My Husband, His Brother and Me Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning sore, yet satisfied. The night before had been incredible. Being filled by two dicks in one night had always been on my bucket list, and I knew it was only going to get dirtier from here.

I rolled over to curl up to my husband. He sleepily kissed me good morning. Carl was on the other side of me, snoring softly.

Jeremy and I whispered loving words to each other, kissing softly so as not to disturb our new partner.

Jeremy kissed down my neck, past my tits, placing a few sloppy kisses on my womanhood. I put my legs on either side of his head as he lapped quietly at my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair, morning words of encouragement. The idea of us messing around with Carl asleep next to us just made it that much hotter.

My orgasm was quick and effective, and I welcomed Jeremy as he slid up my body and possessed my center with his beautiful cock.

We moaned into each other’s mouths, kissing and tonguing one another. I could taste myself on him and I slid my nails down his back while we made love.

I could feel my orgasm building up and Jeremy sensed it too. He held me and let out a moan, his seed dispensing into my pussy. We kissed and he curled up beside me.

“I hope you planned on saving some for me, brother.” Carl’s voice spoke up, alarming us.

Jeremy laughed. “Of course. Amy, are you down?”

I nodded and Jeremy shrugged. “Help yourself.”

I welcomed Carl into my arms, kissing him and running my hands over his naked body.

“I’ll be back in a moment. I’m going to get us some breakfast,” Jeremy said, but we barely heard him.

By then, Carl had his fingers deep in my pussy, rubbing his brother’s cum along my entrance.

He pushed my legs up, bending them at the knees, and pressed my knees against his chest. He was careful not to put too much weight on my chest, knowing my tits needed to be drained of milk soon. He entered me quickly, showing no mercy as he pushed me into the bed.

I cried out, gripping his arm, admiring the way the veins poked out while he held his weight.

We made eye contact and he watched me intently, concentrating on making us both feel good.

Suddenly he pulled out. I cried out in frustration. He turned me on my side and smacked my ass. “Hush,” he said. “I’m not finished with you.” And just like that, he spooned against me, penetrating me from behind. We held hands as he gripped my side, penetrating my pussy at our new and exciting angle. He kissed my neck and shoulder and started playing with my clit as I came on his cock, moaning loudly.

He laid on his back and I didn’t hesitate to get on my hands and knees, taking him all the way in my mouth. He held onto the back of my head. “Oh, Amy, good girl.”

I began my pleasurable assault on his rock-hard cock, taking him as deep in my mouth as I could.

“Brother, how long can you last?” I heard my husband’s voice behind me.

Carl laughed. “With this little minx? All day,” I sloppily ran my lips and tongue up his shaft. “That’s it baby. Just like that.”

I could feel my tits becoming more sore so I started sucking him faster, trying to speed up the process.

Jeremy sat next to beşiktaş masöz escort us on the bed, waiting patiently for Carl to cum. When he finally did, I swallowed his seed up happily and sat up in bed. I looked over at the nightstand curiously. There were three biscuits but only one drink.

I looked at my husband. “What, you didn’t think we’d be thirsty too?” I asked.

“Actually the drink isn’t for me, it’s for you. We already have drink.” He eyed my naked tits lustfully.

“Oh,” I blushed, then took my biscuit. The three of us ate peacefully, trying to build our strength back up. We talked and joked a bit and I finished my drink.

“Lay back on the bed for us. We need something tasty to wash our food down with.” Jeremy instructed me, taking off his clothes to join his brother and I in our nakedness.

I happily did so, laying in the center of the bed, sitting up just enough that my tits were leveled to the brothers’ faces.

The boys laid on either side of me and started to play with my swollen tits. Carl took my left, Jeremy took my right. They both felt my tits up with their palms and pulled at my nipples, causing them to leak. I was soaked. “Please guys, they’re so full.”

Jeremy smiled and started sucking his tit softly, his lips wrapped perfectly around my nipple, pulling just enough to make it bigger in his mouth.

Carl was still playing with the tit I offered him, his fingers tracing my full tit as his lips kissed softly at my nipple. I looked down at him, begging him to take my nipple in his mouth. He grinned mischievously. “I can’t deny that look, Amy, and I especially can’t resist your big milky mommy tits.” With that he dived into his share of my mommy tits and sucked hungrily.

I held onto the back of both of their heads as they drank from me. The only sounds made were the sounds of my breathing and moaning mixed with the sounds of their suckling. Seeing their strong jaws moving over my tits, their mouths perfectly sealing my areolas, their cheeks collapsing as they swallowed and expanding as they sucked in more delicious milk, their hands holding my tits up for better access, one man on each big juicy tit, tasting me, devouring me, worshipping me, was an image I would never get out of my head.

After a good 15 minutes of determined suckling, my milk had let up enough that both of my lovers could stop drinking. Jeremy stopped suckling first, embracing me in a deep, tongue-filled kiss. I could taste traces of my milk on him. Carl was still suckling at his tit, licking rapidly, bringing me the utmost pleasure.

Jeremy cleated his throat and Carl reluctantly let my tit drop from his mouth. He, too, embraced me for a kiss. When he released me, the brothers made eye contact and started to kiss over my chest.

Jeremy lightly pawed at my tits while they made out. I slid awkwardly out from under them and let them have a moment with each other. Jeremy laid Carl down on the bed and was making his way down his brother’s strong, lean body.

“Oh god,” I let out.

Jeremy sucked each of Carl’s nipples in his mouth briefly, making Carl suck in air. My husband didn’t stop until his face was beşiktaş otele gelen escort aligned with his brother’s big cock.

He looked at his brother, then at me. “Do it,” I said.

Without further ado, Jeremy took the cock in his mouth, hesitantly at first, and started to set his own pace, experimenting with his techniques.

Carl moaned words of encouragement while I sat in awe, completely turned on.

“Amy,” Carl said, snapping me back to reality. I looked over at him. He motioned at his face. “Get up here,” I didn’t have to be told twice.

I put my knees on either side of Carl’s head and slid onto his warm mouth, facing my husband. Carl immediately started lapping enthusiastically at my pussy, making me start to rock against his mouth. I began humping his face as he picked up speed. Jeremy, I noticed, was bobbing his head rapidly, and I realized that Carl was licking me in tune to my husband licking him.

Just when I started to feel my orgasm build up, Carl moved his tongue quickly over my clit and grabbed onto my legs, pushing me further onto that magical tongue of his. I convulsed on him as I watched Carl’s hips becoming frantic while my husband sped up his sucking. My husband was sucking up another man’s seed! It was so hot.

I laid down next to Carl, exhausted, but Jeremy wasn’t having it. He sat up against the headboard, inviting one of us to take him in our mouths. We both leaned in.

Carl took Jeremy’s big cock in his mouth and I zoned in on my husband’s balls. At certain angles I got to watch Carl’s strong jaw moving as he took my husband in his mouth. I could also see Jeremy withering beneath us, watching us give him pleasure.

It didn’t take long for Jeremy to cum, and when he did, Carl drank his cum just as his brother had done for him just a few minutes ago.

After Jeremy came, Carl turned to me and we began to make out, my tongue scraping up the remains of my husband’s sperm in his mouth. It was intoxicating.

Jeremy thanked us both and we all rolled around for a few more hours before getting dinner.

It was an interesting experience to be on a three-way date, but it was definitely fun. We laughed and had drinks at the table, shared appetizers, and enjoyed the company of the other persons.

When we got home, we all began to lay our stuff down. “I’m so full!” I commented about the dinner. “I’m not,” Carl said, and led me straight to the couch. Within seconds, he had my dress and bra off, sitting on the couch, then he curled into my lap and dived into the closest available tit. I held onto the back of his head, moaning softly as he drank from me.

Jeremy walked in after having walked to the bathroom. “I think he’s in love with your tits,” he laughed.

“He just wants to have big mommy tits ready to feed him at all times, isn’t that right, baby?” I said, stroking Carl’s hair. Carl nodded into my tit as he continued eagerly swallowing my milk.

“I’m gonna shower right quick. I’ll be right back.” Jeremy said, excusing himself.

Carl continued to drink from me and immediately took in the second tit after draining the first.

“Aren’t you full beşiktaş rus escort from dinner, baby?” I asked him softly, as if someone else could hear us.

He released my nipple long enough to say, “I’m never too full to drink from your mommy tits, Amy,” and then continued his snack.

When the second tit was halfway done, Carl spit my nipple out of his mouth. “I want to try something,” he said.


He stood up and stripped down naked. “Stand up,” he commanded. I did as I was told. He slid my panties down my legs and instructed me to kick them off.

“Get on your knees,” I obeyed blindly.

He kneeled behind me and spread my firm cheeks, plunging his tongue into my ass. I cried out in pleasure. He began to lightly finger my cunt as he lapped at my hole.

Once it was to his satisfaction, he laid on his back on my living room floor. “Climb up,”

I sat in his lap and went to slide my pussy into his dick. “Uh-uh,” he said. “Your ass,”

I held his dick up and adjusted until I could feel him at my back entrance. Jeremy walked in at that time with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He sat on the couch and watched me fuck his brother.

I began to move lightly, taking him slowly inch by inch, until my body relaxed itself enough to let him in all the way. Then I began riding him.

“Can you spray your milk?” Carl asked.

I stopped riding. “Can I what?”

“Push into your tit, massage the milk out, and squirt it in my mouth.”

I continued to ride him slowly as I followed his directions. I massaged my tit, just as Jeremy has to do sometimes to be able to feed, except this time, instead of being sucked out, I was using my hands to push it out.

Slowly but surely milk started to surface and I held my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, letting the milk stream out. It hit Carl’s abdomen at first and I arched my back, aiming higher. It hit his neck.

“C’mon Amy, you can do it!” My husband encouraged me from behind us. I aimed higher and – SUCCESS! It hit his chin, then his tongue, as he held his tongue out, lapping up the liquids I was giving him.

He grabbed onto my hips and pushed me harder onto his cock, picking up his speed as I continued squirting milk into his greedy mouth.

When my milk flow began to grow weak, he instructed me to switch and lay on my back. I did.

He moved his dick over my belly and I knew what he wanted. Holding my tits up with the last bit of milk for the day, he moved his wet cock between my big tits and began fucking them. Behind him, I could see and hear my husband jacking off. The overall scene was surreal to me.

Carl held onto my right tit while directing his cock with his left hand. He squeezed my tit to the point of it hurting, but I said nothing. I just wanted him to cum. He did. He gushed his juices all over my tits, making them extra creamy. We shared a brief kiss and he walked off.

“I need a shower. She’s all yours, brother.”

Jeremy jumped down from the couch and filled my tight cunt up with his big dick. I held onto his back and wrapped my legs tighter around him, wanting my body to take as much of him in as possible.

His brother’s cum rubbed onto his chest as we fucked, but he didn’t care. He was balls-deep in his wife. We came together, loudly, passionately, his baby juices oozing from my core. We continued laying there, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing, falling in love all over again, until we were interrupted by Carl and followed him to bedroom, but more on that later…

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