My French Revolution

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This is a true story of my 3 month adventure in the South of France. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Little did I know, when I stepped on the Air France flight and made myself comfortable that my summer plans would change drastically and my unquenchable thirst for sex would become so lucrative.

It took twenty minutes for my jaw to reset. My wild summer in France seemed to come crashing down on my 18 year old blond head. Three days after bringing me to her uncles lavish and rarely used Cap Martin Villa, my friend was leaving me for the rest of my three month stay to go off with her 30 year old boyfriend. She assured me that the staff would take care of all my needs and the chauffeur would take me anywhere I wanted to go in the Bentley. She told me I could go and come as I pleased inviting anyone to stay the night or any length of time.

Elise made sure to remind me of the cellar stocked with Dom Perignon and Cristal that was at my disposal. All the champagne I ever wanted distracted me for a few hours I must admit, however, being left alone in the South of France, on my first trip abroad was scary as hell. Not that she would have stayed for me.

“Mon Cherie, his cock is twelve inches and he never tires of fucking me.” reasoned Elise.

Gone were the plans we made back home in Oakville, Ontario of erotic threesomes, naked sunbathing and drinking nothing but champagne. Gone was the silly idea of breaking the bank in Monte Carlo, only 20 miles from the villa. Elise assured me that even though we still had a year to go before graduating from high school my enormous breasts and figure would let me pass for twenty five no problem. I hadn’t yet discovered that legal age was 18. There I lay, naked in a lounge chair, my pert 38DD’s with dime sized nipples standing firm in the warm sun, a droplet of champagne trailing past my 27 inch waist and the rest of the bottle of Dom in a chilled stand beside my 30 inch hips.

“What the fuck am I going to do now?” I asked the pool boy.

“Pardon? Je ne parle pas l’Anglais.” he replied staring at my breasts and bare pussy.

What I did for the rest of that week, was lay out naked by the pool drinking champagne and eating fruit. I didn’t really feel like eating but the cook insisted, so I convinced her I only ate fruit. By the end of my first week, my blond tresses were even paler, my entire body was tanned and my green eyes seemed to shine like emeralds in contrast to my lightly bronzed skin. Eating nothing but fruit had taken a couple of pounds off my 130 frame.

The housekeeper had been suggesting I go have some fun in Monte Carlo as all young people do and I was getting tired of coming up with excuses. I’d finally agreed to go that night and went to my room to figure out what to wear. I wondered if there was something better than the creme elastic to pull my hair up with and wandered into her uncles room. I looked in the drawers of the vanity and found some beautiful costume jewellery, but nothing for my hair. I opened the closet and found nothing but a few men’s clothes. I pulled out a crisp white shirt and closed the door again.

I walked in to what I assumed was the next bedroom and almost fell over. I looked around the room feeling myself get wet with excitement. Pair after pair of five inch Christian Louboutin shoes lined up in colour coded rows. I had a tiny orgasm when I realized they were my size and slid on a pair, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I felt so sexy, wearing nothing but the heels that made me so tall, my short muscular legs seemed to go on forever. I walked over to the line of dresses and felt the luxurious material. I found a sexy low cut black dress of silk and tossed it over my head. The top was very tight and pushed my breasts together, the material barely covering my nipples, the rest of my breasts on display. I looked like a starlet walking down a red carpet. I’d found my outfit for the evening and discovered a dresser of expensive jewellery. I put on a pair of bezel set diamond earrings and a platinum chain that stopped right at my breasts. I selected a platinum and diamond tennis bracelet and spun before the mirror. I looked like a super sexy very wealthy 23 year old and applied coral lipstick and some eyeliner. I gave my nipples a good hard pinch and smiled at how obvious they were straining against the tight silk. I went searching for a purse and found a silver clutch. I tossed in my lipstick and eyeliner and decided my hair needed that bostancı escort just fucked look and shook it out curling a few strands. I went back to my room and tossed a few hundred dollars worth of francs inside and the phone number for the villa and headed downstairs.

Marisol took one look at me and whistled, she told me that she wouldn’t expect me home that night and to have fun.

When Jean Pierre, the chauffeur licked his lips when he saw me, visions of erotic threesomes started dancing in my head once more. I pinched my nipples one last time before getting out of the Bentley and sasheed into Le Grande Casino de Monte Carlo. It was as perfectly impressive as I imagined it to be and I sauntered in with nothing more than some wolfish smiles for security. I wandered around for a half an hour, my confidence soaring with each double take and a few gravity challenged men who walked into tables while watching me. The attention was making me horny and I felt myself getting wet. I gave my nipples another good pinch not caring who saw me and licked my lips.

Moments later a tall handsome brunette was standing beside me handing me a glass of champagne. I was grateful for all those years of acing French because I understood him clearly tell me that I was a Goddess that deserved to be fucked over and over again.

“Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” he inquired.

“Je ne sais même pas encore votre nom.” (I don’t even know your name yet) I responded.

“Marc et votre nom?” (Marc and your name is)



“No, Lea.” I replied quickly.

“Oui, Lolita. Lola en abrégé.” “Lolita yes. Lola for short.”

“No, Lea.” I tried once more.

“Lolita, tu es magnifique, vos seins sont magnifiques, je tiens à les sucer.” (Lolita, you are beautiful, your breasts are magnificent, I wish to suck on them.

I tried to look as though men asked to suck on my breasts everyday. “C’est une bonne chose que mon amour seins à être aspiré puis sur.” (It is a good thing my breasts love to be sucked on then.)

“J’ai une chambre à l’hôtel de Paris nous?” (I have a room at the Hotel de Paris, shall we.)

“Oui, Marc.”

He took my hand and kissed it and then kissed my cleavage. He escorted me out, his hand roaming my back, sliding over my ass.

“Pas de culottes Lolita, comment sexy.” (No panties Lolita, how sexy.” He replied stopping to caress my ass cheeks.

“Je n’ai jamais porter des culottes, fait toujours plus facile fucking.” (I never wear panties, always makes fucking easier.”

“J’aime comment vous pensez, vous vous Minx. ” (I love how you think you minx you.)

“Meow.” I replied and kissed him hard cupping his package in my hand and squeezing.

The second Marc got me in the elevator he tore the top off my dress down sucking violently on my left nipple, turning me on immensely. My large nipples liked it rough, hell I liked my sex rough too. Forget the gentle caresses, I love having my pussy and ass slammed into. The elevator stopped and he grasped both breasts and pulled me along to his room. He stopped in front of a door and dropped down pulling my dress completely off and pushed me against the door. He held my hands above my head and bit down hard on my right nipple making me scream in pleasure. With one hand still pinning me to the door, he deftly undid his pants and guided his enlarged dick right into my pussy and began thrusting hard into me.

He let my hands go to grab my ass and raise me as I locked my legs around him as he fucked me violently. Doors opened upon hearing my screams of pleasure and he didn’t stop. A couple from down the hall came out and stood beside us watching. She licked her lips and I came immediately.

“I’m not done with you whore.” He said in English and continued fucking my cunt until he exploded inside me. My inner walls spasmed with the force of his hot seed until he pulled out, dropping me to the floor and covering my body in the rest of his cum. As I lay there moaning he opened the hotel door. I tried to sit up but he stopped me.

“Don’t bother, I don’t let filthy whores like you in my room. Thanks for the fuck slut.” He stated and slammed the door .

I couldn’t believe it! There I lay on the plush carpeted hall of a five star hotel naked and covered in cum. I didn’t even know where my borrowed dress or purse was. I looked around and didn’t see them.

“I have your clothes, if you fuck my husband and büyükçekmece escort I, I’ll return them to you.” I heard in a thick German accent.

I looked up and there was the stunning brunette who watched me so intently earlier. She licked her lips once more and smiled as I took in her beautiful small breasts with huge erect nipples, her slender waist and triangular shaped bush above her pussy.

“Will your husband fuck my ass while I eat your pussy?”

“He’ll love to. I don’t let him fuck my ass. Although, it’s not like you have much of a choice slut.” she replied with a grin.

“No, I guess I don’t. Shall we?” I asked as I felt myself get wet again in anticipation of a wild threesome.

He’d raped my ass while I ate and fingered his horny wife. Tara had bent me over the table and fucked my ass with the most wonderful dildo I’d ever seen. It was a series of glass beads fused together, the first bead was a dark purple and the colours faded to a pale pink final one. It was so hard and had to be eleven inches long and she forced it right in to my aching anus. I had cum buckets which Tara greedily lapped up and then proclaimed she was tired and went to bed without finishing me off. Angus kissed his wife goodnight tasting me in her mouth and sat down in the leather arm chair.

He ordered me to ride him and I did to a spectacular orgasm. He withdrew and told me to lie on the table and covered me in his cum once more. He told me that was where sluts slept and crawled into the bed wrapping his arms around his wife. It hadn’t taken me long to drift off into an exhausted and satisfied sleep. I woke up the next morning spread out on my back, my legs still hanging over the table in the room. I sat up with some effort and looked down. My body was caked in dried cum and I was so horny.

My legs were asleep from how I’d slept and with effort I put them on the floor with pins and needles shooting up my legs. I picked up the glass dildo and brought it into the bathroom. I took a long hot shower and fucked myself in the pussy and ass as the water poured down on me. I dried off and made myself presentable once more finding my dress and purse on a chair and my heels underneath. Angus and Tara were still sleeping so I found a piece of hotel letterhead and wrote then a quick note.

In lieu of payments for my services I’m taking the dildo. Tara you really should let Angus rape your ass it feels incredible. Au revoir, (goodbye) Votre Salope (your slut)

I left the hotel room proudly carrying the glass dildo and called the villa to get Jean Pierre to pick me up. I went into the Cafe de Paris, ordered a glass of champagne and a fruit platter and charged it to Marc’s room. Jean Pierre was waiting for me when I stepped out on to the street and smiled when he saw the dildo in my hand.

“Souvenir?” he asked with a grin.

“Yes from a wonderful couple.” I replied with a smirk, closing my eyes and dozing for the drive back to the villa.

I slept for several hours waking around four in the afternoon and wandered down to the kitchen naked. I pulled a bottle of Cristal from the fridge, popped the cork and brought it out to the pool with me, drinking straight from the bottle. I went for a swim and laid in the sun eating the fruit platter and pieces of toasted baguette left for me. When the bottle was empty I brought it down to my pussy and began running it over my clit. I wish I had thought to bring my new toy down with me. I was nice and wet and plunged the bottle into my pussy as far as it would go and proceeded to fuck myself with it.

Marisol cleared her throat and I stopped fucking myself leaving the bottle in my oozing pussy. She shook her head at me and rolled her eyes.

“Are you going out again tonight?”

The evening hadn’t gone as I planned and it could have turned out to be a disaster if I’d been forced to go to the lobby naked and covered in cum without my borrowed dress and purse. The insatiable slut in me took over, reminding me that fucking myself wasn’t nearly as fun as being fucked.

“Yes and no need to wait up.”

“I’ll have Jean Pierre ready to leave at ten again.”

“Perfect, can I have another bottle of Cristal?”


After taking a shower, I went back into my new closet and selected a short black chiffon skirt and a red silk plunging cowl neck halter top that was once again a little çağlayan escort small but showed off my breasts magnificently. I still had on the platinum necklace and bezel set diamond earrings from last night and added my own white gold snake bracelet. I slid my feet into a pair of fuck me red Louboutin heels and grabbed a silk clutch purse that matched the top perfectly.

“Where to tonight?” Jean Pierre asking licking his lips and looking me up and down devouring me with his eyes.

“Take me to a really hot bar.”

When the car stopped, I got out and headed right to the door, not even bothering to see where I was. The bouncer smiled at me and opened the door and I found myself in a crowded bar surrounded by gorgeous young nubile guys and girls. I ordered a glass of expensive white wine and no sooner had the female bartender told me the price did I hear a deep voice say put it on my tab.

I turned around to see a tanned chiselled face with the deepest green eyes and light brown hair. He was looking right down my top and I grinned.

“Like what you see?” I asked boldly.

“Yes, they are wonderful.”

“Thank you, they are.” I replied confidently. “Thanks for the drink.”

“Anytime beautiful. I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I just arrived in town. I’ve got a villa in Cap Martin that I’m staying at.”

“Nice, that is a lovely area, a little far though.”

“My chauffeur is always on call.”

“Perfect. You aren’t American, I can tell.”

“Why because I’m not rude?” I laughed.

He laughed, “No, you don’t sound like one which means you must be Canadian.”


“So what brings you to France?”

“Vacation before finishing my final year of school.”

“What are you studying and where?”

Suddenly, stating the name of my private high school didn’t seem like such a good idea. I smiled and put my hand on his knee to stall for a second while I thought.

“University of Toronto, law school.”

“I’d commit a crime just to be represented by you.”

“Such flattery, you speak very good English but I don’t detect a British accent.”

“Belgium background, but I spent a few years in New York when my parents divorced.”

“Ah, so what do you do?”

“Nothing, my father owns a couple of shipyards. I spend the summer partying here and the winter skiing in Gstaad.”

“Nice, wish that could be my life.”

“Care for another drink?” He asked as I drained the wine.

“I’d love a Cristal.”

“Let me take you to my table and I’ll go get you that champagne.”

His hand ran down my bare back and stayed there as he escorted me through the people to a corner table where a voluptuous red head and another blonde sat.

“Girls meet my new friend……..”

“L….Lola.” I replied.

“A perfect name for you.” He replied kissing my neck.

I sat down and the girls looked at me with contempt. I moved in my seat so that my skirt would rise higher to greet my mystery man when he returned. He returned about five minutes later and handed me a flute as he looked at my legs.

“Lovely legs and I love the shoes.”

“Thanks, like the colour? I call it fuck me red.”

“Such a naughty name. Tell me Lola are you a naughty girl?”


“Lola, I think I’m falling in lust with you.”

“I laughed, “So what’s your name sexy?”


“We shall drink to naughty lust then.” I proclaimed taking a sip of my champagne.

It tasted a little different than the Cristal I’d been drinking for the last two weeks. I must have made a perplexed face because Pieter asked me what was wrong. I told him it tasted a tiny bit different, a little drier and he said it was a rare vintage.

I finished it rather quickly and asked for another. I signalled a passing waiter but Pieter told me the bottle was kept at the bar and went to fetch me another one. The girls must have been tired of being ignored so they got up and walked away disappearing into the crowd. Pieter returned with two more flutes.

“Lola. I’d like to watch you down the first Cristal without using your hands.”

“Place the glass between my breasts then.”

I pushed my arms into my breasts to make sure the glass stayed and bent over, taking the rim of the flute easily into my mouth and brought it upwards swallowing the expensive drink quickly. I felt a little woozy as the champagne rushed to my head and a minute or two latter I felt it’s effects as my body started to feel warm and tingly all over.

I sipped on the second glass as my conversation with Pieter became more sexual in nature. One of the last things I would remember from that fateful night is telling him I wanted him to finger fuck my wet pussy as we sat there. I had no idea that the next morning, I’d wake up with a lucrative new career.

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