My Estranged Daughter

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My Son had told me that my Daughter had canceled the plans for Our get together because something had ‘come up’. I hadn’t seen Rose in years. It had taken months to put together the weekend.

I saw my Boys whenever We all had a weekend off, but my Daughter went out of Her way to be ‘busy’. She even flaked on Her brothers half the time.

I guess She was more like Her Mother than I wanted to admit. Though Her Mom never sent back the money I sent Her.

Gene told me that His Wife made plans for them since Rose wasn’t coming up. He knew I wouldn’t be happy about it, but also knew that I wasn’t gonna make waves in His Marriage. His Wife was WAY too much like His Mother!

Having heard about His Brother bailing on me, Jesse asked what I wanted to do. He then informed me that 2 called into work. They were short handed and had called Him.

I had a long, lone weekend ahead of me. I went to a Movie with a Friend and got a sweet blowjob. We went out to eat, then another blowjob in the parking lot. I then bought some truck-parts that I’ve wanted. The Friday wasn’t a total loss but seemed like it wouldn’t end.

Everyone had plans for the night except me.

After doing some wrenching, I got cleaned up. I wasn’t gonna sit at Home, bored and alone.

After trying a few places that just didn’t seem to thrill me, I decided to Hit the porn store and at least blow a few loads before calling it a night.

The parking lot was more than half full. I parked towards the back and headed in. I went right to the booths. By the time I shut the door, 2 fingers were in the hole before I could even lock it.

Undoing my pants with one hand and finding some porn to watch with the other. I stopped on a video of a blonde pulling a train. Looked like a collage-cheerleader theme.

Sliding my cock in the hole, the mouth on the other side went to work.

That mouth was skilled. Deepthroating me like a pro and with suction like a hoover! Since I had already blown a couple loads earlier, I lasted a good 25minutes.

I zipped up and left the booth. A 20something Dude slid in behind me and instantly shoved His cock into the hole. He didn’t even bother shutting the door.

I noticed the door of the cock suckers booth was unlatched. I pushed it open a bit. I saw a nude brunette on Her knees bobbing away on the young cock. She was also a 20something and was no stranger to gloryholes. Her kneepads and sneakers were a dead give-away!

She noticed me watching but never missed a beat.

I closed the door and made my way to the theater.

Settling in one of the back couches, I took out my cock and started a slow, gentle stroking.

The brunette came in a but later holding hands with the Blonde Guy that went after me.

I watched as She went from couch to couch sucking off whoever wanted it. About the time She was sucking a 2nd cock, a couple more Girls kağıthane escort came in. One was a blonde. The other had long dark blonde hair protruding from under a baseball cap.

They both joined the Brunette, sucking whatever random cock that was willing. Pretty much every cock in the place was willing.

The blonde had made it to me. I moved my hand and She went to town. I sat there and grinned because I knew She was expecting a quick load. After 15minutes, She was the only one still sucking. The other 2 had gathered a few couches away with a couple Guys.

I laughed and whispered to the Blonde, ‘Are You Girls doing this for a collage course or what?”

She pulled from my cock and chuckled. “No. We just do this a couple times a month. Are You ever gonna cum? She asked

“You’re my fourth blowjob tonight. I’m in no hurry!” I whispered to Her.

She smirked, squinted, and coyly said, “Challenge accepted!”

She pulled my pants to my ankles and knelt on them. She started sucking my cock, and She was on a mission. I then felt Her working 2 fingers against my asshole. With all Her slobber that was running off my balls, they slid in with relative ease. She went right to work on my prostate.

This Young Woman had skills like few that I have encountered.

I lasted almost 10minutes more before blowing deep down Her throat.

“You just weren’t gonna make it easy for me, were You?” She quipped with Her fingers still up my ass.

I just smiled and caressed Her cheek before She stood.

I pulled her to me and whispered, “Thank You” in Her ear, and gave her a deep kiss.

She had a giddy look of surprise on Her face as She turned and joined Her Friends.

I pulled up my pants and saw the Girls leave. Before the door closed, I saw them turn towards the booth area.

After all the cum they swallowed working the theater, they weren’t done yet!

“What a group of good Sluts!” I said quietly.

I stayed in the theater longer than most of the Guys. I decided I was about ready for more. The dark-blonde in the cap was the only one I hadn’t given my cum to…yet!

The halls were fairly busy. I stood back and watched. About every 5-10minutes, a guy would come out of a booth and another would go in.

I made my to one of the booths I figured one of the girls was in. I pushed the first open and saw the Blonde, on Her padded knees, sucking away.

She pulled off the cock, looked at me, and shot me a goofy smile. Then went back to sucking. The next was the Brunette that originally sucked me. She was on her feet, bent over. She was sucking a cock through the hole while getting fucked by one of the Young Guys.

Before I could get to the next booth I assumed the third Girl was in, the adjacent booth emptied. I slipped in and latched the door.

I looked thru the hole and saw The kartal escort Girl in the cap. She was on Her knees sucking the cock of the other young guy. She was also wearing kneepads and really getting into it.

The Guy saw me looking and told Her to put Her pussy against the hole. She lifted up and pressed against the hole. I licked a finger and started massaging Her asshole. It was a thing of beauty. So tiny and smooth. I figured She likely has never been ass fucked.

I managed to slide a finger into Her ass. I worked in and out a few times. The Guys She was sucking let out a loud moan. I knew He just unloaded down her throat.

She straightened up a bit. I could then slide my finger deeply into Her tight ass. She began to relax. I spit onto Her ass and started working a 2nd finger in. She began moaning louder.

I faintly heard Her whisper, “He’s fingering my ass!”

I fingered deeper, harder, and faster. After 5 minutes, She had what I assume was Her first assgasm. A few minutes later, She had another. After the third, She pulled off my fingers.

He helped hold Her up as She continued to twitch uncontrollably.

I then noticed a mark on Her ass. It was a birth mark. A pink strawberry birthmark…a lot like the one my Daughter was born with…exactly like the one my Daughter has!

“NO! Can’t be!” I told myself.

Then I heard the Young Guy tell Her, “After that, You gotta suck Him off, Rosie!”

Then She turned, Her hat was backwards and no longer hiding Her face.

IT WAS MY DAUGHTER! My Daughter Rose was a Gloryhole Slut…and I had just finger fucked Her ass!

I noticed Her lowering Herself to blowjob level. I quickly stood up and to the side of the hole.

“I wanna suck Your cock! Please?” She said with Her mouth pressed against the hole.

I had just finger fucked my daughters ass and now She’s begging to suck my cock.

“She would definitely think different if She knew it was me!” I thought to myself.

This is what ‘came up’ where She couldn’t get together with me and Her Brothers?

I felt a tug and saw my Daughters arm was through the hole and undoing my pants.

I was a combination of shocked and pissed! Not only was my Daughter a gloryhole Slut, but She had rejected Her own Dad to do it! …or did She set it up instead of meeting up with me.

In no time, my pants fell and She was stroking my cock. If only She knew the rock hard cock She was stroking belonged to Her Dad!

WAIT…I’m rock hard. My cock is hard for my Daughter?!

She IS good looking…waist-length dark-blonde hair, firm D-cup breasts, shapely figure…not to slim and not plump, beautiful blue eyes, full lips…lips that were about to wrap around my cock!

She had worked me to the hole. The tip of my cock is only a few inches from my Daughters full, begging lips.

I don’t küçükçekmece escort know what came over me, but I stepped forward. Every inch of my cock that disappeared into the hole was taken into my Daughters mouth.

She was so eager! She was massaging my big nuts and was deepthroating my cock.

My thinking had stopped. I was balls deep in my estranged Daughters mouth! What was there to think about?!

I could hear the sounds of fucking and my Daughter was moaning on my cock. My Daughter was getting fucked while sucking Her Dads cock!

I must have been more turned on than I thought…or my Daughter was a better cocksucker than I had ever experienced…either way, after 10minutes, I was shooting a huge load of cum down my Daughters throat.

She kept working my balls and sucking on my emptied cock while getting fucked by the Guy in the booth with Her.

A second orgasm slammed Her body and She released me to hold Herself up.

I went to pull up my pants. I saw my Daughters beautiful lips against the hole. Traces of cum on them and on Her tongue as She panted through the gloryhole where She had just sucked Her Dad.

I leaned in and gave her a deep kiss. Our tongues passionately probing each others mouths. She broke the kiss when another orgasm hit Her.

I pulled up my pants and left the booth. One of the regulars slid in behind me. I paused and watched Him slide His cock through the gloryhole and into my Daughters mouth.

I stood and watched as he began thrusting. I heard the Young Guy fucking my Daughter give out a moan as He filled Her with cum.

The Man fucking Her mouth stopped thrusting and impaled himself against the hole with a grunt. He must have been more than ready to cum. He blasted down my Daughters throat.

I made my way out of the store and to my truck. I sat there for about 10minutes before the 2 guys, the 2 girls, and my daughter came walking out.

They walked up to within 4 vehicles from mine. I was thankfully parked in the dark corner of the lot. The 2guys and the brunette got into Their car and drove off.

My Daughter and the Blonde talked across the roof of Their car. I could make out parts of the conversation and I heard mention of me, ‘Your Dad’ the Blonde kept saying.

“You can’t avoid your Dad forever!” “Just talk with Your Dad!” “What would Your Dad think if He knew You came here at all let alone as often as You do?” The Blonde said.

“HA! My Dad probably frequents this place!”, Rose snapped back

“Well maybe You sucked Him off tonight!” The Blonde snapped back

“FUCK YOU!” Rose barked with a middle finger across the roof.

“You already have…many times…with more than that finger!” The Blonde giggled.

As They got in the car I heard the blonde exclaim, “Did You see that Guy in the theater kiss me after I sucked Him off? that was awesome!”

“No, but maybe he was the one that kissed me after I sucked Him off! That was awesome!” I heard my Daughter reply.

I started my truck after I saw them round the corner. I slowly drove through the lot.

“I guess I got to spend some time this weekend with my Daughter after all!” I said out loud to myself.

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