a flash of bright purple. I recognised it as one of Kathleen’s running shirts and ran over the field to find her. As i entered the old building she answered my call.

“Come up the stairs but be careful, they’re a bit wonky.”

As I climbed the stairs I was gradually treated to the sight of an almost naked Kathleen. She wore only a short skirt and a hefty maternity bra as she exercised against the banisters. Holding firmly with outstretched arms she stretched her stiff body; firstly arching her back like a cat then letting her belly hang towards the floor before performing a dozen or so push-ups against the banister.

“You found me at last. It’s hot isn’t it?”

Head cocked she looked at me expectantly but I could only gape at her in lusty amazement.

“Cat got your tongue? Oh well, we will soon see.”

And with that she reached behind to unfasten her bra and let I fall to the floor. Leaning forward again she grasped the banister rail and began repeating her exercises. Her belly hung heavily and formed a delightful curve that ended against her heavy breasts that swayed unhindered as she moved. I dropped her coat and moved urgently towards her. I had to have her; I had to get into her from behind and began desperately loosening my trousers.

“Stop” she said without ceasing her movements.

“Pick up my coat.”

I turned reluctantly away from her and picked up her coat from where I had dropped it. As I turned back she was already walking towards me. Her breasts had grown noticeably bigger and more swollen these last weeks and they jiggled as she moved; I was close to coming in my pants. She pointed at her coat.

“Fold it neatly into a nice thick roll and give it to me.”

She was standing very close, her face against mine and I could see sweat beading her upper lip. She was breathing heavily after her exertions and she was grinning that grin that I had seen before. I knew what she was thinking; I could smell her arousal and my erection strained against my pants.

Reaching behind she loosened the waist of her skirt and It fell to the floor exposing her bare bottom. Without a word she took the coat and smiled. She turned and walked over to the window and placed the rolled coat on the windowsill and then she simply lent her folded arms on the coat and with a contented sigh lay her head upon her arms.

“I told you I’d make it up to you; aren’t you hot with all those clothes on?”

I ripped off my pants and jeans levent escort and ran across to her. With my hand between her thighs I forced her legs apart and stroked her sex. She murmured appreciatively and ground herself against my hand. Holding my cock against the lips of her fanny and sliding along her clitoris I thrust repeatedly and heard her moan with every thrust.

“I’m ready for you darling, you don’t need to wait.”

I was in a hurry and I entered her roughly, more roughly than I would ever knowingly have dared.

“Oh you bad bugger! She cried, “You want a bit of rough stuff do you?

I held her by the waist and thrust in her as hard as I could. She bent her knees slightly, lowering herself away as if trying to escape but I followed her movements and held her backside forcibly against my groin.

“I see! You are that type of boy, pushing a defenceless girl around, forcing her against her will; well you’ll never make me enjoy it, you’ll never have the pleasure of seeing me come and you’ll not last long in me without coming yourself.”

And again she moved as if to escape from my thrusting but I held her legs open with my knee and continued pushing into her slippery fanny.

I was confused by the role she had taken. I barley recognised her voice as she goaded and teased me; I didn’t know what to say in answer but was suddenly determined to make her cry out, to make her submit, to make her come. Why did she fantasise in this way, wasn’t I exciting enough for her? Hurt and irritated I continued thrusting furiously as she taunted me.

“Is that all you’ve got? Can’t you do better than that?”

She wiggled her bottom away from me and I almost fell out of her. I pulled her back and pushed harder into her. I felt a sudden flash of irritation why couldn’t she let me make love to her, why did she have to make believe like this? Suddenly there burst a stream of invective from me.

“You? Make me come before I’m ready? You have no chance.”

I thrust as hard as I could while holding around her hips, holding her steady for my cock while I smashed against her smooth round bottom. I occasionally lifted her feet completely off the floor in my eagerness. Struggling against me in my fight to control her she pressed her thighs together and I felt my cock was squeezed tightly. The intensity was like nothing I had ever experienced and I cried out defiantly.

“You can grip me as tightly as you can with that juicy fanny of yours but you can’t make me come until I’m good and ready.”

I realized she wasn’t talking back now but was just gasping with every thrust of my cock. I held her easily by her waist, my thumbs resting in the deep groove between the smooth muscles of her back and I laughed loudly; She couldn’t hide the fact that she had changed the angle of her pelvis; Her role-play of protests and defiance were in no way in harmony with her actions. I could see she was enjoying this and now she kinked her back and offered up her vagina to meet my thrusting.

I studied her buttocks, they rippled every time we collided and I felt my excitement increasing. I saw my shaft was soaked with her juices and a glistening smear ran around her anus like dew over a crumpled brown flower. I moved much slower now, anything to delay my orgasm. Fascinated, I watched her vagina closely; when I withdrew my cock the membranes of her cunt walls gripped me tightly and were drawn slightly out forming a wet and glistening sheath that followed my every movement and which rolled inwards as I moved back into her welcoming body.

“I can feel you’re losing it, you’re going slowly now; you’re fighting the urge to come, aren’t you.”

She giggled mockingly;

“But you’re going to come and I am going to drain you and shrivel your cock” and she laughed triumphantly.

Yes she was right; I could feel my orgasm building so I withdrew entirely and let my cock slide over her mound. I heard a stifled cry of loss from her and her fingers were quick to press my cock up against the lips of her fanny. The crisp abrasive rub of her thick mat of hair on my glans quickly gave way to a smooth glide as she pushed me deeper in to her wet inner lips and she gasped with every pass of my cock head over her clitoris. I could hear her rising passion, hear her desperate search for orgasm and I fought to prolong my pleasure without shooting my load over her buttocks.

“Cheat! ” she cried. “You had to pull out, I was too much for you.”

I was stabbing indiscriminately now and my cock waved about wildly. It was stroking over her smooth thighs, sliding upwards along the cleavage of her buttocks, bumping the brown rosette of her anus, doing anything that would delay orgasm until I regained control. Soon my fast approaching orgasm had subsided enough for me to continue so I grasped my shaft and guided myself back into her vagina and I shouted defiantly;

“I’m not coming yet but when I do.”

I paused and pulled her buttocks apart exposing maçka escort the soft skin between her juicy vagina and her anus.

“When I do come I won’t be shooting my load in your cunt, it will be in here.”

And with that I pushed a wet and slippery finger deep into her anus; Through its thin membrane wall I felt my cock head moving in her vagina and I pressed my finger hard against it. She shuddered violently and her knees gave way so I had to hold her up like a doll, holding her with one arm under her waist, holding her there to satisfy my mad need to shoot my load into her. She held desperately to the windowsill and her head fell between her arms. Her back sagged violently and despite her strained attempts at silence she could not deafen her groaning cries nor conceal the orgasm that ran over her and the sight of her shaking with pleasure finished me completely and I burst again and again inside her.

After I had finished, after I had softened and shrunk, I pulled carefully out of her and sat down with a bump. I fell back on my elbows and gasping deeply fought to get my breath back. Looking up I saw just in front of me her lovely legs, her smooth round buttocks, her hairy fanny and a smear of my sperm trickling down her thigh. Leaning silently against the windowsill she stood unsteadily for a long while before at last turning to face me.

“Oh my god! You Cheated” she said, and gasped as if both shocked and delighted.

“That was the first time I have come without rubbing myself in goodness knows how many years. But I cannot believe you cheated! I haven’t told you about the anus yet and now you catch me unawares. I hope you haven’t been practicing with someone else?”

Breathless, I couldn’t answer and lay there watching her pulling out a handkerchief from the pocket of my jeans. She held it up for me to see;

“Can I use this?”

I nodded and she squatted down in front of me. I could hear her making small grunts of exertion and with a slightly embarrassed grin she forced a dribble of semen from her fanny. It dripped from her for several minutes until she began chuckling; she had seen my cock stirring and she grinned again.

“Should I wipe or should I wait?”

“Can you?” I asked.

“I can if you can” she said, “but we’ll have to be quick.” and still squatting she threw her leg over my body and sank down on my reawakening cock.


“I want you Kathleen”

She laughed and grabbed my arm. Draping it over her shoulder she pressed herself tightly against me as we walked over the fields.

“You’ve just had me twice and now I’m sore and well and truly fucked.” and she laughed. “And now we are on our way home for tea.”

“No Kathleen, I mean I want YOU, not my big sister or someone I am supposed to be taking by force. I don’t like the thought of hurting you. I love you Christine; aren’t I exciting enough for you? “

We walked on for a while. She was silent but still held me tight until we reached a stile where we had to climb over; she first and I followed. She turned and stopped me as I climbed down and I sat on the lowest step. She embraced me, my head pressed against her breasts and she sighed.

“I read somewhere that “We all tell ourselves stories to enable us to live our lives” And I need my stories. I am more than twice your age and yes you could say I am jaded and need more stimulation than you to function sexually. But that’s no reflection on you or your prowess or,”

And she whispered softly as if someone might hear.

“Or on the prowess of your delightful cock.”

She gave me an extra hug as if to reassure me;

“The brain is the body’s largest erogenous organ and the imagination is potent, when you have lived a while the imagination is all important.”

She struggled with her thoughts for a while before continuing;

“I do love you Peter, but I am not “In Love” with you. Of course, I don’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s just that people just don’t tell their loved ones that, while they are having an orgasm with them that they are thinking of an actor or a pop star or the man who drove the school bus but…..”

We walked for a while then she stopped us again.

“Rest assured, there is no one else I could open myself to in the way I do with you.”

” I had a…”

She paused to find the correct word

“I had a rigorous childhood that influenced my later life and I sometimes relive it in my sex life, even when I’m with my husband.”

“Do you mean the younger brothers? That pretending to be a big sister for me takes you back to the excitement of sexually tutoring your younger brothers?”

She drew me to her and embraced me firmly;

“I can see you have come to your conclusions. I shall have to explain it all to you” and she turned and walked on.

“I will think it through and we will discuss it all.”

As we reached our garden gate she pulled a folded envelope out of her jacket pocket.

“Could you walk on and post this for me? Promise me you won’t look at the address.”

So I walked through the village, envelope in my pocket and posted it in the post box by the pub. I went in and ordered a pint and taking it out, sat a good half hour in the pubs back garden trying to arrange the confusion in my head.

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