My Daughter Massage

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This story is all fiction.


My daughter is in her mid-twenties is still living at home as presently she is single. She is a beautiful petite woman with small B cup size breast, an ass that won’t quit, around 5’3” tall and no more than 110lbs average. She has blue eyes like mom and light brown hair.

My wife was away at work that day and I was working from home. It was early morning and making myself a coffee when my daughter came into the kitchen and said, “My back still hurts, and the pain killer are not helping. I wish it would go away.”

She has been having back spasm on and off and they can’t find nothing. She had received a couple professional massage and it help but she did not have enough money for one this week. She said that bills and all, plus her saving for the trip she wants to take was just too much. By then, she was in front of me by the counter getting ready to make herself a coffee. Since it was morning, she was just in a strapless top with no bra and small light pajama bottom that showed her perfectly shape ass and small tits.

It was difficult to look away and I think she notice me looking. I was behind her and I put my hand on her shoulder and massage the shoulder saying to her, “I hope you get better and if you want, I can give you the money for the massage.”

She said, “No thank you and your hands on my shoulder really feels good don’t stop.” and at that points both her hands went on the counter to brace herself and lower her head forward. I kept massaging her shoulder a bit and could see she loved it. The problem is that I was getting arouse to have that perfectly shape bottom so close to me.

That went on for about 5 minutes and then I stop, she growls and complained and said, “Please Daddy keep going!”

I said, “I should not and anyway the problem is your lower back and this way is not very effective.”

She answered, “If I lay down on my bed would you do my lower back a bit, it would make me feel soooo good and relax!”

I looked at her and said, “I am not a massage therapist you sure.”

“Dad, your hands are so warm and big it feels good pleaaaase!”

“Ok, I will do it for a bit.”

She said, “I will go lay down beşiktaş türbanlı escort on my stomach and then come in. Dad do you have any oil that would help!”

“None for therapeutic massage.” and laugh….

She laughs and said, “That would be better than nothing if you don’t mind.”

“Honey you certain, has that oil is a bit too close to sexual massage and the scent is arousing? That’s what I used when I want to treat your mom!”

“It is ok Dad, got get it and if it is good for mom it must be good for me.” then she giggled a bit.

By the time I got back to her room with the oil she was on her stomach without any shirt on. She was only wearing her pajama bottom. She looked at me and said, “Thank you Daddy, you are the best.”

I got by her side and started to pour some oil on her back.

“Dad, it smells so nice and it gives a warm sensation, I love it!”

I was rubbing her back with one hand, as I was besides her sitting and she complained that she wanted both hands on her back. I told her, “For that, I would need to straddle you!”

“Ok do it daddy, I am comfortable with that.”

So, I got on top of her and really started to massage her back from neck down to her bottom and back up again. She was just in trance and I could hear her moan. My hands were also covering her side on occasion and I could feel the side of her breast on my finger. I got scared she would complain, but instead she just moaned.

I decided to do her arms as well, so I said, “Do you want me to do your arms too?”

“Yes, it would feel soooo good.”

So, I took one arms back and applied oil and started pulling back as I was massaging from shoulder to her hands. She was just so relaxed. I notice by doing that I could see the side of her breast better as she raised from the bed a bit. I could see she knew I was looking has I caught her looking at me and giggle a bit. I did both arms like that and she was just moaning and had few giggles.

I asked, “Are you ok so far?”

With a quick reply, “HOOOOOO YYYYEEEESSS, it feels sooo good and the smell is so wonderful. I feel relax already but just want it to continue. Your hands beşiktaş ucuz escort are magical dad!”

“Do you want me to redo you back?”

“Yes please!” She answered.

This time I got a bit bolder, to test her and when I did the side I purposely applied pressure to the breast, her reaction was to raise herself a bit and my hand slipped under and grab more. I said, “Sorry!”

“It is ok Dad, it feels good!”

I asked her if she wanted me to do her legs too and she answered, “Would you, pleaseeee!”

“Ok, but I need to pull your jammis bottom off, are you ok with that?” by that time my mind was hopping she would say yes as I was getting really horny and wanted to see more.

“Go ahead Dad, I do not mind, I feel so good right now and you are so gentle.”

I did and to my surprise she was wearing just a small tongue.

I knew at that point that she could feel my manhood on her legs. I ask her, “Is it ok if I take my bottom off in order to not get oil on them, I have boxers on.” She giggled.

“Ok, anyway you see me almost nude it is just fair for me!”

Now I poured a lot of oil on both her back legs and started to massage them from foot up to almost her vagina. She spread her leg and said, “It will be easier like that Dad, that way you can reach my complete upper leg.” Then she giggled a bit and looked at me with a look I had never seen from her before. She was on the teasing mode. I did both legs like that and then got some on her beautiful ass cheek and massage them. I know she could feel my hard on, but did not say anything.

Then she said, “Can you go from feet to shoulder a bit Dad?”


But for that when I was at the shoulder height, I was pressing my hard on to her ass cheek…she moved up and pushed on it and wiggle her butt a bit. I heard her moan and she was breathing a lot faster now. When I came back down, I could see she was all wet. So I got bold did the legs and when I was up to her inner legs, I brushed the side of her vagina and she responded by moving herself to force me to touch the inside. My finger slipped right by her pussy lips and it was so wet!

I said, “I am sooo sorry!”

“Don’t beşiktaş üniversiteli escort worry Daddy, I am ok, and it feels sooo good daddy, please continue.”

At that point I pulled off her underwear and she help me do it. I started to massage her butt crack going back and forth from crack to clitoris and she was trusting to my hands as she moaned…she was so wet. My fingers were brushing her butt hole and then down her pussy lips. I was grabbing both side of her lips and pressing them against my fingers that was in the entrance of her pussy. She was moaning and was moving up and down, that’s when I put in a finger, and she just gasp and raised her ass, I kept this going for a few minutes and stop before she came.

Now I got bold and took my bottom off, go my dick at her pussy opening and just teased her with it to see what she would say? Her response was raised her ass cheek and moaned. I started to penetrate her so slowly and it felt so wrong yet so good and I slipped right to the back of her pussy! she yelp so much and said, “Please daddy! fuck me please! it feels so good, you are so gentle, and it has been so long.”

“Honey, I desire your body so much but what after? You will be mad at me!”

“I will be if you decide not to massage me again when mom is away!”

She turned around, looked at me and started kissing me. She said, “Dad, I never expected this to happened! but now I want it so much! please kiss me! fuck me! and lick my nipple! Please, I promise I won’t tell anyone it will be our secret!”

On these words we started kissing and had the most intensive love affairs. We both collapse after many orgasms and she said, “Thank you dad, you are the best and you just fulfilled my biggest fantasy! I wanted this for soooo long!”

“Will you massage me again when mom will go to work?”

“Yes honey, I will, but be ready as it will get kinkier! as a matter of fact you know your friend Hellen? She never had a boyfriend, is it because she is a lesbian?”

“No, she is Bi, but guys are not attracted to her because she has trouble with school. Why you ask?”

“Do you think we could give her a massage together?”

“I don’t know? Probably, because she likes you a lot and we already had some fun together before. I can invite her for a sleep over next time mom works, so she would be here in the morning and I would be able to tease all night, so she really needs it!”



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