My Filthy Life Pt. 01

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Content Warning

This story is not a tale of fiction. I will report of things I have done, things that were done to me, and I will not leave any details out, just to make this a story for the feeble minded. This tale will be awful – for some people at least. But every bit of this report, every single detail, every name, and every act is true. And since this will be a story full of sex and criminal acts, I strongly recommend everybody who might be offended, to not read any further.

For those of you, who are still interested, come, come enter my world and let yourself be taken into very deep waters.



Since you all will hopefully be reading my words for a while, it might be best to introduce myself. My name is Eliza Bethany Kingsley, before I married, my surname way Croft. I am currently 39 years old, but the tales I will tell you happened between my 18th and my 36th birthday. I am 5.3 ft tall (or small, if you like), have a slim but athletic figure and nice, firm b-cup tits. I wear my dark brown hair long, mostly open and view the world with icy blue eyes.

I grew up in a Boston suburb. My parents had a lot of money, one might even say, they were stinking rich.

Everything else that might be of interest for you will be revealed, as the tale goes along.

Birth of a Slut

My first tale takes place some years before I got married. To be honest, by that time I didn’t even think about marching before the altar at all. I was 18, a senior student at Boston Latin School. I had everything I needed, my driver’s license, a ride (a BMW Coupee) and of course a boyfriend, named Tommy.

It was early in the year, and Tommy had talked about going to Acapulco, Mexico for the Spring Break. Finally, after long discussions with my parents, I got the permission and Tommy booked our flight. Of course I had heard a lot about Spring Break and the things that went on in Acapulco, but I was sure, Tommy would take good care of me. And besides, I really wanted to start my last year before college as best as I could.

The flight was pretty unspectacular, so was the food. Tommy’s parents had paid for first class tickets, but I don’t really think there’s a first class on Aeromexico flights, if you get what I mean.

As we finally arrived at the hotel Tommy had booked, I was surprised. The Fairmont Pierre Marques is a fine place to stay in Acapulco. I did not in my wildest dreams imagine that Tommy had booked a hotel this luxurious for us. But on the other hand, he was the son of the best lawyer in Boston. Of course his allowance was adequate.

“What do you think, baby?” He asked, grinning all over his face as he kissed my neck.

“It’s awesome Tommy.” I gave him a wild kiss and tackled him onto the bed.

“So I thought.” He muttered under my kiss. “Everything for my love.” He continued.

I grabbed his full, brown hair and went on kissing him. “Be quiet.” I said as my lips sealed his. He was a very good kisser and a handsome guy of course. His muscular body was always the most adored by all girls from school. I couldn’t help but admire his six packs, as I started to undress him. While his hands were all over my tits, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock through his shorts. He tried to get rid of my top, but I stopped him by pushing him back onto the sheets.

“Wait, let me suck you first.” I whispered as I pulled of his black shorts. His cock sprang out of its cotton cage and was instantly swallowed by me.

I have to admit here, that Tommy’s cock was the first I had ever seen erect. And to this trip, it also had been the only one. I didn’t have any way to compare, but since Tommy himself once said that his cock was larger than most he saw, I was pretty proud to have mastered cock sucking this quick. But you know boys; they always tell you theirs is the biggest. But to be honest, 4.7 inches is not what I’d call a large dick, not anymore at least.

As I was slurping on his prick, he lifted my short skirt and started fingering my cunt. To be more exact, he fumbled around at my pussy lips. The sensation was not nearly as intense as when I did it to myself, but how should I have known better.

I looked up from his cock, saliva dripping from my chin.

“Stop it, babe.” I said. “We can fuck later. Just let me give you a blowjob as reward for this nice hotel.” After that, I continued. It didn’t take long after I started deepthroating him a little. I had not jet reached perfection concerning this, but I was okay. His body stiffened, his fast breathing transformed into silent moans, and finally his cum squirted into my mouth, hitting my throat and was instantly swallowed with much delight.

“Mhh… nice.” I stated, licking my lips. I immediately got up and smiled at him. “So, what should I wear when we go out tonight?” I asked, not giving him any chance to recover himself. I was a game we often played. He smiled.

“Okay, okay. Let me see what you brought.” He answered, sitting himself bostancı sarışın escort upright.

After deciding what to wear, we ordered room service and had a large pizza and a bottle of wine. The meal was nice; the wine was sweet and heavy. When we left the room to go looking for a good party, I already felt a little tipsy.

We went to the city by cab, but continued by foot. It was pretty hot although it was late evening. I was wearing a short summer dress and a bikini under it, while Tommy wore short, black pants and a muscle shirt. He looked awesome. I must have looked pretty sexy, too. As we went along the city streets, Tommy and I constantly saw guys staring at my tits, my butt, my legs and my face. Some even licked their lips as they watched me stride along.

“The guys here literally undress you with their eyes, babe.” Tommy said with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Nah, don’t worry. You know I only want you.” I answered, taking his hand into mine.

We found a separated area at the beach, where one of those classic Spring Break parties was given by some local rich guy. We entered the area without any problems, the security just checked our bags and was instantly fine with us.

The party was huge. There must have been about 500 people, mostly students from the US like us. Since it was still early evening, the visitors were not jet totally drunk or stoned, but the party seemed to be going well. On a swimming platform, just some yards from the beach, was a dj team, playing all kinds of party music.

“Seems cool, huh?” Tommy asked as we waited for our first mojito.

“Definitely yes.” I replied.

He handed me the drink and we found ourselves a nice corner with a table and some chairs. For some time we just sat there and watched the guys and girls having fun. I soon noticed that, minute by minute, the mood was getting hotter and hotter. As we arrived, most of the visitors were dressed in short clothes, but at least dressed. Now, at about 11pm, the majority of the folks had undressed at least some of their clothes. Girls were wearing bikinis, boys only their short pants or underwear. It was a nice view, especially when watching the dance floor.

Tommy must have noticed me watching the people, for he squeezed my leg with his hand and asked.

“Found someone you like?” His voice was now more than just a little tempered. He was obviously jealous. I didn’t know this side of him. In Boston, he never got jealous. Maybe, because he was by far the best looking boy in school. Here, where dozens of hot, young college guys showed their six packs in public, his self-confidence seemed to be fading quickly.

“Oh Tommy.” I said cutely. “Don’t be jealous again. I was just watching the crowd, nothing else.”

“Yeah, the male crowd, right?” He asked provocatively. “I’m getting new drinks.” He continued and got up quickly. One moment later he was gone amidst the drunken folks.

I sighed and leaned back. Why had he gotten so angry? Of course we had our differences, everybody does, right? But to be this angry this quick… I didn’t understand it.

While he was away, I finally did enjoy the view of those muscular studs. All around me, some of them only few yards away, stunningly sexy, sweaty guys with six packs and asses like Greek gods. I simply was not able to avert my eyes. I have to admit, this time Tommy was right to be angry. When he came back to our table my eyes were totally focused on some hot boy’s butt.

“I see, you’re still enjoying the show, huh?” He suddenly whispered in my ears. He wasn’t as angry as before, but he wasn’t satisfied with me. Next to him stood two boys, about our own age. I knew them from sight, they went to the same school as we did.

“Honey,” Tommy said, now loud enough for everyone. “this is Danny and this is Brian. They are a class below ours.” He waved to them.

They smiled and shook hands with me.

“Isn’t that some coincidence,” Danny asked “us meeting here?”

“Yeah man.” Brian answered. Me and Tommy agreed.

After chatting for a while, it became clear for me, that they all played football together in the school team. And as always, this was the topic that dominated the whole conversation. I soon had enough of it. My boyfriend was jealous of me and ignored me completely while talking to some guys I didn’t even know.

“I’m gonna get some new drinks. Anybody want some?” I asked as I got up.

The boys only waved towards their second beer bottle (they had gotten two for each of them) and dismissed me by that. Angry and disappointed I went my own ways.

As I managed to make a path through the crowd, my anger slowly diminished. Why was I so furious? In fact, I should be laughing. The great Thomas Edward Smith, star quarterback, rich kid, admired by all but competed by no one, was jealous because of me. That was cute.

While I progressed towards the bar, I smiled. I suddenly knew how to get the attention of my boyfriend bostancı yabancı escort back.

After getting another mojito, I wandered towards the dance floor. I picked a nice spot, a spot where Tommy could discover me while I was near enough to all those hot studs to make them also notice me. The thick glass in my hand I slowly started to dance. Swaying my hips lightly, stepping slowly in a tight circle. Almost all the time, my eyes were on Tommy, who was still talking to the boys, not jet aware of me.

Two boys came closer to me as I continued dancing. They were both pretty tall. The taller of them was only wearing his boxers, the rest of his body was totally naked. His tanned skin was slightly sweaty and tiny drop of moist were shimmering on his well defined muscles.

His buddy was only a bit smaller than him and not as tanned. But he was as muscular and sexy. He also had lost all his clothing except for his boxers. Both their eyes were focused on my swinging hips and I thought I could ascertain slight bulges in their shorts. The only thing I thought then was: Nice!

I took a quick glance to Tommy. He still hadn’t noticed me dancing. Okay then, I thought, lets see if you’ll ever miss me, darling.

I turned towards the guys that were closing in on me. Me eyes focused first on their eyes, then wandered down their bodies and back up to their eyes. I nodded in appreciation. They both grinned and reached me. They didn’t waste any time. The taller quickly got behind me, dancing so close that I could feel his wet skin every now and then. The other guy got in front of me and lay his hands on my shoulders, stared into my eyes and danced with me.

I have to admit, I didn’t want it to go this far. But once I was between those hot bodies I was totally defenseless.

The guy behind me started tucking on my dress as to pull it up over my head. At first I made attempts to stop him, but as I looked around, I didn’t see any girl wearing more than a bikini or bra and panties. So I simply lifted my arms and let him have his will.

As his hands lifted the dress higher, his crotch started pressing against my butt. I could feel his cock stiffen and instantly felt, that his prick had to be at least double the size of Tommy’s. I turned around to get a good look at his crotch, only to witness him throwing my tiny dress into the crowd. I was about to argue about that, as I saw Tommy. He had left his chair and was coming towards us. The anger in his face was imminent. I quickly gulped down my mojito and disengaged myself from the guys.

As I turned back to face Tommy, it was to late. Like in slow motion, I witnessed his clenched fist hitting the chin of the taller one with full force. As the time got back to normal speed, I heard the taller guy yell and saw him fall to the ground. The other guy quickly understood what was happening and threw a punch towards Tommy’s stomach, which hit the spot. Tommy bowed forwards, a grunt of pain coming from his lips. The smaller guy didn’t wait a second before ramming his knee into Tommy’s ribs. My boyfriend fell over and whimpered like a child.

“That yo guy?” The stud asked me, helping his buddy to his feet.

“He is.” I said through clenched teeth. I was embarrassed, having started this.

“Well, tell him that he’s dumb like shit. Everybody knows that girls are fair game at Spring Break.” He laughed. “Come Kev, let’s leave this bitch and her puppy alone.”

As they left, I got down on my knees besides Tommy.

“Oh god Tommy, I’m so sorry.” I said concerned. “Is everything okay?”

But Tommy just whimpered on. I stood back up again and waved Brian and Danny to come over. Together we managed to get Tommy back to his seat.

“What happened?” Asked Brian.

“Some guys bullied him.” I answered, feeling softly for Tommys ribs. “I think he broke his ribs.”

“Someone bullied him?” Asked Danny in disbelieve. “Tommy?” He shook his head.

“Shall I call an ambulance?” Brian asked and got out his cell.

“Please.” I said while tears of shame and regret ran down my cheeks. “I didn’t want that to happen Tommy, I’m sorry.” But Tommy didn’t answer.

Half an hour later, the four of us were in the hospital. Brian, Danny and me were waiting in the hall while Tommy was with the doctor. All of us were silent. Danny and Brian seemed to be dumbfounded by what had happened. Me, I was simply sorry. Tommy was a nice guy, he didn’t deserve this.

Finally a doctor walked towards us. The girl from the desk pointed towards us.

“Mrs. Croft?” He asked.

“That’s me!” I stood up and shook his hand.

“Mr. Smith told me to give you an update on his health.” He looked at his notes. “He has two broken ribs and a mild bruise. Nothing that wouldn’t heal. But he has to take it slowly for a while. The ribs will hurt a lot and everything that makes his breath go fast is to be avoided.”

I nodded and wiped away a tear.

“Can I see him?” I asked.

“Unfortunately göztepe escort bayan not Mrs. Croft. He asked us for some painkillers which we gave him.” He smiled slightly. “He’s not the biggest hero, is he?”

I nodded again. I was so sorry, so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say. Finally Danny asked when we could visit him and the doctor told us the visiting hours. We then thanked him and went out of the hospital.

On our way through the hall, Danny took his back pack and took out a bottle of rum. He handed it to me.

“Take a sip. I think you need it.” He said. And I did. I opened the bottle and had a big gulp, swallowed and immediately started coughing. I handed him the bottle back.

“What shall we do now?” Asked Brian.

“I don’t know.” I said, still coughing.

“One thing is clear.” Danny said and lay a hand on my shoulder. “We can’t leave her alone.”

Brian nodded. “You’re right.” He said as he looked around. It seemed as if the whole city was a big party. Everywhere boys and girls were dancing, laughing, making out in public. I even saw a couple fucking on the front of a dirty old car.

“Boys, if you want to party, party. I can’t ruin your night. It’s enough I ruined Tommy’s.” I said with a sad tone in my voice.

“Hey, it’s 1am. We can’t leave you here. Where do you stay anyway?” Brian asked.

“At the Fairmont Pierre Marques.” I answered quickly.

“Wow, nice.” Danny said. Brian only nodded in agreement.

“And where do you stay?” I replied.

“Dunno.” Brian said. “Haven’t thought of it, jet.” He laughed.

Danny then offered me his arm to link. I took it.

“We’ll at least bring you to your suite, madam.” He said jokingly. “Which way, please?”

I laughed. It was freeing.

The next twenty minutes we walked down the main street towards my hotel. The boys made one joke after another. Of course I knew they only wanted to cheer me up, but hey, they accomplished. I was in a good mood as we reached the entrance of the Fairmont. I was sure Tommy would be well soon. And I was sure he would forgive me after I had told him how I felt. He always forgave me.

“Here we are, madam.” Danny said, bowing his head. “Shall we escort madam to her room?”

“It would be most kind of you, sirs.” I replied, shaking my head and laughing.

“So it shall be.” Said Brian and opened the door for Danny and me.

As we arrived in Tommy’s and my suite, I switched on the lights and grabbed three bottles of beer from the minibar. I handed them each one.

“For your services, gentlemen.”

We opened the bottles and took a sip.

“Make yourselves at home, guys.” I said. “I’ll just go to the bathroom and be right back.”

Taking the clothes I wore when I arrived with me, I went to the bathroom. I quickly refreshed my makeup and then sat down to pee. As I sat there, I noticed a large, creamy stain in the crotch of my bikini panty. The smell of pussy filled my nostrils. When had I been so horny, I asked myself. Must have been because of the two bullies I danced with.

I decided to get rid of the panties and the bra. The top I brought with me was tight enough to hold my firm breasts and since I would wear a skirt, I could quickly switch in new panties before drinking my beer.

As I exited the bathroom, Brian and Danny sat on the large sofa, a space between them where I could easily fit in. They both waved franticly.

“Come here, Eliza. You must see this.” Danny shouted and pointed to Brian’s cell. Somehow I forgot that I still needed to put on some underwear and just sat down between them.

“What are you watching?” I asked curiously.

Brian showed me his cell. It really was funny, somehow. There was a live stream from Spring Break in Acapulco, to be exact, from a bar we just went by. Two girls, obviously completely drunk, were kneeling on the floor, sucking cocks. All around them were more men, waiting to be serviced. What was so funny was the guy, holding a piece of paper with the words “Spring Break = Baby Boom” written on it.

“This is hot.” I accidentally said. I didn’t want to say that, it just sort of slipped out.

“You think?” Brian asked smiling.

“Yeah, you know…”

“No, I don’t.” He looked puzzled. “Enlighten me, my lady.”

“Erm… what the hell…” I started laughing. “I just like sucking cock, you know.” I pointed to the display while taking another long sip from the beer. Then I said. “And you know what, I bet I’m better at it than those two.”

“Cuba libre for all.” Danny said, setting three glasses down before us. While I was watching the vid, he had made us some drinks.

“Thanks.” I shouted, gulped the rest of the beer down and lifted my glass. “To my brave heroes, who rescues me from the hordes of Spring Break to escort me to a save haven.”

“Cheers.” They shouted in unison and we all drank.

“So, you think you give good head, huh?” Danny asked afterwards.

“Yeah, I think so. Tommy always says I do, and he’s got a big cock.” I replied honestly.

To my surprise, Danny started chuckling while Brian nearly snorted his drink all over the table.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Tommy has a big cock, you say?” Brian asked.

“Yes, I think so.”

“Well, how big is he, when he’s hard?” Danny asked.

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