My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 21

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Not much interesting happened for a while after I broke up with Jessica. I was just getting used to being single and wondering what I wanted. I pretty much just kept to my self for the first week. It was weird but I still talked with Jessica and Denise quite a bit (not like I could avoid my roommate easily). And I was actually really good about everything. Sure I was lonely, but I think I just missed being intimate with someone more than anything. I mean I still had them as friends and that is actually the most important thing I think.

After a while I started wanting something or someone. Jessica and Denise were now together and they really weren’t trying to hide it. Now Denise was actually flirting with me when Jessica was not around and I know I probably could have had sex with her, but I really didn’t think that was a good idea. I think I could have with Jessica as well, but she wasn’t as obvious. Though I would hate to hurt her, because I am pretty sure she still really likes me. They are doing well though and I am happy for them.

So then I started thinking about having sex with Nikki. I have always enjoyed her body, but I knew I didn’t want a serious relationship with her, maybe not anyone at this point, but if I thought she might just want sex and nothing more I might consider her.

Lyndsey and I didn’t see each other much. She was with her boyfriend all the time, but I found out from Denise that they fought a lot and that Lyndsey really wasn’t happy. I was hoping it was because Lyndsey wasn’t straight and that she was just trying to be what her parents wanted and not what she wanted, which I hoped was me.

Then Lyndsey and I had a good long talk one night and I knew she still had feelings for me. In fact at one point in the evening I really thought she would kiss me, but I didn’t push it because I didn’t want to just be with her unless we could have something real. This time it was my feelings I was worried about.

Then on a Thursday I got a big surprise. My mom showed up at four o’clock. She wanted to surprise me and take me out for dinner. I thought it was sweet. We had talked the night before and she could tell I was sort of lonely. We went out to eat and I could tell my mom was acting sort of funny and as the night went on I felt more and more like I was on a date with her. We were flirting after a while and when we went out to the car she asked me if I wanted to get a hotel room or if I wanted her to sleep in the dorm. It sort of took me off guard, but I knew I wanted her, so I said we could stay at a hotel as long as I got back to the dorm to get ready for class the next morning.

As we waited in the hotel lobby we were hanging on one another. It was like two newlyweds waiting to get their room. I felt so incredibly horny I didn’t care what anyone saw us do. She kissed me and I held onto her. When we were getting checked in the woman behind the counter was totally cool and she told us we made a cute couple. My mom and I looked at each other and we kissed again right in front of her.

In the elevator we were making out and I had my mom’s dress pulled open so I could suck one of her nipples. Holy shit she has the most amazing breasts in the world. She started to put her hands down my pants when the door opened and we grabbed our stuff and got to the room as soon as possible.

As soon as the door was shut we were kissing again and I threw her down on the bed and pulled the top of her dress apart again and started sucking her breasts once more. After I did it for a while my mom said, “I miss being with you and the girls.”

I just smiled and nibbled on her nipple some more. But my mom then said, “I brought bağdat caddesi escort some toys.”

I knew what she wanted and I wanted it too. We had double dildos up both our holes soon and were fucking the hell out of one another. We were on all fours on the bed and really going at it, and I’m sure the people next door not only heard us moaning, but the bed was really noisy too. I hadn’t had it in a while and I didn’t even care who it was on the other end for a while. I just kept fucking. I finally rubbed my clit until I climaxed, and then I felt my legs just start to tighten up and I had to stop.

I lay on my back and my mom sucked my nipples and kissed me for the longest time and then she asked me if she could fuck me with a strap-on. I of course said yes, and enjoyed it from behind like I love it, but then she wanted me on my back and I had my legs up above my head and she really gave it to me. I loved watching her big breasts just bouncing around as she fucked me so hard, and she kept talking dirty to me asking me questions and telling me things that she’s told me many times before. I was so horny, and I know I was too loud, but I didn’t care.

Then I started saying things about Candice and I know I shouldn’t have because I really don’t think I want to do anything with the two of them, but I was just so horny. It turned my mom on and she just fucked me even harder.

I slept so good that night snuggled up against her body with my hand on her chest. The next morning we showered together and she asked if I would lick her ass and of course I did, but we didn’t really have a lot of time, so we were quick and soon I was back at the dorm so I could change.

My mom didn’t even come inside the dorm. She just dropped me off and I found Denise in bed with Jessica when I got to my room. After class Jessica and I were in the room and one thing led to another and she asked me what all my mom and I did, and I just told her. She had meant of course like dinner and stuff, but I told her all about the sex too. I could tell it got her excited, but I wasn’t trying to make her jealous or anything. I just wanted to be able to be open with her again. She surprised me by telling about what Denise and she had done the night before and it really turned me on listening to her.

I hung out with Lyndsey Friday night as her boyfriend was out with some friends. We had a great time and I told her how much I missed spending time with her. She seemed sad about it too, and she started talking to me again about how she and her boyfriend might break up. So I started telling her she should, but I sort of felt bad as I knew it was selfish of me to want their relationship not to work out. Then she started talking about how Denise still hit on her a lot, almost as if she was trying to get me horny, but it actually did the opposite and she noticed and stopped. Still we had a great night together and I am so glad to have her as a friend.

Saturday night I was bored and sat in my room on the computer, masturbated and called it a night, ha.

Sunday I studied with a girl, Sam, in one of my classes and she knows I am lesbian but doesn’t care, very nice girl, but no one I am interested in. She is straight for one thing and not attractive for another, plus overweight too, but very nice and funny so we get along great. Oh and she is so smart too, and we seem to be two of the only people in our class that get the science so we started studying together early on.

Anyway she tells me about this girl in her dorm that is a lesbian and that she is very cute and single and I should come over some time and meet her. I asked bahçelievler escort her to tell me about her and she did, but didn’t have much to say. So I said I would just for the fun of it, but I wasn’t expecting much.

WOW, was a shocked. I went over there that night and she was in her room and Sam introduced me to her. She was nothing like I expected at all. She is very cute and thin and just a perfect body and I’m sure I looked like such a fool staring at her. She is just so pretty and not at all like anyone I have dated. She’s a red-head, but it’s dark red hair and she is tan, but has just some freckles, but cute. She used to dance in HS for the team and she has this very athletic body, just perfect abs, but her breasts are so round and full and though not as big as mine they were just perfect. She was like a shorter red-haired version of Jessica, but since she was shorter it made her boobs look even bigger, ha.

Anyway I started talking to her and she is so bubbly and fun and I just know I was acting stupid. I can’t believe how I was feeling and I felt so embarrassed for feeling that way. I think Sam could tell we were hitting it off, because she left and shut the door of the room.

Her name is Kayla by the way. Got so excited typing there that I forgot to type that. Anyway I was all smiles and I know I was flirting and I was thinking this girl probably thinks I’m an idiot. So I started telling her about myself and tried to throw in what I was studying and that I have always gotten A’s and such without trying to make it look like I was bragging or anything, but I’m sure I came off like a hot shot.

Anyway, she actually went to school only about 45 minutes away from where I lived and she told me about how she got caught with a girl in High School on the dance team and how she couldn’t wait to get to college and away from High School and all the drama. I told her a little about my love life, but nothing too personal. She by the way has had two lovers, one in High School and one here at school. She is only a freshman and is undecided in her major.

Well we talked like for hours about everything and then again on Monday I went to see her too. We had dinner together and we talked until like 10:30 and then I went back to my dorm just high on life.

Tuesday I had classes and then I was off for home. I did call Kayla and talked to her for a while, but just small talk. When I got home I just went to bed and I was so tired from even such a short week. Not sure why.

Thanksgiving was fun with the family and all, but I’ll fast forward here till Friday night. Candice was over during the day and I actually flirted with her a little and she seemed to like it, but I wasn’t really trying to get away with anything, just having fun. But then that night I spent some time chatting on the computer and got so horny I ended up going up to my mom’s room wanting her. I showered first and walked in naked and she immediately responded. In no time at all I was on top of her sucking her breasts. I was rubbing my soaked pussy on her leg and actually orgasmed that way, but then I licked her to an orgasm and then we kissed for the longest time. She started asking me if I wanted Candice and I told her I shouldn’t get involved with them, because my mom had something really good going and I didn’t want to screw it up for her.

My mom said she could tell Candice wanted me and that turned me on so bad. I would love to make love to Candice, but I just don’t want too many people knowing about my mom and I, but my mom even suggested that I have sex with Candice alone and my mom would pretend like she didn’t even know. bahçeşehir escort I admit I was tempted, but I really didn’t want it to happen.

On Saturday I woke up in my mom’s bed and she made love to me again. She fucked me so hard I didn’t think I would walk that day. And then after that we did a sixty-nine. My mom was so wet and I had cum dripping all over my face, and I fingered her ass when she orgasmed. We took a shower together and had more sex and then later that afternoon we did something again. It was insane and I couldn’t believe how horny my mom was. Even later when Candice came over my mom kept grabbing my butt or boobs whenever Candice wasn’t looking. And she even kissed me passionately when Candice was out of the room. It was almost like she wanted us to get caught because sometimes it was so close I thought Candice would see us.

That evening I went out with my friends, but when I came home I went to my mom’s room and I would have had sex with her again, but when I walked in Candice was in bed with her. It was sort of embarrassing because my mom called me over to the edge of the bed and kissed me goodnight in front of Candice, who was probably naked under the covers. I know my mom was because when she kissed me she sat up and her breasts were just there for the whole world to see.

It wasn’t like it was a passionate kiss, but I still felt weird and the way my mom looked at Candice afterwards made me think something was up. Still nothing happened and I just went to bed.

The next morning my mom came in my room and woke me up. I had slept in really late and it was so unlike me. My mom was just rubbing my back and when I rolled over she started rubbing my breasts and soon we were making out. I let her suck my nipples as I squeezed her breasts, but when I started to pull down my underwear, she told me Candice was still here. I was disappointed.

Again I flirted with Candice that day, and when I went back to school I kissed her right in front of my mom. On the lips and she got so wide-eyed and I just loved it. I’m so bad sometimes.

Anyway I couldn’t wait to get back to school to see everyone and I felt so much better after having so much sex over the weekend.

That night I saw Lyndsey and Kayla, at different times of course, though I did tell Lyndsey about Kayla. I think she was jealous, but who knows.

I saw Kayla every night that week and the next and on two Thursday’s after thanksgiving, Kayla and I made love for the first time. It was beautiful, just wonderful. I’m not even going to go into details, but it was not at all wild, just very intimate. She is an amazing person.

Still, I guess I’m not because two days later I got caught by Jessica masturbating and we did something together. I wish now I hadn’t, but she saw me and I was so horny and she ended up licking my clit to an orgasm while I sucked my own nipples. I didn’t do anything with her, but still that doesn’t make it right. We talked afterwards and she understands it was just a thing and I am falling for someone else and I don’t want to get back with her or anything. We both decided not to tell Denise.

Then again during Finals week, I kissed Lyndsey. I am a slut, I guess and I’m not bragging, but completely upset with myself. I mean I guess I can lie to myself and say that Kayla and I never really said we were a couple and that we couldn’t see other people, but I know in my heart I am cheating on her. Still I also know I will do so again. I know I have feelings for Lyndsey, plus I’m on break now, and I know I will be with my mom again. Also Jessica and I spent a night with one another, though not sexually, and I think she wants to again, and I am so tempted. Part of me wants to invite her over and do a threesome with my mom again. This time just as sex and no strings attached. I have a party coming up and who knows what will happen.

Thanks again to all of you who write me. I have made some great friends and gotten some great advice.

Love, Lucy

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