My Four Women Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Liz

Liz, a forty year old women, thin tall and very sexy looking. She can make any man’s head turn even when she is wearing a pair of sweats.

I met her a work shortly after I started with the company. She was newly married, and was very happy. She was the type of woman who you could talk to and come away feeling good.

Shortly after I met her, she announced that she was pregnant. Everyone was happy for her, and time flew by as she got ready for the baby. She finally had her first son and was off on mat. Leave.

When she came back, she was happy to be back at work, and she threw herself into her job, trying to catch up on what had happened while she was gone.

A year later, she announced that she was pregnant again and of course she was gone again on mat. Leave.

When she came back the second time, she had changed. She seemed a little darker in her mood, and didn’t seem to have the spark that she had had when she came back from her first baby.

We still seemed to have the fun that we used to, like when we would run into each other in the hall, we would meet in a dance stance and dance for about ten seconds then part and go on our way. That always seemed to put a smile on her face.

Just after her second son turned two, she came to me one day and asked if she could talk. (I know it seems like they all wanted to talk. I guess I had a good ear to bend.) When we talked she told me that she had caught her husband cheating and that they had separated. Shortly after that her mom and dad had passed away and she was just barely hanging on and needed to know what she could do so that she could take some time to sort things out. I told her to go on stress leave and that our company insurance would pay her while she was off. She did just that and the only way I had any contact with her after that was when I would call and just see how she was doing.

One day out of the blue she called me at work and asked me to come over to her place, she needed advice on some papers that had arrived at the house that day. When I got there she had a ream of paper that she needed help with. We started going through them and soon were engrossed in trying to figure them out. About two hours in, I said that I was getting hungry. She picked up the phone and ordered some Chinese.

The food arrived and we took some time to eat, and soon were back at the papers. About nine o’clock we finally finished working on the papers and we went into the family room to just sit and relax.

I had sat on the couch and she just plopped pendik escort herself down right beside me. It just seemed natural and I put my arm around her and she just cuddled right into me. After a few minutes, with not knowing how I should proceed, I looked at her and she seemed to sense that I was looking at her.. We just started kissing and soon were locked in a long passionate kiss. After we broke she had a tear in her eye.

She said “I have missed that so much, it felt so good to do that again.”

She then kissed me again and really cuddled into me. I knew that I had a chance to have her, but I decided to take my time and let this developed. I just knew that this woman would be passionate and very loving. I kissed her back, and we just necked on the couch for about an hour.

I decided not to push any farther, and about 10:30 I got up and said that I had to go, and she didn’t look sad or upset. I knew that I had done the right thing.

About a week later, I had called her and she said that she would love to get together, and I suggested that she come to my place. She said that she would be there about 7, and I said that I would see her then.

She actually showed up about ten minutes early. After she came into the apt. I gave her a quick hug, and asked her if she wanted something to drink.

She said “I would love a beer.”

I got her the beer and myself one too, and we were soon on the couch.

She asked “Do you have any good movies to watch,”

I said “No, but we could check and see what was on Pay per view.”

We found a movie and soon were engrossed in it. I was a horror and soon she was cuddling up to me and grabbing me when ever there was a scary scene. After the movie was over she said that she would like another beer. I got her one, and we just sat on the couch talking. We were moving closer to each other as we talked and soon I took the beer out of her hand, put it on the table and took her in my arms. We were immediately locked in a long passionate kiss. As we kissed, I put one hand on her waist just below her breast. She took my hand and put it on her breast on top of her shirt. I could feel the nipple through the cloth and I knew there was no bra to get in the way.

We were really getting passionate with the necking and I started to undo her buttons on her shirt. Soon I had it open and I slipped a hand inside and gently placed my hand on her breast. She sighed and I knew that I could probably go farther. I slowly played with the nipple and she started to moan into my mouth.

I maltepe escort started to kiss my way down to her breast and soon had the nipple in my mouth. She started to moan and said “God that feels good, I have needed that for so long.”

I got off the couch and leaned in front of her and kissed and nibbled on both breasts. She was starting to squirm and her head was back with her eyes closed. I started to kiss my way down to her belly button and before I got there she had her pants undone and was trying to wiggle them off her body. We soon had them off and I came across a red lace g string. I kissed her belly through the panties and she just pulled them out of the way revealing her pussy. It was already starting to swell and was getting very wet.

I pulled her towards me and slipped her panties off. I kissed her just above where her clit was and she just spread her legs and put them on my shoulders. I started to kiss her pussy and soon was having a necking session with her lips She was just moaning and she started to clamp her legs on my head. She started to buck as her first orgasm came on. When she was finished bucking, she said “My god, that was incredible. I haven’t cum for months.” “I want more of that.”

I said “No problem my lady,” and with that I started to lick her pussy again. I licked the length and worked my way to her clit. She was squirming and bucking again. Soon she was in the throes of a violent orgasm and she was bucking and tossing on the couch. She actually clamped so hard on my head that I thought she was going to rip it off.

I came back on the couch and starting necking with her again and I used my fingers to get her off one more time. When that was over, she looked at me and said “It is now your turn.”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “NO tonight was about you.”

She replied, “I will just have to make a night about you soon.”

The next night she just showed up at my apt. and when I let her in she pulled me into her arms and gave me the most passionate tongue sucking kiss that I had had in a while.

She pulled me over to the couch and started to take my shirt off. After she got my shirt off, she kissed me and started to suck on my nipple. That always got me hard fast. As she was doing that she was taking my pants off, and when she had me naked, she pushed me onto the couch. She took her own clothes off and I leaned forward and was going to kiss her belly and want ed to start working my way to her pussy again. She stopped me and got on her knees in front of me. kartal escort She started to stroke my cock and soon was kissing and licking it. It felt amazing and soon had me really hard. She took me in her mouth and soon was sucking on my cock. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. She took her time and every once in a while she would just lick and flick with her tongue. She worked on my cock for what seemed like an hour and finally she really started to suck on it.

That finished me off and my cum started to boil out of my cock. She sucked it all into her mouth and throat and drained me completely. After I had finished she came up and kissed me, and I could taste myself on her tongue. She climbed up on me and grabbed my softening cock and managed to get it in her before I got too soft. She used her pussy muscles to get me hard again and soon she was moving around on my lap. I started to stand up and she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to the bedroom. I laid her on the edge of the bed and she put her legs up on my shoulders.

I wanted this to just right so I slowly started to stroke and we started to move together. As our passion built we started to work faster and soon I was stroking into her with a quick pace. She started to cum and I was not far behind. She bucked up against me and that finished me and I shot into her pussy. When we finished, she looked at me and said ” Make love to me again, I want you and I want your love in me again.”

I climbed on to the bed and we kissed and stroked each other until I was ready to go again. I got on top of her and entered her and looked into her eyes. She had a complete look of passion and love in her eyes. I started to stroke but at a lazy pace, and she seemed to enjoy the pace that I set.

After about five minutes of slow stroking, I started to move faster, and she started to squirm again.

She said “Yes, that is what I want, I want to feel you pushing into me, and I want you to cum in me again. I love you, and I want you forever.”

I said, ” I love you and I want to be with you forever. I want to make love to you every night and I want us to be together for as long as we breath.”

She wrapped her legs around me and said “Give me everything you got, cum with me and fill me again.”

With that I came one more time in her and after we just laid there as my cock shrank and slowly came out of her.

We spent the night sleeping in each others arms, and made sweet love again the next morning.

Liz moved in about two months later and we have had a wonderful time exploring each other sexually and coming together as a real couple. Our love has grown every day, and we are soon to be married.

I look forward to many happy years with this woman, and I know I will never even think about cheating on her.

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