My Mother’s Boyfriend

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My Dad died in a car crash five years ago, and my Mom grieved for a few years, but when she met Steve I pushed her out the door. He was cute and they were good together. I mean, he is twenty years older than I am, and hung like a horse, and I occasionally did wonder what that would feel like. I heard my Mom screaming at night occasionally, and they weren’t screams of pain. My mom worked as a nurse at the local hospital at night, and after I lost my virginity, I’d sleep naked and leave the door open just slightly at night, just to see what happened.

So, how did I end up having sex with Steve much less know he’s hung like a horse? We wander around au natural, and Mom was at the hospital that night. I must have left my door open that night, because the house was really warm. Mom drew the line, it was October and the air conditioner was to remain off. So, the doors and windows remained open to circulate the air and I slept, naked, on top of the covers with a fan blowing over me. I awoke to hear Steve snoring in my chair, it was apparently cooler in my room than the one he shared with my Mom. I walked over to him and shook him awake, “Come on,” I said, motioning to the bed, it was big enough for the both of us. We lay side-by-side, staring up at the ceiling.

“It’s too hot,” he said. Silently, I agreed. He got up and went back to his room, collecting more fans as he went. “Your Mom’s not here, she’s not going to disagree,” he muttered as he set up the fans. Cooler air wafted across the bed and I sighed in relief. He rejoined me and I closed my eyes again. Fortunately, it was Friday and I didn’t have school the next day. Unfortunately, Eli was out of town on a business trip, and I was left on my own. Steve rolled over onto his side and looked at me. He reached out and touched one of my breasts. “Your nipples are hard,” he commented.

“My nipples aren’t the only things that are hard,” I said with a smile, looking at his manhood. He ran his hand to my breastbone and trailed his fingers downward. I shivered as they found my jewel.

“Are you going to stop me?” he whispered, I shook my head no. He changed positions as he pulled my legs apart and buried his face down there. His tongue touched my clit and I shuddered. He chuckled as he licked it. I reached down and ran my fingers through his thick, blonde hair. He started sucking on it as two fingers joined in the fray, delving into my pussy. I gasped and found myself wiggling my hips. He slowly built up the number of fingers until all five assaulted my senses. I suppose he was getting me used to the idea of his enormous girth, trabzon escort but, honestly, nothing could have prepared me for that. I couldn’t believe how fast he brought me to orgasm, but I started crying out and shaking soon after he started. He lapped up the juices as he pulled his fingers from my jewel.

Steve pulled himself out over my body and looked down into my eyes. He bent down and kissed me, his tongue assaulting my mouth like it had further down minutes before. This was a distraction I soon discovered, as his cock soon started invading my cunt. I gasped as I spread my legs even further apart. It was painful, I had never experienced anything like this, this big, I mean. He slowly pushed his way in, not letting go of my mouth. I was about to push him away when I felt his hips meet mine. He let go of my mouth and sat back. I lifted my upper body up onto my elbows and looked down. Sure enough, it was all in there. He also had something on the base of his cock that I couldn’t quite make out. “What is that?” I asked.

He picked up my legs and put them on his shoulders, “It’s my secret to making your Mom scream.” He replied. He pulled out halfway and pushed back in. I grunted, he was stretching me wide, and it was still painful. He started at a slow pace, allowing me to get used to it. Soon, it became quite obvious that whatever it was he wore brushed up against my clit causing an even more tingly sensation. He pushed in and out, the sensations on my womanhood built quickly and soon, I seized up around him and found myself screaming in pleasure. He didn’t stop, I didn’t want him to. I wanted this more than anything, and I wanted his secret, Eli and I could use it. One orgasm followed another as he got faster and faster, finally, he looked down at me, “Should I pull out? I don’t want you to get pregnant.”

“No, my Mom put me on the pill when I was sixteen,” I whispered. Suddenly, I was screaming once again as he grunted and pushed himself in as deep as he could go. I felt his seed flooding my womb. He collapsed on top of me as I felt his flaccid manhood slip out. He caressed the side of my face with a finger before he rolled over off of me. “Thank you,” I whispered. “Now I know what all the fuss was about.”

He reached over and pulled something off the nightstand. It resembled a miniature brush, “A present for you and Eli. Trust me, you were contracting so much, it was like a massage. He’ll love it as much as you do. We both fell asleep.

The next morning I tried it out on top. I gingerly let myself down his shaft, not letting myself stop, trabzon escort bayan knowing what would happen at the end. I got to the end and let out a big sigh of relief. He grinned at me as I braced my arms against his chest and started to move. What I didn’t know was that Mom had just gotten home and was observing us from behind. The sensations didn’t change and when I collapsed on top of him, I heard a chuckle. “So, you’re a screamer too.”

I glanced at Mom with a squeak. Steve merely shrugged as he rolled us over, “We have an open relationship.” He informed me. I smiled, Eli and I had come to a similar decision, given the difference in our ages. Mom left us to our own devices as she went to take a shower. I just let Steve have his way with me. Mom came in as we both climaxed together. She walked over and slapped him on his ass before heading for their room. He grinned before he also left. I sighed, I couldn’t compete with Mom. Eli was due back the next day, and I had homework to finish. Yes, Algebra is boring compared to sex, but I needed to keep my grades up.

I sighed, Eli made this make sense. Later in the afternoon, I paused to eat and watch some television. Out of the blue, the doorbell rang. I walked over and opened it to find Eli standing outside. I flew into his arms, giving the neighbors quite a view, considering all I was wearing was a short nightshirt. He laughed, “Tough homework?”

I lead him into the kitchen where my books lay on the table. “Algebra is killing me. Hey, I’m going to be honest. Steve, my Mom’s boyfriend, and I had sex last night.”

He smiled at me, he had the most wonderful smile, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“He gave me something to enhance our experience,” I mumbled.

“Hmmm, we’ll have to try it, after we get through Algebra.”

Somehow, we ended up in my room. The door was wide open and we were perched on top of my covers. He was still dressed, well, he’d taken off his shoes, but that was all. I was just performing my happy dance, I finally finished all of my homework, when Mom passed by, looking in bleary eyed. “Oh, hi Eli, I thought you’d be gone all weekend.”

He glanced up at Mom, “It came to an end when the client walked out and refused to negotiate any more. So, I thought I’d help finish homework.”

Mom looked at me straightening up my books and seemed to come to a decision, “Have fun you two.” The door closed behind her.

I dove for my dresser and pulled out Steve’s gift. He laughed as he ran a hand up my thigh. I rolled over onto my back and showed him, “You put this on your penis, escort trabzon this side up, and it makes me scream.”

“Well,” he murmured, coming face to face with me, “we’ll have to find some way to find to thank him.” He kissed me passionately. My hands reached the waist of his pants and started pulling his shirt out of them. Eagerly, I unbuttoned his shirt pushing it down his arms. He pulled it off, breaking off the kiss to take everything off except his socks. He pulled me up into a sitting position and reached under my shirt to squeeze my breasts. I sighed as he pulled it off over my head. He lay down and I snuggled down next to him. I reached down and picked up his cock, stroking it with my fingers. He kissed my forehead, he never pressed me to go further than I was ready to go, but I knew he’d love a blow job. I finally got up and softly kissed the tip of his manhood. He reached down and ran his fingers through my unruly curls.

I finally worked up the courage to put it in my mouth. I ran my mouth down his length as far as it would go. My gag reflex kicked in and I had to go back up. I took it slowly, and it got deeper with each pass. I soon figured out the secret was suction. He moaned each time I reached the tip. I paid special attention to the tip, sucking it like a lollipop. It was soft and very slippery as I popped it in and out of my mouth. He took pity on me and told me to get off just before he let loose. I was fascinated by the viscous white fluid that came out of the tip.

He sat up and pulled me up to him, giving me a deep kiss. He laid me down on my back and started playing with my jewel. During this playtime we started hearing my mother moan. He looked up with a grin as the moans deepened, then turned into screams as Steve’s own cries joined hers. “Okay, let’s try this.” He mumbled this as he managed to slip the brush onto his cock, making sure it was facing the right way. He settled between my legs and grinned as he slowly slipped it into my cunt. I sighed in anticipation. “Ready?” he asked just before he started moving.

“Oooooh God YEEEEESSS!!!!” I cried as the sensations started coming. The brush’s assault on my clit combined with his pounding sent me crying over the edge. This came over and over again, I couldn’t stop the screams as they came full-throated, and they mingled with his cries. I felt him move over and over again the only relief being when he pulled out. Finally, he let go, I felt him pouring his seed deep into my most secret place. He had enough presence of mind to roll off me before collapsing. I snuggled up next to him.

“We’re definitely going to have to find some way to thank him,” Eli said breathlessly. Mom’s screams continued in the other room. “Good, God, how long can he last?”

I laughed, “I lost track of time.” The last thing I heard was his chuckle as I slipped into sleep.

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