My Dinners with Ally

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This is purely a work of fiction, although the idea and a few descriptions did come from a mature female friend who contacted me via another story I have published, and while it is written from the point of view of a female lead character, it was written by a male author.

Chapter 1: Dinner at the Goodman’s

It was a lovely night to be out, the air was warm but not oppressive. The shower that had blown through hours before had cooled things nicely and meant that the short walk we took from our house to the Goodman’s home was actually rather pleasant.

We, that is to say my teenage daughter Gail and I, were going over to our neighbours for a dinner party that they had kindly invited us to attend. Both our families were friendly toward each other. I had known Tony and Mary Goodman for over twenty years and their teenage daughter Allyson was my own daughter Gail’s best friend.

I had watched Ally grow up from a boisterous toddler into a headstrong adolescent and finally into a beautiful eighteen year old woman. I’d babysat her countless times and had her sleep over at my house with Gail on God knows how many occasions. I’d bought her sweets and patched up her scrapes and scratches when her own mum was at work and couldn’t attend to her. Oh and for the last six months I’d been having the wildest, most crazy, out of this world sex with her behind my husband, her parents and my daughter’s back.

Yes you read that right. I can’t even begin to tell you just how good having Ally’s hands roaming over my mature body is, nor how much having her head down between my open thighs with her tongue buried in my pussy makes me cum like a whore. It’s magical and something I would recommend to any woman in her forties, teen girls have so much enthusiasm and are insatiable, at least the one I have been having an affair with sure is.

Then there is her body. It’s a thing of beauty. Tight and young and perky in every way. She is my height at 5’6″ tall, has big natural C-cup tits that are topped with the most sexy little pink nipples and a perfect round arse that I can’t help but grab and, yes, even lick when she wants it.

It isn’t just her amazing body that has me so enthralled though if that is what you are thinking. Ally has the kind of personality that draws you in and doesn’t let go. She is capable of being so sweet and yet filthy at the same time, I will never forget the Saturday afternoon with her innocently talking to Gail, who was out shopping at the time, on her mobile phone while she was straddling my face, grinding her wet pussy on my mouth and chin, covering my skin in her delicious sweet juices, while with her free hand fingering my own wet cunt hard.

I couldn’t believe she could stay so calm and casual as she spoke to my daughter while we were doing such a filthy act together. I was moaning like mad into her crotch, which luckily muffled the sound, but my heartbeat was going through the roof as I listened to them talk while I had my mouth full of the taste of my young lover’s juicy pussy. My arousal was also off the chart as the girls talked and I came twice on Ally’s fingers while my daughter had no idea her forty-three year old mother was getting used by her eighteen year old best friend whilst they spoke.

After Gail has ended the call, Ally had dropped her mobile and pulled her soaking fingers from my pussy before she slid off my face and shoved the wet digits into my mouth, calling me a dirty mature slut and telling me to suck my own juices off her fingers before she was going to get the strap-on and fuck me until my daughter came home.

And she did just that too! For the next 63 minutes exactly, Ally had me in every position you could think of. I was fucked with her on top pumping an 8″ black strap-on dildo in and out of my soaked pussy, told to get on all four and pounded doggy style while she slapped my arse, had her small pale hands rubbing and squeezing my big, and only slightly saggy, D-cup tits while riding the big fake cock she was wearing.

I was fucked hard in these and more ways and loved it. My young lesbian lover is much more sexually confident then I am and takes control of our encounters which I am happy for her to do. If my much older husband Saul, had not lost his sexual appetite quite so much and had taken charge of our bedroom activity like Ally, then I may well not have been having such mind blowing sex with our daughter’s friend. Although now I am I can’t imagine my life without it.

By the time Gail had come home a little over an hour after she and Ally had spoken on the phone, her mother and best friend were fully dressed and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in our mouths, she had no idea that if she’d come in a mere ten minutes earlier I would have been sat on my marital bed sucking clean a big strap-on dildo that was literally dripping in my own juices while Ally held my head still via a handful of my long hair and fucked my mouth.

“Mum, escort london don’t embarrass me tonight,” Gail said as we came to the driveway that led to the Goodman’s house.

“What do you mean embarrass you? How exactly would I embarrass you?” I asked giving her a confused look. Since when had I ever done anything to cause her such a concern?

“Well by showing off any more of your tits then you already are for a start,” Gail said and rolled her eyes when she saw the look I gave her. “Come on Mum, you’re forty-three and look at your dress!”

I was wearing a rather expensive figure hugging blue dress that ended just above the knee and was cut low in the top to show off some cleavage, to add to the effect I had worn a pair of high heels and some silk hold-ups. In truth it probably was a little much for a dinner party with friends, but Ally had told me to dress up for her and I had.

“There is nothing wrong with my dress young lady,” I protested feeling a little defensive. In my head I added that I wasn’t dressed for her, but to impress and hopefully excite her best friend.

Gail muttered something that I didn’t quite catch but sounded like ‘yeah right’ and the subject was closed as we got to the door and I knocked before putting on a smile while my daughter just stood pouting in her usual moody way of late.

Let me tell you at this point, as per Ally’s request, I wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath my expensive dress but if I had knickers on they would have instantly gotten wet when the door was opened and stood there before me was my young female lover Allyson Goodman, dressed in the most gorgeous and revealing clothing she could probably have gotten away with wearing in front of her parents.

Her top was tight and small, the perfect mounds of her tits were almost fully visible it seemed, her nipples were only just covered by the shiny black material. The skirt she wore matched the top and ended mid-thigh, allowing me an amazing view of her supple long legs which had been wrapped around my head so many times as I ate her pussy until she creamed over my face.

“Hi Gail and Mrs. Ryder you look amazing,” Ally said with sweet and innocent smile that made my heart melt to see. No-one would suspect this girl was capable of doing the dirty sexual things she did to me on a regular basis based upon how she acted in public.

“Thank you honey, but please call me Beverly tonight,” I said returning the smile but secretly thinking how badly I wanted to grab this girl and kiss her deeply while grabbing her firm arse cheeks.

“I don’t know about doing that, it will feel so strange,” Ally replied as she stepped aside and motioned for Gail to come into her home.

After my daughter had walked past and I stepped forward to follow, Ally quickly leaned close to me, taking me by surprise, and whispered in my ear very quietly.

“I’d rather call you my dirty whore tonight then Beverly,” she said with an edge in her voice which set my pussy tingling all over again, my juices flowing and getting me more wet at having my young lover say such a nasty thing to me with her parents and Gail so close.

I will skip the events of the next half an hour after our arrival at the party because it was uneventful and you are not reading this story to hear inane small talk between me and a fellow forty-something couple. So I will just say that until we all sat at the table ready to eat I was reduced to satisfying my sexual desires by getting brief but satisfying glances of Ally in her revealing clothes while explaining to her mum and dad that my sixty-five year old husband would not be joining us because he was away on business for the next four days.

If I was getting aroused by seeing the young tight body of my friend’s daughter as she and Gail talked, joked and drank wine, and believe me I was, it was nothing compared to what was to come.

Mary informed us dinner would be served in a few minutes and so we all went into the dining room and seated ourselves at the table which was quite large and circular. I took a seat and fully expected Mary and Tony to take the ones next to me, you know the adults together and the girls likewise.

I was surprised then when Tony did indeed seat himself on my right but his daughter Ally slid herself into the chair on my left and, without really being too obvious, moved herself closer to me as she did so, leaving a smaller then strictly conventional space between us as we all continued to chat while waiting for Mary to serve the food.

“So Mrs. Ryder… I mean Beverly, I’ve just been talking to Gail and she told me her dad is away, you must be missing him,” Ally said innocently but under the table I felt her hand touch my thigh, edging under the hem of my dress to find my naked skin above the hold-up and give it a squeeze before she rubbed slowly and teasingly.

She knew full well my husband was away because only two days ago she’d been in my house, upstairs on the bed I share with dubai escorts him, with my head between her thighs, using her mobile phone to film me as I licked her young tight pussy which was pouring sticky but such sweet tasting juices all over my face and tongue.

After she’d cum and left my skin covered, I had lifted my face from her beautiful pussy and looked directly down the lens of her phone camera and said I was a dirty married slut and wanted everyone to know it. That had been a huge turn on for both of us, and I earned myself a huge climax as she had gone down on me afterwards as a reward for being so filthy, although we hadn’t filmed that.

“Yes, I always find not having him around a strain,” I lied. In truth I loved having him away making deals or at conferences, it meant I could sneak Ally in to our bed whenever Gail was out.

“Mary is the same when I am out of town,” Tony said, totally unaware his daughter’s fingers were edging their way up my thigh toward my increasingly wet crotch.

I was getting distracted, and very excited. My daughter was sat across the table, and Ally’s dad on the other side of me while she secretly rubbed my thigh, an eighteen year old touching up her best friend’s forty-three year old mum without anyone knowing.

“So, how have you and Mary been getting on with the garden, it’s looking nice I thought,” I said to Tony, trying to focus on anything other then the teenage fingers teasing me. I knew if I didn’t at least try and keep some sort of normal conversation going I would end up giving away what was happening.

He started telling me about the lawn they’d had laid and the flowers that Mary was planning on planting, and while outwardly I nodded and smiled, inwardly I was groaning in pleasure as Ally moved her fingers ever higher until finally I could feel just the tips slowly caress the lips of my wet pussy, and at that moment it was all I could do to not slump in my seat and let loose a loud moan from deep in my throat.

Ally knew exactly what she was doing too. That little minx was talking to Gail like she didn’t have her hand between my thighs under the table teasing my pussy, and every time I flashed her a warning look she’d just smile and tip me a wink that no-one else noticed because my young lover always made sure to do it only while her dad and my teenage daughter were looking away.

“How did your date go with Tommy the other night by the way Gail?” Ally asked my daughter and as she did her fingers found my clit and gently touched it, not enough to make me jump but certainly hard enough that it sent a jolt of pleasure rushing through my body. I stifled a moan that tried to escape my lips by faking a cough.

“It went alright, he was a nice enough guy but a little too insecure for me, I like a potential boyfriend to take charge,” Gail said and took sip of her wine while I felt the fingers between my legs caress my erect nub again, sending more waves surging through my already wet and tingling pussy.

I remembered that night well. As soon as Gail had left on her date with this Tommy guy, I had stripped naked and texted Ally that I was all alone and waiting for her. That done I sat on a chair facing the kitchen door and opened my legs wide so that as soon as she walked through the unlocked door my daughter’s teenage friend would be greeted by the sight of her middle aged lover ready and waiting for her just as she liked me to be.

It was about ten minutes before the door opened and the gorgeous young woman who had corrupted me so much walked in. As soon as she did, Ally immediately started to strip off her top, pulling the T-shirt over her head and exposing her perky tits as she walked toward me and stood between my open legs while pushing those perfect mounds of tender teen flesh into my face, my lips finding her right erect pink nipple and sucking it as she placed her arms around my neck and held me tight to her chest.

That was the start of three hours of uninterrupted pleasure filled fucking during which Ally had me cumming over and over. I swear I lost court of my orgasms that night as my daughter’s best friend abused my pussy with dildo, fingers and her mouth.

She had me on my back with my feet high in the air for the most part, her young supple body on top of me with our tits pressed together while she fucked me with different sized strap-on dildos. By the time she’d finished with me I was exhausted, covered in sweat and laid on a filthy, wet bed sheet that was soaked in my juices.

“I know what you mean, I think it’s what every woman really wants, someone to take charge and push them to be dirty,” Ally casually said to my daughter now at her parents dinner table and gave me a knowing smile as under the table she ran her fingers back down the folds of my pussy before sliding two of them inside.

This time I couldn’t stop myself and a small gasp came out as I felt Ally push her fingers into me with Gail and her own dad totally unaware of what was Escort Dubai happening. I was so turned on despite how nervous I was feeling. I mean, she had me in such a ridiculous situation and yet I let her carry on. My brain was saying grab her hand and move it away, but my pussy was screaming to let her do as she pleased.

“Mum you alright?” Gail asked giving me a look that suggested this may be one of those embarrassing moments she spoke of earlier.

“Yes Beverly, are you okay?” Ally asked as if she wasn’t the one who had caused my small gasp of pleasure by thrusting her fingers into my dripping pussy. Under the table she slid the digits out then and caressed the wetness that now coated them over my throbbing clit again.

“Fine thank you,” I said trying to sound natural even thought I felt anything but at that moment, but then having a teenage girl finger you at a dinner table with her dad and your own daughter there will do that, trust me!

“Are you sure?” Ally asked sweetly but under the table her fingers were working my pussy quite firmly, she’d abandoned my clit and I could feel them sliding into my wet passage again, thrusting them slowly quite deep before sliding them out, the sensation of it making me want to scream, and having it happening in company driving me wild.

“Yes, I just thought I’d left the gas running. But no, it’s all off,” I said knowing it was a weak excuse, but I wasn’t in a frame of mind to come up with a better one on the spot.

I gave my sexy teenage tormentor a stern look at that point which I hoped would give her a sense of how risky I thought she was being and how much I wished she’d stop before it got too much for me to handle.

If she got the message then Ally didn’t listen at all. While her dad started talking about something or other that I only partly heard – by that time I was focused entirely on not having an orgasm while I was secretly fingered – Ally continued to move her slim digits in and out of me.

It seemed like it lasted hours, but in truth it was about another minute before her mother interrupted the action, and if I am honest I was both relieved because I was seriously finding it incredibly hard not to cum right there in front of my daughter and Tony, but also somewhat frustrated that Ally had gotten me so aroused and worked up but not tipped me over the edge.

“Dinner is served, tuck in everyone,” Ally’s mother, said as she brought in the food and placed it in the middle of the table before taking a seat next to Gail.

“Thank you Mum,” Ally said and casually slipped her sticky fingers out of my pussy which I was fearing would leave a wet spot on my chair since my juices had been flowing freely while it was played with.

“Yes thank you Mrs. Goodman,” Gail said with a bright smile of her own that I never got when serving her food. Apparently you have to be a none relative to get gratitude from my daughter these days.

Tony and I thanked her too and then we all started to eat a rather excellent meal and myself and Ally’s parents engaging in some light pleasant conversation that was only tainted by the fact I was sleeping with their daughter and she kept rubbing her foot against my leg at random times just as I was about to speak.

Again I will skip the boring part of this story which comes here, and just sum up the next fifteen minutes by telling you that Ally kept her hands above the table and restricted herself to just a few, in my opinion, risky comments that at least alluded to our elicit relationship which I felt sure either my daughter or her parents would pick up on, and the occasional stroke of my leg with her foot.

Just because she wasn’t playing with my pussy any more doesn’t mean my arousal slackened at all thought. I was still on edge after Ally had fingered me pre-dinner and knowing I was wet thanks to her in the presence of her parents and my daughter had my clit throbbing and cunt tingling even quarter of an hour later.

I was wondering, or at least starting to, if she’d finished teasing me and was happy to just let me stew for the rest of the night in a hot aroused state of desperate need, at least until I got home where I would fuck myself silly with the biggest dildo I owned until I came so hard I’d probably pass out.

The answer to that question, if Ally was finished with me or not, came a few minutes later and spoiler alert… She was no where near done with my body!

“Does anyone else need their glass filling?” Ally asked as she poured herself a fresh glass full from the bottle, she made sure to give me a look that I interpreted as her having a plan that I needed to play my part in.

“Oh yes please, honey,” I said after finishing the last bit in the bottom of my glass before holding it for her to pour.

Ally stood up and turned toward me with the bottle in her hand, then ‘accidentally’ bumped the table with her hip and yes, ‘oops’ she spilled some of the red wine right down onto the front of my dress.

It was done well and if I didn’t suspect she was going to do something, although I didn’t know quite what, I too would have just thought it was a pure accident like her parents and my daughter did. Like I said my teenage lover was good.

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