My Barista: Off Sight

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(Greetings Lit reader.

This would be the next part of the Barista series and I am leading up to something special. This one will seem a bit shorter than the others. Enjoy!)


Charlene had used her time wisely during the year we had been friends with benefits. Besides using me for one night stands and whenever she needed a good fucking, she was also using me as a shoulder to cry on as well as a counselor of sorts. That being said, I never thought of myself as wise enough to give a gorgeous twenty something advice on life. It was during one of these talks that the subject of the rest of her life came up.

“Ya know, lover, I was thinking about following in Cathy’s footsteps,” she surmised as she lay there clothed only in a white sheet on my bed. I was in the prone position next to her after having my cock drained inside that tight pussy. I looked over at her before I responded.

“Sports medicine, huh?”

“Why not? I can’t be a coffee girl forever.”

“Barista,” I corrected her.

“Whatever,” she responded. “So you think I could have a chance?”

“Angel, you are the architect of whatever you put your mind to. Just don’t marry an asshole.” She giggled a bit before she rolled over and sat up. The sheet fell off her chest and her breasts were visible revealing her erect nipples. I casually glanced at them before I bent forward to start kissing on her weak point of her neck again before she shrugged me off.

“Wow, for a widower in his late thirties, you are such a horn dog. Or I guess you could be the Energizer bunny,” she giggled before she kissed me deep on the lips and stood to walk towards the bathroom. As I lay there pondering the possibilities, I thought about possibly taking her to local colleges so she stayed close.

Unfortunately, Cathy’s influence on her sister wasn’t just in the looks department. Charlene moved to the antalya escort other side of the state and went to her sister’s alma mater to get her degree. She still called me on weekends and I kept her abreast of how her old shop was staying open. The girls they replaced her with were more on the flirty side, but none of them saw me more than a great tipper and repeat customer. It was during one of these phone conversations that Charlene recommended I take a few days off to come visit her at school.

The next day found me driving the twelve hours to get to the other side of the mountains where her school was. As the sight of the campus came into view, I thought about how difficult it was to spend the previous month away from Charlene’s affections. In my mind, I was not as fallen for her as I was for her sister those years before. However, the sex was memorable enough to make me ache for her. I followed the directions she gave me to find the main office where I filled out a visitor’s form. The office administrator tried to make conversation asking me if I missed my daughter. I played it off knowing full well she didn’t know Charlene that well.

I was given a map of the campus and directed towards her dormitory. As I reached the door, the dorm manager welcomed me in and offered to call Charlene. Again she referred to me as Charlene’s father as she had Charlene come down and meet me in the lobby. By the time Charlene reached me, my nerves were on end before Charlene wrapped me in a hug and called me Daddy.

“But I’m…” I started to say before she responded.

“…happy to see me, Daddy? Me too. Let’s get to the coffee shop so we can catch up,” she said as she escorted me out the door. As we walked towards where my car was parked, Charlene explained that to allow me on campus at that time meant I had to pretend I was her dad. Charlene made up a story to the administration kepez escort that her real dad was actually a step dad so I could visit when I wanted. In my mind, it sounded shady. Having Charlene in my car again though helped ease my fears as she guided me towards the coffee shop she had in mind.

The place was about twenty minutes away from campus and reminded me of the one where I met Cathy. As we entered, Charlene started talking about her new upperclassman boyfriend she started going out with the week before. As she described his Adonis like body, I started feeling like she wouldn’t want my old floppy cock anymore before I felt a hand under the table rubbing me. She winked at me before telling me how he wasn’t in the same league as me yet and he was no competition.

We sat there for a good hour before I thought about sneaking her to the hotel I reserved for the weekend for some much needed make up sex. As the thought of her body crossed my mind, someone across the shop waved at Charlene before walking over. As the form approached, I started to notice a grey suit jacket buttoned in the front and a pair of modest heels before I saw a gorgeous pair of legs between. As I looked up towards her face, I heard Charlene whispering in my ear.

“That’s my anatomy teacher. You can stop drooling now.” I struggled to maintain my composure as she sat down next to us. She had light brown hair and a very attractive face and I found it hard to talk without smiling at her. Charlene introduced me without using the word Daddy and introduced her professor as Dr. Jill Hodges. The name started bringing back flashbacks of high school to my mind until the name linked with the picture in my mind.

“Jill Hodges? As in Mrs. Central High 1992?” The snippet of recognition was what changed her face from pleasant to shock.

“Well I was at Central High manavgat escort and won their beauty pageant before graduating in 1993. How did you know Mr…?” I introduced myself and as I expected, she couldn’t remember who I was. The woman who was teaching Charlene about Anatomy was one of the most popular students from my high school and never gave me the time of day back then either. It was then that Charlene elbowed me in the ribs to stop me from flashing back again. I turned towards Charlene and saw the sparkle in her eye. As she excused herself to go to the ladies room, Jill and I began to catch up on old times as I delved into her past a bit to see where she had been. I didn’t see any jewelry on her hands, but didn’t feel like prodding into her love life at that moment.

By the time Charlene returned from the restroom, Jill and I were talking more and Charlene had to remind me of the movie she was taking me to in order for me to make a polite exit. As we walked back to the car, Charlene started to make jokes about hooking Jill and I up to help get her a better grade. As we drove to my hotel room, we made jokes about how much fun it would be until we were behind the closed door. It was then that Charlene started disrobing and her lips pressed into mine like they were going to explode.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here,” she breathed to me as she pressed her naked chest against me. It was then she clawed off my dress shirt before leaning down and planting her lips onto my right nipple. The small bite was stimulating to me as her hands were busy unbuttoning my slacks. I could already feel myself hardening under her ministrations as her lips started kissing down towards my cock. In all the time I had known Charlene, I had never felt her so aggressive. As her silky hand grabbed onto my shaft, I looked down and saw her beautiful smile as she tugged me a little. My dick soon disappeared into her mouth. As she sucked on me, I could feel her humming on my cock. That was another new development in my little cocktease’s repertoire. As she exhaled it, I looked down at her.

“Well, looked like you learned some new tricks,” I said sarcastically.

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