My Mom is a Witch

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-Thank you for reading my very first story-

Editor’s Note: story contains gay male sexual content.

All my life growing up I thought my mom was weird, all the women on her side were strange. They had their own religion that no one has ever heard of. I never recall the true name, but they just called it “Theta.”

When I was 7 my mom and dad got divorced, then me and my mom went to live with my grandma while my brother and sister stayed with my father. She always told me how much I looked like him, my grandma would agree. But I swear that my mom’s eyes were blue before they got divorced! Now they are green, but she denies that they ever changed.

I turned 18 three months ago and I graduated high school. I promised my mom I would go to college after one more summer break. I was helping my mom outside in her garden and I noticed a smell. I couldn’t find it, I thought it was a flower because it was sweet. Like honey and vanilla.

I went inside for a drink and I went back out, and as I walked by my mom I could smell it again. I then made it a point to walk by my mom as many times as she moved. I knew it was her so I asked if she was wearing perfume. She said “No, but I’m tired. Let’s go inside.”

She took a shower first, and I took this time to go to my room and jack off before she got out. I liked futanari porn. Where women had nice big tits and a dick. I know… I’m fucked up.

The next day we continued to work in her garden. The smell wasn’t there, but as we worked and started sweating I could smell it again. My mother sweat was most definitely this sweet aroma. It was almost arousing. I noticed how her sweat made her clothes stick to her body, and I think she saw me noticing. I excused myself for a drink of water.

I drank my water inside, looking out the tinted windows. My mom was super slim, about 5′ 5″. But she had large boobs for her size. About 28FF if I were to guess. She was only 36, so she wasn’t old at all. I was getting hard in my gym shorts, and she was on her way in. I went to the bathroom before she could see me through the windows.

“John! I need you to hurry up in there so I can take a shower!”

“O.K. Mom! Give me a couple minutes, nature calls!”

Except nature wasn’t calling like usual. I got out of the bathroom and went to my room. My mom was in there on my computer. She was just reading some news on my home page.

“I just wanted to read what’s new while I was waiting, I’m getting in the shower now.”

I sat down and noticed that the folder with all my futanari pics was opened and minimized. I got worried that she might have seen, however her indifferent behavior had me optimistic. I then proceeded to jack off to the photos, but imagining my mother in their place. Big boobs, slim body, a long hard on erecting from where her pussy would have been, and a plump set of balls hanging under the fulya escort rest of the lot.

My mom worked all week, so I didn’t get to smell her in the garden. I was left to my imagination, but it was failing. I couldn’t remember the smell, and I couldn’t quite image my mother with a penis.

Her and my grandmother always prayed over there food. It was more of a small chant… or enchantment. They said they were removing negative energy, that is how they looked so young, and my grandma looked like she was 38, maybe 40, but she was actually 58.

Both me and my grandma noticed the increased chanting session that my mom did over the food, and I might be crazy, but my dick tingled the whole time.

That Saturday morning my mom woke me up so we could work in the garden before the day got too hot. I got dressed in my usual gym shorts and gray, short sleeve undershirt. As I was doing so I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t buff, or super tan, but I thought I looked pretty good.

I went outside and I saw my mom standing in her blue gown. It was old and worn,and in the morning sunlight you could almost see through it. It was long enough to go all the way to the ground, so I asked, “Mom, why are you wearing your gown?”

“I figured it was easier to not get dressed, let’s get to work.”

As we worked and got all sweaty my moms gown started to stick to her body. She was on her hands and knees with the gown pulled before her knees so it wasn’t under her in the dirt. It stuck to about her breast and then dropped down. I know she saw me looking at her glistening cleavage, I quickly looked back down and continued working.

As usual I went to get a drink of water and she got up soon after. But she didn’t come inside, she walked around the house out of view. I went to go see what was wrong and she was standing there, her back to me, gown completely see through and stuck to her body with the sweet, aromatic sweat. I saw her beautiful, round ass, and quickly dismissed it, asking, “Mom? Are you coming inside? You are covered in sweat.”

“I cloned something for you, want to see?”

I was confused, and asked as I walked around, “Cloned?”

I saw her tits perfectly through her gown, it stuck closely to her body all the way down her stomach. But there was a slight bulge at the top of her legs. She smiled at me and lifted her gown to reveal a dick, a long, thick dick. It was limp and laying over a pair of full, round balls.

I was completely surprised by the sight and said “Oh m god mom!” and ran inside.

For the next week I was wondering if I had imagined that my mom had a dick. It made me so horny, I now had a perfect image of my mom naked, with a huge dick.

Friday night at dinner my mom was smiling… a lot. She had taken a shower after work and wasn’t wearing shoes. I hadn’t done anything that day so I was just gebze escort wearing gym shorts. I felt her foot on my bare leg. It soon drifted upward passed my knee, onto my thigh, then onto my cock. I got hard, really fast. She was rubbing my dick through my pants with her foot.

I did the same, tracing her leg with my toes. My moms legs were super smooth, as if they never had hair. I passed her thigh and was going to rub her through her house pants.

I was still expecting her to have a vagina, but the ordeal a week ago was not imagined. I found a massive dick inside a pair of tight shorts. I don’t know how I didn’t noticed it at all during the week, but it was their. Under it was two VERY large balls, each about the size of a tennis ball. I gasped, my grandma asked “What’s wrong?”

“I just bit my tongue, that’s all.”

My mom continued eating while stroking me under the table. I continued eating as well, although I was just feeling her massive friends.

I hadn’t realized it but by the end of the meal I was stroking her now rock hard cock, and she was no longer stroking mine. She stood up with her plate and I was shocked. I was yelling in my head, “No! Grandma will see!” But when she stood, I didn’t see anything. She cleared all our plates, and grandma washed them. I sat at the table to wait for my own excitement to escape me.

Grandma announced that she was going to take a shower, and my mom went to change into her night gown.

By the time mom had gotten out, my grandmother was in the bathroom showering. My mom sat on the recliner across the room from where I was sitting. I couldn’t see her penis or balls anywhere.

“John, come sit on the floor in front of me.”

I obeyed, I sat criss-crossed on the floor as close to her as possible. She took the bottom of her gown and threw it over my head. All of the sudden I could smell the sweet scent of her sweat, my rubbing had caused her to sweat. In front of me, resting on the thin fabric of her gown was the large dick and balls I had felt earlier.

The sweet, vanilla/honey scent was so intense, I put my head I between her legs and stiffed as much as I could.

“Why not taste it John? Why not taste what women have been craving for decades?”

I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t even want to think about having a dick in my mouth, I was more into anal. I tried to get away, but she wrapped her legs around my neck and shoulders, pulling me in closer.

Her dick was literally touching my lips, and the scent was so strong. I opened my mouth and the tip of the still limp dick popped in. It tasted amazing, the scent had no appeal compared to the taste. I started licking all over.

Despite her obvious excitement, my mothers new dick wasn’t hard. It was large, about 7″ long and 2″ wide, but it still wasn’t hard. It started to grow though, as would anyone’s gültepe escort from a furious mouth job.

I started to back up because it was starting to hit my throat, however her legs just pulled me closer, and her still growing cock went even deeper. I thought I would gag… but I didn’t. I swallowed an 11″ dick down to he balls. My throat was stretched to almost 4″ wide, and by some magic, it was easy!

I heard grandmas door open, I got real still. She asked “Putting your feet up after a long day?”

“Yeah, I figured I’ll relax here, maybe fall asleep here tonight”

“Oh… Where’s John?”

“He went to bed early, he said if he was going to help me again tomorrow he will need to sleep tonight instead of playing video games.”

My grandma sat down across the room, and they were talking. I was wondering why she couldn’t see my under my mother’s gown. But I remember how I couldn’t see her monster cock underneath her tight shorts. Grandma must see my mom as having her feet up in the recliner.

I was still underneath my mom’s gown with her massive cock down my throat being as still as I could. My mom gave me a nudge with her legs, so I started to suck her cock.

The intense, amazing flavor soon flooded my mouth again as I started to move. I knew that this was the best thing ever, but then pre-cum started to flow. It was so sweet, and had an abundance of flavor. I started to work her cock harder and harder trying to keep the spring of pre-cum flowing.

I was starting to need to breath, I couldn’t get enough oxygen just through my nose. I struggled but my mom kept my close with her legs while she continued her conversation with my grandmother.

My greedy mouth kept working hard for the delicious flavor of my mom’s beautiful monster cock, but my lungs were on fire. Soon enough I felt a spasming in her dick, she was going to cum!

I knew that her dick tasted good, her pre-cum even better, this was going to be the best part of my life, being able to taste and swallow my own mother’s cum that came from her glorious monster cock.

My whole mouth was on over drive to try and finish her off before I passed out. While going to work on my new favorite toy, my grandma had decided to go to bed. I was no longer being held back by my mother’s legs, but my mouth needed her cum.

She exploded into my mouth, cum filled it up, I swallowed just it time to make room for her next load, and the same for the next load. My mother filled my mouth four times with her amazing cum. I swallowed every bit, and kept my lips tight to her member as I pulled away as to not miss a drop. I gasped for breath and fell out from under her gown onto the floor. I was rock hard, so I started to jack off right there. My mother reached down, touched the tip of my penis with her finger, and I was instantly limp.

“I can’t have you cumming so soon, you don’t like dicks when you are not horny.”

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get hard or cum. I was stuck, waiting for my mother to release me from being her pet. I knew from then on that she was a witch.

-Potential sequel if support and encouragement are shown-

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