My Husband’s Affair

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‘What!’ I exploded, down the phone line to my friend.

‘He’s having what?’ Had I heard her correctly?

My husband was having an affair, with a woman at the bottom of her street, I was incredulous, ‘never,’ I said, ‘he would never betray me.’ I shouted.

‘I’m sorry Donna,’ Linda said, ‘but he has to be, I’ve seen him 3 or 4 times now, going in for a 2 or 3 hours, coming out, and driving off.

‘And there have been other men, too.’

‘Who is it?’ I demanded.

‘I don’t know her name,’ she said, ‘but she’s is Chinese, Japanese, or something, I’m not sure.’

‘And she lives in your street? I asked.

‘Yes, you know I only moved here 2 weeks ago, so Mike won’t know where I live will he?’ She said.

‘No.’ I replied.

‘I don’t want to upset you, any more than I have Donna, but she is very beautiful and very small too,’ she told me, ‘I’ve spoken to her, briefly.’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘she’s going to have a world of trouble now; I’m not putting up with this.’ I told her.

‘Don’t do any thing silly Donna,’ she said.

‘I won’t, I promise, but I’ll be at your house tomorrow, at 9:00 if that’s okay with you?’ I asked.

‘No problem,’ she said, ‘but please Donna, just keep me out of it, okay?’

‘I will, I promise,’ and rang off.

When my husband came home that night, I was all sweetness and light, dinner, wine, the works, we went to bed later, I refused his kind offer of sex, and thinking back, he had tailed off lately, hadn’t he?

But I wouldn’t have let him touch me, with a 10 foot barge pole!

The following morning, off he went to work.

I dressed to kill, literally, my long blonde hair piled onto the top of my head, to give me more height, which is 5′ 8″ in my bare feet, I weigh around, 9 stone’s, so I’m no lightweight, but it’s all in the right places.

My face is symmetrical, high cheekbones, wide eyes, full lipped; I look good, with out being ostentatious

I put on a frilly white blouse, a black short skirt, matching jacket, high heels, stocking, suspenders, silk panties, and front fastening bra.

I’m Donna Syms by the way, 25 years old, my husband is Mike, we’ve been married 4 years, and I had thought happily, I was really upset about this, and hoped with all my heart, that my friend Linda, was wrong.

I set off to her house, and got there a little after 9, I went in, she took me in her arms, but I wouldn’t let myself cry, because I didn’t want to spoil my make up.

I looked at the house from her window; it was really big, a detached thing, must have lots of rooms, I thought, to myself.

Linda told me everything she had witnessed, it had to be true, the bastard was being unfaithful!

‘Okay.’ I said to her, ‘Im going round there now, and confront her.’

‘Donna,’ she gasped, ‘Donna you mustn’t, you still can’t be certain about this, even though I personally am.’

‘Im going, and that’s that.’ I told her, and off I went.

I walked down the street, and knocked on the front door.

I waited, and it opened, and there in front of me, was the most exquisite, doll like woman, I had ever seen, and Linda was right, she was so beautiful, it amazed me.

It shook me a little, because I knew Mike didn’t like small women, I knew my husband, didn’t I?

And she can’t have possibly been, any where near 5ft tall

I didn’t wait to be asked in, or what I wanted, I just walked straight past her, and told her in no uncertain terms, that I wanted words!

I heard the door close, and a mutter, about rudeness.

Rudeness! I’ll show her fucking rudeness, I said to myself!

I went into what seemed to be, her sitting room, it was huge, there were sofa’s and arm chairs all around the walls, with side tables in between each one, it must have sat about 20 people,

It was carpeted in a very lush, thick fabric, my feet sank into it, a large square rug centred on it, I noticed, that every thing in the room, was very very expensive, paintings, and murals on the walls, the whole shooting match.

It was impressive, even to me, in my state of mind, it told me, I was looking at money!

Are they ill gotten gains? I thought?

Is this a brothel, I wondered.

I went straight to the point of my visit.

‘You are having an affair with my husband, you fucking tart!’ I yelled at her.

If I thought she would be shocked, I was wrong, very wrong.

She just smiled at me, ‘And you are?’ She asked sweetly

‘I’m Donna Syms,’ I yelled again, ‘Mike Syms’s wife; don’t pretend you don’t know who I am!’

‘Ah yes, I know him, she replied.

‘Fuck off, you know him!’ I shouted at her again. ‘I know you are fucking him, you are fucking with my life, and if it doesn’t stop right now, you will get more than a fucking, I promise you.’

I was more or less, in the middle of the room, she, near a sofa, then the bitch, smiled, and said to me.’


With my obvious height and weight advantage, and in heels, I was a foot or more, taller than her.

I flew at her, my hands casino şirketleri and arms outstretched to grab her, I was going to give her a lesson, she would not easily forget, but she didn’t recoil, she dived at me too,.

I was taken by surprise, I had expected her to run, and try to escape me, I had visions of catching her in the doorway, or in the hall.

I sort of faltered halfway to her, she grabbed at my wrists, my momentum stalled, and she pushed them down, then behind me, and around me, and started pushing them up my back, both of them.

As our bodies met, her hands were almost half way up my back by now.

In a matter of about 2 seconds, I was going from an offensive, to defensive, I hadn’t expected this.

Before I knew it, my hands were between my shoulder blades, and it was starting to hurt too.

She wrapped her right leg around the back of my left, and pushed, I had no option but to try and step backwards, and of course I started to tumble, as I did, her left leg, went behind my right, and down I went.

I hit the carpet with my bum, in a thud, this added to the impetus, by allowing her to get my arms right up my back, now it was hurting, she had landed on her knees, and forced me down on my back, and onto my pinioned arms.

She was kneeling over me, I was stunned, this so tiny woman, had beaten me in a moment, I squealed, and asked her to release me.

‘A bit late for that now, isn’t it Donna?’ She said, and smiled at me again.

‘If you let me go, I’ll leave, and forget this okay?’ I begged.

She smiled again, made herself more comfortable, and held me down easily; she was deliberately forcing my arms as high as she could get them.

The pain was awful, ‘please, please let me go, you’re hurting me.’ I wailed.

‘Yes, I know,’ she said softly, ‘but it will pass in a few minutes, don’t worry.’ She told me sweetly, again.

She just knelt there staring down at me; she seemed to be studying me.

Then the pain in my shoulders started to subside, I realised it was because they were going numb, ‘please.’ I begged again, ‘my arms, and shoulders, I can’t feel them now,’ then I cried, I was so unhappy with my humiliation.

‘You’ll be fine in a moment or two Donna,’ she whispered to me.

Then a couple of more minute’s later, suddenly, she roughly pulled her arms away from me, got up, and left the room.

I just lay there, my arms were so dead, I couldn’t get them down, and out to revive them.

A minute or so later, I had managed to roll myself onto my side and my arms flopped free, but I was a long way from being mobile again, pain returned as I tried to move them.

That’s when she returned to the room.

In her hands was a long piece of cloth about 1″ wide, I recognised it; it was a belt off a dressing gown.

‘Ah,’ she said, ‘movement?’

She rolled me on to my back again, and got back on top of me.

Kneeling, facing me.

‘Just lie still,’ she said to me.

As if I could do anything else! I thought.

I was amazed at her next move; she undid my blouse, all the way, pulled it out of my skirt, and unclipped my bra.

‘My,’ she said. ‘What beautiful breasts, such lovely protruding nipples.’

‘What do you think you are doing?’ I asked, through the pain, still there in my shoulders.

‘Well, you being in the position, that you are in,’ she giggled, ‘I can do anything I want to do, can’t I?

She rolled me over on my front, and pulled my blouse and bra off.

She then tied one end of the belt, to my left wrist, my arms were at my side now, put it across me, and tied the it to my right one, my arms still at my side, then she rolled me over onto my back again, and tied it back onto my left again, I was utterly caught now.

I was rolled over again, onto my stomach.

I felt the hook and then zip on my skirt, being pulled down also.

I was more than worried now. Please, what are you going to do to me?’

‘What do you want from me?’ I was really pleading with my captor now.

Turning me over again onto my back, she straddled me once more, and started to massage my shoulders and upper arms, which I must confess, was a great relief to me.

As the pain left me, she slid down my legs, and took my skirt and panties with her.

Then a real surprise, she nipped my nipples, between the sharp nails of thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, pain shot through them, but so did arousal, do not respond I ordered myself!

I was in a daze, I had no idea what was to befall me now, my skirt, panties, were off me, and my shoe’s were now gone too, I was naked, apart from my stockings and suspenders, I heard her say, to herself. ‘I think I’ll leave them on.’

She knelt at my side again, I tried to roll over but she stopped me, ‘please let me go? I’m so sorry, I will never bother you again, I promise,’ I wept.

‘Donna,’ she said softly into my ear, ‘you have entered my world, a world you have no idea of.’

I was scared out of my wits; here I was lying on this strange woman’s carpet, casino firmaları captured, and at her mercy, I considered screaming, thinking maybe Linda would hear me.

She seemed to read my thoughts. ‘Don’t,’ she warned me, ‘keep quiet okay?’

She helped me to my feet; I was grateful to be back upright again.

I was guided to a wall near the door, and pushed up against it.

‘Now,’ she said, ‘I want you to understand me, you will not be hurt, I promise you, and you will not be mistreated, okay?’

I could only nod my head to her, it was then, I asked a really stupid question. ‘What’s your name? I don’t even know it.’

She laughed, a real girly hearty laugh, and said. ‘No, you don’t, do you?’

‘It’s Melydia; I am from the Philippines, and I am more than pleased to meet you Donna!’ She laughed again.

Then taking me by my upper arm, she said. ‘Come with me.’

‘Where are you taking me to?’ I asked fearfully.

‘Upstairs to my bedroom, I need to show you the error, of your ways, and teach you to be a woman.’ She said.

‘You are not.’ I said fiercely!

‘No?’ She replied.

She had me facing against the wall, I felt her hand slide down my back, and her finger hooked right into my bum, the desired effect of that was, I was up on my toes in a moment, ‘Oooooh.’ I yelped, ‘don’t!’

She jammed it all the way in, her other arm around my waist. ‘Okay, okay, I will.’ I obeyed her.’

Off we went into the hall, and started up the stairs, it’s really hard to climb stairs, without your hands, to steady you, as I found out.

She helped me up.

I was taken to the back of the house, into a bedroom. It was a woman’s bedroom, it was a boudoir, beautifully decorated, and it smelled of woman, frilly, lacy, fluffy toys, gorgeous curtains, and carpet

The huge double bed was centred against the wall, opposite a massive bay window, that let sun in like it was in the room with us.

I had never been in a bedroom such as this.

‘Is this where you bring my husband? I said disdainfully!

‘No, I would never bring a man in here, it’s for women only, you!’ Her reply surprised me totally.

She stopped me in the middle, and turned me around, and then she felt my nipples.

‘What are you doing?’ I gasped.

‘I am not that way inclined.’ I told her, ‘I don’t do women!’

She smiled again, ‘you will Donna, you will.’

‘I fucking well won’t!’ I raged.

A finger was immediately pushed into my pussy, ‘ARGGGH’. I yelled.

Backwards I went to the bed, finger busy in me!

My legs hit it, I sat down involuntarily, her free hand pushed me back, and I was laid down, she removed her finger, and lifted my legs on to the bed, and slid me in to the middle of it.

She began to undress slowly, never taking her eyes off me, naked, she was absolutely gorgeous, I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my life, everything about her was perfect, from her long flowing jet black silky hair, her stunning face, heart shaped lips, pert proud firm breasts, her body shape was all woman,

It was clear now, what her intentions were, ‘you said you weren’t going to hurt me.’ I cried.

‘And I have no intention of doing so either, Donna,’ She murmured.

But that won’t stop me, from making you willingly obey me, okay?’

She got on the bed with me, and kneeling at my side, she reached for both my nipples, my very sensitive nipples, she would find out how sensitive in a few moments, I knew that, and so did they, they were expanding and growing already!

This was the first time anyone, other than my husband, had ever touched them, let alone another woman, it was fantastic, they grew hard at an alarming rate, I couldn’t stop my self, from squirming under touch.

‘Mmmm,’ she whispered to me, ‘only another woman knows how to really touch another, yes?’

I couldn’t deny it, but I wasn’t going to admit it!

She leaned down, and sucked one into her heart shaped mouth, I exploded!

Now she beamed from ear, to beautiful ear, ‘I knew it,’ she said to me.

‘Knew what?’ I gasped.

‘That the moment I saw your breasts, they would react to me, and without any hesitation.’ She said!’

She climbed over me then, straddling me, and continued at my nipples, she leaned down and kissed me on my lips, I was too shocked to try and resist her.

It was the sweetest kiss I had ever tasted, she broke it, I could only stare at her glassy eyed, she leaned down to kiss me again, and I responded, and kissed her back.

My captor, had got me, I had come here to thrash her, she was fucking my husband, or I believed, I was bigger than her, by a long way.

I out weighed her by about 2 stone’s, and I had been completely beaten, hands down, and now I was being utterly, and totally seduced, with nothing to fight back with.

I was in a total state of shock, I had never been with a woman, I had never even contemplated having sex with one either.

She stretched out on top of me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me, güvenilir casino and she kissed me into complete submission, I was moaning into her mouth, as my tongue and hers, battled for control, I lost mine.

It was wonderful; her kiss had overwhelmed me, every which way.

She slid slowly off me, and lay at my side, her left arm around my neck, her right hand took control of my nipples again, I was in ecstasy, they were rock hard, and stuck straight up.

Sucking a nipple into her mouth again, her hand ran down and around me, I was beside myself with anticipation, urging, and wondering when it would arrive in my now, very wet and supple pussy.

It did, the tip of it found my little man in his boat, after about 20 seconds I was about to orgasm, when she took it away.

‘Please Melydia’ I begged, ‘please let me finish, I need to cum, I really do!’

‘No Donna,’ she breathed into my ear, ‘you can only cum, when I say you can, understand?’

Her finger was still in my pussy, I could feel it so tantalisingly close to my clit, I was getting more desperate by the second, with the need to cum.

‘Melydia please, I’m dying for it, pleeeease, let me’ I was trying to move my clit to her finger now.

She kissed me instead; her finger left my aching twitching pussy, and went back to my nipple.

‘Oh God, Melydia,’ I moaned and groaned to her, ‘Im burning up.’

‘Be patient my little darling.’ She whispered again in my ear.

Climbing now to her knees again, she got above, and behind me, my head was tight between her thighs now, I could smell her woman aroma, it was beautiful.

Her fingers easily found my nipples, she was driving me insane, I never knew, that they could be made to respond like this, she was right, only a woman, really knew the true way around another woman’s body.

Her hands left my achingly, hot hard nipples, and leaning forward she slid them down my now wanton body, she didn’t go directly to my pussy, which is where I desperately needed them, she ran them around my thighs, squeezing my hips, digging her thumbs into the joint between leg and hip, sending me into orbit, but still not allowing me to cum!

One hand slid back up me, but only to my belly button, where she twiddled a finger, in and around it, I was so turned on now, she could have hit me with a shovel, and I wouldn’t have cared about it!

I was begging her now, promising my life away, if she would only let me cum, but she never let me get past the point of no return, she seemed to know exactly, when to move and go somewhere else on, and in my body.

Her hand slid under me to my bum, and a finger sank into it, I screamed out in joy, pain, frustration, it was twiddled, and pumped in and out, insanity was fast approaching me, I was certain of it!

Using her other hand now, she sank it deep into my volcanically hot pussy, finding my clit, I was in utter fear, that she was going to get me to boiling point again, and then take the kettle of the stove!

She didn’t, she growled to me. ‘Now my sexy little darling, do you love what I am doing to you, Hmmmm?

‘This is just the beginning, if you want it to be Donna?’

‘Do you love me too, Hmmmm?

‘Do you acknowledge the fact, that you now belong to me Donna, and me only? I own you now, don’t I baby?’

What? Did I hear her correctly? Did I love what she was doing to me!

‘Yes of course I love it, and I love you too, Melydia,’ I will always love, and belong to you, with all my heart!’ I blubbed, and I meant every word; I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

She smiled down at me. ‘Then you may cum for me, my little dove.’

Her finger tip was destroying my clit, I exploded like nuclear bomb, I have never, ever, cum so hard, or so furiously, it squirted and jetted from me, that had never happened before.

I didn’t know where I was for several minutes, I don’t think I feinted, I was just away with the fairies somewhere, wherever it was, I never wanted to leave.

When I managed to open my eyes and focus them, my head was on a pillow, Melydia was lying beside me, with me in her arms. I felt like a physical wreck, I had no strength in me at all, I looked sideways at her, and smiled, she smiled back, and kissed me so softly, I wondered if it had happened.

The bed covers were over us, and I was so snug and warm, I just wanted to get as close to her as I could, though being tied up as I was, made movement in her bed a little difficult.

I was in love with her, I felt sure of that, and I absolutely loved what she had done to me, and I knew I didn’t ever, want her to stop.

But it was all so sudden, I had come here to defend my marriage, to fight even, I had tried to attack her, and I would have given her a beating, I’m sure, and it had been turned right on it’s head.

Was my marriage over now? I had no idea, because I didn’t know, how I felt about it, at all.

I asked her the time, she told me it was 12:00 noon, I was amazed, I had been here in this bed with her for almost 2&1/2 hours, and my life was in total disarray.

I wanted to pull her to me, and kiss her, and make love to her, I can’t remember ever feeling, this kind of way about my husband, although I am certain that I loved him, but did I? That was the burning question in my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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