My Dad, My Lover

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It took a while for me to figure out that my dad was sexually interested in me.

He hid it very well.

His name is Ken and he was 44 years old and divorced as this story begins.

My name is Kim and I was exactly half that, 22.

He is nicely built having been a track and field athlete in both High School and College. He is just under six feet and weighs in at about 180.

I am also nicely built, I am told. I run 3 miles almost every day. I am 5’6″ tall, weigh 130 and take a B cup when I do wear a bra. I seldom do as my tits are high and firm.

The only problem I have with not wearing a bra is that my nipples do mirror my arousal very easily. My late husband used to like that about me very much as he always knew if I was ‘in the mood’ which happily for him was quite often.

I didn’t pay too much attention to my dad’s interest for a long time. Meanwhile between my Mike (my husband), my occasional forays into lesbian sex with my two cousins, and my toys I really didn’t have much interest in outside sex.

More recently however as I began recovering from my husbands death and started to get interested in sex again I became aware of his interest. At first I wasn’t even sure that there was an interest. Like many girls my first love had been my father so for a while I thought that it might be just my imagination.

I really am not sure what started this process during my recovery period. It may have been my becoming horny on occasion and because of that noticing that dad seemed to have an interest in me. It may have been that I noticed his interest and as a result started to get horny periods.

In either case as I again began to masturbate I found that I more and more often did it with some vision of my dad in my mind. One of my dildo’s in particular which was molded after a particularly attractive cock seemed remind me of dad and stir me up.

Since I had no recollection of ever seeing dad’s cock I can’t explain the association. Very often I would suck it while using my fingers ‘down below’ with visions of it hanging from my naked dad running through my mind.

As I began to have these thoughts I mentally began to think of dad as Ken and I even began to call him that. He didn’t seem to mind, in fact he seemed to like it.

That winter was bad and we had a lot of snow. Ken who actually had his own apartment would come over those times to spend the night to be on hand to dig me out in the morning.

Usually as soon as the kitchen was done and the evening news over we would take turns showering and then both be in sleep wear. As I started to come alive again I occasionally would notice Ken’s pajamas to be tented. Usually I would then remember that I might have inadvertently flashed him. I would then realize that my nipples were erect and hard having reacted to his reaction.

At this point I started to become what guys often call a ‘cock teaser’. I would flash, I would brush his hard on, I would let my tit brush his hand or arm. I would do these things and would relish the resulting reaction of his penis. I once left my favorite toy out on my bed in a way that he had to see it.

Meanwhile although my antics produced visible results he stayed very much the gentleman. I on the other hand was becoming more and more aroused and after a while I was horny constantly. I was entitled, I reasoned after all it had now been almost 18 months since my last sex with a real person.

Even the lesbian encounters had stopped my twin cousins having both moved several hundred miles away. I finally decided that sex with Ken was an idea whose time had come, now all I needed was to have a plan.

Then all of a sudden the gods smiled upon me. They sent me a snow storm. The forecasters called for it to start about 6:00 PM and continue past midnight and to leave 6-8 inches behind.

The forecast had hardly become a news item when Ken called. “I’ll be there about six and shovel you out in the morning.”

“I’ll be looking for you with bells on.” I replied. Actually what I really planned to have on was a sexy silk gown. A present I planned to purchase for myself that same day.

Almost always Ken would show up a few minutes early, hoping I think to catch me only partially dressed. This time even if he was late he was going to get that treat.

He did come five minutes early. I was just lighting the fire place. I had carefully planned the pose. I bağdat caddesi escort made sure that I back lit when I turned around to greet him. I was wearing a full slip and nothing else as I stood with legs partially spread between him and the fire place flames. “OH, you’re early, I haven’t had time to shower and get changed yet.”

My dad seemed to choke up for a minute. Then in a choked voice he asked “Hi Barb, do you know what a sexy silhouette you are creating?”

“Sorry Ken, but do come here and kiss me hello.” By then he had taken off his coat and he bent to kiss me. In spite of everything our kisses tended to be casual. This time however I pressed close and put my arms around his neck. Then I kissed him full on the mouth, softly but with parted lips and stayed in contact for several seconds.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” I said “put your things away and ready the wine. By then I’ll be out and you can take a shower too.” I wanted him to shower so that he would get in his PJ’s. I planned to be in my new gown. That way we would already be properly dressed for whatever the evening was to bring.

I showered and returned to my bedroom. While Ken showered I quickly put on my sexy new peach colored silk gown which clung to me in a very sexy manner. I was please to note that my erect nipples were plainly obvious. I had already made up so I made my way to the kitchen to heat up the Lobster bisque and oysters on the half shell which were both intended as a sexy subtlety. They were also a favorite of us both.

In just a few minutes I had the food on the table I had set up in the living room. Ken was wearing new Pajama’s that were very sexy in the way they fit.

Meanwhile I noticed that not only had he brought a very delicate and fine wine but also a bottle of Cointreau for after dinner. I was thrilled by that because I had remarked not long before that Cointreau was an after dinner drink very likely to put me ‘in the mood’. It had been an off hand remark but Ken had obviously made note of it.

That pretty well cinched it for me, tonight he had incest on his mind. Convention be damned. He wanted it, I wanted it, we were both adults. The only thing that remained now was for me to make it as romantic and erotic as possible.

Ken sat down and I got up and poured the wine. I wanted to get up so that I could again stand between him and the fire place. Then I managed to bend over enough so that he could see down my low cut neck line and take notice of my bare boobs and nipples.

He took the opportunity to put his hand on my butt and then finger the material and say “I love the feel of its material it is really sensuous.”

“I’ll give you five minutes to stop feeling my behind.” Ken laughed, but dropped his hand after giving my butt a gentle pinch.

“You put it that close to me and that’s what is going to happen.” he said.

“Promises, promises.”

Supper done and dishes in the dishwasher we sat down to watch the video I had rented that day. It was one I had often tried to buy but couldn’t find in purchase racks. It was part of a series called “Erotic Encounters”. I used to rent it for my lesbian encounters as it was definitely intended to arouse the female of the species, and it always did. I wanted to try it with a male.

I started it and let Ken watch it for a few minutes before I sat down next to him on the couch. He got very hard as he watched the lesbian scenes. It was at a point where two girls were first French kissing and then playing with and kissing each others breasts. As I sat down I pulled his near arm up and over my shoulders so that his hand was hanging near my right boob.

I rested my left hand on his right thigh having to collapse part of his tent as I did. The next story started which featured a guy softly tied spread eagle and naked on a bed with the girl teasing him with a feather duster.

I readjusted myself so that his hand would fall naturally on my breast unless he deliberately held it away. Ever the gentleman he did just that. I put my hand on top of his and gently pushed it downward until his palm was against the tip of my hard nipple and separated only by thin silk.

Meanwhile the next sequence had started which featured a woman in a hotel suite turned on by the sounds of lovemaking in the adjacent room. She masturbates several times in an erotic fashion and I can see bahçelievler escort wetness seeping through the cloth at the peak of Ken’s tent.

I also can feel my juices dripping down my crack where they most likely will eventually wet my new gown. I really don’t care at that point. I moved my hand so that my wrist was touching my dad’s hard penis through his pajama bottom.

The video ended and I started the Hi Fi. I had programmed it with some sensuous soft dance music. I stood and pulled dad up and made him slow dance with me. He was embarrassed by his erection but I wouldn’t let him stay away as we danced. “Closer.” I said “I understand your reluctance but I want to feel you close against me.”

Ken finally relaxed and he finally got into the spirit of the situation and we danced for a long time with our pelvic areas tight against one another. I was not tall enough for his hard cock to probe between my legs but I was still getting so wet that my juice was dribbling down my thigh.

It brought back my memory. I was 20. I had let two guys take turns screwing me. I didn’t blow them to completion but did give them enough mouth to keep getting them hard again. I don’t know what the count was but I always remember walking back to my room with cum running down my legs. It was a favorite memory.

As the song was ending I noticed that it was snowing. I walked over to the picture window which overlooks the back yard and turned on the flood lights. The lights against the swirling snow and the darkness behind us seemed to create our own little world. Ken stood behind me and put his arms around my waist. He pressed hard against my back and I could sense the tenseness in him even as his hard penis was pressed against my back.

I reached up and pulled my gown down until my left breast was bared. Then I took his left hand in mine and guided it up and over my bare breast. Then I took his right hand in mine and guided it downward till it was cupping my mound. Then I pressed on his middle finger till it was between the lips of my pussy.

At that point I decided that he was on his own. It was sink or swim, if he wanted me I had made my answer very obvious.

He got the message and he began squeezing and tweaking my nipple with his fingers. With his other hand he took his finger from my pussy and pulled up the hem of my gown until my pussy was exposed. I saw what he was trying to do and I held it up while he put his finger into my now bare slit. In just a minute there were two fingers there.

One he was using to excite my clit and the other was probing the entrance to me cunt. My knees were getting weak and my dad was needing to hold me up as he performed his ablutions.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” he whispered in my ear. After a few seconds he added to my pleasure by sticking his tongue in my ear which was always a sure fire way to make my pussy tingle.

It had been a long time since I had experienced any real sex. It seemed to me that my dad had had received good instructions in the subject of sex. He expertly stimulated my pussy, my clit, my nipple and my ear until there was an orgasm within me.

I was thrusting my pelvis against his fingers trying to work them inside and then I was trembling and convulsing and moaning “Daddy, daddy, it’s been so long, I need this so bad, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

While this was going on I was sinking to my knees. My legs were spread and Ken was kneeling behind me his fingers now deep inside of me. He was finger fucking me as I had never been finger fucked before. First one finger, then two, and finally three plunging in and out of me and his thumb somehow caressing my clit as he did.

The first orgasm was almost finished when the second started and then there was another and then another. Finally exhausted I slowed us down until we were both quiet.

I realized then that his hard on was still there. “Help me up, please.” I asked, and Ken stood and helped me stand. I turned and faced him and I lifted my gown over my head and dropped it to the floor between us.

His beautiful cock had escaped his pajamas and was between us. I dropped to the floor, my knees on my discarded gown. I placed my lips over the engorged head of his penis and started to lick it with my tongue as I held it between my lips.

That’s all it took, my dad exploded. His cum filled bahçeşehir escort my mouth. It took me a second to realize what had happened and to begin swallowing. I was no stranger to swallowing cum. I had swallowed the first cum I ever caused with my mouth.

I can’t say I loved it as some do, it simply was the best way to dispose of it and the guys loved that I did. Anyhow I got it all down even the bit that had leaked out of my mouth before I started swallowing.

I still had my mouth on his cock and I realized that he was still hard so I started to give my dad a real blow job. Meanwhile my cunt had come alive and was craving for something to be inside of it. I stopped sucking and pulled Ken’s PJ’s down. He kicked them aside and meanwhile got rid of his top. Now we were both naked.

“The fire place.” I said “I want to do it in front of the fire place.” it was only a few feet away and while holding Ken’s hand I knee walked till I was close to the hot fire. I turned my back to the fire and urged Ken down on to his back with his feet facing the fire.

I knee waked some more till I was straddling him and his hard penis was a scant inch or two below my twitching cunt. I lowered myself until I felt it properly located and then wiggled myself down until his hard tool was deep inside of me.

That accomplished I bent forward until I could kiss my dad as I fucked him. Now I could feel the fire place heat up and down my backside and around the edges of my pussy. Still on my knees I still didn’t move but began to French kiss him.

Everything felt so good, I had missed the closeness of sex and I was so happy that I was giving my dad so much pleasure and fulfilling his long felt desire.

My desire to was also being fulfilled. I love sex. I love it in most of it’s forms. With this being my dad, there was the extra thrill of it’s forbidden aspect.

Now I started to move. I lifted myself and lowered myself several times and soon we developed our rhythm. I always loved being on top. Then I began to move in somewhat of a circular motion. I had not done this in some time but like riding a bike, you never forget.

Ken came very quickly and his hot cum filled and heated the inside of me. Then I came too after feeling his cum enter me. Ken was still hard and so we didn’t even slow down but we kept fucking until we both came again.

After just a bit of rest Ken rolled me over onto my back. I worked my legs up over his shoulders and his long hard cock reached places inside of me that had not been touched in years. That was too much for me and again I came right away.

Then he started to fuck me. It didn’t take but a few minutes till Ken started to come. As he did I squeezed him with my cunt muscles so that he kept coming for a long , long time.

We rolled over on our sides and fell asleep. I thanked myself for having insisted on gas logs for our fire place. They kept us warm the whole night. It was about 5:00 AM when I untangled myself and did my bathroom stuff and followed that with a long hot shower.

About 6:00 Ken got up and did the same. It was still snowing as we ate a hardy breakfast naked except for our robes. Then we went hand in hand to my bedroom and cuddled under the blankets for a little while until we found ourselves each with our excitement obvious to the other.

Without having discussed it we were soon in the sixty nine position with our mouths and tongues busy. After a few minutes my dad stopped long enough to say “Hey Barb, I’m pretty sure I sucking my own cum out of your cunt. Am I?”

“Yes. No way there isn’t some left in there. I’ve never had one guy produce as much cum as you produced last night.” I went back to my sucking and in just a minute he had produced another load.

We spent about and hour licking and sucking and produced many orgasms in each other. Then we realized that the snow had stopped and that we really both had things to do that had to be done.

Reluctantly we showered, this time together. We had fun but kept it light. We dug our cars out and created the necessary pathways.

I had previously won a three day two night stay at a ski resort for the following weekend. We took advantage of that both ways. In public we were father and daughter. Ken loved to ski and took full advantage of that.

Come bedtime we screwed and did oral sex stuff till we exhausted ourselves.

That was some time ago. We’ve since moved closer to my cousins. Turns out that they both had their own designs on ‘Uncle Ken’ and so now we all share. Ken totally enjoys that of course. Both cousins are married and their husbands are very much into the situation which we created and participate.

We do manage some interesting combinations, I must say.

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