My Favorite Cousin

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Weddings can be fun. I came to this conclusion in my early twenties when I went to a family wedding. It was my first wedding as an adult and I remember being disappointed when I found out I couldn’t bring a date. Little did I realize the opportunities being single at would bring.

After the ceremony, my aunt let me know where I would be sitting. Since my parents were at the head table, she wanted to let me know there would be someone my age at my table. It was a cousin of mine who grew up in a different province. Her name was Lynn and we’d only met once before when we were both quite young. I think the only reason I remembered her was because we were born on the exact same day.

When I got to my table there was already a girl there who seemed to be about my age. I introduced myself and it turned out that the other early arrival at the table was indeed Lynn. She was pretty good looking too. She was about 5’6″ with medium length, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She had a look about her that actually made me kind of wish we weren’t related. When I told her my name it was clear that she didn’t remember me. So when I surprised her by guessing her age and then her birthday, she was a little taken aback. She wouldn’t buy my claim of a psychic gift, so I eventually had to let her in on the truth.

We ended up really hitting it off and hung out together all night. We even smoked a joint outside and gave each other stingers.

For those not hip to stingers, it’s when you invert a joint, putting the burning end in your mouth and blow the smoke into someone else’s mouth. Like playing Twister, stingers lead to intimate proximity without admitting any intent.

The whole night went so well that we ended up exchanging numbers and made plans for her to visit me at school.

We talked later that week and made plans for her to come for a weekend. A slight hitch though was that Lynn asked if she could bring a friend. I told her that it wouldn’t a problem, but I figured that it would be the end of any designs I had for more than just a party weekend. While I never expressed them, I figured she’d picked up on my impure thoughts and wanted to bring a friend as a security blanket to keep things from getting awkward.

It was Halloween weekend when my cousin and her friend came to visit. We started the night having a few beers back at the house with my roommates. Lynn and I picked up right where we left off at the wedding. In fact, by the time the girls went back to my room to put on their costumes, I was thinking I was wrong to assume her friend had come as a chaperone.

Lynn’s friend’s name was Julie and she was no dowdy cockblocker. Julie was a shapely blue-eyed blond and any choice between the two would only have been a matter of taste. Both girls were really lively and were obviously looking to have a fun weekend. The question I kept in the back of my mind was just what sort of a good time my cousin might be interested in.

We went to one of the campus bars and it was a great night out. The connection I felt between Lynn and me at the wedding seemed even more intense at the bar. To the point that by about our third or fourth pitcher, I began getting the feeling that my inappropriate notions might actually have a good chance of coming true. Still, I’m generally inclined to think others have more respect for sexual mores than me. So it was a happy surprise when Lynn reached under the table and put her hand on my hardening cock. It turns out that being cousins just made it more fun for us both.

We left a little before closing time. When we got back to my place, we had the house to ourselves. Lynn and Julie went to the living room, while I checked the fridge for beers. Luckily, there were a few left. Returning with the open bottles, I found the girl’s giggling and whispering conspiratorially.

“So what has you so amused?” I asked while handing out the beers.

They looked at each other and snickered, before Julie elbowed Lynn to prod her, “Go ahead and ask him.”

“We were wondering if you’ve ever been with two girls before?” Lynn asked with a smile.

Trying my best not to act like I was just selected as a contestant on ‘The Price is Right’ I replied, “No, but I’m willing to try.”

Lynn and Julie spread apart on the couch to make space for me between them. Sitting down I asked them if this was something they’d done before?

“Maybe,” Julie laughed.

“Last year we took a vacation together in Acapulco and we met a couple of guys that we had a little fun with,” Lynn told me.

“Well, technically that wasn’t really a threesome,” I pointed out.

“True,” Lynn said. “What about your roommates, maybe the tall one might like to join us?”

They were thinking of Dave and I told them that I didn’t think he’d be into it. I was happy he wasn’t around to speak for himself since I wouldn’t have wanted to share.

We began making out on the couch and it felt incredible to have a girl in each arm. They squeezed up against me with three mouths coming together in a single kiss. Things got hot so fast and it şirinevler escort took some effort to pause long enough to get the girls back to my room.

As we kissed and pulled off our clothes Julie asked, “How are we all going to fit on that bed?”

“Good question,” I said looking down at my single bed.

“We could just use the floor,” Lynn mused.

“Let’s try something else,” I said.

I pulled the mattress off the box spring and pushed them together. Not perfect, but better than the floor.

After I spread extra blankets to cover everything, I sat down and reached out to pull the girls down with me.

Instead of taking my hands they looked at each other and Lynn said, “First we want to play a game.”

“What’s the game?” I asked.

“We want to blindfold you and see if you can guess who’s who when you go down on us,” Lynn said.

“Sounds like fun,” I told them. “How’s it going to work? Can I use my hands too?”

The girls conferred and I assume they were considering the body differences that could give things away. Because that’s what I was thinking about. While Lynn had a petite frame, Julie was ample. Lynn had modest, but perky breasts and a narrow strip of dark pubes running up from her clit. Julie had large breasts, shapely hips and a blond bush that was only slightly darker than her shoulder-length hair.

“Do you have anything around here to use as a blindfold?” Julie asked.

I grabbed a t-shirt from my dresser and asked, “How’s this?”

“That should do,” Julie judged.

I tied a shirt around my head and asked, “Now what?”

Julie directed me, “Just lay back and you’ll see. Well, you won’t actually see, but you know what I mean.”

Doing as I was told, I began to feel their hands all over me. As their wandering fingers ran across my skin, I could hear them softly whispering to one another. Then Lynn told me, “Alright our game is going to start. You have to keep your hands at your side while we each sit on your face. You can only use your mouth to guess whose pussy you’re eating.”

“Alright, do I win anything if I guess right?” I asked.

“You got two girls, what more do you want?” Lynn asked.

“How ’bout he gets to fuck the one he guesses first,” Julie added.

“Perfect! Is that good enough for you?” Lynn asked me.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

With a smile on my face and my arms at my sides, I declared, “I’m ready when you are.”

Lynn and Julie began whispering again and when the whispers stopped I felt a hand grab my cock. As the hand began stroking my shaft I could hear the floor creak as feet softly crept up to the top of the bed. Then just as I felt a hot tongue run from my balls to the tip of my cock, the bed depressed beside me. A pair of hands gained purchase on my chest and a leg swung over my head brushing the wall.

The pussy that lowered on to me was wet and had maybe the fattest lips I’d ever sucked. The more I licked and sucked the more the pussy ground against my face. I was pretty sure it was Julie, because the legs that straddled me seemed a little more substantial than what I would expect of Lynn. I tried to run my tongue above her clit as she ground across my mouth. Not so much as a matter of technique, but to gauge the volume of fur attached to her mound.

Try as I might, my determinations were impaired by the set of hands and mouth that was working on my cock. I wasn’t just trying to guess whose pussy I was licking, my wondering mind was also trying to guess who was sucking my cock.

After about five minutes of hungry lapping, I heard a plaintive moan and the first pussy rose off me and the two exchanged places. This time the butt that straddled me seemed more lithe. As my tongue circled over a nice hard clit I noticed that the hair in reach seemed quite sparse. I felt confident that the new pussy I was licking belonged to my cousin.

If Lynn or Julie had been with me on their own, I would have been satisfied. If I had to choose though, I would have preferred my cousin. Regardless, the blow job I was getting began capturing my attention. If I didn’t already have so much scheduled for the evening, I would have happily surrendered a mouthful of sperm. While the mouth on cock had me intrigued, I felt it only right to choose the girl who picked me for such an amazing night. Ready to make my guess I lifted the wet muff off my face, “Lynn I presume?”

Lynn bounced off shouting, “How’d you guess?”

Pulling the shirt off my head, I diplomatically told them it was their fur. It was partially true and a good enough clue.

Julie laughed, “He’s your cousin, it’s only fair that you get to fuck him first.”

“Now that the game’s over I want a little more pussy,” I said.

I pulled them both down to the edge of the bed, where I could take turns licking each cunt. It was fun, but every time I licked one pussy I felt the other was left wanting. Determined to position their pussies together for contiguous licking I guided Lynn to roll on top of Julie with them şirinevler elit escort facing each other.

While hardy disappointing, the position wasn’t all that I hoped for. As a matter of anatomy, it turned out more difficult than I thought to get great access to either pussy. It was a little easier licking Julie, but getting my tongue deep into Lynn was an awkward effort.

I might have been more inclined to keep up the effort had the girls begun to show something more than just relaxed ease in their naked embrace. If only they had started kissing, I’d have soldiered on.

I began re-positioning them again making Julie ask, “Now what are you trying to do with us?”

“I think if you roll over on your stomach with Lynn on top of you it will be easier for me to lick you both,” I reasoned.

“OK, but why am I always on the bottom,” Julie complained.

Beginning to recognize that I would have to be careful to keep Julie happy I said, “Alright, how ’bout Julie on top?”

My original thoughts were since Lynn was slighter, Julie would be better on the bottom. It turned out with Lynn’s small frame underneath and Julie’s longer legs over top they fit together perfectly. When I got down behind them, it was easy to lick from pussy to pussy. It was mind-blowing to start with my tongue on Lynn’s clit, run it through her wet grove, then make a short jump from her tight ass to Julie’s drenched pussy.

Each time I’d lick across one girl, her behind would rise to extend contact with my probing tongue. Eventually, I had to focus on just one pussy at a time. As much fun as it was to coat my taste buds with varietals of pussy juice, if I was going to make these girls cum, I was going to have to give them each sustained attention.

For starters, I began licking around Julie’s pussy, while a free hand I played with Lynn. I’m not always the best multi-tasker, so when Lynn’s hips began writhing, I wasn’t sure how much was me and how much was because of the situation. Of course, at the moment Lynn’s pussy was my secondary focus. I love licking pussies and my mouth was busy exploring every fold of Julie’s sopping snatch. The unsynchronized gyrations of the two girls sometimes made it challenging, but it didn’t stop me. I ate Julie’s pussy until she shuddered and moaned. Julie’s orgasm was so wet that her juices ran over Lynn’s ass.

I kept sucking on Julie’s pussy until her moans ebbed. Then switching, I lowered my head to lick Julie’s cum from Lynn’s ass. My tongue lightly skimmed Lynn’s asshole, then down to her sweet pussy to get my cousin ready for my cock.

Other than having to get down a little lower and the occasional pussy grind on the top of my head from Julie, it was easy to keep my face buried in Lynn’s pussy. I licked her long and deep until she was crying out to be fucked. Still, I kept devouring her, until neither of us could take it anymore.

Getting up on my knees behind two sets of cheeks, I angled the head of my cock towards the entrance of Lynn’s glistening pussy. At contact, Lynn pushed back with such force that I had to steady Julie from tumbling off. Thrusting back hard against her, my cock plunged into my cousin’s silky cunt. I had to pause for a moment to enjoy the sudden pressure squeezing my wild erection.

“Oh, yes!” Lynn moaned in approval.

With a hand resting on Julie’s ass and the other one on Lynn’s butt, I began driving my cock in and out of Lynn. Getting my rhythm I started picking up the pace and force. Lynn’s body responded enthusiastically. Her butt pushed back against my hips and rose up even with Julie on top of her.

Lynn’s moans affirmed her appreciation. When she cried out, “Faster!” It was music to my ears.

As I fucked Lynn, I kept playing with Julie’s pussy too. Her pussy was so wet and her hips were moving almost as much as Lynn’s. I figured it was time to give her a try too. I drove my cock in deep inside Lynn one more time, before slowly sliding back out. My cock slapped up against my stomach as it sprang free. Grabbing my shaft I pushed my glistening head into Julie. She was every bit as receptive as Lynn, but when I resumed my pace Julie protested, “No, slower. I like it nice and slow.”

Complying I slowed my pace even though it wasn’t my natural rhythm. As we fucked my pace would tend to build and if I didn’t catch myself in time Julie would chide me to slow down. It was tough for me to be so restrained in such a state of sexual frenzy. Taking turns between each girl had me constantly going out sync. I’d start to slowly pump my cock in and out of Lynn and she’d cry for me to fuck her harder. When I’d return to Julie she would petulantly tell me to slow down.

Lynn was laughing more and more each time Julie complained, prompting Julie to firmly remark, “Just remember, your cousin likes to be fucked hard and I like it nice and slow.”

“I’m trying,” I said. Under a different circumstance, Julie’s brand of micromanagement might have been a little annoying. Somehow though the situation made it entirely tolerable.

I’d şirinevler escort always imagined having a girl sitting on my face while another rode my cock. So, with the convenient by-product of keeping both girls happy, I crawled up beside them and laying on my back I invited them to get on top. As Julie rolled off Lynn, I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to my face, leaving my cock for my cousin.

The girls were facing each other in their mounts. While my arms wrapped around Julie’s thighs, holding her pussy in place, I could feel Lynn’s hands bracing for balance against my stomach. The longer they rode me, the more my hands roamed up over their bodies. When my hands reach my cousin’s tits, I discovered that Julie’s hands were already there. The girl’s started giggling as if they were caught at something.

I couldn’t see anything, so it was a pleasing, though not un-hoped for surprise. I couldn’t say much of anything, muffled as I was, but I did find Lynn’s nipples and gave them an approving pinch. Lynn hissed through her teeth and I felt Julie’s hands grab mine forcing me to pinch even harder. At that, I arched my back driving into Lynn and raising her off the bed.

I felt I was getting close to cumming and I tried to slow it down a bit. Julie had moved from pinching Lynn’s nipples to pinching mine though and I just couldn’t resist any longer. Grabbing Lynn’s hips tight, I began pumping ribbons of cum into her pussy.

Julie ground her pussy down on me as I came and it made it hard to breathe. I had to pull my arms back down from Lynn to lift Julie off my face. Lifting her clear, I filled my lungs with air as I filled my cousin with sperm.

As my orgasm faded, my strength left me and I let Julie back down onto my face. I went back to licking her pussy with my cock’s waning spasms pulsing inside Lynn.

While my energy was drained, it was only temporary. I could masturbate multiple times a night at twenty-one, so cumming more than once with two girls to help wasn’t going to be difficult.

With my energy on its post-coital ebb, my tongue made the slow journey around Julie’s pussy. Normally my softening cock would eventually slide from a girl’s pussy for a bit of a rest, but I never completely lost my hard-on inside of Lynn. As I licked Julie all I could think about was filling her with my next load. By the time my cock stopped twitching out its last possible contents, it reached a middling point somewhere between soft and hard. I kept licking Julie, while Lynn continued grinding and rotating her hips with my malleable member inside her. They both seemed to be getting back to the point of wanting more too.

My cock was making a timely return to function as new ideas formed in my head, I began sliding Julie off my face and down my torso toward Lynn. Crowded out, Lynn toppled over backward on to the bed giggling, “Hey!”

Bending over Julie grabbed my cock and fed it into her mouth. She sucked me just long enough to replace the glaze of sperm and pussy juice with her saliva.

Instead of letting Julie get on top. I turned her around and got up behind her. Reaching around I used my fingertips to push my cock into her pussy. With Julie and I up on our knees Lynn climbed up the bed and sat in front of us. From her vantage point facing us, Lynn helpfully reminded me, “Remember, give it to her nice and slow.”

“I’ll try,” I said as I bent Julie over on top of Lynn.

Things were showing signs of developing the way my imagination would have liked. Even though the two girls weren’t making out, they were at least rubbing up against one another. Julie arched and raised her ass approvingly to our slow cadence. Lynn was moaning too. Her arms reached down out of sight underneath Julie, apparently managing to keep herself well entertained as her friend was getting fucked.

Julie’s head rested on one of Lynn’s tits, while she eyed and tormented the other nipple. No matter how hard Julie pinched, Lynn reacted appreciatively. My cousin flinched, but her contortions showed that she endured it with pleasure.

I reached around Julie and found Lynn’s hands where I suspected them to be. With my freshly deposited load adding to the juicy discharge, Lynn’s pussy was a sopping mess. I took a healthy two finger sample and brought it back around as an offer to Julie. Releasing Lynn’s tit, Julie grasped my hand, steading it at her mouth to taste the dripping mix.

That went so well I repeated the procedure. Only this time I teasingly kept pulling my hand away until Julie had chased my finger over to Lynn’s nipples. My fingers drew glistening circles of cum, covering the erect nub before offering my depleted digits to Julie. After tasting my fingers, Julie transitioned to Lynn’s glistening nipple. At the touch of Julie’s mouth, my cousin let out a surprised moan.

I continued to move my cock in and out of Julie just the way she liked. All the while incrementally moving Julie southward down the bed.

As we moved, I would take fresh dabs of nectar from Lynn, pasting the offerings at descending latitudes. After Lynn’s nipple, I gave another taste on the underside her pert tits. Then there was the strip I painted from Lynn’s solar plexus down the middle of her belly. Next, I creamed Lynn’s belly button with a small sperm sundae. Finally, I drew a line that ended at the small thatch of trimmed pubic hair above Lynn’s clit.

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