My Mother-in-law and I Ch. 03

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I turned around and standing there next to the couch was Ellen. Was she in the house? How did she get in here without me hearing her?

In the midst of the moment, she must have come into the living room and watched. I was shocked to see her there. I stood for a minute staring dumbfounded at her before realizing I was stark naked and she had just watched me have sex with Helen. I grabbed my pants off the floor and held them over me as if it was going to change what she had seen.

Only then did it dawn on me that she was wearing nothing but a towel which was wrapped around from her chest down to below her waist. As I stared in astonishment, somewhere in my mind it registered that her tits were trying to burst through that towel. The thought quickly disappeared amidst the shock of being watched.

I turned to look at Helen and she hadn’t moved other than sitting up on her elbow. She remained naked and on her face was a smile from ear to ear.

“Sorry about startling you,” Ellen said apologetically. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you”

“Ellen, I didn’t have a chance to tell him,” Helen said.

“Tell me what?” I responded a little agitated.

“Well,” Helen said. “Ellen was aware of what we were doing and she asked if she could come and …”

The whole thing just got weirder.

“Watch? You wanted to ….you wanted to watch?” I asked turning to Ellen in surprise.

“Uhmmm…yes? It was kind of…it was…you know….that was hot,” Ellen answered as she sat down on the floor next to Helen.

What happened next just completely threw me for a loop. I know, the whole situation was borderline crazy and absurd but it got a whole lot more so.

“Ellen really likes to watch,” Helen said as she sat up. Her hand rose up to Ellen’s towel and undid the towel causing it to fall to the floor. My eyes instantly went to Ellen’s massive rack.

They hung there stretching towards the floor as she sat there with her knees tucked underneath her. They didn’t look like the breasts of a woman who is sixty-nine years old. There were no stretch marks and they didn’t droop. There were no veins and no wrinkles. They hung down because they were heavy but they didn’t look saggy and used.

I just stood there, pants over my cock, trying to register the moment. Both Helen and Ellen were sitting there stark naked on the floor looking up at me. Suddenly, Helen sat up on her knees, with this shit-eating grin on her face and winked at me. Her hands started to massage Ellen’s shoulders.

“So? What do you think,” Helen asked as she worked her hands into Ellen’s shoulders.

I didn’t respond. I just looked at them not sure of what to do.

Helen’s hands moved to the top of her shoulders kneading the muscles. Her şişhane escort eyes locked onto mine the whole time. Her hands slid over Ellen’s skin slowly and tantalizingly. She was really trying to tease me.

The fingers stretched as her hands reached Ellen’s tit. She slowly began to caress those massive mammaries. Ellen smiled as she let out a pleasure filled sigh.

I snapped back into focus as I watched this erotic encounter. I dropped the pants, letting them fall to the ground but didn’t move from dumbfounded position. I don’t know if I was enjoying it or just in shock. I had never watched two women have sex.

Their eyes were still upon me as Ellen turned her neck slightly to meet Helen’s face. Their lips met and parted as their tongues entwined with one another in a deep and lustful kiss.

My limpness was quickly replaced by pumping blood and I rose to the occasion quickly while I watched the two mature women on the ground in front of me. I have never had a threesome and just like every other guy, had a fantasy about it but never did it come to fruition.

My eyes and my body were locked in place as I watched the scene unfold in front of me. They kissed for a minute, making sure to keep their eyes on me while doing so. I found it hot that they were looking at me as they locked tongues. I sat down on the couch and continued to watch in amazement. Ellen turned around and their lips were fully locked in an erotic embrace. Helen’s hands continued their erotic task and squeezed the biggest set of tits I had ever seen.

Ellen placed her hands on Helen’s shoulders and slowly pushed her down to the blanket until she lay on her back. Ellen glanced at me as she slid her head down. Her tongue ran along the skin of her breasts, then her stomach until she reached the hair of her pussy. She came to a stop inches away from Helen’s mound. She slowly spread apart Helen’s legs and flicked her tongue around the moist opening of Helen’s pussy.

“Hmmm,” Helen moaned. “There is nothing like having a man fuck you and then a woman lick it right after.”

“I can smell you down here Kyle,” Ellen whispered. “It smells sweet and sexy.”

She started flicking her tongue in and around Helen’s pussy. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Helen lay on her back as Ellen went to town. I got up off the couch and knelt next to the two women engaging in oral pleasure on the blanket. Helen reached out and grasped my cock with her hand. She began stroking it. I was amazed I was ready to go again so soon but then again, I had never seen anything like what was unfolding in front of me.

The skin of my cock moved smoothly in her hands as if she had done it a hundred times. After a minute, she removed her hand and stretched şişli anal yapan escort both arms out over her head moaning in pleasure. I moved behind Ellen taking in the scene before me. I ran my hands along the soft flesh of Ellen’s ass. Her body shuttered with chills and goosebumps popped up all over.

Ellen stretched her legs out a little, lowering herself closer to the floor and in so doing, her legs spread out. I got a full glimpse of her love mound as it hung low under her body. There may be nothing more erotic than a woman’s pussy hanging down from behind.

My fingers moved to her mound and began probing for the pink flesh inside. I could tell this immediately sent a wave of excitement along Ellen’s body as it tensed to my touch. My fingers found the mark which was already dripping with anticipation. I spread her lips apart and let my fingers sink into her pussy. The softness swallowed my fingers and absorbed the movement easily.

I repositioned myself underneath Ellen so my tongue could get access to her lips. I used both my hands to spread her apart so I could run my tongue along the edges of her lips. My tongue penetrated the flesh and caused Ellen to lose muscle control for a brief moment. She let out a low moan that was muffled by her tongue going to town on Helen’s pussy.

I glanced above me and saw those massive tits hanging down and actually rubbing against the blanket. I slid out from under her. I could sensel Helen was reaching a climactic end to her pleasure. I knelt behind Ellen. My hard cock touched her buttocks sending another chill through her. She instantly pulled her legs in a little raising her butt a little higher so I could get easier access.

She pulled her hand in from Helen’s pussy and reached behind probing for my cock. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and guided it to her pussy. The head pushed up against the flesh of her entryway and poked it’s way in. Again, I was amazed not just at the tightness but the ease with which I was able to enter.

“Hmmmmmmmm,” cried Ellen in a high-pitched moan. There was no muffle to this one. I slowly pushed further making sure I wasn’t going to hurt her. It glided in further until I was flush with her buttocks. My sack resting against the hair of her bush.

I reached around her back and stretched my fingers until they found those massive mountains hanging down beneath. I could barely reach my fingers around the nipples because they hung so low. As I grabbed onto as much breast as I could, I eased my cock back out almost until it popped out. Then I slowly pushed it back in, a high pitched sigh was now coming from Ellen as her tongue continued pleasuring my mother-in-law. I started to move in a slow rhythm gliding şişli bdsm escort in and out. I glanced down and realized Ellen’s moist asshole was wide open in front of me.

Since it was too difficult to stretch my arms down to reach her breasts, I pulled my arms up and placed my hands on her butt cheeks squeezing the flesh there. My thumbs started circling her tight hole between her cheeks which was starting to become slick with anticipation.

The rhythm of my pumping picked up. I squeezed my right thumb into her butthole which instinctively tightened around my fingertip. Helen’s body tensed and she let out a cry as she reached the peak of her excitement. Ellen was close behind. Her own moaning was rampant now as I was pounding away. My breathing was quick as my flesh slapped against her ass. My release was building.

Intense! That was the thought going through my head as I slammed into Ellen’s sixty-nine year-old body. Helen had now moved around and reached under Ellen. I couldn’t see but I could guess her hands were working on those mountainous breasts. Ellen’s moan grew louder and louder. If anyone was in the house, they would be able to hear her from anywhere. Her moans peaked as the muscles in her body went taught. I could see her knuckles turning white as she gripped the blanket as tight as she could. It was the final push for me as well. My body arched and my eyes instinctively closed as I exploded into her. My body shuttered with a wave of pleasure and exhaustion at the same time.

“Hmmmmmm,” Ellen cried out still gripping onto the blanket as if her life was in the balance.

I moved my hips in slow motion now, making sure she milked her climax as much as she could.

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm,” she bucked. Her body suddenly relaxed and almost collapsed. I think she would have if my hands hadn’t moved to her hips and basically held her up. I let her body slide down to the blanket as I rode with her making sure not to pull out yet.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” she cried. “Oh my”.

“Wow,” Helen whispered as my arms braced my weight over Ellen’s body making sure not to lay my body on top of her. I slowly withdrew from her.

“Ohhhh,” she cried.

My body collapsed on the blanket next to her. Helen’s did on the other side. All you could hear was our breathing that was starting to slow. My heart hammered away in my chest as I lay there catching by breath.

“I could sleep right here,” I said.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Helen responded. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get up if we sleep here.”

“I don’t think I can get up now,” Ellen laughed.

“I’ll help you up,” I answered as I took hold of her hand and pulled her off the floor. Both Ellen and Helen walked in front of me back to Helen’s bedroom. Their butts, as old as they are, looked pretty good. Helen’s had a little flesh and size to it, but Ellen’s looked like any young woman’s butt. I just smiled as I followed them into the bedroom and onto the bed.

We lay there, next to each other. I was in the middle. None of us said anything and sleep took over.

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